Night Court: Part 2 - Christine's Three Way (MFF,inter,F-dom)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Municipal District night court is a busy place for the team that Harold T.
Stone is the boss. Today being Friday, the team has a day off and they
plan to take care of business by either relaxing at home or shopping for
groceries. Mac Robinson, who is the clerk for that courtroom, has different
plans. Before heading to his apartment, he asked Christine Sullivan to help
him clean the suite while his wife Quan Li is overseas visiting her family.
He thinks that she is away for two more days. Only thing that isn't what he
really has planned for her and for that matter he is in for a surprise of
her own for Mac.

Promptly at 3 P.M. the doorbell chimes, Mac looks through the peephole and
sees the gorgeous Miss Sullivan on the other side. He opens the door, gently
grabs her hand and leads her into the apartment. Christine surprises her host
by planting a long kiss on him. Mac is shocked at the fact that Christine
has snaked her tongue in his mouth during the most passionate kiss he has
received. Ever the gentleman, Mac asks if he can take her coat. Christine
removes her raincoat, hands it to Mac and watches as his jaw drops a little.
He looks over the lady in front of him to see that all she is wearing is a
pair of black pumps. Mac thinks to himself that this is the best afternoon
he will have ever. His thoughts return to normal as he leads Miss Sullivan
over to the chesterfield. They never get to sit down as Christine again
kisses him passionately, jamming her tongue into his mouth while undoing the
belt on his pants. She lets loose after the lengthy kiss, looks down to his
expanding bulge, unzips the tan trousers, undoes the button and reaches
inside for a handful of his thick cock.

Mac is even more in shock at her next move, Christine kneels on the carpeted
floor, lowers his pants and boxers to gaze at the size of his manhood.
Christine looks up at him, smiles and without missing a beat begins to stroke
his nine-inch cock. Her next foray with Mac is when she licks the shaft of
his thick dick. Up and down the length of it she goes, only stopping a couple
of times to suck his balls. Mac groans with pleasure as she makes him harder
than any woman ever has. Christine will then grab hold of his cock and put a
little bit in her mouth like she was teasing him with small portions of her
sucking ability. Once she has devoured half of it, she deep throats Mac's
cock for the longest of times. Mac thinks to himself, fuck this bitch is
good, Harry must enjoy the ladies body that much to have her in his life to
date. While she sucks his long love stick, Christine slips two of her fingers
up his ass. Again Mac thinks to himself, damn woman, nobody has even done
that to my ass. She stops that treatment and slowly puts one, two, three and
finally all four of her fingers into her cunt. Jamming them in until she is
about to orgasm, once this takes place she accidentally chomps down on Mac's

Mac lets out a scream after Christine bit his cock. He yells, what the fuck
are you doing woman. She looks up at him, apologizes profusely and promises
that she will never do that again. To prove to Mac that she is truly sorry,
she deep throats his cock until the pain of her biting him has passed. He
smiles at the fact that no woman has swallowed his load. That is about to
change as he shoots his cum down her throat, as she swallows Christine lies
flat on the carpet, spreads her long legs and begs Mac to take over the
proceedings. Mac looks at her lying prone on the floor, spots the blonde bush
that Harry is so fond of eating kneels between her legs and lowers himself to
eat the pussy of municipal courts living model. Christine is so extremely hot
that Mac has no worries about the amount of cum she will give to him. He jams
his fingers into her pussy and asshole. She yelps in delight and whispers,
"Ooooh Mac, don't stop that feels so fine. Fuck me hard stallion, I need to
feel you in my ass." Mac continues to assault the pussy and ass of Miss
Sullivan by jamming two fingers and his tongue inside her ass and pussy.

Christine has multiple orgasms, as Mac hasn't fucked her yet. She thinks to
herself, my God Mac and Harry have pleased my pussy to no ends and I still
havenít tried Bull or Dan. Finally Mac stops eating her pussy and licking
inside her ass; Christine turns over, for she wants his dick in her ass
first. Mac takes the cue and with one mighty blow, plunges his hard cock in
the lawyers gaping asshole. She moans in ecstasy knowing that only Harry's
cock is longer and a little thicker to take in her hole. While he fucks her
ass, Mac begins to slap her ass, making red marks on the creamy white skin.
He is wishing he had a whip or something to work her harder. Making do with
his large hands, he slaps her ass harder with each blow. Christine is
screaming with desire as she realizes that Mac will soon dip his cock in
her cunt from the rear.

Mac looking a little haggard from the length he had his cock in Miss
Sullivan's ass and mouth decides that it is time to enter her pussy from the
rear. Backing out of her ass, he plunges his cock in deep as his wife Quan Li
returns home earlier than he expected. She sees the happenings on the floor
and says loudly, "This is what you are doing instead of picking me up from
the fucking airport."

Mac doesn't miss a beat, states his case and insists that she join them for
the finale. Quan Li thinks about it for ten seconds while Mac fucks the
blonde vixen even harder than at first. Christine yells as she awaits Quan
Li's reply. Quan Li heads to the bedroom while Mac goes on with fucking

Quan Li exits the bedroom and sees massive amounts of sweat rolling off her
husband's body. She looks down at the radiant Miss Sullivan as the lawyer
accepts her man's cock in her hot cunt. With a whip in her hand, which she
bought while overseas, Quan Li snaps it back and allows it to land on Mac's
ass. Mac yells in pain as Quan Li tells him to stop fucking Christine. He
obeys his wife as she is now naked, her next command is for Mac to stand
still as she and Miss Sullivan will devour his cock. He is tiring rapidly,
but awaits the two mouths that will drain his jism.

Christine and Quan Li sit near the now prone Mac. Each will take turns
sucking his large cock until he spurts another load of cum onto one or both
of them. Next Quan Li sits on her husband's face and demands that he eat her
shaven pussy, while Christine will ride her stallion to town. The heated
passion drives Mac to almost pass out from exhaustion, but is revived by his
wife, who once she entered the apartment decided to punish her man for his
treatment of her friend soon to be lover Miss Sullivan. Both ladies orgasm
at the same time, leaving a pool of love juices on Macís limp body. He falls
asleep while the women prepare to do each other.

Christine and a horny Quan Li move to another part of the room, lie next to
one another and decide to lick the cum from the tits and pussies. Moaning is
present as the ladies kiss, lick and probe each other's sticky pussies. It
isn't long before they once again have let out the cum from their hot cunts.
At this time Mac has re-emerged on them, he rams his cock into Quan Li's
pussy, pounding her with a vigor he had before she came in the door. He
grunts with every thrust that he gives loving wife and Christine can only
watch and masturbate while the married couple fuck into the wee hours of the
night. Once more Mac turns his attention to Christine, he remembers that he
never finished his time with the lady lawyer. Invigorated by the new energy,
Christine sucks Mac's long sticky cock until he cums. She opens her legs and
accepts him inside her cunt. Five hours later the three loverís rest,
Christine knows that she has to leave soon and apologizes for doing so. She
showers and gets her clothes on to head home to sleep before the court
resumes it's session. As she leaves, she says Mac was good, but Harry is her
sexual hero for having the hardest and longest cock she will ever see. Her
next conquest will either be Dan or Bull. It's Bull she is concerned with for
she doesn't know if he is small or Bull. Almost home from the short drive,
Christine goes to bed and has no more thoughts of how big or small her tow
remaining lovers are.

To be continued...


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