This story is purely fictitious and is not to be read by anyone eighteen
years of age or younger.

Night Court: Christine Exposed Part 2 (MF,MFF,oral,voy)
by Db288 ([email protected])

Christine, the beautiful, blond court defense attorney, had accepted a
secondary job; that of a photographer's model for a studio that specialized
in taking pictures and video's for companies that distributed pornographic
materials. She didn't realize when she accepted the job that that was what
it would entail; she paid more attention to the $350 per hour they offered
to pay her for posing (or other unspecified activities). Her first session
resulted in more of an afternoon of fantastic sex with the photographer, Al,
and not too many pictures were taken. She spent that afternoon being layed
twice and sucking his cock; much to her own enjoyment. Because only a few
pictures were taken, she scheduled a second session for the same time the
following week. She resolved with Al to take pictures and not spend the
afternoon making love.

She arrived at the studio on time. Instead of wearing jeans and a sweatshirt,
as she had the first session, she wore a more feminine outfit; spike heels,
black stockings, garter belt, mid length skirt, a blouse that unbuttoned down
the front, and a business jacket. She wore no panties and no bra. Her breasts
were firm enough to not need a bra except when she did something athletic.
Besides, and she figured she wouldn't be wearing many clothes for long

Al was very glad to see her. He immediately developed a hard on the moment he
saw her. That didn't bode well for getting many pictures taken. As soon as
they were in the studio alone, they immediately went into a long, sustained
kiss. Al began rubbing her ass with his hands, and Christine could feel his
cock against her leg getting hard. She wanted to rub it and get him more
excited, but she knew what that would lead to. So, she broke off the kiss and
said they had better get on with taking pictures, or none would be taken. Al
agreed reluctantly.

He said, "You have more will power than I. You are so desirable, I find it
very hard to stay away from you." Christine just smiled. Al said, "Let's
start taking pictures."

Al asked Christine to sit on the couch and look as sexy as she could. This
was not hard for her, and she loved doing it as it turned her on. Al started
shooting. He asked her to pull up her skirt. This exposed her beautiful, long
legs. She hiked her dress as high as she could and crossed her legs. Al's
hard on grew harder. She then put her hands behind her head, arched her back,
and thrust out her chest. Her nipples were evident through the thin blouse
she was wearing. Al said, "You're doing just fine. Strike whatever pose you
want. I'll keep taking pictures."

Christine took off her coat and restruck the pose she had before. She then
put her hands on her breasts and began messaging them. Al was having a hard
time concentrating. Christine then began unbuttoning her blouse; one button
at a time. Each button revealed more of her ample breasts. She then leaned
forward and slowly pulled her blouse open and totally exposed her tits. Al
had a hard time concentrating. She then lay down on the couch on her side.
Her blouse partially covered her breasts in an exciting and revealing manner.
Her dress was still up around her hips; just barely covering her pussy.
Christine was feeling hot, and Al's cock was aching from being confined in
his pants. He finally said, "Christine, you're to much, We have to make

She said, "But, what about the pictures?"

He said they can wait. She smiled up at him from the couch. She then reached
up to his pants and undid his belt. She carefully unzipped his fly and
fumbled around for his cock. When she found it she grasped it in her hand and
brought it out of his pants. She began jerking him off. Al said for her to be
careful. She then rolled onto her back and pulled her skirt above her hips to
reveal her pussy. She was not wearing panties. She spread her legs
invitingly. Al got on top of her and quickly rammed his cock home. Christine
squealed. The she began undulating her torso as fast as she could. Al rammed
his cock in and out of her in rhythm. They each climaxed together. Then they
lay exhausted with Al's limp cock inside her.

After a period of recovery, Al said, "We didn't take many pictures, did we. I
thought maybe this time we would. Actually I hired a male model to photograph
with you. He's due to arrive in about ten minutes. I would like to get
pictures of you with a man."

Christine said, "Oh? And what do I do with a man?"

Al explained that he would be with her and would direct the action. He said
he also would be taking video shots at the same time. She wasn't certain she
wanted to do this with a stranger, but at the price they were paying her, she
realized they were calling the shots, and she had to go along with them. Al
asked Christine to put back on the clothes she wore when she arrived. By the
time she did this the male model arrived. She looked him over. He was a
handsome dude, but not quite her type; too baby faced. But he had a manly
figure and was trim and fit. She wondered what Al would have them do. She was
about to find out.

Al introduced them. The model, who's name was Ben, ogled her approvingly.
He shook her hand and held on to it an unusually long time. He was very
attracted to her. She recognized he was a real stud. She noticed a slight
bulge in his pants. Al said, "Let's get started. Ben, why don't you stand
behind Christine and put hour hands on her hips."

He did and held her hips firmly. He brought her ass against his swollen cock.
Al asked Christine to lay her head back against his shoulder. Al turned on
the video camera, then began taking photos with the still camera. Ben
continued to hold Christine firmly against him. Al then asked Ben to pull
Christine's shoulders back. When he did this her jacket spread open and her
tits became very evident. She was getting excited by the way Ben pulled her
close to him, and her nipples firmed up and stood out erect. Al adjusted the
aiming of a light to accentuate the shadows on her chest to exaggerate her

While Al was doing this, Ben pulled Christine even closer to him and began
nibbling on her ear. Christine began to slowly wiggle her ass against his
cock and pushed back hard against him. The two of them were definitely
getting heated up sexually.

Al started shooting again. Then he asked Christine to take off her jacket.
When she pulled away from Ben, Al could notice the major bulge in Ben's
pants. He smiled to himself. Christine then took her place pressing her body
against Ben's. Al then asked Ben to put his hands on Christine's breasts.
Christine held her shoulders back and arched her back slightly. Ben began
fondling her tits, and she was very pleased with the gentle and loving way
he did this. Al then told him to start unbuttoning her blouse. With each
button more and more of her naked breasts were exposed. Ben then pulled her
blouse fully open. Christine pushed back hard against Ben's swollen cock and
wiggled her ass. The two of then began a fucking motion.

Al then asked Christine to stand behind Ben. She didn't want to stop doing
what they were doing, but she did. Then he asked her to reach around, unzip
Ben's fly, and put her hand inside his pants. She did and quickly found his
cock. It was warm and firm. She directed it out through his fly. She then
began jerking him off. Al realized Christine did not need any direction when
it came to exciting a man.

Ben unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. Christine
continued to play with his cock. She then pulled his shorts down and let
them slide to the floor. Ben stepped out of the clothes on the floor, kicked
off his loafers, and approached Christine. She wiggled out of her blouse.
They faced each other; he naked from the waste down, she naked from the waste
up. They eyed each other longingly. Ben took off his T-shirt to reveal a
sculptured body that rippled with muscles. Christine drooled at what she saw;
Ben's naked torso and his cock in full erection pointing at her. She undid
her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She was only wearing a garter belt,
black stockings, and spike heels. No panties.

Ben drooled at what he saw. Christine put her hands behind her head and
began a dance of enticement. She undulated her hips, threw out her chest,
and swayed back and forth. Ben approached her, took her up in his arms and
carried her to the bed. He sat her on the edge, and then sat next to her.
She put her hands on his cock and began jerking him off. He lay back on the
bed; his eight inch erection pointing to the ceiling. She licked her lips
and bent her head over his cock. Her lovely blond hair fell on either side
of his cock. She kissed the end of it then swirled it with her tongue. Al's
cameras kept shooting away. Christine then stood up and moved between his
legs. She took her two breasts in her hands and began messaging Ben's cock
in her cleavage. He started to moan. Then he yelled out, "Suck it! Suck it!"

Christine parted her lips and took Ben's rod fully into her mouth. She sucked
on it gently. Ben could stand it no longer and exploded into her mouth. She
swallowed his cum.

Christine was in a highly elevated sexual state. She looked over at Al with
a come hither look. Al immediately put down his camera and went over to
Christine. She sat on the edge of the bed, undid Al's belt and fly, and
pulled his pants down. His cock was fully erect. She had already sucked one
cock, she wanted a cock in her. Ben moved out of her way and she laid down
on her back. Al kneeled between her legs, brought her ass up to his waiting
cock, and drove it into her. They writhed in ecstasy, and finally both
climaxed together.

By this time Ben had recovered and was anxious to play with Christine
again. She was more than willing. Al got off her and Ben took his place. He
immediately penetrated her and began driving his ample cock in and out of
her. She responded by undulating her ass wildly. When she finally climaxed,
she was completely spent, and lay there with Ben's cock in her for a long

It was time for her to go, but not without scheduling her next "photo shoot".
She told Al she hoped he would hire on Ben again. Having two studs making
love to her was more than she could have hoped for.


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