Daisy Irons: Gillian Anderson
Mike Irons: Bruce Willis
Sandy Wright: Drew Barrymore
Betty Carson: Cameron Diaz

Night Gallery: The Cat (MF,mutil,snuff)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Daisy Irons just stepped out of the shower, her auburn hair stuck to her
neck. Her frim nipples were still hard from her touching them, while washing.
She suddemly felt a jolt going through her body, it was like she was on fire.
Soon she laid dead on the bathroom floor.

Heavy foot steps appeared. There stood Mike Irons. He looked down at his dead
wife, body fluids coming out of her pussy along with blood. Mike picked up
the phone and called the police and told them what happen. Soon the cause was
found a faulty hair dryer cord.

And soon Mike was out and about, like he was never married. He was at a club
when he see a lovely blonde. Mike soon found out her name, Sandy Wright, part
time actress, model. Mike was out with Sandy at a club, his hands was rubbing
her knee and moving up her thigh. Sandy sat back and let Mike's finger do
some walking. He soon found her wet pussy. He pulled her thin panties to one
side and he began to run his finger along her pussy. Rubbing her clit, Sandy
wasn't able to breath, she came, her hips jolting up fucking his fingers. Her
hand was working his cock at the same time til he was about to cum too. Mike
let out a groan, but no one heard it cause of the music.

Sandy licked her fingers and offered one to Mike, "OH NO." he said. "I'm not
into that."

Sandy smiled, kissed him her tongue swrilling around his. "How do I taste?"
she asked.

Mike said "A little tangy."

Sandy laughed knowing he just tasted his own cum.

They soon made there way to his apartment, Mike fixed some drinks. They
continued touching like they did at the club. Sandy walked into the bedroom
seeing the large bed with a cat laying on it. Sandy sat on the bed, the cat
purring sat on her lap, running it's head along her hand.

Mike stood at he door, "What's that?"

"A cat, silly," Sandy said.

"But I don't own a cat," Mike said.

"Really? It is a lovely color. I've never seen one with that color fur."

Mike picked the cat up and put it out. He came back in, sat next to her and
was rubbing her nipples, til they was hard kissing her neck. He lowered her
zipper til her dress fell from her shoulders. Her nipples hard from the cool
air and his tongue dancing around them. Mike was sucking her breast like a
baby would. His finger pumping in and out of her wet pussy, his thumb rubbing
her clit.

Sandy fell on the bed, the phone rang. Sandy laid there with he legs open,
she felt a rough thing along her pussy. "OHHHH!" she moaned it moved faster
along her pussy, feeding on her juice which was flowing. The tongue licking
her thighs, licking the cum running down her legs. "OUCH!" she felt her clit
get bitten. Sandy looked down and seen the cat licking it's mouth.

Mike came in seen the cat. "How in the hell?!" Grabbing it by the fur he
threw it down the hall. It tumbled landing on it's feet, just looked at him
licking its mouth and paws.

Sandy was soon riding Mike's big cock. He pulled her ass cheeks making her
pussy tighter. Sandy felt something on her back, digging its claw in to her.
She jumped off him screaming. The cat was bitting her. Sandy went around in
circles. Til she made her way out on the balcony and there she tried to throw
the cat off. But she lost her balance and fell over the rail falling ten
stories. Sandy laid in a pool of blood, body twisted.

The police arrived and arrested Mike for murder. Mike called his lawyer.
Betty Carson listened to his story. She knew Mike and she also knew he didn't
have a cat. But the strange thing was no marks was found on Sandy's body.

Mike was out on bail. Betty went to his apartment. He made a couple of drinks
and soon Betty was getting turned on. Off came her jacket. She unbutton her
white blouse. She smiled at Mike for she always wanted to fuck him silly. Her
blouse open her firm breast bare to him, "Come on Mike, fuck me!" rubbing her

"This maybe your last chance," she said. Mike knew she may be right, he dove
his head nto her pussy. "OOOHHH GOODD!!!!" she screamed.

Bucking her hips into his mouth as she came time and again. They made their
way to the bed room. Betty took her clothes off, took hold off Mike's belt
and unbuckled his pants pulling out his semi-hard cock, licking the head and
piss hole. Taking him deep in her mouth, her tongue draging the underside of
his hard cock. She was licking, sucking his balls along his cock til she got
back to his head and she took it in her mouth.

All of a sudden she bit down, biting his cock head off. Betty jumped back
blood going every where and she spit out his cock head. Soon Mike laid dead
onthe bed and Betty was taken away. Betty seen the cat licking it's paws.
Betty thought for a moment she seen Daisy face in the cat's. Betty just
shook her head.

As the police took her way, sitting in her chair watching the news, drinkng
milk was Daisy Irons now Ms Kitty, nightclub owner.



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