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this is an adult story featuring the charachters of the sitcom newsradio M+/F it didn't work out very well sorry.

newsradio the orgy

as the guests left the booth, lisa couldn't beleive how far the show went. it had been the idea for it to be hot, a
frank roundtable discussion of sex, she along with catherine and beth had perticipated as well as two others. as
the talk went on the two guests had convinced each of the women to strip and be comfortable with thier bodies.
lisa was glad she had made all the men leave the office and promise not to come back for the rest of the day. as
the talks progressed the lesbian guest had even touched each of them a bit sexually. after the guests had left
they had lost control now the three of them were naked in dave's office. she looked over at catherine and could
see a thin film of sweat on her body, beth was laying next to her the contrast between catherine's dark body and
beths stark white body was somehow erotic to lisa.

lisa moved her hand between catherines long legs and stuck a finger into her wet snatch and remembered the
sweet taste of her. beth started to play with catherines heavy tits. catherine was moaning in pleasure as her
friends explored her body. she heard a noise outside. "what was that" she sat up quickly

"oh my god someones out there" beth sat up listening "the guys werren't supposed to be back today"

"it must be them, come on we best get dressed" lisa stood and looked for her clothes.
catherine saw a look of shock on lisa face "whats wrong"

"my clothes are still in the booth, what about you guys" lisa asked.
"damn mine are in there too" catherine responded and beth motioned likewise

"well see if theres anything in here to wear." lisa started to search daves desk as the others started to look
around the office. "nothing dammit find anything" both signaled they had found nothing to wear. "one of us is
going to have to go get our clothes"

"you go" catherine responded. "i mean its probably just dave and he's seen you naked."
"it might be dave but it might not, why don't you go" lisa responded.

"i'll go" beth broke in "i'm tired of this arguing, but don't count on me bringing back youre clothes." beth looked out
the door she saw noone was in the main office she walked out closing the door behind her as she was halfway to
the booth when dave and the other men jumped up from behind the desks. beth was shocked and tried to cover

dave signaled her to keep quiet. he walked over to her "you look great beth, what say we wait for the others to
come out." dave gave her a grin he could see how wet she was between the legs "come on wait with us."

beth was so horny she could barely think. all the men had already seen her naked so she came up from behind her
desk where she was hiding, giving all of them a good view of her body. she went and sat between joe and bill.
they started rubbing her body all over as jimmy james reached around from behind and started to play with her
tits. she lost track of time as the men started to finger fuck her pussy.

dave signaled the others to get out of sight he had heard someone at the door to his office he watched from
behind a desk as lisa came out of the office. she was completely naked trying to cover herself with a couch
cushion but not succeeding very well. dave sprung out as the others also came out of hiding lisa dropped the
cushion and jumped behind beths desk. dave walked over to the desk. "come on out lisa and join us."

beth walked up beside dave. "come on lisa we can have some real fun. you know you want too. i heard you
moaning and wanting to fuck someone just a few minutes ago look at all these guys we can share."

lisa stood up exposing her body for all the men to enjoy "what about catherine."

"well i don't think it would be right to leave her out" beth responded. "in fact why don't we go in there right now. "
beth walked over and opened the door into dave's office "come on guys" the others followed her into the office.
"okay guys why don't you all get naked." she announced noticing catherine pearing up from behind daves desk.

beth watched as joe stripped revealing a very muscular body, she gasped as he revealed a six inch prick. then she
looked at the other guys, dave and mr. james had average four inch dicks, and bill was somewhat larger. she was
shocked when she looked over at mathew he was huge. it was still only semi hard but at a guess she though it
was a foot long and about an inch around, no wonder he kept falling over having a baseball bat between you're
legs must play hell with his balance and when it was hard she wondered if he had any blood to his brain. "well i'm
ready." beth walked over to the men "catherine you want to help."

catherine stood up revealing her awesome body to everyone "i guess i don't have much choice, why don't you
send joe over here." she quickly got on her knees taking joe into her mouth.

beth knelt before dave and took his small cock into her mouth she took mr. james and bill in her hands and started
jerking them off.

lisa went over to mathew she had never seen a cock so large and wanted to try it she pushed him down onto a
chair she took the tip into her mouth and tried to get as much as she could into her but only managed about a
quarter of it. but she managed to get it completely hard. she stood "come on mathew fuck me with that thing."
she bent over daves desk. mathew stood holding his cock in his handss he rubbed his prick along the outside of
lisa's cunt getting her very hot and getting his cock a bit of lubrication. "ohh stick it in me, i want you" lisa begged
"fuck me please"

mathew pushed the tip of his prick into lisa, she groaned as she felt the size of it penetrate her he forced another
inch into her tight pussy. he could see the others had stopped fooling around and where now watching him fuck
lisa. "here goes" he started to pump his large prick into lisa, the first few inches went in eaasily then he met
resistence and started to force his prick in and out of her tight prick.

"yess yess" lisa screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body. mathew was now deeper then any man had ever
been and looking back she could see that only half of him was inside of her "more more" she moaned as matthew
continued to pound into her.

mathew grabbed her hips and tried to force more into her. she could only take about two thirds of him into her
pussy. he started to pound away at her. he could feel her pussy expanding around his hard cock he jammed his
prick into her pussy as far as he could and shot his wad into her. "ahhhh" he groaned as he collapsed over lisa.

"well i'm ready for some loving" joe started fondling catherines ample breasts "you up for it"

"oh yesss" catherine moaned she bent down and took joes cock into her mouth giving it a good sucking she then
lowered herself onto her back on the floor "all set" she moaned as joe lay atop her sucking on her tits. she felt his
prick at the entrance to her wet pussy as he entered her. catherine wrapped her legs around joes waist pulling
him into her fucking him for all she was worth.

beth had climbed into bills lap, lisas performance had gotten her hot. she lowered herself onto bills prick she was
so wet she took him all in in one quick downward thrust. she felt him playing with her tits as she continued to fuck
the shit out of bill.

dave was watching all this getting horny as hell. he decided to get some action for himself, with mathew finished
lisa seemed to be free. he walked over to her head putting his prick against her face. she quickly opened her
mouth and dave shoved his dick inside feeling the moistness of her mouth he started to fuck her face. he saw
jimmy james,his boss, had moved around lisa. he felt lisa moan around his prick as mr. james penetrated her..

jimmy james was enjoying the feeling of lisa's little pussy around his prick, but it was kind of loose after mathew's
job on it. he worked one of his fingers into her ass. it was amazingly tight. at a guess he thought she was an anal
virgin. he continued fucking her pussy with his prick while driving his fingers up her ass.

lisa was moaning in pleasure as all three of her holes were being penetrated. she felt mr. james pull out of her and
dave pulled out as well. then she felt jimmy putting the tip of his cock at her anus. she had never done that
before but she wanted to do everything today. "oh god yes fuck my ass" she cried as she felt jimmy james sliding
his small prick into her ass, she had barely felt him in her pussy. but in her tight ass jimmy's little prick felt like it
was ripping her apart.

as catherine heard lisa begging to be buttfucked she really started working on joe she pulled him close and fucked
him she felt him start to cum inside of her she held him inside of her as she came with him. "ohhh yeah baby" she
moaned as joes prick slipped out of her and joe laid down beside her.

beth had rode bill for all she was worth, but as lisa begged to be fucked in the ass bill shot his load into her
pussy.she slid off him and watched as lisa continued to be fucked on daves desk.

as jimmy set a rythem fucking lisa in her ass dave moved in closer putting his cock at lisa's mouth she swallowed
him easily. dave could feel her moans as he fucked her face "how is it sir" dave asked mr. james.

"just incredible dave, you've got to try this" he rammed his prick in and out of lisa's tight backdoor with one push
he shoved his prick into lisa and shot his load up her ass. "go ahead try it dave." he walked away from lisa.

"well alright sir" dave spun lisa around on the desk. he put his prick into her ass in one swift stroke it was a tight
fit but jimmy's cum had lubricated it, after only a few strokes into her tight ass he filled her ass with his cum. "well
thanks lisa" he slapped her ass as he sat back on his desk.

catherine had enjoyed her romp with joe but now she was hungry for more she could see that mathews tool had
regained its hardness "mathew why don't you lay on the floor" she loved to get on top of a man, especially one
with a large prick, and fuck the shit out of him. she guided mathew over onto the floor she noticed he was
especially dim witted when his dick was hard. "yes right there" catherine positioned herself atop of mathew
putting her knees on either side of him she slowly lowered herself onto his massive tool. she got about halfway
down it before it started to hurt. but she was determined to take it all "ohh yes" she screamed as she drove
herself down onto mathews prick

dave couldn't believe the sight that he beheld lovely catherine was fucking mathew, her dark skin set against his
pale white skin was especially erotic. he was getting hard again, he walked over to where catherine was and put
his dick at her eye level. "heres a little something extra for you catherine." he was shocked when she took all of
him into her mouth while continueing to ride up and down on mathew. dave enjoyed the sensation of catherine
sucking him off, but he wanted something more he pulled his dick out of catherines mouth and moved around
behind her.

catherine couldn't believe it dave was going to fuck her ass and she loved the idea. she pushed forward keeping
mathews hard dick inside of her. she pushed her tits into mathews face offering dave easy access to her asshole.
"ohh god fuck me guys" she called as dave pushed her asscheecks apart.

dave pushed a finger into catherines ass, she was so excited his finger slipped in easily he then positioned his dick
at her anus. he pushed forward entering her. he heard catherine moan as he penetrated her. he could feel
mathew fucking her pussy as he pounded into her ass. he started to fuck her hard pushing all the way in then
pulling out and then shoving it back in.

bill noticed that catherine still had one hole open so he moved over offering her his dick as she moaned he slid his
prick into her mouth he grabbed her head and started to fuck her face. she continued to moan in orgasm as the
three men penetrated her. bill felt himself hitting the back of her throat, combining that with her moaning he filled
her mouth with his cum, he couldn't believe she swallowed all of his spunk.

as catherine took bills load down her throat she started to work on the other two she used her pussy muscles to
work mathews prick and she tryed to tighten up her ass to get dave to cum it worked rather quickly mathew
spewed his load into her pussy filling it with his cum, while dave shot his load up her ass. as she fell off of mathew
she could feel thier cum leaking out of her pussy and ass "ohh that was incredible"

beth was horny watching catherines little show and she wanted some for herself she grabbed joe and started to
run his cock over her heavy tits as he started to get hard he pushed her onto the floor and started to pound his
cock in between her huge tits as it passed close to her face she licked at the head after a few minutes of this joe
repositined himself pushing his prick into her mouth forcing it into her. it filled her mouth but there was more to it.
he forced it down untill the head of his cock penetrated her throat and still he fed it to her she was having trouble
breathing as she felt his pubic hair tickle her nose. she felt someone enter her pussy as joe started to fuck her
face. she must have been in this position for a few minutes she got a little lightheaded from lack of oxygen then
joe pulled out and flipped her over. she screamed as joe forced himself up her ass, she could feel her anus tear at
the assault she was caught between pain and pleasure as he continued to ream her asshole. she had never taken
anything that big before she felt herself cum and cum. after what seemed like an eternity she felt joe's cum fill her
ass. she slumped down as joe finished with her she barely noticed as jimmy james fucked her ass for a few
minutes before he filled her ass with his cum.

as the three women lay there exhausted the men stood up one by one they were completely done for the day.
they started to get dressed and file out of the office,, as he left dave looked back at the three naked women
laying there covered in cum. "how about same time tomorrow ladies" he heard them groan as he closed the door
and left. he laughed thinking what he was going to do to them tommorrow.
the end

well this is the last of my finished stories. but i'm still writing i'm working on five stories right now that i'll post if i
ever finish them.
and i've got an idea list of over 30 ideas so hopefully i'll post again.


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