Neighbours: Neighbours Rape Part 3 - The Scully Sisters (MF, Mf, MFf,nc,viol)
by Magnus Opium

I went back to the front garden of number 28, where I'd just raped Elly. I
retrieved a canvas bag, I'd left there earlier, took out some clothes and
changed - this new uniform would be my means of entry to number 26.

I went up to the Scully house and knocked on the door, Michelle, the
youngest, only fifteen, answered.

"Hi, I'm Constable Tim Smith, I assume you've heard about the fire at The
Coffee Shop at Lassiters?" I said, looking the part in a police uniform.

"Yeah, Dad just rang, he said him and Mum were both fine - nothing's happened
has it?" This was Steph who said this, she was the oldest, as she appeared
behind Michelle.

"No, no, it's OK - they're fine, your Dad asked me to come and see if you
were OK." I replied, still playing the part.

I entered the house and closed the front door, Flick, the middle and sexiest
daughter, wouldn't be home for about 20 minutes - she went swimming on

"Would you like a cup of tea?" Steph asked.

I said yes and followed the older Scully sister into the kitchen, Michelle
stayed in the lounge. As Steph turned her back on me I pulled out the knife,
before she had time to react, the blade was at her throat and I was telling
her to keep quiet.

"Call to Michelle." I instructed.

"No fucking chance." Steph replied, through gritted teeth.

I pressed the blade to her throat, drawing a little trickle of blood:

"Michelle! Can you come in here a minute?" Good girl.

The teenager entered the room and froze when she saw her older sister with a
knife at her throat. I took a set of handcuffs from my belt and tossed them
on the floor near Michelle's feet.

"Sit on one of those chairs." I commanded, pointing at the dining room
chairs. "And `cuff yourself to the table."

"No, `Chelle, don't - run, get help!" Steph screamed.

"Michelle, you little slut." I said in a soft, calm voice. "...If you don't
do as I say, I'll kill your sister and then kill you. If you're a good girl,
then I'll let you both go."

She seemed undecided, she looked at her sister's face, then back at mine - I
stared back, the epitome of seriousness. Then Michelle swooped and picked up
the handcuffs, still following my orders she sat on one of the dining room
chairs and manacled herself to the kitchen table.

"No!" Steph shouted, in desperation.

Steph had shoulder length, light brown hair, which framed a pretty face.
Her tits were small but pert and her ass was round and inviting. She rode
motorbikes and wore the leathers that go with it. Today she wore a black
leather jacket, over a skin-tight orange T-shirt, and a pair of tight leather

I spun her round, so she faced me, and pushed her up against the kitchen
counter. Her back smashed into the wooden work surface and she cried out in
pain. I quickly brought the knife to her waist and gripped her leather belt.
The sharp knife made light work of the belt and the buttons on the front of
her trousers.

"Please, I'm begging you, don't." She said, still remarkably calm, probably
putting on a brave face for her younger sister.

Her trousers fell open at the front, giving a glimpse of plain, white
panties. I grabbed her roughly by the arm and spun her round, a push between
the shoulder blades, left her sprawled, bent over the kitchen counter. She
turned to look to see what I was doing, as I yanked down her leather
trousers. She wore simple, white briefs, which covered her round, tanned
ass. Two swipes of the blade sent the underwear tumbling to the ground, and
left me with the perfect view of Steph's ass.

"Please, don't. I'll suck your cock instead." I couldn't believe it! This
was Michelle, the fifteen-year-old schoolgirl, saying this! What did her and
Elly get up to together?

"Shut up `Chelle!" Steph was still keen to protect her sister.

"Yeah `Chelle." I mocked. "Shut up. That'll come later." I chuckled.

I unzipped my trousers, my cock hard from the sight of Steph's round ass, and
also from Michelle's dirty, little offer. I put my left hand, firmly, on
Steph's back, keeping her pinned to the work surface, and with my right hand
I pulled out my dick. I placed it at the entrance to Steph's asshole, she
gasped, probably thinking I would put it in her pussy. I placed my right
hand on her right hip and pushed forward, impaling her on half my shaft. She
grunted and let out a small cry of pain.

"Steph!" Michelle shouted to her sister.

"Michelle, I'm raping your big sister up her tight, little ass. The least I
could have is some quiet." I taunted the young girl.

"It's OK, `Chelle." Steph reassured her sister.

"Oh no it isn't." I said, laughing, as I plunged my remaining inches into
Steph's asshole.

She screamed from the top of her lungs as I drove into her tight hole.
Michelle started crying, as did Steph. I just continued, all the way in and
then all the way out. Each forward thrust elicited a bloodcurdling scream -
Steph was an anal virgin.

"Tell me you're enjoying it or Michelle's next." I ordered.

"I love you drilling your massive cock into my tight, virgin ass." No

That brought me to the edge, but I stopped, holding my cock I walked round
the front of the counter, and after a few jerks - came, all over Steph's
face. She had looked relieved at the end of her anal rape, but now she was
disgusted as the first glob of cum shot down the back of her throat. One
load in her hair and two in her eyes, left her face covered in cum.

I grabbed a long carving knife from the holder on the counter and held it
above Steph's back, turning to Michelle I asked:

"What would you do to save your sister?"

"Anything, please, anything!" She shouted, in despair.

"Even let me fuck you in the ass?" I asked, with a grin on my face.

"Yes!" She replied, staring at the knife in my hand.

"No! Fuck me again! In the ass - I love it in the ass!" Steph was sounding
pathetic, trying to save her sister. If she knew what I'd done to Elly,
she'd realise it was futile.

I plunged the knife into Steph's back, just near the shoulder blade, away
from any vital organs. She screamed, louder than when I'd raped her ass.

"No! Oh my God! No!" Michelle screamed, simultaneously and ran to her
sister, dragging the kitchen table with her.

The knife had passed right through and into the counter, leaving the older
Scully sister pinned to the kitchen work surface. I grabbed Michelle by the
arm and pulled her to me. She was slightly curvier than Steph and certainly
more than Flick, she had the biggest tits of the three sisters - even though
she was the youngest and still, technically a child. Her tits weren't as big
as Elly's but they were still very big. She was short and looked every bit
the child, she looked a lot younger than Elly, even though they were the same

"Please mister, help her." She begged.

"I'll help her if you do exactly as I say, if you don't then I'll hurt her
again. Now give me a blow job." I said, in a friendly voice.

For the first time Michelle stopped looking at her sister and gazed at me,
she nodded - uncertainly.

"No Michelle! No!" Steph screamed at her sister.

I unlocked Michelle and pushed the table away:

"Go and get me a chair." I ordered.

She did as she was told, putting down the chair right in front of Steph's
face - I sat down. Michelle came towards me and moved to kneel, I put up a
hand to stop her, then reaching forward with both hands - I gripped her large
tits. They were big, not as big as Dione's or Elly's, but still big. I
squeezed them lightly, then massaged them slowly, before grabbing them and
squeezing them roughly. I then put my hands, one on each shoulder, and
pushed Michelle to her knees.

"Michelle, just run, I'll be fine!" Steph again.

Her fifteen-year-old sister ignored her and lightly gripped my eight-inch
cock. Her childish touch sent me into spasms, it was so inexperienced. She
stuck out her tongue and started licking my dick - but only the top third.
As she settled into it, she started licking my whole shaft, almost like a
child with an ice cream.

"Suck it, you stupid cunt!" I shouted.

She obeyed, taking my cock-head into her small mouth. She lightly bobbed up
and down, still looking like she was enjoying an ice cream. She slurped,
childishly, covering my cock in her saliva. I placed my hand on the back of
her head and pushed her down, my cock plunged to the back of her throat and
she gagged. But she had got the message, she took more in, although she
didn't deep throat me. The warm, velvety smoothness of her fifteen-year-old
mouth, brought me to the edge, but it was her childishness, her sloppy
attempt which pushed me over the edge - it betrayed such innocence. I came,
wave after wave, the hot, salty semen filled Michelle's young mouth. She
struggled to keep it all in and eventually a white trickle of cum dribbled
from the corner of her mouth. She stuck out her tongue to catch it but that
act just broke the tight seal, which had kept my cum in her mouth. The
sticky liquid flowed down her chin, some fell on her skin-tight, tie-dye
t-shirt. She brought her hand up and wiped the cum from her chin with the
back of her hand - again just like a child, who's been messy whilst eating an
ice cream. She swallowed the remaining cum, she had managed to keep in her
mouth, looked up at me with large, childish eyes and begged:

"Please let us go now, Steph's hurt - she needs to go to hospital." On the
edge of tears.

As I was about to tell her that I hadn't yet finished abusing her underage
body - the door opened. Checking my watch I realised it must be Flick, home
from swimming, but it could have been her Mum or Dad. I signalled for
Michelle to be quiet and moved to stand at the side of the door to the

Flick walked in and froze; her older sister was bent over the kitchen counter
with her trousers down and a knife impaling her to the work-top, while her
younger, fifteen-year-old, sister was stood, bewildered, with cum on her top.

"Flick, run!" Michelle shouted.

"No Flick, don't run." I said, calmly.

It was only now that Flick noticed me stood with a knife in my hand.

"Stay here - or I'll hurt your sisters some more." I stared at her beautiful

She ran.

I had expected her to stay, keen to help her sisters, as Michelle had. But
instead she bolted for the back door. I reached out but just narrowly missed
out on grabbing her green t-shirt, she opened the back door and ran into the

I was quickly after her, only feet behind, she ran to the end of the garden
but then changed her mind and headed for the side gate. I got there first
and blocked the way. She changed course again, sprinting back to the end of
the garden, she leapt up onto the fence - but I caught up with her. She was
halfway up the wooden fence, when I grabbed the waistband of her denim skirt
- I pulled her back to the ground and slapped her hard in the face. I took
hold of her long ponytail and marched her back into the house.

"Michelle, go and lock both doors - front and back." I ordered, when back in
the kitchen.

She obeyed. They would still be able to unlock the doors and get out but it
would slow them down. I still held Flick by the hair, I threw her against
the wall and grabbed her round the face, gripping her chin:

"Don't - ever - disobey - me - again!" I screamed in her face, each word was
accompanied by the back of her head being banged into the wall.

I stepped back and admired her - she was easily the sexiest of the three.
She wore a denim skirt, which came to the middle of her thighs. She was
taller then both Steph and Michelle, so her legs were long - they were also
tanned golden-brown. Her green t-shirt was tight and low-cut; the collar
had a red lace trim and plunged to between her tits. The T-shirt ended
before her skirt began and therefore showed off a couple of inches of her
flat stomach, also tanned golden-brown, it also showed that her belly-button
was pierced - with a small silver stud. The tightness of her top showed of
the curve of her tits - they weren't as big as Michelle's, although they were
larger than Steph's - a good size. Her face though, was by far the prettier
of the three of them, and her long hair was golden and tied up in a ponytail.

"Come here." I demanded.

Flick, her telling off for running away still fresh in her mind, obeyed. She
walked over to where I was sat - on the chair in front of Steph.

"Michelle, bring your chair over here and sit next to me. This is how it's
done." I laughed out loud.

The young girl also complied with my orders, she scraped another chair over
to mine and sat next to me - a good few feet away though. I grabbed the
front on Flick's shirt and pulled her to her knees in front of me:

"Suck my cock." I told her. ".And make it good - or I'll kill you."

I coupled my threat with the pressing of my knife to Flick's face, I would
have threatened to harm her sisters - but her previous disregard for my
threats against them, in favour of herself, left that course of action

She slowly brought her hand to my groin, her hands shaking - she unzipped my
trousers. Her long, slender fingers snaked into my flies and gripped my cock
- her touch soft and subtle. She pulled out my throbbing member, I was
desperate to feel the inside of her throat - she was still only eighteen,
young, nubile and so fucking sexy it's unbelievable.

She kissed the end of my cock, sending jolts of electricity up my spine. She
then ducked her head and kissed right down to the base of my shaft. She
lifted her head again, on the way up she licked the full length of my dick -
right to the end. The eighteen-year-old then bobbed forward again and lapped
at my balls, before taking them into her mouth. The softness of her tongue
was fantastic, she swirled my balls around - coating them in saliva. She let
them slowly fall out of her mouth and took my cock in her right hand, she
lightly brushed it against her cheek - her skin was so soft.

It was only then that she took my dick into her mouth, only an inch at first.
She looked upward and gazed at me with her large brown eyes. She maintained
eye contact as she leant slightly forwards and took another inch of my shaft
into her mouth. She then pulled back to just having my cock-head in her
mouth, clamped lightly between her soft lips. Gripping the base of my cock
in her left hand, she reached up, with her right, and started massaging my
balls, still wet with her saliva. She then slid her head forward and slowly
took three inches into her mouth - she held it there for a few seconds, her
lips clamped around the shaft whilst her tongue stroked the underside of my
cock. She then withdrew, only holding the end of my dick between her full
lips. She was taking her time, only taking an inch at a time - ensuring I
fully enjoyed the experience, so I didn't harm her.

She had maintained eye contact throughout, and continued to do so as she, yet
again, glided gradually forward - so four inches of my cock was in her mouth.
Her tongue was slightly protruding from her mouth, between her soft, lower
lip and the underside of my dick - it caressed my shaft as I touched the back
of her throat. She moved her left hand, from griping my cock, to my right
hip - she braced herself, then plunged forward. She was still gazing into my
eyes as my whole cock drove down her throat - no eye bulging, no gag, no
nothing - she was good. She pulled off and then slammed back down, my cock
filling her throat. She quickened her pace, bobbing up and down, and started
making noises of delight:

"Mmmm." She intoned, the only noise she could make with my cock so deeply in
her throat.

She got quicker and quicker, swallowing the whole of my cock down her throat,
her nose driving into my pubic hair as she tightened her grip on my balls.
Finally, she drove down, my dick in her throat, and stopped - holding the
entire shaft in her tight, moist throat. She held it for ten seconds or
more, before slowly opening her mouth even wider and pushing my balls in -
below my cock. It was too much, I let go. Stream after stream of cum shot
down her throat, straight into her stomach, she continued staring into my
eyes as my semen shot into her body. When I was completely spent she slowly
let my balls drop out of her mouth, she then gradually pulled my cock out of
her throat, licking the underside as she went. She pulled my dick out and
licked the end clean of any remaining cum, she then sat back and looked at

"Oh my God!" Michelle exclaimed, in disbelief.

"Fucking hell, Flick!" Steph couldn't believe her little, eighteen-year-old,
sister's actions.

"You dirty, little, prick-teasing slut!" I said, a smile on my face.

Flick just stood up, casually walked to the fridge, took out a carton of
orange juice and drank. She swilled the first mouthful around her mouth and
then nonchalantly spat it into the sink, she then took three or four deep
swigs of juice - before replacing the carton and sitting on one of the dining
room chairs.

I left the dining room and went into the lounge, my canvas bag was on the
couch. While I was out the room, I heard Steph and Michelle, incredulous,
questioning their sister:

"Why were you so nice to him? Look what he did to Steph." Michelle asked,

"Yeah, why did you make it so fucking easy for him? You know he'll only want
more, don't you?" Steph was quite angry with her eighteen-year-old sister.
"...And I don't even want to know where you learnt to suck cock like that."

"Listen, I'm just trying to make it easy, he's going to fucking rape us
whatever - so I'm making sure he doesn't hurt us, OK?" Flick was also mad at
her sisters, for accusing her. ".He's going to do more to us, so I suggest
you follow my example."

"He won't hurt me will he?" Michelle's voice faltered, she was terrified.

"No `Chelle, we won't let him hurt you." Steph tried to reassure her young

Flick glanced at Steph, the older girl shook her head as Flick opened her
mouth to speak.

I returned holding another pair of handcuffs and some masking tape. I walked
over to Steph, still pinned to the kitchen counter, I placed my hands on both
shoulders - and lifted her off the work surface. She screamed with the pain,
the knife came out of the wood fairly easily, but it stayed lodged in her
back. I marched her to one of the chairs and made her sit, the blood had
soaked the back of her t-shirt and dribbled out the hole in her leather
jacket. I `cuffed her hands behind her back, thus keeping her chained to the
chair. I called Michelle over to another chair and sat her down, I also
`cuffed her - and positioned both chairs to face the table. I tore a strip
of masking tape and placed it over Steph's mouth, before walking over to
Flick - she just sat on the chair and looked at me.

I crouched down in front of the eighteen-year-old, I moved my hands and
placed them on either side of her waist. There was a two-inch gap between
her green t-shirt and her denim skirt, so I could feel her supple, young
flesh against my palms. I lifted her off the chair and sat her on the edge
of the table.

She placed her hands on her knees and spread her legs, she then slid her
hands up her thighs, hitching up her skirt as they went. Her skirt rode up
so I could just see her panties, she had obviously changed out of her
swimming costume - because they were panties, not bikini bottoms. They were
small, with purple trim, they had small red, pink, purple and white squares
on them. The purple trim became the sole, thin, string-like piece of
material, which connected the front of the panties to the back. I walked
forward and stood between her legs, I grabbed one thigh in each hand and
pulled her towards me. She fell back and landed on the table, I quickly
spun her over and lifted her skirt. As I had expected - she was wearing
thong panties - the thin, purple `string' of her underwear came round her
hips and then joined - before plunging between her tanned ass cheeks.

She pushed herself up and turned over to face me, she got up and stood,
barely inches from my face - I could feel her soft breath on my face.

"Take your clothes off." She said.

I stared at her for a good ten seconds, then began unbuttoning my shirt, I
quickly undressed and stood completely naked as she jumped back up onto the
table. She sat on the edge before slowly moving her hands to the front of
her skirt, she calmly undid the buckle on her belt and the button on her
skirt, before letting it fall to the floor.

She sat back and looked at me, before reaching both hands to the bottom of
her T-shirt. She sighed then lifted her top, she stretched to pull it over
her head - causing her ribs and tits to push out. Her boobs were encased
in her bikini top, which she obviously hadn't changed after swimming, it was
yellow with a blue pattern - it pushed her tits up and made them look bigger,
obviously she wore it to tease the guys.

She reached behind her back and undid the bikini, bringing her hands back to
the front - she pulled it off. Her tits were perfectly round, they were
firm and tanned all over. I reached forward and took hold of them, lightly
massaging them and rubbing her small nipples. My hands still holding her
boobs, I pushed her down onto the table.

I leant forward and took her right tit into my mouth, I sucked deeply and
licked all around her breast. I started to slowly move down, kissing her
flat, tanned stomach - moving lower, I sucked the stud in her belly-button.
I then knelt on the kitchen floor, staring at her pussy. She lay, with her
pelvis at the edge of the table and her legs dangling over the side.

I reached up and took hold of the waistband in my left hand, holding the
knife in my right. She sat up, her tits bobbing, she reached forward and
took hold of the hand holding the knife. She guided it to the purple
`string' at the left side of her panties, she lifted the waistband and tore
it against the blade.

"Flick?" Michelle exclaimed.

Her sister ignored her and cut the other strand on her right hip. I dropped
the knife and pulled the torn underwear away.

"Fucking hell!" I said, surprised.

Not only was her cunt shaven clean but it was also completely tanned - like
her whole body. I placed a hand on her flat stomach and pushed her to the
table, with my right hand I positioned my cock - my left still on her tight
belly. I pushed slightly forward and penetrated her, she winced and let out
a small cry. Steph screamed into her tape gag, while Michelle just looked
on - tears streaming down her face. I edged slightly further into Flick's

"I don't fucking believe it - she's a fucking virgin!" I shouted as I came
up against her hymen.

She looked away, a tear ran down her cheek:

"You should fucking cry - you bitch. You strut around like a slut, behaving
like you can make a guy cum by just looking at him - but really you haven't
got a clue!" I laughed at her as more tears fell.

Michelle giggled, Flick just closed her eyes. I pulled out of her, gripped
her tits and drove forward with all my strength. She screamed, as did
Michelle at exactly the same time - simultaneously Steph shouted into her
gag. I pulled out and thrust back in, bringing another scream. I moved
and grabbed her hips for extra leverage, before quickening my pace. The
more I drove, in and out, the quieter her screams got - until she just wept,

Each time I rammed into Flick's virgin pussy, she slid further up the table -
eventually her legs were no longer dangling off the edge and I was straining
to push my full length into her. Therefore I climbed up onto the table, a
knee either side of her pelvis, I loomed over her as I drove into her - with
renewed energy. I again quickened, reaching down and wrapping her long legs
around my waist, I lifted her pelvis off the table. Holding her around the
waist I pushed in as far as I could, my balls pushed up against her ass and
my pubic hair rubbing her shaved pussy. I came.

I let load after load, pump into her cunt - before pulling out. I sprayed
one final jet up onto her tits and over her flat stomach - the contrast of my
sticky, white cum on her soft, golden flesh looked magnificent. She looked
dejected, her previous bravado, which included cutting her own panties off,
had gone - she just wept.

Still completely naked, I lifted Flick, also nude, off the table and sat her
on a chair next to Michelle. I moved behind Michelle and unlocked her
handcuffs, I then walked behind Flick's chair - I took her left hand, twisted
it behind her back and manacled it to the back of her chair. So; Steph sat
on one chair, both hands `cuffed to the chair behind her and a knife in her
back, on her left was the empty chair, vacated by Michelle who now stood, and
finally to the left of that sat Flick - her left arm pulled behind her and
bound to the chair.

I sat in the middle chair, Steph on my right and Flick on the left, the
middle Scully sister looked thoroughly broken after her rape - the tears
fell, in torrents, down her face.

"Strip - you little cunt!" I instructed Michelle.

"What?" The fifteen-year-old replied, her voice filled with alarm.

"You heard, do it or I'll hurt Steph again." I said, in a matter-of-fact

"OK." She said, her voice faltering as she continued to cry.

Michelle moved her hands to the buttons on her tight, red jeans, Steph made
a noise of protest into her gag and violently shook her head. Michelle
stopped and said:

"I can't, I'm only fifteen." She was obviously unsure - not wanting to hurt
her sister.

I pressed home the advantage I had: I reached behind Steph, took hold of the
knife handle and twisted. Steph let out a high pitched scream, which was
muffled by the masking tape over her mouth.

"Do it!" I ordered.

Michelle started to cry but she obeyed; moving her small hands, once again,
to the buttons on her jeans - she began to undo them.

"Turn around and take them off." I commanded.

She turned her back to me and let the red jeans fall to the floor, she wore
white, cotton, girls' panties, with a purple, frilly waistband and purple
flowers printed on them. Her ass was curvy and round, the tight panties
barely covered it.

"Pick them up and put them on the table." I told her.

She bent forward to pick them up, her back was still to me and her sisters.
Therefore her ass stuck out, her panties rode slightly up between her cheeks
- it looked so enticing, I got hard straight away. Turning to Flick, I

"Wank me off, while your little sister strips."

She didn't move. I reached over, grabbed her by the wrist and moved her
free, right hand to my cock - she grasped it lightly. She slowly began to
rub my cock, up and down, her touch as soft as silk.

"Your top next." I said, my attention returning to Michelle.

She hesitated, then moved her hands to the bottom edge of her tight, tie-dye
t-shirt. She pulled the top up and over her head, her large tits bulged out
as she did so, then bobbed as she brought her arms down. They were round and
pale, her whole body lighter than Flick's, they were encased in a tight bra,
which matched the panties - white, with purple, printed flowers and a lace,
purple trim. The matching underwear set was obviously a child's; the panties
barely covered her shapely ass and the bra gripped her huge tits tightly, so
they bulged over the top. Flick's tempo had increased slightly, her long,
slender fingers were wrapped around my shaft, as she pumped my cock.
Michelle stood with her arms folded across her body, trying to keep herself

"Bra!" I said.

The teenager paused momentarily, before reaching behind her back and
uncoupling her bra straps. The garment fell loose but still covered her
teenage boobs. She brought her left arm round to cover her breasts and with
the right - she removed her bra. My view of the goods was still obscured
though - by her protecting, left arm.

"Come on Michelle, don't be shy - I'll be getting to know you a lot better
soon." I said, mocking her shyness.

Steph sobbed into the gag, as Michelle gingerly removed her arm. Her tits
stood firmly; large, pale and complete with small, pink nipples. Flick was
continually stroking my hard cock, her soft touch and Michelle's large,
underage tits - were like heaven.

"Turn round and take off the panties." I commanded.

I rued the loss of the view of her perfect, teenage boobs, but when she bent
forward and slid the underwear down her legs - the view of her ass made up
for it. Her round, pale cheeks jutted towards me, and her tight asshole
seemed to invite me in - but that would come later. She picked up the
panties and turned to face Steph, Flick and me. Her pussy was covered in a
thick mat of dark-brown pubic hair, untrimmed, it added to Michelle's air of
innocence. Flick's pace seemed to quicken as her sister turned towards us,
as if she sensed I was ready to explode. I closed my eyes and arched my head
back in ecstasy, breathlessly, I gave one last order:


Michelle, gingerly, walked forward. I gazed at her large, round tits, then
down to her flat stomach, which fell away to her soft, teenage pussy.
Flick's grip tightened as she gave my cock two quick strokes and I came. A
jet of cum flew up and landed on the soft flesh of Michelle's stomach,
another two, quick sprays splattered on her underage belly. The white,
sticky fluid mingled and ran down to her pussy, the gooey mess ran into her
pubic hair - matting it to her flesh. Michelle's face screwed up in disgust,
she started to cry.

I reached my right hand behind Michelle and placed it on her soft ass, I put
my left hand behind Flick's head - softly, I pushed Michelle towards her

"Lick the cum off your sister's belly!" I order Flick, pushing her head
towards Michelle's stomach.

"No!" She shouted and shook her head free.

I moved my hand to the knife handle and again twisted - this elicited another
gag-muffled, high-pitched scream from Steph. Flick just looked at me and
shook her head.

"Flick!" Michelle shouted at her sister, she had stumbled back when I let
her go.

Flick ignored the young girl's protests. Before she could react I swung and
punched her in the right cheek. She fell sideways off her chair.

"Get up!" I shouted.

She pulled herself back up onto the chair beside my. I hit her again, this
time harder. She again tumbled to the floor.

"Get up!" I shouted again.

She climbed back to the chair, more slowly this time. She covered her face
with her free, right hand - protecting herself from further blows. I reached
forward and gripped Michelle's wrist, I pulled her back towards her sister
and ordered Flick:

"Do it!"

She cautiously reached her right hand forward and placed it on her
fifteen-year-old sister's bare hip. She leant her head forward and gently
lapped at Michelle's stomach, she began licking up the cum, swallowing the
sticky goo as she went. Flick reached her right arm round Michelle's back
and let her hand come to rest on her ass, she pulled the young girl towards
her in order to get more purchase. She plunged her tongue into Michelle's
belly-button and gave that a thorough cleaning. She then dipped slightly
lower and cleaned the remaining semen from the lower part of Michelle's

Flick then turned to look at me with large, brown eyes, as if to say `Is that
enough?' She knew very well that it wasn't:

"Clean it off her pussy as well." I told her.

Disgusted she leant forward once more. Her tongue shot out and she quickly
ran it over her sister's pubic hair, removing all the cum. She looked at me

"You've missed a bit." I said, laughing and pointing to a small spot of

She frowned, sighed and shot out her tongue to remove the remaining cum.
Michelle collapsed and wept as she sat on the kitchen floor, Steph just wept,
uncontrollably, as she had done ever since I'd forced Michelle to suck my
cock, Flick sat back in her chair - dazed by the night's events.

I stood up and looked at my most recent conquests; Flick sat naked in a
chair, her body still firm and supple, Michelle sat on the floor, her large
tits and hairy pussy still inviting - she was, after all, still a virgin.

I moved behind Steph and lifted her, chair as well, and placed her at one
side of the kitchen counter. I returned, stood behind Flick, again I lifted
her and the chair, and placed her next to her big sister - both had their
backs to the kitchen counter. I walked back over to Michelle, grasped a
fistful of hair and yanked her to her feet. She yelped, but I ignored it
and marched her to the other side of the counter. So; Steph and Flick sat
together on one side of the counter, their backs to it, Michelle and I stood
the other side.

I pushed Michelle to the floor, totally out of sight of her sisters. I lay
on top of her and started to kiss her face, she seemed to realise that if she
struggled I might hurt her sisters, but she certainly didn't play along - the
tears continued to fall.

I grabbed both her tits and squeezed them tightly, the soft flesh spilled
through my fingers. I moved my mouth to her left nipple, I sucked it and
flicked it with my tongue. I pushed myself back up to Michelle's face and
kissed her on the lips, she tried to clamp her mouth shut, but I drove my
tongue in and forcibly kissed her.

I reached down, my mouth still pressed to hers, and pushed two fingers into
her tight pussy. She groaned, I removed my fingers and grasped my dick, I
let it rest at the entrance to Michelle's cunt and braced myself.

"Please, oh God, please, don't. I'm begging you." Pitiful.

I reached down and looped my right arm under her left leg - lifting it in
order to get better access. I clenched her right breast in my left hand and
violently rammed my hard, eight-inch cock - right into her tight cunt, first
time. I plunged straight through her hymen without any resistance. She
screamed as loud as I had ever heard, her sobs and screams mingled into a
guttural, animalistic wail. I could hear Steph shouting into her gag and
trying to break her handcuffs, Flick meanwhile had finally woken up to her
sister's suffering:

"Oh God, please. Leave her alone, she's only fifteen! She's only a child!"

I pulled out and rammed back in. Another scream. I let go of the tit I was
holding and scooped up her other leg, I held both legs up and used them as
leverage to force back up into Michelle's pussy. I pulled out, then pushed
both legs up - they were bent up towards her own shoulders, squashed under
my body. I held them wide and drove back in. She was so tight it was
unbelievable, soft, warm and wet.

I grabbed her round the waist and pushed myself up to my knees - my cock
still impaled in her cunt. I gripped her waist and twisted her round, still
on my cock, the feeling was immense - her tight pussy, twisting on my dick.
She fell back to the floor, on her hands and knees, I grabbed her jiggling
ass and started banging her from behind. She carried on sobbing as my pelvis
smacked against her ass, I leant forward, reached round her body and squeezed
her tits. I held them, roughly squeezing and rubbing them, as I thrust in
and out.

I brought my hands back up, placed them flat on her back and slowly slid them
up to her shoulders. I gripped her shoulders and pushed in as far as I could
- I let go. I pumped jets of hot cum into her tight cunt, the sticky semen
pulsed up into her body. She wept as she felt me cum into her young body,
she didn't even notice me climb off her - she just sobbed, uncontrollably.

I stood up and walked, naked, back round to where Flick sat - chained to the
chair. I reached a hand down to her flat, tanned stomach, I let my palm
gently glide up, until I cupped her right breast in my hand. I unlocked the
handcuffs and told her to follow me - she did as she was told. We walked
round to where Michelle's broken body lay, Flick cried out at the sight of
her sister, I ignored her and again ordered her:

"Sit on her face, facing her tits."

She just stared blankly at her young sister's naked body.

"Do as I say, or I'll kill you both!" I shouted, coupling the order with a
sharp kick to Michelle's side - bringing a yelp of pain.

Michelle just stared straight up at her sister, Flick seemed to have been
thrown into a decision by my act of violence.

"I'm so sorry `Chelle." She said, softly.

Flick sank herself onto her fifteen-year-old sister's face; she placed her
knees either side of Michelle's shoulders and lowered her shaven pussy onto
the young girl's lips. Michelle's face screwed up, just before her sister's
tanned cunt touched it, she made a cry of protest - but the sound was muffled
by Flick's naked body. I straddled the fifteen-year-old's torso, placing a
knee either side of her ribs, I lowered myself onto her stomach - laying my
hard cock between Michelle's huge tits.

She squirmed below me, her soft skin rubbing against my balls, I took hold of
her hands and pushed them under Flick's knees, before ordering the older of
the two:

"Squeeze your sister's tits around my dick! And grind that pussy into her
sweet face!" She just stared. "Now!" I bawled, slapping Flick hard across
the face.

Suitably admonished, Flick started to slowly gyrate, her soft pussy lips
rubbing against Michelle's full, red lips. Flick then slowly reached forward
and took hold of her young sister's large boobs. She lightly pushed them
together, the soft flesh enveloped my cock and delicately gripped it.

"Tighter!" I said.

Flick obeyed, pushing the huge mounds inwards, with more force. The flesh
bulged between her long, slender fingers, the feeling on my cock was like
silk - all the time Flick ground her pelvis into Michelle's face. I reached
both hands forward and gripped Flick's slim waist between them. Holding onto
her delicate body, I used it as leverage - slowly stroking my dick between
Michelle's big tits, back and forward.

The soft skin between the young girl's boobs brushed the underside of my
shaft, whilst the tender, pale tissue of her breasts rubbed the sides of my
cock - her smooth stomach stroked by balls as I thrust between her large
tits. Looking up, I saw Flick's shaven cunt rubbing her sister's face, her
flat, tanned stomach between my hands, still gripping her waist.

I quickened as I moved towards climax, Flick's soft hands squeezed her young
sister's tits tightly. Just the sight of a sexy eighteen-year-old gripping
the large tits of her fifteen-year old sister was enough to make me cum,
coupled with the fact that my hard dick was pumping between the huge boobs
made it too much to handle. I shot a large glob of cum onto Flick's stomach,
it hit her just above her pierced belly-button and ran down to cover the
small silver stud. Another jet soon followed, landing on the elder's shaven
pussy before dribbling into the younger's mouth, a third spurt landed below
Michelle's chin and trickled down her neck. The final load of cum sprayed
out on a backwards stroke, the end of my cock was tightly pressed between
the young girl's large breasts as the hot, sticky mess escaped. It pulsed
between the huge mounds of flesh, squeezing out all over her chest. Flick
let go of her sister's boobs, they fell apart, with the gooey, white semen
leaving sticky trails between the two tits.

I climbed off the teenager, her tits soaked with cum, Flick pushed herself
off her sister's face. Michelle was sobbing, the cum which had dribbled of
Flick's pussy was coating her large, red lips. I reached down and took a
handful of her hair in my fist, I hauled her to her feet and dragged her
round to face her oldest sister. Steph stared at Michelle, her boobs covered
in sticky semen, and cried into her gag. Flick walked and sat in the empty
chair next to Steph, dried cum, on her stomach, from her earlier rape mingled
with the fresh load I had sprayed over her tight belly. I walked behind
Flick, grasped both arms, pulled them behind her and `cuffed her to the
chair. I stepped to the side and stood behind Steph, I placed my hand on the
knife handle and spoke to Michelle:

"Go and get a bra from Flick's room." I said slowly. "...And get the sexiest
one you can find."

The naked, young girl, although upset from the raping of her tits and pussy,
did as I asked - still trying to save Steph from pain. She returned holding
a white piece of underwear. She handed me the bra, which was soft and lacy,
the cups, which actually held the tits, were sheer - see-through.

"You fucking slut!" I shouted at Flick.

Laughing in her face, I moved behind the middle Scully sister. I looped the
bra around her throat and then tied it to the back of her chair, it was tight
enough to cause her to keep her head up - but without strangling her. I
walked round the front and gazed at her pretty face, she was forced to look
up at me - her face couldn't drop, however upset she was. I placed my hand
on her forehead and swept the hair from her eyes.

"Michelle." I called, the teenager came and stood beside me. "...You
couldn't see your sister's face before, when I raped your tits?" She shook
her head. "Oh, well she was enjoying your suffering. She was getting horny
while she ground her pussy into your face and she smiled when I came on your

"No! It's not true `Chelle!" Flick gasped.

It wasn't true, but I had remembered that Michelle giggled when I taunted
Flick for being a virgin, when she always pretended to be so experienced. I
decided to exploit the enviousness, which lurked in the relationship between
the two youngest Scully girls.

"Now's your turn to get her back `Chelle." I pretended to be friends with
the confused teen.

She stepped forward, seemingly interested.

"Stand behind me and wank me off, onto your sister's face."

"Please `Chelle! Don't!" Flick begged.

Steph objected into her gag.

"No! She may act like she's better than me but I don't want to hurt her."
Michelle's refusal made Flick relax.

"Listen, it won't hurt her - but I may hurt Steph if you don't. All I'm
offering is your chance to get a little payback while you're at it."

I had offered her the stick, of hurting Steph again, along with the carrot -
the chance to humiliate Flick. She stood, staring at Flick's wide, pleading
eyes for a moment, trying to decide. Finally, she moved behind me and
quietly mumbled:


I stepped forward and loomed over Flick. I felt Michelle's soft, childish
touch on my right hip. She stood behind me and snaked her right hand round,
feeling for my cock. Her small fingers moved into my pubic hair and then
slid down and she grasped - her fingers brushing my balls as she lightly took
hold of the base of my cock. I could have sprayed my load over Flick's face,
there and then - Michelle's touch remained one of a child, making it very
hard not to cum.

Michelle moved in closer, to get a firmer grip on my dick. I felt her large
tits press against my back and the thick hair on her pussy lightly grazed my
ass. She started to slowly pump up and down, as I looked down at Flick's
naked body. She was tanned from head to foot, even her tits and pussy were
a golden-brown colour. Her tits pushed out, due to her hands being tied
behind her back, and therefore looked bigger. Her stomach was tight and
flat, and covered with two layers of cum - one dry one wet. The silver
belly-button stud winked through the gooey mixture as the light caught it.
Her pussy, shaved completely clean, was also under a blanket of semen -
sprayed there as I raped Michelle's tits.

Michelle's soft, young hands continued their work as I salivated over every
inch of Flick's young body. She moved up and down, gradually picking up the
pace as I got more aroused. I had got harder and my dick had started to
pulse, as I looked at the eighteen-year-old tied to the chair, Michelle must
have sensed it and begun to bring me to climax.

The sight of Flick's immature, youthful body before me, took me half the way
there. Whilst having Michelle's large, tender tits pressed into my back and
her delicate, feathery pubic hair pushed against my ass - took me the rest of
the way, to the brink of orgasm. It was however, Michelle's childlike touch,
her light, smooth pumping of my cock, which made me cum. I sprayed semen
into Flick's face, a huge stream hit her square in the nose and spattered up
into both eyes and over both cheeks. A second load hit her in the mouth,
which she had quickly clamped shut, it totally covered her lips and gushed
down her chin and neck. Michelle aimed the third spray between her eyes, it
splashed up onto her forehead and into her hair. The fifteen-year-old then
shifted her aim slightly upwards and splattered a heavy glob of semen into
her sister's hair. She then reached forward, grabbed a handful of hair and
wiped the end of my dick completely clean.

"Thanks `Chelle." I said to the teenager. "...For your help I'm gonna leave
you alone now, you can't leave but you can go and get a shower. If you try
and run I'll kill your sister's."

Michelle looked uncertain, she glanced at Flick, still paralysed with shock
from her facial at the hands of her sister, then at Steph - her older sister
nodded and Michelle turned to leave. She walked towards the door, as she
passed me I smiled.

When she had walked past me I turned, quickly grabbed her arm and flung her
onto the table. She screamed as she hit the wooden table, she had landed on
her front but now flipped over, causing her tits to jiggle around, she kicked
out - her legs flailed as I walked toward her.

I punched her in the face, she snapped her hands up to her face, causing her
to momentarily stop struggling. I took my chance, grabbing her thighs, one
in each hand, I twisted her onto her front. As I pushed forward my cock
naturally found the crevice between the underage girl's ass cheeks, I braced
myself, gripped her hips, leaned forward and shouted in her ear:

"You fucking big-titted slut!"

And I drove forward.

The table skidded across the floor, a good three or four feet, with the
force of the penetration. The sound though was drowned out by Michelle's
howl, which was cut off as the young girl bit into her tongue - the blood
immediately gushed from her mouth.

I didn't slowly start to pump her ass and then reach a faster climax -
instead I ruthlessly pounded her ass, at top speed, right from the off.
Each thrust was as forceful as the first, causing a loud smack, so I had
to tightly hold Michelle's soft, juvenile ass. I pushed forward as hard
as I could, desperate to reach all the parts of Michelle's insides that
had never been touched before. I continued to grip her hips with my
hands but I brought my thumbs round so they pointed inwards, towards her
penetrated asshole. I then used them to pull her ass cheeks apart,
allowing myself to push in a few extra millimetres. Her ass gripped my
cock so tightly it was unbelievable, she tensed, trying to force me out,
but it only served to heighten the pleasure. The constriction around my
dick, coupled with her childlike screams, made the cum boil in my balls.
I quickly pulled almost completely out as I came, so the gushing semen
filled the gap my cock left. After I had fired three shots of cum into
Michelle's bowels, I pulled out and blew two more loads over her round
ass - the white, gooey liquid covered both cheeks and ran into her red-raw

I stepped back and turned to the other two sisters, Steph was, erratically,
rocking back and forth, trying to free herself from the handcuffs. She was
screaming into the gag and tears ran down her face, her eyes were dark and
angry as she tried to free herself - so she could attack me. Flick just
sat, dazed, and stared at Michelle. Her younger sister had collapsed,
unconscious, on the kitchen floor.

I moved to stand behind Flick, Steph continued to try to pull her hands free,
I unlocked Flick's handcuffs and cut the bra from her throat - she stood up.
Her smooth, tanned back tapered to a slim waist, below that her equally
golden ass sat round and firm. I was just admiring her sweet ass cheeks when
she turned to face me. I looked down at the front of her naked body, now
exposed to me, therefore I failed to notice the fist - until it connected
with my mouth. She must have realised I was planning to do to her what I'd
just done to her young sister - and decided to take pre-emptive action. She
turned and ran as I flung my hands to my mouth, blood trickled from my torn
lower lip. I ran after her.

I entered the lounge just in time to see Flick unlock the front door, she
ran into the cold night with me close behind. I ran down the steps into the
driveway, both of us were stark naked, I caught up to her, kicked out a leg
and left her sprawled on the concrete. She landed on her hands and knees,
grazing the skin off them, and begun to shout:

"Help me! Please, somebody help me!"

I kicked her in the ribs - she shut up. Grabbing her by the hair, my left
hand over her mouth, I marched her back into the house. I flung her through
the front door, she again landed on her torn hands and knees - bringing a cry
of pain. I locked the door and turned to see Flick weeping uncontrollably on
the living room carpet.

"Stand up." I said softly. ".I'm not going to hurt you, I know why you did
it. No one wants to be raped up their tight, virgin asshole. Unfortunately,
sometimes we have to things we don't like." I spoke as though talking to a
child, she remained on the floor, weeping. ".Stand up! Now!" I screamed

She obeyed. I walked over to her and put an arm round her, she flinched and
tried to pull away. I told her to calm down, that it'd be all right. Then
I ruthlessly punched her in the stomach, she doubled over - winded. She
caught her breath then slowly lifted her head, I punched her in the left
cheek, with my left hand - she fell to the floor.

"Get up!" I screamed, kicking her savagely in the ribs.

She did so and I punched her in the left cheek again. I gripped a handful
of hair to stop her falling and punched her in the stomach, then again and
finally - a third time. Letting go of her hair, she fell to her hands and
knees, gasping for breath.

I knelt down behind her, her asshole turned provocatively towards me. Her
body shook with her tears, causing her firm, tanned ass to jiggle slightly.
I gripped her golden-brown cheeks between my palms and pushed the head of
my cock into her anus. She suddenly realised what I was doing and tried to
scramble away, I moved to clutch her thin waist - my fingers nearly met it
was that slim - and pulled her into me.

I grasped a handful of her long, golden hair in my left fist, I placed my
right hand flat on the base of her spine - just above the crack of her ass.
I pulled her hair towards me, yanking her head backwards, I used the leverage
to drive forward - into Flick's tight anus, right up to the hilt. Her scream
tailed off to a loud sob, as I stopped - fully penetrated inside her asshole.
My balls rested against her shaved pussy, my pale, white cock contrasted
perfectly with Flick's chestnut flesh. Her ass cheeks bulged slightly
outwards from her crack, where my shaft was embedded in her anus. I left my
cock in her tight passage as I slowly slid my right hand from her back round
to her flat stomach. I could feel her tensed stomach muscle as she tried to
force me out of her ass, my hand ran over her pierced belly button - the
metal cold against my palm.

I left my dick deep in her ass but let go of her hair, I let both hands roam
over her body. I brought both hands up to the sides of her chest, her ribs
prominent as she gasped breathlessly. I then slid them down and cupped her
tits, which hung firmly below her, I massaged the nipples and rubbed the soft
flesh. Feeling the teenager's taut body made me ready to cum, without even
pounding her ass. I again took hold of her hips and slowly slid out, her
anal passage had obviously become accustomed to the invader - because I had
trouble pulling out. Flick screamed as I brought seven of my eight inches
out of her ass. I gripped her more tightly and then rammed back in. Another
scream. I pushed right in, as I had with Michelle, and let go - I pumped
four or five loads of cum into the eighteen-year-old's anus. I again held my
cock in the warmth for a few minutes, before struggling to pull my dick free
- yet again, Flick squealed.

I had finished torturing the Scully sisters - two, Flick and Michelle, were
unconscious from the pain of anal rape, whilst the other sat exhausted with a
knife in her back.

I went into the kitchen and stood over Michelle, unconscious on the floor, I
slid one arm into the bend of her knees and the other under her head - and
lifted her into my arms. The touch of her soft, naked, underage flesh still
got me horny - but instead of raping her again I carried her to the front
door. I unlocked it and went outside, I performed a quick check to make sure
no one was about, then I ran across to Dione's house, the naked, young girl
in my arms. I went round the back of the house and laid Michelle on the
grass, I turned and unlocked the door as the teenager moaned and woke up.

"Wh...What are you doing?" She asked groggily.

"I'm taking you to see a few friends." I said jovially.

I opened the door, dragged Michelle to her feet and flung her into the
cellar. Dione and Elly were huddling together, the older comforting the
weeping youngster, they were wrapped in a blanket - both were, after all,
completely naked.

"'Chelle!" Elly cried, as the fifteen-year-old stumbled forward into the

She flung her arms round her friend, both were crying. Both were also naked
and their lithe, underage bodies pressed against each other. Their large
tits squashed together and I had difficulty not spraying cum over their young

"Are you OK?" Elly asked Michelle.

The smaller girl nodded.

"Please let us go!" Dione suddenly cried.

She had difficulty speaking through broken teeth and a shattered jaw. She
sat, wrapped in the blanket, the two schoolgirls still stood in each others

I walked to her, crouched naked in front of her, reached forward and
squeezed her massive, firm tits. She flinched at the touch and I whispered

"No, but I might come back later and kill you all."

Her eyes widened in fear.

I returned to the Scully house and found Flick nursing her injured sister in
the kitchen. She had pulled the carving knife from Steph's back and held it
in front of her as a weapon, I reached into the canvas bag, on the table, and
withdrew my knife. I stepped towards her and she lunged forward - her knife
aimed at my stomach. I deftly stepped aside and she fell forward onto the
floor, I stepped on the wrist holding the knife and she squealed and let go.
I grabbed her right leg at the ankle and begun dragging her to the front
door. She struggled all the time as I dragged her across the street, after
checking no one was around. Her back and her ass were grazed and cut by the
time I hauled her to the locked cellar of Dione house.

Unlocking the door, I kicked at her to get into the room, she slowly crawled
forward - until I booted her in the spine and propelled her onto the concrete
floor. Dione dropped the blanket and leapt forward - her tits bouncing.

"Flick!" She screamed. "...Are you OK?"

Her training as a nurse kicked in. Michelle and Elly both also ran over to
check on the injured teenager. All three of them looked down, their big tits
rising and falling as they gasped, on the tanned beauty bleeding from her

The reaction was pretty much the same when I brought Steph to the cellar,
except Dione reacted much more purposefully. She began by holding the
blanket to stem the blood flow from the knife wound. I ignored the first
aid and the weeping teenagers - and went to find my next victim.

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