Night Gallery: The Portrait (MF, MF-mast)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

The Cast
Mrs Jolsen: Shirley Jones
Mr Drake: Vincent Price
Mr Jolsen: Boris Karloff
The Man: John Holmes

Sarah Jolsen was in a local art gallery, a woman with fair skin short blonde
hair. She was married to a rich older man Victor Jolsen, as Sarah walked
around the gallery, she was lookng at all the nude paintings. Some were of
women possing, others were of men and women in different embraces. Sarah was
feeling the heat in her body raise, her pulse racing, sweaty palms and her
pussy too was wet.

Sarah looked around, she lean against the wall and her hand dropped to the
hem of her dress. She bit her lip started to raise her dress. Then she
dropped it. How could a woman like her be so nasty. But once again the
feeling rose in her, "OHHH please stop" she thought to herself .

Just then Godfrey Drake appeared. He ran the gallery. As he looked at Sarah
with a smile, holding his hands together, "You alright my dear?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Sarah said.

"We are about to close," Godfrey said.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Sarah said looking at her watch.

As she was walking out she she a portrait of a tall man, dressed in gray
suit. Godfery hurried her out.

Sarah walked home.

Victor Jolsen was in his study going over some old papers. Most of them were
of young girls. Victor was rubbing his cock with the maid on her knees
waiting for his cum. Victor shot a load into the maid's mouth. Sarah walked
in just as the maid was leaving.

She bent down and kissed his head, but all she seen was the local newspaper
in his hand. Sarah told him of her trip to the art gallery. She poured
herself a sherry and sat in a Queen Anne chair. Waiting for dinner to be
ready, as she looked at the book she seen the face of the man in the
painting. Sarah closed the book quickly.

"You alright my dear," Victor asked.

Sarah shook her head, "Yes, I'm fine."

The maid entered to say dinner was ready. Victor and Sarah held hands as
the walked to the dining room. She truely loved him even though he was much
older. They ate with a little chat.

Sarah was in the bedroom and laid outa blue gown. Sarah went to the bathroom
turned on the shower testing the water until it felt just right. Sarah slowly
undressed with the door closed. Sarah played a tune in her head swaying to a
fro running her hands along her body. Sarah was doing a strip tease,
unzipping her dress, letting it fall from her shoulders. Sarah wore a slip
being a proper lady. Sarah stepped out of dress. She danced in her black slip
with matching bra and panties. The slip fell to the floor next. Then she
stood in her bra and panties. Her nipples were hard. She could feel them
strain against her bra. Sarah ran her hand over her bra cups. She trembled
going in circles over each breast with her palms. Sarah was breathing faster.
She squeezed each one. She gasped. Her breasts finally free, she rolled each
nipple with her finger. Her pussy was on fire. Sarah's hand was inside her
panties rubbing her clit. "YEEESSS!" she gasped going deeper into her pussy.

Two fingers were now in her pussy. Sarah reached for a hair brush. Took the
handle rubbing it up and down her wet pussy. Slowly she puts it in. Sarah
jerked feeling it against her clit. The only thing in her mind was the face
in the painting. She could see his eyes as they looked at her. With a hunger,

Sarah jerked fucking herself until she fell on the floor. Her pussy was
quaking and cum was running out her pussy. Sarah pulled the brush from her
pussy. It was coverd in her juices. Sarah put it to her mouth slowly poking
her tongue out, tasting herself. Soon Sarah had cleaned the brush handle
with her own mouth.

Sarah showered washing her body with the warm water. Sarah could swear some
one was behind her. She could feel his breath on her neck. His hands on her
frim breasts, holding her, kissing her. Sarah soon felt his large cock
against her leg. She reached for it. It was like nothing she felt before.
Throbbing getting bigger with each minute. Just then there was a knock on
the door. It was Victor.

Sarah turned off the water drying herself off. Victor went to use the toilet
seeing Sarah's panties onthe floor. He sat holding her wet panties. He
smelled her scent. Soon his cock was hard and he was jacking off using her
panties. But it wasn`t his wife on his mind, but the maid. He could see her
in her uniform, bending over seeing her panties, knowning she too was
smiling for the maid got off too teasing the old man, jerking his jock as he
watched drity movies. Victor soon came and cleaned up his cock before he got
into bed with his wife.

The night went on. Sarah tossed and turned. She awoke to find herself on a
street dressed in a blue skirt and a white blouse with heels. A figure walks
towards her. A voice telling her to strip. Sarah looked around, people are
walking about. Sarah soon was taking off her clothes. Sarah stood naked.
The man appeared to her. Sarah could see his eyes and then the large bluge
in his pants.

"Kneel," he said.

Sarah did. She opened his pants and saw a large cock. Sarah had never seen
anything that large, but she just did what the voice said. Sarah made love
to the cock with her mouth. Her tongue licked the large head until it was
blood red. Sarah laid in a bed gasping for air. She felt the cock enter her

Sarah then woke again. Her body covered in sweat, but the taste in her mouth
was real. She dressed and made her way to the art gallery. Sarah found a
window opened she entered. She heard Godfrey Drake, chatting and she soon
seen the man.

"Come in, Mrs Jolsen" Mr Drake said.

Sarah walked into the room seeing the man in the picture was naked in front
of her. Sarah felt her will leave her and she was soon naked laying on the
makeshift bed. Sarah couldn't resist. She opened her legs to the man, pulled
her pussy lips apart and felt his tongue touch her pussy. Sarah arched her
back he grabbed her firm ass and ate her waiting pussy. He fucked her with
his tongue.

Sarah laid quivering. Her pussy leaking cum, that ran down her ass crack.
Sarah took him once again in her mouth. Her jaw hurt for he was so big. She
did her best but he was just too big. Sarah felt him part her pussy. He
placed his cock head in her pussy and then he began what seemed lasted for
ever. She never came so much. Finally she felt herself drifting away.

Epilogue 1

Nora Collins was in the art gallery looking at apicture of a tall man with a
naked woman around his leg.

Epilogue 2

Victor Josen filed a police report, but never found his wife.


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