Night Court: Christine Exposed Part 1 (MF)
by Db288 ([email protected])

One night after court had been closed, Christine was putting her papers away
into her brief case. A man approached her from the audience and asked if he
could speak to her. She said "Sure, what was it you wanted?"

He said, "My name is Jack Allcott and I own a fashion modeling agency
called Elite Ladies. I attended this session of Night Court because I had an
interest in one of the defendants. But, that is not my point. I was totally
taken in by you and how beautiful you were. I realized you would make a
wonderful addition to our modeling staff. You have exactly the pure,
wholesome, innocent look we pride ourselves on. I wondered if modeling might
be something in which you would be interested."

Christine smiled and thanked him for the compliments, but she was not looking
for other employment at this time. "Being a junior defense attorney keeps me
plenty busy, thank you."

Jack, who was a smooth talker, was not about to give up. He said, "How much
do you make, Miss Sullivan? Fifty, Sixty K a year? That's about a thousand a
week, or roughly twenty five dollars an hour. We would pay you three hundred
dollars and hour, sixty times as much, for you to do what we have in mind.
Does that make my proposal worth considering?"

Christine was taken aback. "Just what is it you would want me to do for that
kind of money?"

"You are a beautiful woman with the right combination of body shape and
looks to be very desirable. As a model you would be photographed by still
photographers and sometimes by cinematographers wearing attire that we would
provide. The location would be in our studio right here in town. It would
provide you with an excellent opportunity to easily earn extra money, which
I am sure you could use."

Christine began to think to herself. That is a lot of money, and all I would
have to do is let myself be photographed. I have done some modeling in the
past, and I always liked the attention I got and the feeling that the camera
was a large phials exploring and probing my body. She began to feel her
juices flowing. "How much did you say I would be paid?"

"I said three hundred dollars an hour, but I see you are a little hesitant,
so I now offer you three hundred and fifty dollars an hour. That's a lot of
money to just allow yourself to be photographed. Will you accept this offer?"

Christine thought for a moment. "I will if I don't have to do it too often.
How often were you thinking?"

Jack said, "You can work as much or as little as you would like."

Christine thought a moment more. "In that case, I don't see a reason not to
accept your offer. I'll do it."

Jack said, "That's great. Here is my card. You can call the office to make an
appointment for your first shooting for when ever you would like."

Christine said, "I guess that's a deal."

Jack then said, "Would you mind if I took a picture or two of you now to show
my partner our new employee?"

Christine could not say no. "Why don't you sit on the edge of that table and
cross your legs. That's great. Now hike up your skirt a little. That's good,
you have great legs. Now then, lean on your elbow. Good. If you don't mind,
just unbutton your jacket so your breasts will be in full view."

At this point Christine began to get a hint as to what kind of pictures and
movies this was all about. She was a little apprehensive and yet excited by
it. She didn't know why, but she always liked to pose for people and display
her body. That is one reason she always dressed so as to show off her
beautiful figure. She did as Jack directed. She unbuttoned her jacket and
spread it open to display both her breasts. He took several pictures and
thanked her.

Jack said, "Christine, your are going to be a fantastic model. I can't wait
to get you properly dressed (he wanted to say undressed) and in front of the

* * *

The next day Christine called the number Jack had given her. She set up an
appointment for the following Tuesday at 2:00 PM. She asked what to wear. The
girl on the other end chuckled a little. "You won't need to wear anything.
We'll provide you with what ever is necessary. Just come in your street

Christine began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. She got the
impression she might not be wearing much of anything for this photo shoot.
Jack seemed a nice enough guy, and she felt committed to go to at least one
session, so she intended to keep this appointment.

Christine arrived at the studio on time wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. She
had tried to dress down, but it was difficult to disguise her outstanding
figure. She checked in with the girl at the desk, who looked her over very
carefully. She signed some papers, and waited to be called to meet the
photographer. In a short while a very good looking, thirty something guy
appeared and introduced himself as Jack's partner Al. He said he had seen
the pictures Jack had taken and was more than pleased with Jack's taste. He
assured Christine she was going to make a wonderful model. Al asked if she
was ready. Christine took a large breath and said, "Let's go."

She followed Al into the studio, which consisted of a large room with a high
ceiling wherein everything was painted dull black. In one corner was a double
bed on which soft lights were shining, a couch with pillows, and some
overstuffed chairs. Christine concluded that somehow she would end up the day
on that bed. Al asked her to stand over by a stool that was in front of a
wall that had a plain black background. A single spot light shown on the

He said to her, "Christine, you are a very beautiful woman, and I am
privileged to be your photographer. I hope we will get to know each other
very well and can allow ourselves to express ourselves through the what we
do. It may get very intimate at times, but I hope you will trust me as a
friend. At this point, do you have any questions?"

Christine wasn't sure what that little speech all about, but she had the
feeling that he was trying to prepare her for some intimate work that
involved physical contact of a sexual nature. She was unsure of herself,
but at this point she was ok and said so. She was anxious to get started.

Al asked her to sit on the stool. He told her to keep her clothes on.
Christine thought, 'What, he was expecting me to start taking my clothes
off?' He said he wanted to photograph her in her sweatshirt and jeans to
start with. He felt this would relax her. Christine's figure was outstanding
in that she had a slim waist and larger than normal natural breasts. She had
a 21 inch waist and a 36C bra to be exact. So she had a very exciting figure
regardless of what she was wearing. She sat on the stool and Al started
shooting. He asked her to arch her back and throw her shoulders back. She
took this to mean stick her tits out. She did. He then asked her if she was
wearing a bra. She now was convinced this whole thing was about photographing
her semi or totally nude. She didn't know quite what to make of it. She loved
to be photographed, but had never done so in the nude. It excited her to
think about it. She said yes, she was wearing a bra. Al asked her to take off
her sweat shirt. Christine thought, 'Here we go, I'm starting to strip of my

She took off her sweatshirt and let it fall to the floor. She pulled her
shoulders back slightly to display a provocative posture. Al approached her
and stood in front of her. They stared each other in the eye. Christine's
bra was designed to promote her cleavage, which it did very effectively. Al
stood there drooling over the view.

He said, "Christine, you're very beautiful, and you are exciting me."

She didn't need him to tell her that in that she was well aware of the bulge
in his pants pointing straight at her. She smiled coyly and glanced down at
it. Al was a bit embarrassed.

Al said, "Christine, I would like you to take off your bra and put your
sweatshirt back on. You can use the changing room over there if you would

She was glad she didn't have to strip naked in front of a guy she had met
only a few minutes ago. When she came out of the dressing she looked very
sexy. Even without her bra her breasts were firm and didn't sag, but her
erect nipples now were evident. Al looked at her approvingly. He wanted to
wrap his arms around her and ravish her, but he resisted. He did say he
wanted to tighten up her sweatshirt to accentuate her figure before they
began shooting again. To that end he used clothes pins down the back of her
sweatshirt to get rid of all excess material. These, of course, wouldn't
show in the pictures. Al loved tightening her sweatshirt to accentuate her
tits. He was now ready to start photographing Christine again.

Without her knowing it, he also turned on a video camera. He asked her to
undo her belt, unzip her jeans and let them slide partly off her hips. Then
he asked her to put her hands on the stool behind her back, arch her back,
really trust out her tits, and look very sexy. She did all the things Al
asked her to do, and Al started shooting. He then asked her to put her hands
on her breasts, message them, and play with her nipples. Christine didn't
hesitate, she loved doing this as it excited her and started her juices
flowing. She was beginning to feel very horny and was attracted by Al. Then
he asked her to lift up her sweatshirt so that her breasts were exposed.
Christine was a little reluctant, but did what he asked. She then, on her
own, put her hands behind her head and thrust out her chest. Al realized he
didn't need to give directions; it was better to let Christine do what she
wanted. She then messaged her bare breasts and gently squeezed her nipples.
Then she put her hand down her jeans and began stroking her vagina. Al was
taken aback by her forwardness. He realized she was one hot lady, so he moved
toward her.

Christine was hot and horny, and wanted Al to make love to her. She couldn't
help herself; she pushed her jeans to the floor and stepped out of them. She
then reached forward, grabbed Al's belt, and pulled him toward her. He
wrapped his arms around her. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth.
They kissed passionately. While he put his hands under her sweatshirt and
fondled her breasts, she unzipped his fly, put her hands down the front of
his pants, and grabbed his cock. She stroked it to a full erection. He then
broke off their kiss, turned her around, pulled her panties down. She put her
hands on the stool and spread her legs. Al drove his cock deep into her
vagina. She ground her ass in circles while he pumped her with thrust after
thrust of his eight inch cock. Her beautiful blond hair bounced up and down
wildly. She was being driven wild by this handsome stud, and started to
scream out, "Harder, Harder."

He put his hands on her hips and drew her to him with each thrust. She
experienced climax after climax until he finally came with a massive burst
of cum.

Christine couldn't believe what just happened. Al pulled his cock out of her
and she turned around with a smile on her face.

She said, "Wow! That was something! Was that part of the deal?"

Al said, "No, but it sure was great! You are just too desirable to resist. It
just might happen again."

She said, "I don't know, but if it does, let's use that bed."

He said, "You'll have to give me recovery time."

"That's ok. I have a feeling I'll be able to get you hard very easily, even
harder than this time."

Al observed that they hadn't done much shooting. "There is a whole wardrobe
of things I would like you to wear."

Christine said, "You really mean 'not wear' don't you?"

Al just smiled. "You get the idea. We sell the pictures we take of you to
various porn magazines. It's very lucrative. That's why we can pay you what
we do. As far as what just happened, it's because you were so irresistible.
And, if I'm not mistaken, you wanted to have sex with me as much as I wanted
it with you."

Christine said, "You're right. You were pretty irresistible. When I played
with my breasts and knew you were watching me, I got all horny."

Al said, "I guess you like to exhibit your body. It's a beautiful body and
you should be proud of it. Our customers are going to love these pictures if
we ever get a chance to take them."

Christine said, "Let's start."

Al directed, "Let's get you out of what you're wearing and into something
sexy. You'll find some lingerie in the dressing room. Pick out what you would
like to wear."

Christine went to the changing room and found a rack full of sexy lingerie
items. She picked out a full length, black, sheer gown. It opened down the
entire length in the front. There were only a couple of string ties to hold
it closed. One could see her body through it with little trouble. Christine's
breasts were very visible and barely covered by the thin material. This was
the only thing she wore. She even went barefoot. When she walked her naked
legs showed through the slit in the front of the gown. She looked at herself
in the mirror, combed her long, blond hair, and entered the studio. Al was
sitting on the bed waiting for her. He already had a hard on, which stiffened
even more when he saw Christine.

She asked, "Is this all right?" And she did a 360 twirl.

He said, "It is more than all right. You had better come here and kiss me."

"But we're supposed to be taking pictures."

"The pictures can wait. You're too beautiful in that outfit to for me to
resist. Come here and let me hold you."

Christine stood before him. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her toward
him. Then he blew her gown aside to expose her breasts and began licking and
nibbling her nipples. Her nipples responded by becoming firm and erect. He
buried his face in her cleavage. She hugged him close. She then slithered
down his body between his legs. His cock was throbbing. She carefully undid
his belt, unzipped his fly, and pulled his pants and shorts to the floor. In
front of her face was an erect, eight inch, beautiful cock. She looked at it
longingly and put her hands on his thighs. Al took her head in both hands and
slowly brought her mouth to his cock. She licked her lips and opened her
mouth. Al pulled her head toward him so that his cock entered her mouth. She
immediately began using her tongue. His cock stiffened and hardened. Al took
his hands away and let Christine caress the length of his cock with her lips
and tongue several times. Al was about to explode, so he pulled her head
away. She looked disappointed.

He said, "I want to save this rod to fuck you like you've never been fucked

Christine smiled at that, got off her knees, and lay down on the bed. Al
put a pillow under her ass. Christine bent her legs and spread them apart
invitingly. She said, "Al, I'm really excited. Fuck me now."

She was absolutely beautiful, the long black negligee, her blond hair, her
sensuous body begging to be fucked. Al was a lucky man!

He put his two hands under the cheeks of her ass, raised her torso to the
level of his cock, and used the head of his penis to message the lips of her
vagina. Christine squirmed with excitement. She begged, "Put it all the way

Al did just that; right up to the hilt of his cock. He entered her as far
as he could. For Christine, it was further than anyone had been before. She
screamed with delight at each of her climaxes, and began undulating her ass.
She gave meaning to the word screw. It wasn't long before Al exploded his
cum. After he totally spent himself, he lay on her for a long time,
exhausted. Finally he said, "Christine, that was great. I think we will have
to schedule a new time for a photo shoot - I'm exhausted! I hope the next
time we will be able to take some pictures. But, the way things have been
going it may never happen. What do you think?"

"You are so good at screwing me, and I love to suck your cock, it may never
happen, but let's schedule it anyhow. How about a week from today."

Al said, "I can't wait."

Christine got back into her jeans and sweatshirt and left. The secretary
smiled at her knowingly as she went out.


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