Neighbours: Neighbours Rape Part 2 - Elly (Mf,ncon,viol)
by Magnus Opium

I ran round to the front and checked my watch - ten past seven - just in
time. Every Thursday my next victim, Elly Conway, played netball for her
school - tonight there had been an away match at a local school. She always
returns at about quarter past seven, so I only had to wait. Elly is Susan
Kennedy's niece, she's fifteen and as sexy as fuck.

She had just turned the corner into the street, wearing her school uniform -
a red and white checked dress. The dress was short on Elly, she's quite
tall, therefore it showed off her long legs and a good deal of her thighs.
Her hair was quite long, usually down to the middle of her back, however now
it was in pigtails.

She spotted me, carrying my clipboard and I waved to get her attention. She,
casually, walked up to me and asked what I wanted. She had full lips and big
boobs, massive for her age, but the uniform hid them.

"Hi." I said "...I'm from the electricity company." I showed her my card.
"I'm here to rape you." My voice was flat and normal, as if asking the time.

Her eyes widened and she ran. She headed towards her house, which I'd
expected, however I hadn't expected her to move so fast - I'd anticipated
just grabbing her and taking her inside Dione's house. She ran to the door
of number 28, her key already in her hand. I reached her before she had
chance to put the key in the lock - her hands were trembling with fright.
I grabbed the back of her head and smacked it into the door. There was no
chance of anyone being home, a petrol bomb through the Coffee Shop window
meant Karl would be at the surgery tending to the injured, another one at
the school meant Susan would be tied up - I'd committed both attacks before
going to Dione's house. Libby, Susan's daughter, usually brings her new
baby round on Tuesdays and Thursdays - but she wouldn't be here for ages -
and she'd figure in my later plans. Right now Elly was in pain, she stumbled
back from the door holding her head. Luckily she wasn't cut, I didn't want
any blood on her beautiful, teenage face - not yet anyway.

She stumbled onto number 28's front lawn, enclosed by rose bushes and shrubs,
I had planned to rape her underaged body in Dione's house - but here was as
good as anywhere.

I pulled the knife from my pocket and held it to her face, she shivered. In
a calm voice I told her what I expected:

"Right, I am going to rape you but if you do as I say, I won't kill you -
OK?" She nodded. "Good, I want a blow job, to cum on your tits and to fuck
you - all without you making a noise - OK?" Another nod. "Good, I've
already raped Dione, she didn't do as I said, so I killed her." The lie
would bring fear and fear brings results.

I didn't tell her that I also planned on raping her ass - no use getting her
worked up and attracting attention. She seemed more aware than Dione had,
she realised that I meant business. Just to make sure, I commanded her

"First, let's start with a blow job - make it good and I'll spare you."

She looked up at my face, her brown eyes wide but willing, she nodded.
Reaching up and pulling down the zip on my trousers, she was ready to comply
with my orders. She reached her hand into my pants and gripped my throbbing
cock, her childish touch almost made me cum straight away. She pulled my
dick free of my flies and licked her lips in preparation. The look on her
face showed that she detested what she was about to do but realised that it
was necessary in order to avoid her death. Still holding my cock in her
teenage hands, she looked up at me - in order to strike a deal:

"If I make a good job of sucking your cock do you promise not to fuck me?"
She asked, pitifully.

"Yeah, OK, but only if it's the best blow job I've ever received." I
replied, after thinking for a moment.

She nodded and went to work. Holding my dick, she moved the head to her
mouth and licked the tip. The sight of this teenager, still basically a
child, licking my cock - nearly drove me to the edge, but I was determined
to enjoy it. She held my shaft and moved the head into her warm mouth, it
was like heaven; warm, wet and soft. Slowly, bobbing her head, she took more
into her mouth - the velvety touch was magic. She continued, just taking
about half of my eight inches into her wet, warm mouth and then pulling
almost all the way out. Each stroke was coupled with a rubbing of her tongue
on the underside of my cock - she was really pulling out all the stops. When
I thought that it couldn't get any better, the underage tease had another
surprise for me. She brought her mouth to the tip of my cock, then instead
of just taking half of my cock into her mouth - she plunged down, taking my
shaft down her tight throat. I couldn't believe it, a gorgeous, fifteen
year-old deep-throating me! This continued, her sucking the whole of my
eight inches, down her throat - until I didn't think I could last much longer
- then she stopped. I was about to protest and make her continue, she knelt
with my cock in her hand motionless. I had just reached for the knife, lying
beside me, when her tongue shot out and she licked my balls. The immature
feel of her underage act made me quiver, but it wasn't all. She leant
forward and took my balls in her mouth, she sucked them and swirled her
tongue around my sack. It was too much for me to handle, my balls started
to twitch - I was ready to cum. Elly must have felt the twitching, because
she soon took my cock back into her mouth. It was just in time, as I let go,
jets of cum shot into her mouth and down her throat - her immaturity coupled
with her sluttish behaviour made this one of the biggest orgasms I had ever

When I had finished, I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She looked up at me,
with her large, brown eyes, and said:

"I just love the salty, warm taste of your cum."

I knew she was trying to arouse me in order to buy her life but the words
still made me horny. As she had spoken I could see my semen had coated the
inside of her teenage mouth, there was cum all over her tongue and mingling
with her teeth. She audibly gulped, then opened her mouth to show me that
she had swallowed all of my cum.

"Good girl." I said, whilst stroking he cheek with my hand.

"I did what you asked and it was good wasn't it? Will you let me go now,
please?" There was a hint of desperation in that final `please', I took
control again:

"Listen, I'm the one with the knife." Her eyes widened, with a slight look of
terror. "...But a deal is a deal." She relaxed a bit. "...If you let me cum
on your big tits, and even co-operate, then I'll let you go."

Her whole body relaxed, she had been holding her breath, but now she gulped
in air - making her large breasts heave. She looked up at me and spoke with
real gratitude:

"Thanks mister, thank you."

I couldn't believe it! This underaged, teasing, big-boobed teenager was
thanking me for only forcing her to suck my dick and cumming on her tits!

"There's one other thing." My voice was commanding again. "...You'll have to
wank me off and talk dirty while you do it. Oh, and it'd better be good." I
looked at her, straight in the eye, with a serious expression on my face.

"OK sure mister, just as long as you promise not to rape me?" I nodded.

My cock had got hard again, around the time this little girl had thanked me
for cumming on her tits! She reached up her right hand and gripped my cock,
she brought the tip to her large, pouting lips and kissed the end of my dick.
Then she let go and moved her hands to unbutton her school uniform. I put
out a hand to stop her, she just looked up at me, with a quizzical

I reached to her chest, with both hands, and cupped her large tits. They
were even bigger than I had thought! I had seen her in her uniform before
but it hid the true size of her boobs, when she wore tight T-shirts they were
really shown off - I had seen her in the street, when I was spying on her and
they looked huge - bigger than anyone else on the street, apart from Dione.
I had even seen her through her bedroom window, in only her bra and panties,
but the view between a crack in the curtains hadn't been great. That's why I
was so surprised now - they were fucking massive and she's only fifteen -
still a schoolgirl!

I had to get a closer look, I grabbed a piece of the uniform in each hand
and yanked it open. She fell forward with force of the jolt, her dress had
ripped open right down to her flat stomach, her large, bra-encased tits were
free. She knelt back up and showed me her gorgeous boobs. They bulged over
her tight bra, she obviously still bought girl's bras, even though she had
the tits of a well endowed women. The belief that the bra was a child's was
highlighted by the presence of little teddy bears all over the underwear. It
was pink, with white lace trim. I brought the knife up to her tits, the
point touching her pale skin, between the huge mounds and just below her bra.
I slowly brought the blade up, it tore at the soft fabric - eventually
cutting through.

The bra fell off and dangled from her shoulders, her firm breasts didn't fall
an inch when the garment came off. They were beautiful. Large, round and
firm, with round, pink nipples. I reached forward and took one of her tits
in each hand, I squeezed them tightly and pushed them together and upwards.
Leaning forward, I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked deeply on it.
I sat back up and, still holding them, ran my fingers over her firm tits.
Her skin was white and soft, I ran my thumbs over her soft nipples, coupled
with the cold, open air setting, they soon became hard. I climbed back to my
knees, unable to take my eyes off Elly's young tits, I spoke quietly but

"OK, let's go and remember - talk dirty."

She reached both hands forward and, positioning her hands either side of my
cock, she slowly stroked my shaft:

"Ooh, it's too big." She said, in a soft, slutty voice. "...I don't know
whether I'll be able to hold it."

I could've cum right there and especially when she wrapped her slender, young
fingers round my dick. Her hands were soft, her touch childlike, as she
slowly moved her hands up and down my cock.

Suddenly, she let go and moved her hands to her chest. Grabbing her tits,
one in each hand, she pushed them together. They bulged out, she ran her
fingers over her hard nipples, looked up at me and spoke in the same husky

"I don't blame you for wanting to cum on these, they're so big and firm.
Sometimes I even play with them myself." She was really putting the work in.
"I know guys love them, that's why I always stick them out - to give guys
something to wank over."

She again reached forward and took my cock in her left hand. She shuffled
forward so my dick was positioned over her large tits, her teddy bear bra
still hung at the sides of her boobs. She moved her right hand up and took
hold of my balls, she gently rubbed them and moved them around her fingers.
She slowly started to pump my cock with her left hand.

"Mmm, I can't wait to get another hot jet of sticky cum flowing." She ran
her tongue over her large lips. "I want a big, gooey mess all over my huge

She began quickening her pace, her small, soft hand driving back and forth
the full length of my cock, her right hand was squeezing and massaging my
balls. It was too much, I was just about ready to explode. As her pumping
action got faster her whole body started to shake, her boobs, which I
constantly stared at, shook and bounced with the erratic rhythm.

"Just look at my boobs." She said, breathless from the work out she was
getting, wanking me off. "They're fucking massive and they're bouncing
around like mad!"

She smiled at me and I couldn't hold it any longer. A large, sticky spray of
cum splashed onto her chest just above her tits, another followed which she
aimed at her left boob. She shifted her aim just before the final burst, a
huge glob of semen landed on her right nipple. She let go of my cock and
balls and leant back, her hands on her hips. The first, massive load of cum
had trickled down over both tits, whilst some had run down between the
enormous mounds. The two loads, one on either tit, had mingled with the flow
from above and almost entirely covered both tits. It made me so horny, I was
almost ready to go again.

"Please, can I go now? You said I could." She was a child again, on the
edge of tears, desperate to leave.

The childish words contrasted the slutty, adult filth she had uttered when
forced to. But she had ruined my moment of reflection and I lost it - I had
been enjoying staring at her big, teenage tits, covered in a layer of my
sticky semen - but now her whinging had brought me back down to earth.
Angry, I grabbed the knife and swung it to her throat, she flinched, pushing
my face close to hers, I spoke, through gritted teeth, menacingly and

"You stupid, little cunt, I was relishing the sight of your cum-covered
tits - and you had to spoil it!" She was terrified and trembling with fear.
"Look at you, your tits - a gooey mess, after you'd begged me to cum on them
and you're only fifteen. What a slut." She shook her head, her eyes wide
with terror. "And did you ever think I'd let you go? I've got a knife and
you've got a virgin cunt - I'm gonna enjoy myself." I laughed in her face.

She broke down and sobbed uncontrollably. I grabbed one of her plaited
pigtails and yanked her head up, her cheeks were streaked with tears and more
fell from her big, brown eyes.

"Please, please don't." She spoke through sobs. "Please, please!"

I clamped my hand over her mouth and pushed her backwards. She sprawled on
the grass, her dress flew up showing her pale thighs, but still covered her
panties - just. Again holding the knife to her throat, I told her to keep
quiet or I'd kill her. I slowly removed my hand and she just continued
crying, I moved to the bottom of her dress and knelt beside her prone body.
I placed my hands on her thighs and started to lift her dress:

"No!" She cried, her hands thrust down - clamping the dress to her legs.

"Oh yes." I replied. ".Now move your hands or I'll cut them off."

She didn't move, so I put the blade to one of her wrists. Still she held
down the dress. I applied more pressure, but not enough to draw blood, and
shouted at her:

"Move them now, cos I will do it - I promise."

She relented. I again lifted the dress, this time with no resistance except
for more cries from Elly. I pushed it up towards her tits, her stomach ran
flat from her belly button down to the waistband of her panties. They
matched her bra; pink, with the teddy bear design, and a white, lacy trim.
I used the knife to cut the remaining part of the dress, down the front.
Moving back up to her head I slid my arm under her shoulder, I lifted her
off the ground - she was limp in my arms - broken. I reached over her and
slipped the dress and the remnants of her bra off one arm. I then pulled
both garments off her other arm, I pulled the torn clothes from under her
body and she lay there, on the grass, in just her panties.

She pushed herself up onto her elbows and tried for a last time:

"Please, I won't tell anyone, just let me go."

"Begging me to let you go?" I mocked her. "Not going to strike up a deal?
You'll let me finger you as long as I don't rape you, perhaps? Or you'll let
me rape your virgin pussy, as long as I don't rape your ass? Lay down and
shut up!"

I put a hand on her right tit and pushed her down, I got some cum on my hand
so I just wiped it in her hair. I knelt over her, one knee either side of
her legs, and reached down to her panties. I slid my hands under the
waistband and ripped them off. She yelped, her pelvis jumped up in the air
with the force of my tearing off her underwear. I took the panties and wiped
them in the cum, still covering her big tits, I scrunched the torn materiel
up and pushed them into her mouth. I positioned them so she could taste my
cum on them, she realised what I had done and groaned into the gag.

I returned my gaze to her exposed, teenage pussy; she had a thin layer of
light brown pubic hair, neatly trimmed. I moved down to place my head
between her legs, I wrapped one hand around each thigh and pushed my face
into her cunt. I kissed her soft teenage pussy, before slowly moving up -
kissing her flat stomach as I went. I soon came face to face with her still
sticky tits, grabbing the remnants of her torn dress, I wiped them clean.

I took her left breast in my hand and squeezed it tightly, bringing a cry of
pain muffled by her cum-soaked gag, I took the nipple in my mouth and sucked
it roughly. Another cry. I quickly stood up and undressed, taking off my
trousers and shirt as quick as possible. The sight of this made Elly realise
she was going to be raped, she tried to get up while I was taking off my
trousers, I leant over and slapped her hard across the face - she fell back
onto the grass.

I then lay down on top of her prone body, she wriggled and squirmed trying to
get free - screaming into her gag at all times. I brought my hand up and
gripped her round the throat, I squeezed tightly and ordered:

"Shut the fuck up, you stupid little fucker! If I get caught I'll fucking
kill you!"

I carried on squeezing until her eyes started to close, I quickly let her go
and removed the gag. She gasped for breath, literally trying to cling onto
life, her tits pushed up against my bare chest as she gasped for air.

She realised I meant business and stopped wriggling, I replaced the gag,
which brought more protestation, and continued with her rape. I positioned
my cock-head at the entrance to her teenage pussy and pushed slightly forward
to slowly enter her. A slight moan into the gag. I slid my hands behind her
back and up to grip her shoulders, behind the arms. I pulled her close in,
her massive tits were pressed up against my chest and her flat stomach pushed
up against mine. Then I thrust in, fully. Elly screamed into the gag and
started to weep as I roughly burst through her hymen.

Her teenage pussy was tighter than you can imagine, tighter than Dione's, but
not quite as tight as Dione's ass had been. I continued to thrust in and
out, each time pushing myself right into Elly's cunt, as far as I could go.
I maintained a tight hold on her body, with her enormous tits pressed firmly
up against my chest. Each deep thrust eliciting a scream into her
cum-covered panties.

Everything combined to make me cum; the tightness of Elly's pussy, her
screams into the gag and most of all her huge tits against my skin. I let
go, emptying my load into her virgin cunt. I continued to thrust in and out
as I came, but as I let go of my final load, I pushed in as far as I could
and held - emptying my balls into her teenage body.

Spent, I pulled out and lay beside her on the grass, she cried and cried -
her hand between her legs, nursing her bruised cunt. Suddenly, she turned to
me, removed the gag, and through her tears asked:

"Why? Why me? I've never done anything to anybody - I don't even know you."
She sounded every bit the fifteen-year-old child.

"No you don't know me, but I know you." I replied, with a laugh. "And why?
Well its cos you're young; so you're probably a virgin, but most of all its
cos you've got a nice ass and big, firm tits."

She turned away, I don't know what she expected me to say. I looked at
her back, her soft skin in the dusk and got turned on again. Her hair in
pigtails reminded me of her youth and her tight, little ass was turned,
invitingly, towards me.

I quickly grabbed her waist, a hand on either side, and moved her onto her
hands and knees. I moved behind her and my erect cock brushed her ass
cheeks, she must have realised what I planned because she panicked. She
scrambled forward, her hands scrabbling at the dirt, and cried:

"No, no. Let me go, please, for fucks sake let me go."

I picked up the gag she'd discarded on the grass and roughly pushed it into
her mouth. She carried on, desperately, protesting into it. I ground my
pelvis into her round ass, before grabbing hold of my cock in my right hand
and positioning the head at the entrance to her anus.

She balanced on her left hand, whilst she threw her right hand back to push
me away. I gripped her wrist with my right hand and twisted her arm behind
her back. I snaked my left hand round her body and plunged three fingers
into her battered pussy.

Using the leverage of the hand holding her arm and the hand in her cunt I
thrust into her ass - right up to the hilt first time. She screamed into her
panties. I let go of her arm and took my left hand out of her cunt. She
placed both hands flat on the ground, trying to brace herself for the next
pounding which she knew was coming. I reached both hands round and roughly
gripped her huge tits, which hung firmly below her. Pulling out, I gripped
her boobs even harder and slammed back in - producing a smacking sound as my
pelvis smashed into her ass. It was so fucking tight it was unbelievable,
her ass was literally gripping my throbbing cock. I picked up the pace,
holding her large tits as I drove in and out - she was crying endlessly with
the pain. After a few more thrusts, I let go of her tits and moved to grip
her at the hips. Until now I had been kneeling upright, pounding her ass.
Now I sat back, my legs still bent underneath me, still holding Elly's hips
and still wedged in her ass, I pulled her onto my lap - so her back was
against my chest. I moved my left hand up her body, pulling her to me,
whilst running my hand over her flat stomach and large tits. I stopped my
left hand at her neck, just below her chin, I slightly pulled her head back
so her back arched and her tits stuck out. I moved my right hand up her
body, gliding over her stomach, which was pulled tight as she arched her
back. My hand moved up over her ribs, which were also prominent due to her
arched back. My right hand came to rest on her right tit, pushed outwards,
it felt firm as I squeezed and rubbed it. All the time my hard cock was
stuck deeply up Elly's ass, gripped tightly by her anal muscles.

I pushed her forwards and knelt back upright. She fell to her hands and
knees again, my dick still firmly in her anus. I again gripped her hips and
began to thrust in and out, my pace quickened and the slapping sounds became
more violent. Suddenly I felt the cum start to rise, I pushed in deeply and
let go - a torrent of fiery, gooey semen shot up into her bowels.

It was the best feeling I had ever experienced, the tightness of this
underage girl was phenomenal. I pulled out, exhausted, and lay back on the
grass. Elly collapsed, face first, onto the grass, one arm was snaked under
her chest, protecting her massive, bruised tits, the other was bent behind
her, holding her battered anus. She howled, uncontrollably, into the gag -
I got the feeling it was as much from the betrayal as from the pain - she
thought she'd bargained her way out.

When I had caught my breath, after a monumental teenage rape, I got up and
dressed. Retrieving the handcuffs, I had used earlier, from my pocket, I
manacled Elly's hands behind her back. I hauled her to her feet, collected
her clothes and marched her towards Dione's house. As I had pulled her up,
she had tried to break free - a sharp tug and a warning in her ear soon
brought her under control - it wasn't difficult, she was completely broken.
It was still a problem trying to walk her to Dione's house, after all I was
`escorting' a handcuffed, completely naked young girl. After checking that
there was no one about, I marched the violated teenager across to, and round
the back of, number 30.

Holding the handcuffed girl in my left hand, I unlocked the door with my
right. I could hear intelligible shouts coming form inside - Dione must have
woken up. I flung open the door:

"I've got a little friend for you." I said, mocking the raped nurse.

She had obviously planned to try to run past me, but when she saw Elly, she
momentarily froze. While she stood the, briefly shocked, I flung Elly
forward. The teenager flew towards the naked nurse, hitting her head on.
Both collapsed to the floor, Elly on top, she couldn't get off because her
hands were bound behind her back, and Dione was pinned to the ground by the
larger girl. Seeing these two, large-breasted, beauties writhing around,
naked, on the floor, got me all aroused again. But I had other plans.

I went over to Elly and unlocked the handcuffs, she scrambled off Dione.
Elly rolled away and continued crying, whilst Dione leapt to her feet. Her
mouth, with two teeth missing, was still bleeding, as was her badly, broken
nose. Her jaw was a deep purple colour, where I had broken it. She muttered
something just before I punched her in the stomach, causing her to double
over. I grabbed a handful of her long, blonde hair and brought my knee up to
her face. I felt her nose crumple further under the blow from my knee, she
flew backwards and her head smashed into the concrete floor - she was out
cold. I walked over to Elly, she looked up and started wailing, having
removed the gag:

"Oh God no, please, no!" Pathetic.

I knelt over her, one knee either side of her torso, her massive boobs,
slightly bruised, heaved between my legs. I leant forward and gripped her
round the throat, she thrashed about as I squeezed tighter. Her hands flew
up and she pushed at my face and chest as I strangled her, she scratched and
pinched my wrist, desperate for me to let go. I just continued squeezing,
and as I did so she struggled less and less, until her eyes blinked three
times - then closed. I checked for a pulse - still strong - she was just
unconcious. I retrieved the handcuffs and left, locking the door behind me.
My next destination - the Scully household.

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