This story is pure fiction and should not be read by anyone eighteen or under
in age.

Night Court: Dan Scores With Christine (MF)
by Db288 ([email protected])

Christine Sullivan, the beautiful, blond defense attorney, was the subject
of many a sexual fantasy held by every male character in Judge Harold T.
Stone's court. Dan Fielding, prosecuting attorney, was particularly enamored
of Christine, and he had made many attempts to get her to agree to accept his
sexual advances. She really turned him on in spite of her apparent school
girl innocence. She never quite knew how to handle his advances, and was apt
to blush at each of his crude attempts to get her to agree to go to bed with

Christine was fully aware of the fact that she was beautiful, and that her
long, well proportioned body turned on the male members of the court. She
noticed the bulges in their pants that she invoked as a result of the sexy
outfits she wore; tight blouses that allowed her nipples to show, Jackets
that bulged to show off her larger that normal breasts, short skirts that
showed the beauty of her long, well proportioned legs; always enhanced by
either natural colored or black stockings. Let's face it; she was a dish
and every guy who saw her wanted to fuck the hell out of her. But, she was
basically shy, and accepted few, if any, dates, and never went out to bars.
This didn't mean she was not interested in sex. She had her own fantasies
and inwardly longed for a good sexual relationship or multiple relationships.
Basically, she wanted to get fucked but didn't quite have the nerve to accept
anyone's advances, particularly Dan Fielding's.

One day that all changed when Dan saved her life (he said) when she choked
on some food. In return for this lifesaving act, he wanted her to sleep with
him. She did agree she owed him something and offered some alternatives, like
finding other dates for him, but he insisted that the only worthy way to
repay him was for her to sleep with him. The other members of the court,
Harry, Bull, Mac, and even Ros, urged her to accept Dan's proposal. They
wanted to see her loosen up and get with today's society. They were excited
by the prospect of Dan fucking the hell out of Christine, and wished they
could be there to watch the climatic event. After much hesitation, and after
being unable to find a good excuse to say no (which she secretly didn't want
to find anyhow), Christine reluctantly agreed.

Dan got Christine aside and said he wanted her to reiterate the deal so there
would be no misunderstanding. She repeated that she said she agreed to sleep
with him. "And what does that mean?"

"That I'll let you fuck me."

"What else?"

"That's all."

"What about oral sex?"

"I never agreed to that."

"But that's part of it."

"It is?"

"Yes. Now tell me what that means to you."

Christine blushed. "That you want to put your cock in my mouth and have me
suck on it."

"Now you've got the picture!"

Christine was getting excited by this conversation and her juices began to
flow, but she didn't let on to that. On Dan's side, he was getting a hard on
just thinking about it. "Let's set a date."

They agreed to meet Thursday, at three in the afternoon, in Dan's apartment.

In the days before the scheduled event Christine was excited and a little
scared. She had many days to think about it. It would be her first sex since
her divorce, and she wasn't sure how she would react. She didn't know what to
wear, how sexy to be, how aggressive to be. She knew he was into oral sex and
she didn't know what to make of that. She knew the clothes she wore to work
excited Dan, so she decided to wear what she usually wore making sure she
wore her tightest blouse that unbuttoned down the front, black stockings with
a garter belt, black panties and black, push-up bra. She also wore her usual
business jacket that always bulged in the front, and a mini skirt. She
figured she would let Dan undress her.

The day arrived and Dan picked her up in a taxi at her apartment. He sat
close to her in the back seat and put his arm around her. She started to move
away, but realized this was no way to start an evening of love making. So she
snuggled into Dan and let him hug her. She liked the feeling of a strong man
holding her against his body. When she turned her face to look at him, he
looked deeply into her eyes. There was something irresistible between them
that caused them to bring their lips together in a long and passionate kiss.
Dan was a good kisser and used his tongue liberally. Christine found herself
doing the same as they French kissed. Soon Christine felt a hand caressing
her breast. Without her knowing it, Dan had unbuttoned her coat and jacket
and slipped his hand inside her jacket. He found her breast and messaged it
gently. Christine didn't resist; she continued their sustained kiss. What
with the kisses and the fondling of her breast she was getting excited. Dan
then played with her nipple, which now stood out erect and firm. Christine
was thoroughly enjoying what was happening. She let her hand find its way
into Dan's coat and come to rest on his hardening cock. His pants were moist.
She messaged his erection with the palm of her hand. She could feel his

All too soon the cab arrived in front of Dan's apartment, and the love
makers had to stop pleasuring each other. As soon as they got into the
elevator their bodies came together again. Christine immediately unzipped
Dan's fly, reached her petite hand inside his pants and probed for his
cock. Surprisingly, Dan pulled away. He said, "Wait, wait, we have a long
hallway to go down, and there are apt to be people."

Christine put on a pout to show her disappointment. Dan assured her they
would soon have the opportunity to continue their lovemaking. Dan was
surprised by Christine's forwardness. He never expected this beautiful,
innocent looking and innocent acting girl to be so sexually aggressive.
He realized she must have a lot of stored up sexual desire and decided
to give into it. This afternoon he would be the lucky recipient. Yes!

Dan unlocked the apartment door and let Christine enter first. He closed the
door and locked it. When he turned around, Christine stood in front of him
with her coat hanging off both shoulders, and her jacket unbuttoned. She had
pulled her shoulders back and made her breasts protrude. The afternoon sun
shown on her profile and the shadows accentuated the shape of her breasts.
She had a slim waist and the tight belt she wore helped accentuate how fully
breasted she was. Dan's jaw dropped. He told Christine how beautiful she was,
and she smiled. She said, "I hope you like what I am wearing."

He said she was more exciting than he could have imagined. Christine let her
coat and jacket slip to the floor. Her blouse was very thin and her pushup
bra showed underneath. The depth of her cleavage was evident. Dan took off
his coat and threw it over a chair. He approached Christine from the back and
pressed his body against hers. She could feel his massive cock pressing into
her butt. Dan clamped Christine's hips between his two hands and brought her
ass hard against his swollen cock. She wiggled her ass. Dan then slid his
hands up the sides of her body and onto her breasts. He gently messaged them
and squeezed her nipples. Christine let out a little whelp. Then Dan began
unbuttoning her blouse from the top. With each button undone, her tight
fitting blouse popped further open. When the last button was released, Dan
pulled her blouse open, back over her shoulders, and let it fall to the
floor. Christine reached behind her, undid her bra, and let it fall to the
floor. She was now naked from the waist up. He quickly cupped her breasts in
his hands. Christine laid her head back against his shoulder. She loved the
way Dan fondled her. Her breasts swelled and her nipples stood erect and
hard. They were extremely sensitive. Christine then unzipped her skirt and
let it fall to the floor. She was now completely naked except for her garter
belt, stockings and spike heels. She was a gorgeous sight to see. Dan
suggested it was time to move to the bedroom.

Christine teased him by saying, "Oh, what's in there? What is going to happen
there? I hope you have something in mind!"

Dan said, "I have lots of things in mind, and they all involve you. You're
going to get fucked liked you've never been fucked before."

Christine blushed at this crude talk, but she knew that was what she was here
for. She led the way into Dan's bedroom.

Dan followed and moved to the sound system to turn on some music. Without
letting Christine see, he also went to a video camera that he had hidden
that pointed toward the bed and turned it on. He had aimed it so that if
she lay lengthwise on the bed and spread her legs, the camera would be
pointed directly at her pussy. Also, if he sat on the edge of the bed and
if she were to kneel between his legs, the camera would catch a profile
view of her sucking his cock. At least this is the way he had hoped things
would happen.

Christina was nearly naked. Dan still had most of his clothes on. As soon
as he entered the room, Christina approached him and began unbuttoning his
shirt. She was very aggressive and almost torn the buttons off. She pulled
his shirt off , put her hands under his undershirt and lifted it over his
head. She was surprised to see how hairy he was. She ran her hands through
the hair on his chest - it was soft and warm. She brought her naked breasts
against his chest and they embraced in another sustained kiss. Her pussy
was getting very wet and Dan's erection was pressing hard inside his pants.
Christine decided it was time to relieve it of its confinement. She undid
his belt, carefully unzipped his pants, and pulled them to the floor. His
cock sprung forward at full mast. She pulled his underwear over the head of
his cock and down to the floor. Her head and her hair rubbed against his
cock in the process. From her crouched position she looked up at Dan. She
said, "I suppose this is where the oral sex comes in."

Dan smiled and sat on the edge of the bed; the size of his erection was very
evident. Christine was thrilled at what she saw. This was the largest cock
she had ever seen. She didn't know what to make of it, but was obviously
pleased with what she saw. She said, "Dan, that's beautiful. I want to play
with it."

She went over to him. Dan spread his legs, and Christine kneeled between
them. She just stared for the longest time at this beautiful penis. Then she
took it in her hands and began jerking him off. Dan was surprised at her
expertise. This beautiful, innocent girl had done this before. Perhaps her
husband had taught her how. In any event, Dan was loving it. Christine then
brought her head closed to his cock and stuck out her tongue to taste the
fluids seeping from his cock. She licked his head. Then she parted her lips
into an oval, held Dan's cock in both hands, and brought it to her lips. She
let his cock penetrate her mouth an inch or so and began twirling her tongue
around the head. Then she drove her head toward the base of his cock so she
could absorb all of it. All the time she used her tongue to message the
shaft. She sucked it gently and repeatedly moved her head up and down the
length of his cock. Dan could stand it no longer; watching this cute little
blond head of the beautiful Christine bobbing up and down with his cock in
her mouth was too much. He exploded his cum into her mouth. His wildest
dream about Christine had come true! She swallowed all of it and smiled at
him. "How was that?"

Dan's answer, "Wow!"

Christine said, "Now it is time to pleasure me."

She got up off her knees and lay on he bed. Dan said he might need some
recovery time, but he didn't think it would take too long. Christine said,
"Just lie next to me and cuddle me. I'll take care of you!"

Dan grabbed a blanket to throw over them and lay next to the mostly naked

After holding each other for a while, Christine let her hand run over Dan's
chest then down to his crotch. She found his balls and cupped them in her
hand and gave them a slight squeeze. Dan began to come to life. Christine
then found his penis and began to fondle it. It started to grow. She began
stroking it between her thumb and forefinger. It grew larger. Christine said,
"You know Dan, you are quite a man. I love your cock and I want it in me.
Let's get this thing as big and hard as we can. Lay on your back and let me
see what I can do."

Dan lay on his back and spread his legs. Christine then kneeled between them.
She bent over so her tits hung low creating some nice cleavage. She then took
a breast in each hand and began to message Dan's cock between them. Dan
strained to keep from coming. His erection was as large as it had ever been.
Christine then kissed his cock for good luck. She then straddled his body and
came down on his cock letting it enter her vagina. She let out a sound ofsatisfaction. She began to gyrate her hips while Dan began to thrust up into
her body. She put her hands behind her head and arched her back while she
bounced up and down on Dan's massive cock. She couldn't help, she began to
scream, "Oh, Oh, Oh, Dan, Dan, Fuck me, Fuck me, Oh, Oh, Oh Dan!"

Dan then pulled her to him and turned her over on her back. He forced her
legs apart and got between them. Then he lifted her buttocks toward him with
his two hands and drove his cock deep inside her body. Christine screamed
again He drove it harder and harder, and Christine screamed and screamed.
"Dan, Dan, Fuck me, fuck me."

Dan then exploded into her and Christine screamed with one last climax.

Dan lay on top of her with his limp cock still inside of her. They were both
exhausted. Christine finally said, "Dan, why have I resisted your advances in
the past. That was wonderful. From now on I'll suck your cock anytime you
want if you will fuck me any time I want."

Dan said, "That's a deal I can't resist."

That night, when they both reported to work, they had a very satisfied and
relaxed look about them. The other staff members, of course wanted to hear
all about the affair. Dan told the guys he had it all on video, and they
could borrow it any time they wanted. They each did, and spent many an hour
jerking themselves off watching their beloved and beautiful Christine getting
nailed by an expert. They each hoped they might have a chance to do the same.
We'll see.


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