Once Christine Sullivan joined the court staff, the ratings of the TV sitcom
Night Court picked up immeasurably. She was beautiful, intelligent, though
daffy, and witty. She was slim, had great legs, and nice tits. As a result,
she was the sexual object of every Night Court male. She went through several
hair styles. She started with an unusual, but nice shoulder length cut, but
eventually went to a much more attractive short, boyish, but sexy, style,
then a longer, straight hair style; also very sexy. This story is totally
imaginary and fictitious, and based solely on the TV characters.

Night Court: Christine And Dan (MF,oral)
by db288 ([email protected])

Christine loved to wear tight, short mini skirts that really showed off her
legs. She also frequently wore tight fitting jackets that bulged open in the
front to show off her tits and let you know how full breasted she was. She
knew her outfits turned on all "the boys," and she loved to look at the
bulges her appearance created in their pants. The cameras never showed this,
but whenever she had a chance, as she walked by, she would let a hand brush
across their cocks. No one got more excited than Dan, and she knew it. If
she had a chance she would give his a little squeeze and watch him squirm
trying to hide his enlarged penis.

One time during a court session Dan was really turned on. Christine was
wearing a particularly tight blouse that revealed the firmness of her
nipples. The jacket she wore was buttoned, but popped open wide enough to
show her nipples. She knew what Dan wanted to do with her breasts and
teased him by brushing against his penis several times. She was sending him
a message; that she would love to have him play with her tits. He had
to do something about it. When court was adjourned, he approached Christine
and told her he just had to see her, alone. She knew perfectly well what
he was after as a result of the outfit she was wearing and her well directed
hand passes. Perhaps it was time for her to put him out of his misery. She
was attracted to Dan and had heard tales about his large penis and his
excellent reputation in bed. Perhaps it was time for her to let him at
least play with her tits and see what happened after that.

Unfortunately, Christine had made plans to have dinner that evening with
some of her friends. She looked at her watch and then at Dan. She whispered
to Dan, "I know what you want, and I want it too, but I don't have time

He looked at her like a disappointed child who couldn't have what he wanted.
He said, "Please, please."

His looks melted her heart. She had an idea. She smiled and told him to
follow her. She led him through a door and into a little used office. Since
most of the staff had gone home by now, they wouldn't be disturbed. She
looked at Dan and said, "Dan, I'm going to put you out of your misery. I
know I've been teasing you unmercifully, and I owe you some relief, if you
know what I mean."

Dan said, "I know exactly what you mean. Bless you."

With this he took her in his arms and kissed her strongly on the mouth for
a long time. She closed her eyes and their tongues intertwined. He looked at
her beautiful face and rubbed the back of the neck. She began to react to
that. He then kissed her again long and hard while his hand reached down and
unbuttoned her jacket. It seemed to pop open. He could feel her breasts
against his shirt. Her nipples were hard. He then unbuttoned the buttons of
her blouse and pulled it aside to reveal both her lovely breasts entrapped
in a tight fitting bra. He was glad to see that her bra was the type that
had a front closure. It told him she always wanted to be ready for someone
to unsnap her bra from the front and have quick access to her tits. And what
beautiful tits they were! She watched him as he unsnapped her bra and exposed
her breasts. She was obviously quite proud of them, and she loved to have
guys oogle her. She slowly brought her shoulders back and her elbows together
so that her breasts protruded as much as possible, then shook them a little.
Dan's eyes nearly popped out of his head. Her nipples really came alive and
stood straight out. Dan took advantage of the opportunity to feel her breasts
and rub his hands across her nipples. He then kissed and sucked on each one
and used his tongue to caress them. This sent shivers throughout Christine's

At this point she remembered her dinner appointment and said, "Dan, stop,
stop. Sometime later you can play with my breasts all you want. I really want
you to, but it's getting late and I'm running out of time. Let me take over
and pleasure you."

She didn't give Dan a chance to reply. Instead, she slithered down his body,
making sure her breasts passed over the bulge in his pants, and onto her
knees. There, in front of her face was a huge bulge; Dan's penis trapped in
his pants. She carefully unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, and pulled
down his pants. His penis came to full attention. She gasped at the size of
it. As she pulled his pants down to the floor, his penis penetrated her hair.
She let her head press against his flagpole. She then looked up and stared.
"Wow," she said to herself. She told Dan, "I was intending to suck your cock,
but I'm not sure I can get all of that in my mouth."

Dan said, "Try."

At this point she looked up at Dan. He had a sheepish grin on his face. She
then looked at the organ in front of her face. She licked her lips and made
a pout with her mouth. She then brought her mouth to his penis and let the
tip of the head enter between her lips. She let her tongue touch the tip and
tasted the liquid he was emitting. It tasted good, but that was not new to
her; she had sucked a man's cock before. Our little, cute Christine Sullivan
had been sucking cocks since her sophomore year in high school.

She then let Dan's cock penetrate all the way into her mouth; as far as the
back of her throat, and began a pumping motion with his cock going in and
out, in and out of her beautiful mouth. Dan couldn't believe what he was
seeing. This cute, blond head bobbing back and forth on his penis with her
ruby lips gently messaging his cock. She then freed a hand and squeezed his
balls. He couldn't stand it any longer, and let go a massive load of cum
into the back of her throat. What a relief. Christine quickly swallowed it
and smiled up at Dan. He cupped her head in his hands and brought her up to
her feet. He kissed her hard and said, "Thank you."

She said, "Thank you! But, you owe me one; a whole night of fucking."

He beamed and said, "Deal."

She buttoned up her blouse. Her nipples really stuck out because she was hot,
hot, hot. It drove Dan wild and his penis began to grow hard. She noticed it
as she buttoned her jacket and said, "Save that!"

Dan almost came in his pants as she walked away and he contemplated a night
together with her.


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