Nick-Tuck: The Deeply Superficial Series (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

World-famous plastic surgeon and infamous bisexual bad boy Dr. Christian Troy
looked at his guest for the night. The only other person present in his plush
apartment was his lover, the world-famous porn star Kimberly Henry. They were
here for a night of fun. Actually, make that a night of no-holds-barred,
no-holes-barred fun.

Christian and Kim decided to do their thing, on camera. The doctor and the
porn star undressed, and revealed their sexy bodies. Christian was tall
and muscular, with black hair and pale blue eyes. A very handsome man,
irresistible to men, women, and perhaps even transsexuals, if you would ask
Ava. Kim was a very sexy girl, with an athlete's body, and a porn star's
sexual appetite. The two of them were very sexual beings.

They kissed, and caressed one another. Kim lay on the floor and Christian
knelt between her legs. He licked her pussy lips, and fingered them. Kim
laughed, and told him where she craved to be touched. Christian licked her
pussy, and probed her. There was nothing he liked more than to lick pussy.
Especially Kimberly Henry's. he liked the way she smelled and tasted. He
continued to do what he was doing, licking, sucking and probing, until she
cried out in sheer pleasure.

Kim looked at Christian, the man she loved. Nothing more she wanted to do
than to please him. Christian sat on a chair, and Kim knelt before him. She
took his cock in her hand and rubbed her hand up and down on it. She gave it
a good lick, then pulled back the foreskin. Yes, Christian was uncircumcised,
another thing she found erotic and fascinating about him. He was a natural
man. The way men should be. Fearless and shameless. Slowly, she took him into
her mouth, sucking him gently. And brought him to high heaven.

When Christian came, Kim drank his seed. While sucking him, she slowly
fingered his asshole. Kim sometimes told him about the men and women she
slept with while at work. Yes, Kim Henry was an avowed bisexual. Well, so
was Christian, though he was more discreet about his bisexuality than she
was about hers. Kim pumped Christian's cock into her mouth, and probed his
ass. Yes, she knew what he liked.

Recently, Christian Troy told Kim Henry about his affair with Dr. Quentin
Costa, the handsome Latin stud who turned out to be the bisexual serial
killer known as the Carver. One thing for sure, Christian sure knew how to
pick them. Transsexual femme fatales. Bisexual serial killers. Damn! Well,
Kim knew his weakness. Christian loved anal sex. He didn't care about the
gender of the person he was with, as long as this person had a cute face,
sexy body and a fine-looking butt willing to be proved by his dick. Oh,

Kim got on all fours, and Christian positioned himself behind her. He spread
the porn star's sexy butt cheeks wide open, and slid his cock into her anus.
Christian thrust into her, slowly at first, then picking up speed. Just the
way she liked it. Kim pushed back against him, begging him for more. And
Christian was more than happy to give it to her. He fucked her, hard and
quick, just the way she liked it.

Christian continued to fuck Kim's tight ass, and she took it like a champ. He
loved the feel of her tight ass around his cock. He fucked her even harder,
and smacked up her sexy booty. Kim yelped in surprised anguish. Christian
laughed and continued to fuck her. His laugh turned into an ecstatic scream
as he came, filling his girlfriend's ass with his seed. Kim cried out, in
both pleasure and pain. The two of them lay on the floor, locked in a tight

Later, Kim got up. When she returned, Christian laughed. Around his
girlfriend's waist was a strap on dildo! Kim smiled. This girl would do
anything to please her man. She knew that Christian loved her, but he
still needed some dick once in a while. She loved him, and enjoyed having
sex with him, but sometimes she wanted to screw a woman. They had a good
arrangement. He grinned as she came close to him, then kissed her and led
her into the bedroom.

The End


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