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Markie Post

This is a purely fictitious story. It features Markie Post, the sexy public
defender of the TV sitcom Night Court. It should not be read by anyone
under the age of 18. It is purely for adult entertainment.

Night Court
by Db288 ([email protected])

One night, after the filming of the sitcom was completed and most of the
crew had left the studio, John, who played the character Dan, asked Markie,
who played Christine, if she would come to his dressing room. (I'll use the
names in the sitcom from now on.) Christine was leery of doing this because
she knew Dan would probably try to kiss her and probe her breasts. But, she
hadn't been with a man for some time and was feeling kind of sexy. She
thought to herself, why not? She replied, "I will on one condition, you
can't touch me." Dan said, "Only if you don't want me to, but, if you do,
be prepared for the excitement of your life." Christine started imagining
what that might be like, but didn't let on to Dan that she might be

They stepped into his dressing room and Dan closed the door. "Christine,
you're looking particularly exciting tonight. I love the way your hair is
fixed. And your blouse is very tight fitting. You really know how to turn
me on." "Dan we're not here to discuss my body or how tight my blouse is.
Now, what was it you wanted?" In reality, Christine loved to have Dan and
the other guys admire her body, and she did wear tight fitting clothes just
to tease them. Her nipples were always firm and clearly protruded in
whatever she wore. Christine, further, loved to brush her hand against the
bulges in their pants at every opportunity to see their reaction.
"Christine, you've teased me long enough. I'm going to be honest with you;
I want to make love to you. I want to excite your body 'til it quivers, to
have you begging me for more; harder and deeper thrusts 'til you're so
exhausted you can't move."
Christine was taken aback; no one had ever talked to her that way before.
"Dan, stop it. You' promised not to touch me." I said "Only if you didn't
want me to, remember?" "Oh Dan, I don't know what to say." "Then come here
and let me kiss you. That may help you make up your mind." Christine just
stood there so Dan didn't wait for an answer. He put his arms around her
and brought her firmly against his body; against his swollen penis, which
didn't go unnoticed by her. As a matter of fact, it excited her; she had
heard tales of how large he was and had had secret thoughts of what it must
be like to have him deep inside her. She was getting turned on.
Her nipples began to firm and her breasts began to swell slightly. Dan
kissed her firmly for a long time. Christine resisted a little at first,
but then relaxed and let him press against her. She then began to penetrate
his mouth with her tongue. Dan know that the die was cast; that he would
soon be fucking the daylights out of this beautiful lady. But, he didn't
want to rush it.

She put her hand behind his neck tenderly. He put both hands on her tight
ass and rubbed her butt. He then pulled her toward him firmly. She could
really feel the bulge in his pants and was eager to take a look at this
famous cock. She forced her hand between them and found his prick. He
backed off to give her more room, and she rubbed then squeezed his prick.
She then used two hands to undo his belt, carefully unzipped his fly, and
then pushed his pants and shorts to the floor. His cock was at full
attention. She stared at it and her mouth dropped. Dan said, "Like what
you see? Why don't you take your blouse off so I can see your beautiful
breasts?" Christine looked at him and smiled. She wanted to fondle his
cock, but instead did what he asked. She backed away, unbuttoned her jacket,
and threw it on the couch. She pulled her elbows back and arched her back to
tighten her blouse and accentuate the size of her breasts. She was very
proud of them and gave them a little wiggle.
Now it was Dan's turn for a jaw to drop. Christine put her hands on her
breasts and fondled them. She then slowly began to unbutton her blouse and
let it slide off her shoulders and on to the floor. She then bent forward
to accentuate the size of her tits, then reached both hands behind her back
to unsnap her bra. Her bra soon joined her blouse and jacket on the floor.
Christine cupped her breasts in her hands and said, "Dan, do you like
these?" Dan said, "Christine!" without finishing his sentence. He then
came forward, slowly turned her around and replaced her hands with his on
her ample breasts. She reached up and put her hands behind Dan's neck while
Dan began kneading and messaging her beautiful tits. His cock went between
her legs. When he squeezed each nipple between his thumb and forefinger she
let out a moan and said, "Oh Dan." She then reach a hand behind her back
and found his cock which was firmly pressed between the cheeks of her ass.
She began fondling his prick while he fondled her breasts. Their excitement
levels were about to make them explode. She then broke free and turned
around to look at Dan's prick. It was the biggest she had ever seen. She
now did what was expected of her.

She came up against Dan's body and slowly slithered down against him letting
his cock pass between her breasts. She got down on her knees. His cock
was directly opposite her mouth. She gently parted her lips, made a round,
pleading shape, licked her lips, and kissed the head of his cock. She then
let it slightly penetrate her mouth. Dan looked down on this beautiful
site; Christine's cute little blonde head with his prick in her mouth.
Christine then accepted his cock fully into her mouth and sucked gently on
it. She began bobbing her head back and forth, back and forth with her lips
tightly encircling his cock. It didn't take long before Dan to exploded
into her mouth. Christine almost gagged, but quickly swallowed it all.

They both relaxed a little, and Christine stood up. He was naked from the
waist down; she from the waist up. She then asked Dan, "Can you get that
hard again?" Dan said, "No, but you can. Just give me a moment of watching
you take off the rest of your clothes and I'll be ready to give you the fuck
of your life." Christine said, "I can't wait. What do you want me to
do?". "Just do a little striptease dance as you strip naked. I'm sure that
will work."
Christine wasn't quite sure what to do, but she had always secretly wanted
to undress before a man and watch his prick grow large. She backed away
from Dan, turned her back and wiggled her beautiful ass. She then stood
with all her weight on one leg to make an inviting shape of her beautiful
body and began to massage her breasts with her hands. Dan cock began to
raise. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, then slid her
panties down and off her legs. She began to unsnap her garter belt, but Dan
said, "No, leave your stockings and high heels on. It's much sexier that
way". She said, "OK." and turned slowly around using one hand to cover her
cunt and the other arm to cover her breasts as best she could. Dan couldn't
believe how beautiful she was. His cock was fully hard. He ripped off the
rest of his clothes, then grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and
spread it on the floor. Christine kneeled down then lay down on the
blanket. She smiled up at Dan and slowly spread her legs. She was ready
for Dan to give her the fuck of her life.
Dan kneeled between her legs, put her hands under her buttocks, lifted ass,
and drove his cock deep inside her body. She had never had that big a cock
in her before, and she began grinding her ass in every direction she could.
Dan pushed his cock deeper and deeper into Christine. She exploded in a
climax to beat all climaxes. She couldn't contain herself and let out a
scream of joy. She said to Dan, "Don't stop, don't stop." Dan began to
penetrate in and out, in and out and soon he too exploded deep inside
Christine. He then lay on top of her with his now limp cock still inside
her. He kissed her tenderly. She wrapped her legs around her body and
squeezed him. They were as tightly wrapped around each other and they could
be. They lay that way for a while as each caught their breath.
Christine said," Dan, that was wonderful. We'll have to try that again
Dan said, "I can;t wait." they dressed and left, each a little later than
their normal departure time. The exit guard smiled knowingly as they left
the building.


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