Neighbours: Ramsay Street Romp
by Michael_John11 ([email protected])

"Oh I can't wait for this!" Libby exclaimed as she went into Tess and Dione's
lounge and saw a massage table set up. "I've been so tense lately, I think
it's all the pre-wedding stress." she added.

Tess and Dione nodded and smiled as they followed her in both eyeing Libby's
curvy figure admiringly. Libby was delighted when her two friends had
suggested they give her a massage as an early wedding present, they had both
taken courses in it and frequently gave each other them. Little did Libby
know massages often turned into sex for the bisexual housemates who had
become lovers within days of moving in together, now they were keen to
recruit Libby.

"Where do I get changed?" Libby asked tugging at her pullover which was
already stretched to breaking point housing her big breasts.

"Oh why don't you just do it here?" Tess suggested innocently.

"Yeah, it's just us girls." Dione smiled.

Libby smiled and nodded before she lifted her jumper over her head then
unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them off. Dione and Tess tried not to be
too obvious but they were both transfixed by Libby's big, firm breasts
peeping out of a low cut bra while her close cut thong clung to her thick,
brown bush.

"Er it's usually better if you're naked." Tess said.

Libby looked takenaback "Oh really?" she asked, a little uncomfortable at
the idea mainly because deep down the idea of having her naked body caressed
by her two beautifal friends aroused her. Libby had often found herself
attracted to other women but was too inhibited to pursue it and now she was
engaged to Drew she was determined to bury those feeling altogether.

"Couldn't I just keep my panties on?" she asked awkwardly.

"Well you could but if you don't get completely naked you won't feel the full
benefit. Anyway we'll cover your modesty with a towel" Dione said.

Libby smiled and decided she was being silly, it was just a massage, no big
deal. She pulled down the straps of her bra and unhooked it, Tess and Dione
both had to supress a gasp at the double thrill of seeing Libby's superb
tits and heavily matted minge as she disposed of her panties. Libby smiled
awkwardly and turned to the table giving both girls a very welcome view of
her big but shapely arse with two juicy white ass cheeks that both girls
resolved to explore before the night was out.

"O.K. if you just lay on your front." Tess said.

Libby got comfortable on the table, her big breasts propping her up slightly.
Dione gently put a towel over her buttocks, unable to resist a gentle stroke
of them as she did. Libby felt a strange and sensual sensation but decided
she was imagining things and tried to relax.

"Close your eyes and relax." Tess murmured as she began to rub the soft skin
on Libby's back.

"This is going to be the best experience of your life." Dione assured as she
began to rub oil into Libby's bare legs. She and Tess exchanged knowing
smiles as they rubbed.

* * *

Joel broke away from a passionate kiss with Felicity as his hand stroked her
small, firm breast through the thin material of her top. "Maybe we'd better
slow down." Joel said uncomfortabley, he and Flick had spent the afternoon
kissing in the Scully's lounge and his monster erection was making him very
uncomfortable. He longed to fuck Flick but she was sixteen and so innocent,
he thought even fondling her would make her freak.

"Screw slowing down, I think it's time we picked up the fucking pace." Flick

Joel was amazed as she grabbed his hand and put it on her breast then grabbed
his cock through his jeans with hers.

"What the hell?" Joel stammered.

"Ooh you're so big!" Flick grinned "I can't wait to put that in my mouth and
even better my pussy!"

Joel stared in disbelief at her, was this really sweet innocent Felicity
Scully holding his cock and letting him feel her up. "You mean you're up for
sex?" he said.

Flick grinned and nodded "Always. Sorry to dissapoint you but you won't my
first sweetie."

"You're not a virgin?" a stunned Joel asked.

Flick giggled and shook her head "Fuck no, well not for the last three years
anyway. So come on let's get busy..."

She began to unzip his jeans eager to release the monster inside.

"I don't know Flick, if your dad finds out..." Joel began. He broke off as
she tok firm hold of his huge cock and began to jerk it gently at first then
with increased ferocity.

"The hell with my dad, he has no idea what I get up to and he never will, the
shithead. Now do you wanna fuck me or not?"

Joel nodded vigourously then gasped as Flick's handjob brought him to climax
and come shot out on to her beautifal face.

Flick beamed as it trickled off her nose and into her mouth gulping it down
eagerly. She stared down at his come covered cock for a moment then held out
her hand.

"Why don't we go to my room, it's going to be a LONG afternoon."

Joel nodded then took her hand and stood. He was in a trance as his goregous
teenage girlfriend lead him to her room ready to fuck him senseless. He'd
long wondered what she'd look like naked and now he was about to find out.

* * *

"Oh yeah that's good." murmured Libby as Tess burrowed into her shoulders
with her long, skillful fingers while Dione gently stroked her legs. Libby's
nipples were hardening by the second and there was increasing mositure
between her legs but she didn't care, she was too relaxed to worry. Dione
glanced at Tess who nodded then smiled toward Libby.

"I know this might sound a bit weird Libby but would you like us to massage
your ass?"

Libby sat up slightly and looked wary. "My ass, but why?"

"Well it's a pivotal area for the relief of back pain, all the experts say
so." Dione lied.

Libby looked uncertain, she did feel a bit strange about her friends touching
her bottom and also rather worried about the reaction it might cause in her.

"You guys do it to each other?" she asked warily.

"Oh all the time." Tess said "It really is unbelievable how much better you
feel afterwards."

Libby considered, she knew if she refused it would like she a prude or even
worse that she had something to hide. "Yeah alright, if you think it'll
help." Libby said.

She layed back down and braced herself as she felt the towel being gently
removed from her buttocks then two soft pair of hands gently rubbing a cheek
each. A sensation she had never felt ran through her body further lubricating
her already wet crotch. She shuddered as she felt a finger slide up her anus
then immediately withdraw.

"Sorry." Dione said "My hand slipped."

Libby nodded feeling uncomfortable at the arousal she had just felt.

Meanwhile Dione had helped herself to a finger tip of Libby's pussy juice
which she graciously shared with Tess, soon they hoped to get a mouthful of
the sweet tasting stuff.

* * *

"Jesus I'm bored!" exclaimed Michelle as she and Bianca entered the Scully

"Yeah the coffee shop really sucked!" Bianca said. "Isn't there anything fun
to do here?"

Michelle grinned knowingly at her friend. "We could always pick up where we
left off at the sleepover the other night. Everyone's out for ages." She said
gently stroking Bianca's long brown hair.

Bianca smiled and nodded enthusiastically. The girls growing sexual
curiousity had lead them to start experimenting with each other and only the
fear of Michelle's parents walking in on them had stopped them helping each
other discover the pleasure of orgasm. Michelle was about to kiss her friend
when she suddenly heard a noise from the bedroom, she and Bianca both looked

"I thought you said everyone was out." Bianca whispered.

"They are." Michelle replied "Shit, it must be a burglar."

She listened for a moment

"It's coming from Flick's room." She told Bianca.

"Maybe he's jerking over her panties, they do that you know." Bianca replied.

Michelle rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up Bianca, just keep behind me."

Bianca nodded and they crept warily through to the bedrooms, the noises
became stronger as they approached Flick's bedroom door. Michelle was
bemused, if she didn't know better she'd have sworn she could hear gasps
and moaning while the bed creaked.

She and Bianca exchanged nervous glances then pushed the door slightly open.
They were stunned to see a naked Flick riding an equally naked Joel like a
horse, the lovers panted, gasped and groaned as Joel pushed yet more of his
massive manhood into Flick's tight but accommodating pussy and they headed
towards another loud, intense orgasm oblivious to their audience. Michelle
and Bianca were transfixed by the scene for a moment and Bianca was tempted
to unzip her jeans and start frigging herself on the spot until her friend
pulled her arm and gently closed the door.

"Flick is such a lucky bitch." Whispered Michelle "I'd love Joel's big, hard
cock inside me."

"Oh I think Joel's the lucky one, Flick's so sexy." Bianca said dreamily.

Michelle looked takenaback for a moment "You have the hots for Flick?"

Bianca shrugged sheepishly "I can't help it she's gorgeous."

Michelle grinned and gave Bianca a passionate kiss on the lips.

"Working your way through the Scully sisters heh?" she breathed.

Bianca nodded and reached out to stroke Michelle's big, developing breasts
when her friend pulled away. "There'll be time enough for that later, right
now go get my video camera from my room. We're going to make our fantasies
come true."

Bianca smiled excitedly and hurried to Michelle's room. Michelle opened the
door slightly and grinned as she saw her sister on all fours while Joel
pounded her arse and she begged for it harder.

"Jesus you're a slut Flick." Michelle thought to herself "I guess that's
where I get it from."

She smiled as Bianca returned with the camera and quickly began recording the
still oblivious lovers as Flick screamed in delight following another deposit
from Joel.

"Oh yeah do me hard Joel!" she wailed "This is how I like it, just like a
fucking whore!"

Michelle and Bianca's tight, young pussys churned as they watched the action.
Despite their interest in sex they remained virgins but both hoped that would
soon change. When Flick had screamed the place down with another orgasm and
Joel had withdrawn his come covered cock which she'd obligingly began to
suck, Michelle decided it was time to announce her presence.

"How does it taste Flick?" She taunted, still filming.

Flick and Joel went white and immediately looked up they were stunned to see
the two young girls watching them.

"Smile!" said Bianca grinning.

* * *

Libby smiled gratefully as she sat up her revealing her naked upper torso to
a transfixed Tess and Dione.

"Thanks you guys that was great." She said stretching.

"Yeah, it looks like you enjoyed it." Dione said grinning as she noticed
Libby's erect nipples.

Libby smiled awkwardly then wrapped the sheet around herself and stood up.
Dione and Tess exchanged knowing grins as she turned her back on them and
moved towards her clothes.

"I wasn't too sure about a massage but I must admit it felt amazing and I'm
so relaxed now." She said. She glanced downwards and was mortified to see
that the moisture between her legs had seeped out onto the thin sheet, she
hoped the girls hadn't noticed.

"Y'know Libby, there's other ways to relax..." Tess said.

Libby started as she stroked her bare arm then shuddered as Dione moved up
behind her and began stroking her long brown hair.

"Yeah, why don't you let us relieve all that sexual tension you must be
feeling?" she suggested.

"What the...?" a stunned Libby span round to see Tess and Dione both staring
lustfully at her. "What is this? Are you coming on to me?" she demanded.

Both girls smiled and continued to caress her.

"Come on Libby you enjoyed us touching you, admit it." Tess said.

"I didn't. I thought it was just a massage, I..." Libby pulled away from the
two girls and grabbed her clothes "Maybe I should leave, I think you guys
have got the wrong idea about me."

"Have we?" said Dione smiling at her. "Isn't there a part of you that wants
to know what this feels like..."

She turned to Tess and they began to kiss passionately while groping each
others breasts. Libby looked on with a mixture of discomfort and arousal.
Part of her was shocked and sickened that her two best friends fucked each
other but another, far bigger part was eager to join. They broke from their
kiss and stared intently at Libby.

"Why don't you just think of it as a wedding present from us? You're last
fling" Tess suggested.

"Yeah, wouldn't you like to experience EVERYTHING before you settle down with
Drew, it can only make your relationship stronger." Dione added.

Libby was increasingly tempted, she could feel her pussy welling up again and
lust overtaking her.

"Well I suppose if you put it like that..." she began.

Dione and Tess nodded and smiled, knowing they'd won her over. They pushed
the sheet off Libby so she was naked again and guided her back towards the
massage table. Libby, still uncertain but unable to resist, obediently layed
down. She took a deep breath as Dione spread her shapely legs and stared
admiringly at the tight, heavily matted pussy beneath.

"No time to waste." Tess breathed.

Libby stared goggleeyed as her two lovers stripped each other to reveal very
different but equally alluring bodies. Tess was tall and shapely with small,
perky breasts and long legs that Libby longed to stroke while Dione was
smaller and curvier with big, firm breasts and a blonde bush that begged to
be explored by the ever curious Libby.

Libby gasped with anticipation, almost at the point of orgasm before they'd
even touched her. Tess turned her attention to Libby's ample breasts,
caressing and squeezing them then stroking her ultra sensitive nipples and
suckling them like a baby while Dione slid three fingers into Libby's sodden
pussy and began to gently frig her.

Libby quickly began to groan with delight and relax into the experience,
Dione smiled as Libby's pussy widened and she was able to slot a fourth
finger in. Libby's groans turned to screams as she headed towards the most
intense orgasm of her life but her crys were muffled as Tess moved away
from her breasts and began to shower her with passionate kisses, wrapping
her tounge around Libby's. Libby closed her eyes and writhed in ecstacy,
she'd often wondered how sex with a women would feel but nothing could
prepare her what she was experiencing or what was to come.

* * *

"This isn't funny Michelle, give me the fucking tape!" demanded Flick. She
was standing outside Michelle's bedroom door with just a sheet to cover her
modesty having failed to stop her sister getting the incriminating tape and
camera locked away in her room. Michelle, standing beside her, shook her
head and grinned at Bianca who ogled Flick.

"Not until we get what we want." Michelle said defiantly.

"And what's that?" Joel asked impatiently. He was standing at the other
bedroom door with just a pillow over his still bulging manhood, keen to get
this matter resolved and resume his afternoon with Flick.

Both he and Flick looked takenaback as Michelle leered at his crotch. "You're
cock..." she announced "Inside me."

Michelle grinned as Flick and Joel were left dumbstruck for a moment.

Finally Flick shook her head in disbelief. "Are you crazy Michelle, you're
only thirteen." She reasoned.

Michelle shrugged "So, that never stopped you did it?"

Flick looked uncomfortable, there was no arguing with that. She racked her
brains for another line of defence.

"Well Joel won't do it, he's not about to fuck a little girl like you are you

She glared at Joel as she turned to see him eyeing Michelle's impressive body
admiringly while her little sister smiled seductively back.

"For fuck's sake Joel!" she snapped.

Joel smiled awkwardly, if he was honest the thought of Michelle's tight,
young twat and budding breasts was very appealing, screwing a minor seemed
infinitely preferable to having his face smashed in when Joe Scully found
out he'd been fucking Flick.

"Joel can't help it if he wants me." Michelle taunted "He likes dirty young
girls that's why he's dating you."

Flick glared at her sister, Michelle was usually a pain in the arse but she
was never as bitchy or manipulative as this. Flick didn't know whether it was
the thought of being out manouvered by her little sister or Joel screwing her
that bothered her more.

"No deal, Joel is not fucking you." Flick said resolutely.

Michelle smiled and nodded. "Fair enough but I'll have to show dad the tape,
I think he's got a right to know what a slut his precious Flick really is."

Flick lunged towards Michelle exposing her breasts as the sheet covering
them slipped down and delighting Bianca. Joel grabbed her arm and pulled her
towards him, Flick glanced uncomfortably at Bianca for a moment as she pulled
the sheet back up, she could have sworn the kid was eyeing her up.

"Jesus Flick take it easy will you." Whispered Joel.

"I'm not having that little cow blackmailing us like this, anyway she's
too young for sex especially with someone as well endowed as you.!" Flick

Joel nodded and smiled. "Exactly, Michelle thinks she's all grown up but
I'll bet as soon as she sees my cock with a raging hard on she'll run a mile,
she's still a kid. Why don't we just humour her for a while eh?"

Flick considered for a moment, she wasn't happy with this arrangement but
Michelle did have her over a barrel and she was sure Joel was right about her
bottling it as soon as things got too full on. Flick nodded and they turned
back to Michelle and Bianca.

"Alright Michelle, Joel will fuck you if that's what you really want." Flick

Michelle grinned excitedly "Great!" she said.

"But that's it right? No more conditions?" Flick asked.

Bianca smiled and began to stroke her bare arm.

"Just one." She said softly.

Flick turned to the young brunette and stared open-mouthed at her as she
smiled seductively back.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that." Michelle said.

"Bianca's got the hots for you sis, you'll have to do whatever she wants."

An outraged Flick was about to refuse when Joel tapped her arm and whispered.
"Same thing for you, just play along, Bianca won't have the nerve to go too
far with you."

Flick's mind was racing, she never have even imagined Michelle or Bianca were
interested in sex let alone in lesbianism. She herself had often been curious
but she'd never imagined she'd have an experience with a barely pubescent
girl. She glanced at Joel who was heading back into the bedroom with Michelle
and knew she'd have to do her bit to keep them out of trouble. She smiled at
Bianca who took her hand and lead her into the bedroom.

* * *

Libby smiled as she brought Dione to another sticky orgasm with her skilful
fingers then went down between her blonde lovers legs to lap up the sloppy
mess she'd made before gasping with delight herself as Tess used her long
fingers to stimulate her pussy and anus. The girls had swapped roles after
Libby's intensive introduction to lesbian sex with Dione now on her back on
the massage table, Libby astride her and Tess positioned behind. Libby had
quickly acquired a taste for pussy and greedily lapped up the liquid
dribbling from Dione's cunt while the contents of her own openings were
swallowed down by Tess.

After a series of earth shattering orgasms and swapping of roles that ensured
the trio got to fully explore each other's most intimate parts they collapsed
on the floor in a sweaty, sticky heap. Libby shook her head in disbelief and
stroked Dione and Tess's hair as they suckled her breasts and caressed her

"This has been amazing." She breathed "I've never felt anything like it."

"Not even with Drew?" Dione asked mischievously between suckling.

Libby shook her head sadly. "No, he's never satisfied me like you two just
did, what am I gonna do? How can I marry him when I'm into girls?"

Tess and Dione grinned and shook their heads at Libby's naivety.

"Relax Lib." Tess said soothingly "We still date guys and when they find out
we fuck each other there usually pleased rather than freaked, I'm sure Drew
will be the same."

Libby considered then smiled, feeling reassured. "Yeah I guess you're right."
She said.

"Hey maybe we can include him in our fun next time heh?" Dione suggested.

"Ooh yeah, I'd love his big cock inside me again." Tess said. She looked
awkward then apologetic as Libby glanced at her.

"What do you mean again?" she asked.

"Er well, we kind of fucked in the garage a few months back." Tess said

Libby was mortified. "Drew was unfaithful? How could he do that to me?"

Tess grinned at Dione "Well I did kind of lay it on thick, I REALLY wanted
to screw him. I rolled up in my shortest skirt and tighest top, flirted
outrageously, frankly the guy would have had to be gay to resist me."

She and Dione began to laugh, Libby remained sternfaced for a moment then
joined in the giggles. She couldn't really blame Drew given how easily she'd
given into temptation today.

"Hey I'm really hungry." Said Dione "How about some strawberries and cream?"

Tess nodded emphatically "Oh yeah that'd be perfect, I'll go get them."

She stood up revealing her stunning naked frame once again and hurried out
to the kitchen. Dione smiled as she saw Libby ogling Tess's pert ass cheeks.

"Her body is amazing isn't it? The only reason I moved in was cos I wanted to
a piece of her."

Libby nodded dreamily then turned to Dione smiling "So what about me, how
long have you had your eye on me?"

Dione grinned and began to play with Libby's erect nipple "Since the day I
met you, It was your tits that really did it for me."

The pair began to kiss passionately before being interrupted by Tess
returning. "Hey you guys, we're on a lunch break aren't we?"

Libby and Dione broke from the kiss and turned to Tess, Libby was bemused to
see strawberries and a carton of fresh cream but no bowls.

"What are we gonna eat them from?" she asked.

Tess and Dione grinned then rolled Libby on to her front.

"We've got a little serving suggestion of our own." Dione said.

Libby grinned suddenly realising what they had planned. Tess spread her
buttocks and put dollops of cream along it, Libby shuddered at the cold,
tantalising feeling of it sliding along her anus and into her pussy. Dione
then planted a handful of strawberries into the cream, Libby's wide and
plump ass could hold a fair number. Dione and Tess then covered their
pussys in cream and stuck strawberries up themselves.

"As you're the guest you go first." Tess said.

Libby smiled and alternately went down on her two lovers gobbling up the
pussy tasting cream and strawberries while Dione and Tess gasped and groaned
at the feeling of Libby's eager tounge exploring them. When her hunger was
satisified Libby lay perfectly still and the two girls feasted on the
contents of her arse, savouring the mix of scents and tastes Libby's anus
had added. Libby's anus was even more sensitive than her pussy and she
couldn't help reaching orgasm again, giving the girls a sweet, tasting
liquid to wash their meal down with.

Finally they each smeared their breasts and pussys with cream and allowed the
others girls to lick them clean.

Full of cream and each others pussy juice they lay back in a naked huddle,
breasts squeezed together and legs entangled. Dione suggested each girl
describe their biggest fantasy and started them off by saying hers was to
have sex with a really sexy male or female comatose patient at the hospital,
Libby said she had just fulfilled hers while Tess's revelation really got
them all going.

"I'm kind of into schoolgirls." She said "That's why I teach. I've seduced
a few in my time, I just love their developing bodies and those little
dresses they have to wear, it drives me wild."

"Ooh yeah I know where you're coming from." Libby agreed stroking herself
"Flick Scully is an absolute fox."

"Mmm." Said Tess dreamily "And little Michelle is really starting to
fill out, god I want her cunt before she's much older."

Dione smiled mischievously. "Why don't you offer her better grades in return
for sex, I bet she'd go for it."

Tess nodded "I've been thinking the same thing, I've already started
downgrading her work in the hope she'll come to me about it."

"Well while you're waiting why don't we make your fantasy come true right
now." Libby suggested.

"How?" Tess and Dione asked in unison.

* * *

"Hmm condoms, maybe you're not as dumb as I thought sis." Michelle said as
she opened the beside table and pulled out a packet of three.

Flick glared at her as she threw the box at Joel.

"Put one on, if you've been fucking Flick you could have anything." Michelle
said sharply.

Joel and Flick exchanged worries glances, it was becoming clear that Michelle
wasn't going to lose her nerve and judging by the fact she was already down
to her underwear and stroking Flick's bare arm neither was Bianca. Joel
shrugged, trying to look resigned to his fate when really he could hardly
wait, then began to put on a condom while Flick turned to Bianca who smiled
lustfully at her. She had to admit the kid didn't have a bad little body and
it was quite a complement that she wanted to fuck her, maybe she should make
the best of this she thought to herself.

"Ooh baby oil, excellent!" exclaimed Michelle.

All eyes were suddenly on her, Flick and Joel dumbstruck while Bianca smirked
as Michelle pulled down her jeans and wriggled out of them followed by her
white cotton panties to reveal a thin, mousey bush and plump but shapely ass
cheeks that she immediately began to rub oil into. She suddenly noticed
everyone looking at her and shrugged.

"Well if I'm gonna do this, may as well do this properly." She said.

Joel stared in disbelief as the young girl lubed her anus up. "You want it up
the ass?" he stammered.

Michelle grinned wickedly as she finished oiling herself and whipped off her
tight t-shirt and training bra to reveal impressive, blossoming breasts that
would give Flick a run for her money.

"I want it every which way big boy." She replied climbing on to the bed and
pushing him down before slowly impaling herself on his fully erect cock and
squealing as she was broken in. Joel groaned with delight as he forced
himself inside her tight, virgin pussy and he felt her cherry pop to screams
of agony and delight from Michelle.

"You wanna stop for a moment?" a concerned Joel asked as he saw blood gush
from her deflowered twat.

"Fuck no." Michelle said and began to ride him furiously.

Flick had been looking on in disbelief at the scene, she'd never imagined her
kid sister could be assertive in a sexual situation or that she'd lose her
virginity to Joel but this was turning into a strange day she told herself as
Bianca startled her with a string of passionate kisses and she almost gagged
on the young girls eager tounge sliding down her throat. Bianca, though less
vocal than Michelle was equally forceful, as she discarded her underwear to
display pert, developing tits and a thick black bush that Flick was shocked
to find herself keen to explore. For now she would have to occupy the
unfamiliar role of submissive though as her young lover pushed her down and
slid to her small, firm breasts playing with the long, pink nipples until
they were full erect then suckling on them while letting a hand slide down
between Flick's legs and four fingers into her moist cunt. Flick hadn't
expected much but she quickly began to come to orgasm thanks to Bianca
skilful work with her mouth and fingers.

Joel too was surprised by the intensity of sex with Michelle, she really was
wild and insatiable demanding it "harder" and instructing to "put more inside
me". He happily obliged thrusting as much of his huge cock into the tight but
accommodating cunt as he could and bringing Michelle to a string of orgasms
so loud they threatened to cause an avalanche. Despite her grown up attitude
Michelle was still a young girl and eventually her aching, blood and come
sodden pussy needed a rest. She ordered Joel to pull out then smiled sweetly
at the massive organ covered in both their bodily fluids. She quickly bobbed
down and began to deepthroat an amazed Joel who soon got over his shock and
held the young girls head down as she gobbled him.

His eye wandered to Flick who was moaning and gasping with delight, he looked
over to see her running her fingers appreciatively through Bianca's mop of
black hair as the young girl munched her pussy greedily.

"Oh jesus Bianca!" murmured Flick "Where did you learn to eat pussy like

Bianca looked up, Flick's juices dribbling from her chin, and grinned at
Michelle who turned her eyes towards them and raised her cock filled mouth
into a knowing smile. Flick and Joel couldn't help but grin, on top of
everything else the little sluts had been fucking each other.

After several sticky and unexpectedly pleasurable orgasms Flick wanted to
repay the favour and make Bianca's long held fantasy come true. She put the
girl on to her back, spread her thin shapely legs and began to shower her
with affectionate kisses while caressing her breasts and frigging her pussy
to muffled moans of delight from the brunette.

Flick found herself enjoying the experience more and more, she loved Bianca's
tight, budding young body and her yelps as she was brought to orgasm. Even
the taunts of Michelle who was now on her back having her pussy cleaned up by
Joel's tounge couldn't distract her.

"Ooh yeah Flicky do her good and hard, you lezzy slut." She said between
sighs of satisifaction as Joel explored the folds of her young pussy.

Michelle pushed Joel away from her pussy forcefully and got up on to all
fours wiggling her bare arse at him. "Wanna fuck it big boy?" she said
grinning, Joel nodded emphatically.

He hurriedly positioned himself behind her and she grinned then groaned
loudly as Joel slid his throbbing cock up her virgin anus and began to gently
pump her.

"Harder..limpdick." she snapped. She moaned as an angered Joel increased
his thrusts and further intensified her pleasure by squeezing her tits and
sliding a hand down between her legs to frig her pussy with. Both their
orgasms were heightened by watching Flick and Bianca who were now locked in
a 69 fingering and lapping at each others openings. Michelle grinned as she
felt Joel's cock harden yet again inside her.

"Ooh Joel, is it turning you on watching your girlfriend fuck a little girl?
Or maybe it's my nice, tight body that's doing it for you." Michelle taunted.

She was takenaback as Joel suddenly grabbed her long, blonde hair and pulled
her back. "You're gonna talk like a slut then I'm gonna treat you like one."
He breathed.

Michelle began to scream and wail as he increased the ferocity of his anal
assault and stimulation of her pussy so much that she felt she was going to
split in two.

Flick looked up briefly and grinned as she noticed her sister's discomfort.
"What's the matter Michelle? I thought you could handle it." She taunted.

Michelle scowled back and despite her agony, she bit her lip and took yet
more of Joel up both her openings eventually reaching a mindblowing orgasm
and collapsing down on the bed, gasping for breath and nursing her aching
pussy and bottom.

An exhausted Bianca and Flick had also broken off and lay side by side, their
naked bodies glistening with sweat and each others bodily fluid.

"Oh that was so amazing Flick thank-you." Bianca murmured still hardly able
to believe what had happened that afternoon.

Flick smiled fondly and gave her young lover an affectionate kiss. "My
pleasure darling, honestly." Flick replied.

Joel was feeling a little guilty as Michelle lay beside him, deadly silent.
"Are you alright Michelle? I'm sorry if I hurt you but I thought that's how
you wanted it..." he began.

"Oh don't worry about her, if she hurts inside it's her own fault." Flick
snapped "She shouldn't try to act like a big woman when she's still only a

Michelle sprang up, a mischievous grin on her face. "We'll see who's the big
kid Flick." She said "I reckon Joel and Bianca deserve a treat after all
their efforts this afternoon..."

"What kind of treat?" Flick asked suspiciously.

Michelle grinned triumphantly at her older sister. "Like watching you and me
get it on." She said.

Flick's jaw dropped while both Joel and Bianca's eyes lit up. "I'm up for it
but have you got the bottle?" Michelle said.

Flick looked uncertain as all eyes settled on her.

* * *

"Hurry up girls, the bell's already gone." Scolded Tess as she strode into
the lounge wearing a thin, white blouse that clung to her perky breasts and
a short black skirt with stockings beneath, she'd also thrown a teachers cape
around her shoulders and was brandishing a long wooden cane menacingly at
Libby and Dione as they entered in tight and very short Erinsborough school
dresses that clung to their equally curvy figures and revealed almost all of
their shapely legs.

Libby had suggested the trio round off their afternoon with some roleplaying,
an idea both Tess and Dione had jumped at. Tess had adoped the role of stern
but sexy teacher while Libby and Dione were naughty schoolgirls in need of

"Stop that giggling at once." Tess, standing behind a large wooden desk,
snapped as the two girls flopped on to the sofa and cuddled up, whispering
and laughing like silly little girls.

"Yes Miss Bell." They both chanted and immediately fell silent.

Tess stared at both of them sharply for a moment then rested her eyes on
Dione who tried to look meek and anxious. "Dione Bliss, you haven't handed
in your homework again." She said.

Dione shook her blonde head "No Miss Bell." She said softly.

Tess flexed the cane and patted the desk. "Come here immediately, I won't
stand for such disobedience."

Dione tried to suppress a giggle as she hurried up to the desk and awaited
further instruction from Tess, her pussy already moist and her erect nipples
poking through the thin material of the school dress she was wearing.

"Lift your skirt and pull down your panties." Tess ordered.

Dione obediendtly pulled the skirt up over her hips then slid off the white
cotton panties beneath revealing pert, milky white ass cheeks to an equally
aroused Tess and Libby. Tess smiled coldly at them for a moment then raised
the cane and began to spank the blonde with it, Dione gasped at the initial
pain then began to moan as her masochistic side emerged and the punishment
turned her on. Tess stared suspiciously at Dione as she continued to thrash
her with it, reddening her buttocks.

"You know I'm not all together convinced that this is a punishment for you
Dione, If I didn't know better I'd say you were enjoying it..." Tess said.
She trailed off and reached between Dione's legs then nodded triumphantly
as her fingers were covered in Dione's bodily fluids. "I knew it, you're
actually enjoying this! Well we'll see about that!" she snapped.

She increased the frequency and ferocity of Dione's lashes turning her bottom
crimson but only serving to make her groan ever louder. Tess also noticed
groans and gasps coming from behind her and pretended to be outraged when she
turned round to see Libby with her panties round her ankles and her legs
apart as she frigged herself furiously while watching the erotic scene.

"Libby Kennedy! Are you masturbating?" Tess demanded.

Libby smiled defiantly, she had decided to take the role of the rebellious
kid that needed extra hard punishment. "Yeah? So what?" she sneered.

Tess glared at her then tapped the desk with her cane. "Here immediately."
She snapped.

Libby grinned widely and jumped up to the desk, stepping out of her panties
as she went. Tess didn't even have to give her any instructions as she bent
over the desk obediently and lifted her dress to reveal her plump but shapely
ass cheeks to a transfixed Tess. Dione, who was in need of a break by now,
rubbed her sore arse and began to masturbate as Tess turned her attention to
Libby thrashing the brunette even harder than she had her and screaming
obscenities as handed out the punishment. Libby barely flinched as her bottom
reddened but her gasps and groans grew ever louder and she eventually reached
orgasm just from being punished, quickly joined by Dione.

"I hope you girls have learned a lesson." Tess said when her arms were too
tired to cane them anymore and the girls arses too sore.

Libby and Dione grinned knowingly at her then grabbed the cane. "Oh yes Miss
Bell and now it's time for us to each you one."

Tess put up a playful fight as the two girls pushed her down on to the desk
and stripped her naked then spread her long legs but soon submitted as Libby
climbed on top of her and slid her buttocks on to her "teacher's" face
ordering her to kiss them better which Tess promptly did, licking Libby's
asshole and pussy along the way. Her screams of agony and delight as her own
pussy was penetrated by Dione with the long, thin cane were drowned out but
the way her body convulsed and the layer of sticky fluid it was covered in
each time Dione pulled it out showed how much Tess was enjoying it.

"You are such bad, bad girls." She breathed as the girls swapped positions
and repeated their assault of their teacher.

They swapped roles a number of times with Tess particularly enjoying
wriggling into the schoolgirl dress she always found so arousing and both
Dione and Libby loving being dominated by the other two when they took on
the teachers role. They ended up in a sweaty, sticky heap as their naked
bodies contorted to stimulate and lick clean each others openings yet
again. Finally they shared a bubble bath soothing each others sore and
aching bodies with gentle caressing and cleansing.

"So you think you'll be coming round regularly for a massage then Lib?" Dione
asked as she sat behind the brunette soaping up her big breasts.

Libby nodded and grinned. "Just try keeping me away." She said.

Tess suddenly emerged from underwater where she'd been working between
Libby's legs. "Won't Drew mind you having so many massages though?" she

"Not when I tell him what they entail." Libby replied grinning.

Dione and Tess smiled then all three girls began to shower one another with
passionate kisses and rub their naked bodies together.

* * *

Joel and Bianca looked on in disbelief as Michelle and Flick shared first
tentative then passionate kisses locking lips and tounges as long suppressed
incestuous desires were unleashed.

Flick was damned if she was going to let Michelle get one over on her even if
the idea of fucking her little sister had initially freaked her out. Michelle
had been a little surprised when Flick had called her bluff but she too was
too stubborn to back down and now the sisters were heading for the most
erotic encounter of their young lives.

Meanwhile Bianca's sexual education was continuing as she jerked Joel to
climax then greedily slurped up the resulting come while both of them
remained transfixed at the scene unfolding in front of them. Flick,
determined to gain control, pushed Michelle down and slid down her
developing body suckling her young breasts, kissing her midriff then
slipping four fingers into her already lubricated cunt. She grinned as
the recently deflowered Michelle groaned at the pain of entry.

"Oh poor little Shelley, really in over your head now aren't you?" she

Michelle scowled then widened her pussy lips as much as possible allowing
Flick's long fingers to touch her clitoris and take her to levels of ecstacy
even Joel hadn't found. Both girls found themselves highly aroused at the
intensity of Michelle's orgasm and rivalry changed to desire as they battled
for dominance, Michelle pushing Flick down and fingering her sisters twat
and anus then greedily eating her out before Flick forced her on to all fours
and jammed a fist up her sisters brown anus. Michelle retaliated by farting
in Flick's face then pushing her down and sitting on her face forcing Flick
to lick her clean.

Despite Bianca's previous sexual confusion she was finding sex with Joel just
as satisfying. She squealed with delight as she sat astride him both still
absorbed by Flick and Michelle's show but also having an intense experience
of their own as Bianca bounced up and down on his bulging cock letting it
slip alternately into her pussy and anus till he had shot loads into both and
brought to her a series of painful but very welcome orgasms.

Michelle and Flick had meanwhile settled in the 69 position, any inhibitions
about incest long gone, they were now locked in a battle to see who could
bring the other to a more intense orgasm. Michelle prodded her sisters cunt
with one of a number of dildos she'd found in Flick's bedside drawer while
Flick slid a vibrator into Michelle's anus and grinned at the resulting
convulsions it caused. Flick's superior skill and experience showed through
and despite experiencing a number of extremely satisfying orgasms from
Michelle it was clearly her who had triumphed this time as Michelle screamed
the place down as Flick found her g-spot with her sex aid.

Eventually Michelle, aching from her afternoon of debauchery, had to admit
defeat and sat up. Flick, feeling sorry for her little sister, gave her an
affectionate kiss and suggested they end their rivalry by sharing a special
double sided dildo. Michelle gladly agreed and they clasped a end of the
dildo each in their pussys then cuddled up and wrapped their legs around
each other, kissing passionately as they came to yet another orgasm.

Finally the exhausted, come and sweat covered quartet took a communal shower
which, despite their tiredness, quickly degenerated into another orgy. Joel
was treated to all three girls making him his plaything and taking it in
turns to pleasure him then, when he thought his luck couldn't get any better,
they teamed up to put on a sizzling lesbian show for him. The red hot water
dripping from their naked bodies as they kisses, caressed and stimulated one
another only serving to make it an even more erotic sight for Joel.

"I guess you'll want your tape back." Michelle said glumly when they'd all
got dressed.

Flick and Joel grinned at one another then shook their head. "Nah, we kind of
like you having a hold over us." Flick said.

"Yeah." Joel added "I hope you're gonna blackmail us on a regular basis."

Michelle and Bianca nodded, they intended that video to be their passport to
a world of sexual ecstacy.


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