NEWHART (mc,orgy)
by [email protected]

Joanna Lauden was angry, she had a job for Stephanie and she couldn't find
her as usual. After looking all over for her she decided to try one last
place, before she gave up and did the work herself. She headed for Larry,
Daryl and Daryl's diner. As she walked in she saw Stephanie sitting at the
counter hiding as usual. "So this is where you've been hiding. Stephanie,
I've been looking all over for you."

Stephanie hated the fact that Joanna had found her but she didn't give in
easily. "What do you mean Joanna. I was just going to share a coffee with our
neighbors, right Larry." She grinned as Larry placed a mug in front of her,
playing along. Not that Stephanie would think to drink with these dirty men.

"Alright Stephanie have you're coffee and then we're going to go to work."
Joanna crossed her arms watching Stephanie. She could see the distaste on
Stephanie's face, and guessed the mug wasn't that clean.

"Well Joanna, how can you be so rude, sit down have a drink with us."
Stephanie smiled assuming Joanna would make some excuse and leave letting her
get out of work.

"You're right Stephanie." Joanna called her bluff and sat at the counter.
"Thanks Larry." She took the mug into her hands not relishing what it would
taste like but the taste of victory was sweet. "Come on Stephanie, drink up."
She watched as Stephanie reluctantly put the mug to her mouth and took a sip.
Joanna did the same.

"Hey, that's not bad." She exclaimed enjoying the taste immensely. Stephanie
just made yummy noises as she finished her mug. Both women put their mugs
down and asked for a second cup. They barely noticed the Daryl's taking up
position behind them. They drained their second mugs. Joanna started to feel
dizzy, she looked over and saw Stephanie slump into the arms of a Daryl.

"What.." She managed to mutter, she tried to stand but fell into the other
Daryl's arms.

The Daryl's collected the two women and headed for their cabin in the woods.
They dropped them on a couple of dirty mattresses the boys had picked up

Joanna slowly came out from under what they gave her. "Where are we? What's
happening?" She asked. She felt incredibly horny, she wanted to be angry but
looking at the sleeping Stephanie something came over her. She needed sex and
she needed it now. Her hands went to buttons on Stephanie's dress.

"Joanna what are you doing?" Stephanie woke up and felt Joanna's hands
pressed against her breasts, her shirt was open and her bra had been popped
open. As Joanna continued to work on her dress, Stephanie realized she wanted
this to happen, that she had always wanted this to happen. She started
working on Joanna's dress. It barely registered to her that Larry, Daryl and
Daryl were watching them and the fact that they were on dirty mattresses
failed to register at all.

Joanna got the last of Stephanie's clothes off. Then she helped Stephanie rip
off the last of her own clothes. She pushed her mouth against Stephanie's
giving her a hard and deep kiss. She slid down the younger girls body sucking
at her small breasts spending ample time at the nipples. Finally slipping
down to between Stephanie's legs. Although it was her first time with a
woman, Joanna went at it with a will, driving her fingers and tongue deep
inside Stephanie's cunt. As much as she was enjoying this she needed some
pleasure of her own. She flipped around until her pussy was over Stephanie's
face. Stephanie could smell Joanna's pussy juice, it was dribbling right onto
her face. She felt an urge to go 'eeewww' but instead she started to lap up
her juices, eventually forcing her mouth over Joanna's pussy and driving her
tongue into her. The women felt themselves being pulled apart.

"No please." They begged as they reached for each other.

Daryl and Daryl pulled Joanna to another mattress and laid her down. Daryl's
cock was sticking straight out. Joanna didn't care that it was dirty she just
cared that it was a way to get herself off. She reached for it and Daryl
moved closer. Joanna took his prick into her mouth.. She bathed it with her
tongue, enjoying giving pleasure, she felt the other Daryl take up position
between her legs. She opened her legs allowing him easy access to her cunt.
"OH yes fuck me." Joanna moaned as Daryl's prick penetrated her cunt. She
wrapped her long legs around his waist and tried to pull him even deeper
inside of her.

Stephanie was annoyed that Joanna was taken away from her, just as she was
going to get off. She rolled over onto her hands and knees to see Joanna
taken by the Daryl's, she felt Larry taking up position behind her. "Yes do
it now." Stephanie wasn't used to being kept waiting and she wasn't
disappointed as Larry shoved his cock deep into her wet pussy. "MMM yes." She
groaned as she drove back into Larry. As she was pushed forward she finally
came within reach of Joanna, she started sucking on one of Joanna's large
tits, as Larry continued to fuck her.

Daryl grabbed Joanna's legs and pulled them up onto his shoulders. He then
drove into her cunt deep and hard. He grunted and came inside of Joanna's
pussy. As he fell aside Stephanie started sucking his cum out of Joanna's
pussy. Daryl sat back to watch the scene. Larry couldn't believe it when
Stephanie started using her cunt muscles to squeeze at his cock. He grabbed
her ass and started to pound hard into her. He opened her asscheecks and saw
her asshole. He moved his finger over and pushed it into her ass. Stephanie
just moaned at the intrusion, he slipped his cock out of her cunt and put it
against her asshole.

"Yes fuck my ass." Stephanie begged as she felt the tip of his cock slip into
her ass. She groaned in pain as more of his cock slipped inside of her.

Darryl shot his load into Joanna's mouth and she swallowed it all as if it
was the best thing she'd ever tasted. As Darryl fell away, Joanna slid around
under Stephanie till they were in a sixty nine position with Larry still
fucking Stephanie's ass. Larry couldn't believe at as she felt Joanna's nose
rubbing against his balls, as he continued to fuck Stephanie's ass. He pulled
out and shot his load onto Joanna's face. He sat back and watched as Joanna
tried to lick it all up. The boys sat around watching the two girls go at
it,. they quickly recovered their hardons.

The Daryl's decided they wanted Stephanie this time, while Larry got Joanna.
They pulled Stephanie off Joanna and pulled her over to the other mattress.
Daryl lay down on it his hard on sticking straight up. They guided Stephanie
down onto his prick she drove herself down onto his hard prick enjoying the
sensations as it penetrated her cunt. She tried to reach back to suck on the
other Daryl but he went behind her. Stephanie felt him position his cock just
outside of her ass.

"Fuck my ass," she begged and was pleased as his cock penetrated her now
looser ass. "MMMM yes, fuck me," she begged as she tried to ride the two
cocks inside of her. Somewhere in her mind she knew it was wrong but her
overriding need now was pleasure.

Larry lay down on the other mattress and had Joanna climb atop him. She
started riding up and down on his hard cock. He enjoyed the way her large
tits bounced as she bucked up and down on his hard cock. He started to play
with her heavy tits pinching her nipples occasionally reaching up and sucking
on her nipples. He felt her spasm on his cock in orgasm, with that he
couldn't resist any longer and shot his load deep into Joanna.

The Daryl's were having all the fun they could handle riding Sephanie and
with one convulsive jerk they filled up her holes with their cum. As they
fell away from her, she was quick to move over to where Joanna was laying,
they quickly got into another sixty nine.

"They're insatiable, Daryl you gave them too much."

The Daryl's shook their heads then pointed outside.

"Alright I hear them we better get out of here, but i'll leave a note for
Dick." Larry wrote a quick note and the three boys headed out.

Dick Louden, his handyman George and Michael had been looking for Joanna and
Stephanie for hours now. Dick was getting tired of walking in the woods and
of Michael's whining. He saw a cabin off in the distance, "we can rest up
there." He commented and the others followed.

As they got closer Dick heard strange noises coming from the cabin, as he got
closer he realized one of the sounds was Joanna in the throes of pleasure,
but there was another voice moaning and he couldn't tell who it was. Dick
started walking faster. As dick burst into the cabin he couldn't believe the
sight he beheld. His wife Joanna was on top of his maid Stephanie and seemed
to be in the throes of orgasm as Stephanie very happily munched away at her

"Joanna what are you doing?" He blurted out as George and Michael burst in
behind him and were stunned into silence. Joanna didn't seem to notice them
for a minute but when she looked up a smile crossed her face.

"Oh good Dick you're here. Why don't you take you're dick out and fuck me
with it, you too Michael and you George. I'll take you all on."

"What is going on here?" Dick started to look around and noticed a letter
tacked to the door. He picked it up and started reading the grammar was
terrible so it took him a minute to puzzle it out. Basically it told him
Larry had drugged the two women, for the next two hours they would be
insatiable. After that they would be out cold for an hour or two, then they
would wake up with no memory of anything that had happened to them since
they'd been drugged. He handed the note to Michael, he finished it quickly.
When Dick next looked up Joanna had moved off of Stephanie and had moved
towards George and Michael, her hands in their crotches playing with their

"Joanna what are you doing?" He exclaimed but then he noticed Stephanie's
lithe form writhing on a mattress trying to pleasure herself.

"I need to be fucked. Please Dick let these guys fuck me, you can have

"What do you say Dick can i have Jo-Jo? I won't mind if you have Steph. Come
on Dick be a guy."

Dick was torn he knew it was wrong but the sight of Stephanie's hands
pistoning in and out of her cunt was too much. "Alright go ahead."

He couldn't take his eyes off Stephanie and started to strip as he walked
towards her. Dick quickly got between Stephanie's legs ramming his cock deep
into her pussy. He lay on top of her and started fucking her hard. "You like
that? You stuck up bitch." He grunted in effort.

"Yes I like it. Do anything you want to me." Stephanie responded.

This gave Dick an idea and he had her roll over onto her hands and knees. He
continued to fuck her pussy for a bit admiring his maids tight ass. He stuck
his finger into her asshole it seemed well lubricated. "I'm gonna fuck you're
ass. How do you like that Stephanie?"

He pulled his cock out of her cunt and jammed it into her asshole, Stephanie
squealed in delight. Dick wasn't going to last long like this. "Turn around
bitch." He ordered and Stephanie turned taking his cock into her mouth.

After a few strokes he pulled out and shot his load all over her face. He
painted her face with his semen . He sagged back and watched as Stephanie
moved towards the others. Michael and George had Joanna on her hands and
knees. Michael was switching between Joanna's ass and cunt, while George was
enjoying her mouth work.

"Can I try her pussy Michael?" George begged.

"Sure George, lay down."

George did as he was told. Joanna slid up George's body impaling her cunt
onto his cock. She rode up and down, Michael took up position behind her and
slipped his cock into her asshole. "How's that Jo-Jo?"

Joanna was in heaven. "Sso much cock! It feels so good, fuck me harder!" She
felt Stephanie move towards her, she noticed Dick laying limp in the corner.

Stephanie started sucking on Joanna's huge jugs. Joanna had a huge orgasm as
the guys filled her with their loads. As they fell out of her, Joanna
attacked Stephanie they engaged in a deep kiss as their hands probed their
bodies. The boys watched for a bit before they noticed the girls starting to
fade. Joanna started to yawn uncontrollably and soon was asleep, Stephanie
lasted only a bit longer. Dick found a couple of blankets, they wrapped the
girls up. George picked up Stephanie easily but Dick needed Micheal's help to
carry Joanna. They carried the girls back to the inn.

George helped Dick get Joanna up to their room without too many problems then
went to help Michael. That left Dick alone with Joanna he unwrapped her from
the blanket and started cleaning her up.

"OHH Dick," Joanna moaned as she woke up. "Touch me Dick," she begged as Dick
made a move to move away. "I want you to touch me like you did before."

"Before?" Dick thought she was supposed to forget. "Before when?"

"You know, when you and Michael and George came to the cabin and fucked me
over and over again. I liked it so much I want to do it all the time."

"Do it?" Dick stuttered.

"Yes I want you to fuck me over and over again. I want George and Michael. I
even want Stephanie. I'll do anything if you'll just fuck me Dick."

Dick thought a moment and heard a groan come from Stephanie's room. He
guessed she was reacting the same way as Joanna. "Would you mind if I fuck
Stephanie every so often?"

"You can do anything you want master." Joanna responded as she played with
her own tits.

"Anything hmm?" Dick thought, he'd have to thank larry daryl and daryl next
time he saw them. "This is going to be great, I just hope it lasts."

the end.


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