This story is not in any way affiliated with Neighbours the soap, or any
of the actors. That bollux aside, enjoy.

I'm not sure if you have neighbours in America, or elsewhere, but if you
don't, you are missing out! Hope you enjoy the story anyway.

Neighours: When Good Neighbours...
by TJubert ([email protected])

This Part: Libby, Anne, Geri, Susan.

Libby woke up to the bright Australian sun streaming in through her window.
She rose, put on her slippers and walked over to the wardrobe, but then
thought better of it and decided to have a shower. She entered the bathroom
and while she waited for the water to warm up she admired herself in the
mirror. The nighty she was wearing glided down her beautifully tanned body
from the neck and down passed her ample chest and below, just reaching her
thighs. Her dark brown hair lay on her shoulders and she flicked it round
behind her head. She noticed how her nipples jutted out from the thin white
material, and she playfully tweaked on them. She tested the water and noted
that it was at the right temperature, and so pulled the bottom of the nighty
up and over her head. Her large breasts spilled out, perfectly formed
handfuls that gently rested on her chest, her dark brown nipples pert in
the cold air. Her freshly shaved pussy lay down passed her taut stomach,
the wispy dark hairs formin a perfect triangle of hair above her entrance.
She stepped into the shower.

As Libby decended the stairs, Carl looked up to see 23 year-old Libby step
into the kitchen. Her tight tank top clearly displayed the fact that she was
wearing no bra, and her tits filled the top to its extremes. The tight denim
shorts she wore allowed Carl to admire Libby's luscious, long, tanned legs
down into her trainers. Libby noticed with pleasure the look she received
from Carl and placed her tight ass on a stool and asked her mum, Susan, what
was for breakfast.

'Don't ask me, I'm on strike!' replied Susan. Little known to Libby, her
mother had been refusing to do any work until Carl made friends with their
neighbour, Joe Scully. The strike also included sex, and Carl was getting
frustrated. Libby was forced to make her own breakfast, and as soon as she
had finished she set off for the newspaper, where she worked.

Billie came out of the bathroom to be greeted by Anne rising from the bed
with a satisfied look on her face.

'Last night was great Bill, we'll do it again soon.' Billie said goodbye,
and left through the kitchen. Anne got up out of bed and grabbed her watch
which was lying on the table. She was completely naked. Her breasts were
slightly small then Libby's, and she was more petite as well, but her body
was perfect, and her face was one of an angel, her fair brown hair hanging
at shoulder length. Her body was tanned, although not dark, and perfectly
proportioned, her smooth long legs meeting at her pussy which was mainly
concealed by her blond bush, which she didn't like to shave. A smile came
to her innocent lips as she remembered the pleasure those legs had brought
her boyfriend, Billie last night. She knew the Kennedys would all be gone
by now, so walked down the stairs into the kitchen where she began making
herself a sandwhich. Geri sat watching from the dark in the corner. She
watched Anne's tight ass sway from side to side as Anne cut the bread, and
the curves of her hips. Although Geri was not a lesbian, she could appreciate
a good body, and this was a good body! She went from twirling her long black
hair in her hand to playing with her nipples. Geri Hallet had abnormally
large breasts, although not unpleasantly large, and her nipples were very
hard. She pulled her top outward and slipped a hand up to cup her breast. As
Anne turned round, Geri stood up, and Anne dropped the sandwich out of

'Oh, I'm sorry, I was just looking for Libby.' Anne had noticed Geri's hands,
but didn't comment, but covered her nipples, although not her breasts, with
one arm, and held her other hand against her pussy to cover herself, and
allowed Geri to walk snootilly out the front door. Geri had been bribing
people on her raidio show, and pissing Libby off for a long time now, and
Anne hated her as much as most people on the street, and decided to get even
by making a few phone calls. At 6pm, Libby arrived back home on her scooter,
to find her brother Billie, and Anne waiting for her in the living room. Her
parents were nowhere to be seen. Anne had put on some clothes since that
morning, and was now wearing baggy green combats and a cadigan over what
looked to be a lace bra, her belly botton showing underneath the buttons.
Libby thought Anne had been plumper than she was, and admired her well-toned
stomach, and her breasts which had grown in the years she had known her.

'We've got a story to tell you, about your friend Geri!'

'Well? What happened?' And Anne proceeded to relay the story of what had
happened from just after she'd phoned up Billie.

'Billie listened to my plan and agreed, and went off to find Geri in his car.
He went to the newspaper, but she wasn't there, and he finally found her at
the radio station. He then went and bought the tools he would require. Before
returning and waiting for his chance. He saw it when Geri went in to the
store cupboard to find a new mike. He slipped in behind her and locked the
door. When Geri heard the door lock behind her she spun round to face Billie.
She had changed since this morning into tight black trousers and a top that
barely hid her nipples, let alone anything else, she clearly wanted to be
noticed. She asked what he was doing in there, and told Billie to get out,
but he didn't. Then Geri started getting pissed off, and started the insults.
It was then that Billie switched out the lights. Geri shouted at him that it
wasn't funny, but he grabbed her and pinned her down. He then handcuffed her
to one the struts on the wall. She asked him what he thought he was doing in
here like this, but he told her to shut up. He grabbed the piece of material
that was Geri's top and ripped it off her body, letting her mammoth breasts
spill free. He then grapped the bottom of her trousers and slowly pulled them
off her lithe body to reveal her panties. She was getting worries now, but
Billie just continued. He put his mouth to her nipples and teased them with
his tongue, and then slipped his hand into the top of her panties, fingering
her slit. he slipped first one finger in, then the second, and began moving
them in and out. Geri protested, but was helpless. Billie's fingers started
getting wet with Geri's juices, as they flowed down her legs and to the
floor. Billie began to finger Geri's clit, and although she still protested,
she was not as loud anymore, and soon she was moaning, as Billie got faster
and faster. Suddenly Billie stopped, and told Geri that if she wanted more,
she would have to suck his cock. She frantically tries to bring her fingers
to her pussy but couldn't, and so lurched towards Billie's now huge cock and
enveloped it in her mount. She began sliding her lips up and down its length,
leaving it moist, her tongue teasing Billie's head. She closed her eyes and
got lost in the moment, becoming more and more aroused herself. Billie began
to moan, Geri getting faster and faster until she was rewarded with Billie's
load in her mouth which she swallowed. This was obviously not her first time.
She milked his cock for all it was worth, before asking for her turn. Billie
caught his breath and then attacked Geri's slit with vigour, his tongue
working softly on her clit, and he got her to fever pitch when he just
stopped and walked off, leaving Geri tied there to be found by some other
lucky punter. Pretty cool eh?'

Libby was impressed, and not a little turned on.

* * *

Later that evening, Susan had gone to bed early, Anne and Bill were off
somewhere, and Libby and Carl were left in front of the TV. Libby couldn't
help but notice her dad's hard on, and thought she'd test him out. She slowly
draped the piece of pizza she was eating accross the cleavage visable at her
chest, and watched Carl's eyes follow her. Interesting. Later that evening,
when Carl had dozed off, Libby had a look in his jeans, and what she saw made
her very happy indeed. What she didn't know was that when she had slipped
off, Carl had done the same. he had bpulled her tank top away from her skin
to see her large nipples, and then slipped a couple of fingers up her slit.
Susan was unaware.

At 11pm, Libby left the sofa to go to bed. As she passed Billie's room, she
heard the familiar banging against the wall, and imagined what it would be
like to have Billie's cock inside her just once. She slipped into her room
and quickly removed her clothes and removed the bed cover. At this point Carl
was in his room with Susan getting frustrated. He had known that Susan would
not allow him sex, so while she slept, he had got into bed, and turned her
over so that he had perfect positioning to take advantage. He had got his
hard cock out and ran it along Susan crack, before gently sliding it into her
pussy from behind. Susan had of course woken up at this point, but decided
to wait. Carl began sliding his dick in and out of susan, and was getting
really involved when Susan decided to turn round and catch her husband, where
on she promptly chucked him out. Carl was now wandering down the corridor
when he noticed Libby's cute ass, her leaning over the bed. He couldn't
resist it, he was desperate, and he entered her room. He approached Libby
silently, got out his cock, and then slammed it home between Libby's ass
cheeks. Libby sqeeled when she felt the large piece of meant entering her
pussy from behind, and jumped forward onto the bed. She turned round to see
her farther advancing on her and protested, what are you doing?'

'I'm sorry Libby, I'm desperate.' He grabbed Libby's thighs and forced them
apart, while holding her hands above her head. This streched out her breasts
and stomach, and she was pinned against the bed. Carl forced himself between
her long legs and shoved his cock deep inside her pussy once more and for the
second time that night began thrusting into a warm slit. When Carl released
Libby's hands, instead of going th throw him off she moved her hands onto
Carl's back and pulled him towards her onto the bed. You only live once after
all, and Carl wasn't ugly. Carl fell forward onto libby and rolled over so
that she was now on top. Libby rose up onto her knees and began riding Carls
cock for all she was worth. She beagan slowly and gently, teasing him, his
hands resting on her ass, and then with more vigour.

Next door, Anne and Billie were having much the same, only it was Anne's
mouth, not Libby's pussy that was around the cock, and it was Billie's.
Anne's lips rose and fell on Billie's dick as he lay on the bed panting. Her
tongue was working on his cock head, his pre cum smeared all over Anne's
beautiful face, while Billie's tongue worked on Anne's clit in the 69
position. Anne was enjoying herself, but not as much as Billie. Ane did her
job well, and as Billie's balls hit her chin one last time, he clenched and
shot cum all down Anne's throat. Anne stopped her mouth action, expecting
Billie to continue, but he didn't, and she was no where near climax, so she
left him to sleep while she frigged herself off. She walked out into the
corridor to retrieve her vibrator, when she heard familiar sounds from
Libby's room, and wondered who she was entertaing. She gently pushed open
the door to reveal carl and Libby going at it like rabits. Anne was amazed,
and decided to watch a little more before deciding what to do.

Carl's hands were now both resting on Libby's breats, his cock visible with
each bounce Libby made, his meat withdrawing almost all the way from Libby's
shaven pussy each time. Their moans grew louder as they rolled over once
more, and it was at this point that Anne chose to make her entrance. She
walked in to surprised glances from Libby and Carl, which soon turned to
smiles when she joined them. She separated Libby from Carl and moved his
legs over the edge of the bed. Anne turned round and sat on Carl's cock and
begane bouncing up and down. The trio's jiuces combined, and Anne moved over
to kneel on the bed, with Carl taking her from behind, doggiestyle. Libby no
climbed up in front of Anne, who began to lick her out, and Libby slipped
her tongue into her dad's mouth in a passionate kiss. Carl increased in
speed, Anne being pushed forward with each shove. Carl shouted something
and then blew his load inside of Anne. This prompted Anne only to grind her
ass harder into Carl's groin, her face still inbetween Libby's legs. The
girls were not finished yet, so left Carl to get into the bath together.
Anne fetched the double ended dildo, then climbed into the warm soapy water,
still aroused, and pushed the dildo into herself. Libby lay on top of Anne,
accepting the other end. Both girls now began to grind into each other.
Libby's ass was visible above the water level, its sensual up and down
motion breaking the bubble. Anne broke away from a kiss to stare intently up
at the sealing as she shouted at Libby to keep going. Both young women built
up the speed, their breasts rubbing against each other, their sensitive
nipples adding to the sensation. Anne's left breast was visible at the side
of Libby's body as her back arched out of the water and both 20 yearolds came
simultaneously. Anne's legs instinctively rose to grip Libby's ass between
them, creating a tight seal aroud the dildo and their pussies, their bushes
combining. Libby slipped her tongue into Annes mouth and the kissed as their
orgasms subsided. Anne released Libby's body from her long soapy legs, and
both girls stood up, displaying their worn out, but still beautiful bodies
to each other as they vowed to do it again.

Hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did, feedback welcome. Next part
hopefully to feature the rest of the cast. I've saved the best till last.


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