Disclaimer:I don't own these characters,I am simply borrowing them from ABC
and The Bedford Falls company to tell this story.

Rating: NC-17 (ff)

Summary:The 3rd in a new on-going series,exploring the life of Once and
Again's wonderful characters of Jessie Sammler and Katie Singer.In this
edition,Grace makes a shocking discovery in the entry way and Jessie and
Sarah finally make peace.Later,Jessie and Katie also get to start again on
what they couldn't finish earlier.

Once And Again: Jessie And Katie Part 3 - I'm Sorry
by The Vert Man ([email protected])

"SARAH!" Grace said in shock as she opened the door and ran outside. Sarah
was slumped against the wall in the entrance. Touching her head, Grace could
tell she was ice cold. Starting to panic, she dropped down to her knees and
pulled at Sarah's arms, and thankfully Sarah began to stir.

"Thank God," Grace said as she pulled Sarah away from the wall, "I thought
you where dead."

"Nope sorry to disappoint you," Sarah said appearantly laughing at her own
joke, "The reports of my demise have been greatly masturbated." Sarah said
as she again began to laugh and tried to stand up with Grace's help.

"Have you been drinking?" Grace asked, putting Sarah's arm around her neck
and guiding her into the house.

"Hell no," Sarah said looking at Grace, "I'm always this goofy after seeing
my ex-girlfriend and her new lover in bed together."

"Are you talking about Katie and Jessie?" Grace asked setting Sarah down on
the couch and walking to the closet to get a blanket, "Here you gotta be
freezing," she said handing Sarah a thick wool blanket and watching as Sarah
slipped it around herself and shook trying to warm up.

"Thank you so much and yes I was talking about Jess and Katie," Sarah said
looking confused, "who else would I be talking about?"

"I'll be back ok," Grace said leaving the room in a hurry as Sarah looked at
her strangely. Grace went to the kitchen. She quickly put two cups of java in
the microwave and nuked them. Hearing the buzzer sound she grabbed them and
went back to the living room,and handed one of them to Sarah, "Here drink
this," Sarah took it and seemed not to be shaking so bad now. But still had
the blanket pulled up around her neck as she sipped the coffee and then
looking up she smiled at Grace.

"You know I've got a million questions floating around in my head right now,"
Grace said trying to sort through her thoughts.

"Like what?" Sarah asked taking another sip of the coffee.

"Like what are you doing here again?" Grace asked then thinking how harsh it
sounded and went on, "I didn't mean that the way it sounded. Is what I meant
to say was...."

"It's ok I know what you meant," Sarah said, "my dumbass locked myself out of
my apartment and I thought you might still be up. So when you weren't I just
decided to wait till someone did get up and I guess I nodded off."

"OHHH...." Grace said,surprised at the simplicity of the answer.

"and after what happened last night I really didn't wanna come back here
again," Sarah said going on, "but when your desperate you can't be picky as
to what to do."

"Are you ok now?" Grace asked handing her a new cup of Java and moving beside
of her. Instinctively rubbing her hands up and Sarah's arms, still worried
she wasn't getting warm and might have hypothermia or something like that.

"That helps," Sarah said smiling at Grace as she moved in behind Sarah,
moving her hands up and down her arms and over to her back. "You know they
say body heat is the best way to warm up," Sarah said cracking a laugh to
let Grace know she wasn't serious.

"Yeh I've heard that" Grace said,"maybe you should take a hot shower and soak
for a while it might help."

"No really I'm ok that helps a lot," Sarah said liking the touch of Grace's
hands on her shoulders. But not wanting to scare her off,with some kind of
lesbo vibe. Giggling out loud at the thought of that,she turned to look at
Grace who smiled and wondered what she was laughing at.

"What's so funny?" Grace asked Sarah.

"Nothing really," Sarah said, "but you mind if I do take you up on that hot

"No, No of course not" Grace replied moving back from Sarah, "the towels are
in the hall closet."

Sarah smiled sweetly and thanked Grace before disappearing up the stairs
into the bathroom to take a shower. Grace sat back down in the chair and
wondered what was gonna happen next. Before she knew it,an hour had gone
by and Sarah hadn't come back down, Grace getting a little worried,
decided to go up and check on her.

"Sarah" Grace said softly knocking on the bathroom door,not getting a
response she really got worried,knocking a little louder and twisting the
knob, she peaked her head inside and their was Sarah standing by the mirror
brushing her hair. Thinking she wasn't seen, Grace tried to sneak back out.

"Grace," Sarah asked turning around, "is that you?"

"Yeh," Grace answered poking her head back in, "I was just checking on you,
got a little worried."

"That is so sweet," Sarah said smiling and making Grace blush. Grace mumbled
a few words and ducked back out and practically ran back downstairs. Sarah
came down a few minutes later, just as Grace had finished cooking some eggs
and bacon and they sat down to enjoy an early morning breakfast.

"Grace," Sarah said looking up after a few minutes of silence, "ummmmm...

"No what?" Grace asked, "You where saying something."

"Thanks for the breakfast," Sarah before looking down again, "it's not often
I get to eat home cooking like this."

"Really?" Grace asked, "Your Mom or Dad don't cook?"

"Their dead," Sarah replied looking at Grace.

"Oh my god Sarah, I'm sorry," Grace reaching across the table and touching
Sarah's hand, "I didn't know."

"Thanks, but it was a long time ago and I'm ok now," Sarah replied.

"So who are you staying with now?" Grace asked.

"I've got a one room flat down on Mulberry," Sarah started, "it's clean and
pretty big with a great view of the city dump, I mean the river. You should
come by sometime." Sarah continued on, "If you want that is?"

"You know I'd like that," Grace said thinking about how lonely she had been
since Mr. Dimitri had left town and her constant lack of true friends, maybe
this would be an opportunity to hang out with someone she at least had
something in common with. Sarah smiled at Grace's response, saying, "I don't
have a lot of friends, so anytime you wanna drop by, you know, feel free."

"Might be sooner than you think," Grace said taking Sarah's plate away and
dumping them into the sink.

Just then a loud thumping sound came from the stairs as Jessie came down and
into the kitchen, and came eye to eye with Sarah. Their eyes met and that was
followed by a long silence with everyone feeling more and more uncomfortable.

"What are you doing here....again," Jessie asked coldly of Sarah.

"I think she's trying to homestead." Grace said giggling and trying to break
the tension in the room. Jessie looked at Grace with the same cold look and
then back to Sarah who smiled a little at Grace's goofy comment.

"Jessie," Sarah said standing up, "I want to tell you something and you don't
have to believe me. Hell, I don't blame if you don't, but I'm sorry about
what happened between me and you. I'm really sorry and I want you to know,
that I'm never gonna interfere in yours and Katie's relationship again.
That's all, just I'm sorry."

Simple and to the point Grace thought. Sarah looked at Jessie for a second
before setting back down.

"She really means it Jes." Grace said as Sarah looked up and over at Grace
in surprise.

Jessie didn't say anything she just went over to the refrigerator and got the
juice out. Pouring herself a glass and setting down opposite Sarah. Grace sat
back down, this time beside Sarah and all three sat in silence for a few

"Did you and Katie talk last night?" Jessie asked Sarah breaking the long

"Yeh, she explained a lot of things and we're over," Sarah said, "she wants
you and only you."

"and did you tell your new buddy here the story about what happened in the
attic?" Jessie asked still sounding a little cold.

"No," Sarah said, making Jessie look up from her juice and ask, "you didn't?"

"No, I didn't," Sarah said again, "I may be a lot of things but I'm not a

"She's right, she didn't tell me,but I sure as hell wish someone would,"
Grace said looking at both Jessie and Grace, "well, who wants to go first?"

Sarah and Jessie looked at each other for the longest time and no one said
anything, until Grace said, "Well,who's gonna tell me?"

"Ok guess it's me," Sarah said looking at Jessie, "I walked in on them and
they where kissing on the bed and Jessie's robe was open. I freaked and ran

"Ohhhh," Grace responded,not quite believing that was all that had happened.
"Jessie is that all?" Grace continued on.

"Yeh, that's what happened," Jessie said, "pretty stupid, huh?"

Grace started thinking that with the two of them in the same room, she'd
never learn the real truth. So she decided to try it later on when she could
get them alone.

"Yeh, and was that so hard," Grace asked both of them.

Just then Lily and Rick arrived in the kitchen for breakfast and everyone
gave Sarah a strange look. Grace introduced her as a friend and nothing more
was really said as Lily started fixing her and Rick breakfast. Grace sat
back down by Sarah as Jessie left the table for a shower and Zoe got up for

"Mom," Zoe asked a few minutes later, "you think I could paint my room or

"Why," Lily asked, "because it's a little kids room that's why. I can do it

"Yeh, I can see that Zoe," Grace said giggling as Sarah shot her a strange

"Shut up, I could do it," Zoe said getting upset at Grace.

"Yeh, I'll bet you could," Sarah said as everyone looked her way, "well I did
when I was that age. It was a lot fun."

"Honey, I don't know," Lily said to Zoe, "it's an awful big job and you
might ruin the walls or something even worse."

"Well, it is her room Mom," Grace said.

"UMMM Mrs. Manning," Sarah said looking very tentative, "if you want I could
help her, you know with the paint and stuff."

"I will too," Grace offered, "that way Zoe can't destroy anything."

"First, it's Lily not Mrs. Manning," Lily said moving next to Sarah, "and
that's a very generous offer. You sure you got the time and all?"

"Yeh, sure I think it'll be fun," Sarah replied.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Zoe said running over and hugging Sarah
and then Grace.

Rick and Lily agreed but said she could only paint when Grace was home and
she couldn't use any dark colors. Nothing could bring Zoe down, as she
dragged Sarah into her room and they started making plans. Rick and Lily
finished breakfast and they both headed off to work and Grace went up to
take a shower.

For the next couple of hours, Zoe and Sarah stayed locked in her room making
plans and Grace finally got a few minutes to finish reading her book. Sarah
finally emerged, with Zoe attached to her side, as Zoe tends to do.

"I better head home and find some way to get in," Sarah said setting down
beside Zoe on the couch.

"You want me to give you a ride over," Grace offered, looking forward to
escaping the house for a few hours, "give me a chance to get out of the

"Can I go?" Zoe asked practically bouncing up and down with excitement.

"Sure," Sarah said looking at Grace, "if it's ok with Grace?"

"I hate you," Grace said looking Sarah right in the face and trying to stifle
a giggle." If your going, then go get ready." Zoe wasted no time running off
to grab her coat and whatever else she needed.

"Are you sure you want her along," Grace asked Sarah after they where again

"Yeh, Zoe's a good kid," Sarah said turning towards the door, "besides she
was telling me how she never gets to go anywhere during the summer and I
sorta felt sorry for her."

"OK," Grace said before turning to scream for Zoe, "Zoe hit it now."

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Zoe screamed running down the stairs with her ever
present back pack, and falling in line beside Sarah.

Closing the door and walking down the front walk, they run into Katie who was
just dropped off by her Mom.

"Can I talk to you for a second Grace?" Katie asked as she gave Sarah a
rather strange look.

"Yeh, guys I'll meet you in the car," Grace told Sarah and Zoe as Zoe
dragged her towards the car.

"Did Jessie tell you what happened last night?" Katie asked.

"Yeh, she said you guys where kissing and it got a little out of hand," Grace
said before thinking.

"OH ok, is Jessie mad at me about last night?" Katie asked.

"Why don't you ask her, she's inside," Grace replied and then adding, "don't
break her heart."

"I won't I promise," Katie said smiling a huge smile and hugging Grace,
before running off to the house.

Jessie watched from the attic window as the car pulled out, although she
didn't see Katie coming up the walk. She quickly took advantage of the
situation and walked to the VCR and slipped in the tape her and Katie
where watching last night. Rewinded just to the scene in the movie where
Emily and Celeste where really going at it. She slipped her robe off and
sat down on the edge of the bed. Emily was working Celeste's pussy over
real good with her tongue as Jessie slid her hand over her own and started
rubbing a little.

Katie quitely opened the attic door thinking Jessie might still be asleep,
until she heard the noises from the video. Knowing instinctively what was
happening, she slipped up the stairs one at a time. Coming to the rail and
peaking over the bottom, she could see Jessie sitting on the end of the bed
and rubbing away at her pleasure zone. The moaning coming from the video,
was a huge turnoff on to both of them.

"OHHHH Katie," Jessie said softly as she rubbed faster and faster and closed
her eyes, hitting her clit now every time, and the movie getting to the point
of climax as Emily brought Celeste off in a shuddering orgasm, "oh suck it

Just then Katie moved on the step she was standing on and a loud creaking
sound shot through the room, making Jessie jump and pull the cover over her.
"What the hell?!" Jessie asked as Katie emerged from the darkness, with a
sheepish grin on her face and blushing red from head to toe.

"Oh my god," Jessie said throwing a pillow at Katie, "I thought for sure I
was caught."

"I'm sorry," Katie said moving to the end of the bed, "I just got here and I
was coming up and well... I heard the movie and well..."

"Oh, so you liked watching," Jessie asked as Katie sat down on the bed beside

"Ummm... yeh I did," Katie smiled as Jessie leaned close to her and let the
blanket fall back to the floor, "you looked so sexy."

"Yeh, I bet I did," Jessie said looking straight into Katie's eyes.

"You did and the closer I get the sexier you are," Katie said softly as she
leaned closer to Jessie. Letting her lips linger close to Jessie's before
kissing her tenderly and slowly sharing her tongue. Jessie returned the favor
and before either knew it, they where involved in a french kiss. Getting more
and more passionate as the seconds passed. Katie moved her hand against
Jessie's stomach and down her hand, which was busy still rubbing her pussy.
Moving Jessie's hand away and replacing it with her own. Jessie spread her
legs almost instinctively for Katie and moaned into her mouth as Katie's hand
found her clit.

"Oh fuck, I need that," Jessie said pulling away from Katie and laying back
on the bed. Katie moved her hand faster and let one of her fingers slip
inside. Stroking it and out, Jessie moaned for her, and Katie lowered her
head to Jessie's pussy and tossing her hair to the side, she found Jessie's
clit with her lips and began to suck, softly at first. Jessie's moaning
intensified, as Katie sucked harder.

"MMMMM no one's home this time Jes," Katie told her, "let me hear you moan
out loud for me. Tell me how much you like it."

Katie then went back to sucking on Jessie's clit and fucking her finger in
and out.

"Oh Katie, I love you," Jessie moaned as her body was ravaged with wonderful
sensations, "suck my clit...."

Katie sucked harder and harder,as she drove Jessie towards an awesome orgasm.
Jessie's body stiffened as she squirmed under Katie's tongue and she felt
herself start to cum, a loud moan then escaped her lips. The orgasm peaked
and Jessie arched her back, and began to shake slightly from the incredible
feeling that was washing over her body time and time again. Katie sucked
Jessie's clit softer as she came down and tasted her cum as it began to
squirt out of Jessie's pussy. Licking slowly,she got it all as it came out,
and sucked her clit some more. Jessie lay their thinking how incredible it
felt and how much she loved Katie.

"OHHHHH Katie...stop...please...come up here." Jessie said as Katie moved up
to Jessie's face and they kissed, sharing Jessie's cum,which was still on
Katie's lips, "seems I owe you one."

"One what?" Katie asked smiling as she lay across Jessie.

"Well, if you don't know, then I guess you don't want it, huh," Jessie said

"Now hold on I was just kidding," Katie said sitting up and slipping her
shirt over her head.

"Well, let me see that body then sexy," Jessie said smiling as Katie stood up
and started to strip for her.

Dropping her jeans to her knees she danced back and let Jessie rub her tight
little ass threw her panties and then slipped them off as Jessie cheered her
on. She then slipped off her panties and joined Jessie back on the bed.
Laying down beside her, Katie looked nervously at Jessie and they kissed as
Jessie's hand moved down Katie's body and found her pussy.

"Smooth as a babies butt, huh?" Jessie asked smiling and trying not to

"Perfect for licking," Katie said kissing her quickly and laying back down
as Jessie moved to the foot of the bed and Katie spread her legs for her.

"Finally," Jessie said as she kissed her way up Katie's thighs slowly...

To be continued....
_ _ _

Preview of Chapter 4: Grace and Zoe visit Sarah's and Jessie and Katie
finish what they started.


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