Neighbours: Neighbours Fuckfest (MF)
by jaymied

Part 1: Sarah

I knocked on the door to the Ramsay Street household of Sarah Beaumont. I
noticed the ad on the front winodw that they were looking for a new resident.
Sarah answered the door wearing her swimsuit. Obviously she had been about to
go for a swim. "I'm here to apply for the room." I said. Sarah looked at me,
it seemed she was looking me up and down. As she did so I checked her out.
She was gorgeous. Her breasts seemed to hang into place and I instantly had
to resist the urge to suck them. Sarah told me to come in while she asked me
some questions.

The first few questions were the regulars. As she began to ask more questions
she began to flirt with me. She started stretching out her legs, showing off
her figure. At one point she even leaned forward so I could get a good look
at her cleavage. That's when the interesting questions started like "What do
you like in a woman?" Then she stood and front of me and said. "Do you want
to fuck me?" Was she serious? Of course I wanted to fuck her!!!! Was she
joking? Then I noticed her very erect nipples. I nodded. "Well then, let's
start with the sucking." She dropped her bikini top to the ground. I leaned
forward and started sucking them. My tongue started to lick the tips of her
nipples and then, gradually I brought the whole thing into my mouth. Sarah
started to moan. As I started to suck harder her moans got louder until
suddenly she started to climax. "I need it!!! Give it to me!!! I want you
cock inside me!!!!" She ripped off her bikini bottom. She started to undo my
jeans and my shirt was ripped off and thrown across the room. I laid down on
the carpet and she thrust herself on top of my cock. She started to ride me,
she was horny, there was no denying that. She thrust herself forward dangling
her breasts in my face. She rode my like a wild stallion.

"OH YES!!!! YES!!!! FUCK ME!!!!! FUCK ME PLEASE!!!!!!!" She yelled out as
load after load of thick salty cum pumped into her body. She thrashed about
up and down and moaned and screamed loud enough that I wondered if the
neighbours could hear.

"FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! CUM IN ME!!!! CUM!!!! IN!!! ME!!!!!!" she
screamed at the top of lungs as orgasm after orgasm swept over her hot body.
After two hours of fucking, Sarah collapsed next to me. Her hot body
glistened with sweat.

"It's yours!!!" she said "The room's yours!!!"

Part 2: Anne

After moving my stuff in Sarah invited me into her room where she gave me a
mind blowing fuck. This one was more mind blowing than the fuck in the living
room. In bed Sarah was a sex maniac. She was swinging about, twisiting and
turning her nipples. My hands grabbed her hips and began pumping her up and
down on my cock. Load after load of cum shot into her body, but Sarah just
kept on going. Sweat now glistened off her body,

"FUCK ME!!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! CUM INSIDE ME!!!!" Sarah screamed at
the top of her lungs as she came. Maybe it was the screaming that made Anne
come and check what was going on. I only noticed her at the door for a few
minutes but was too busy enjoying Sarah's orgasm. After ten more minutes of
fucking Sarah collasped next to me on the bed. After about ten minutes of
resting I got changed and went out to find Anne to apologise. I went over to
what seemed to be her house and knocked on the door. Anne opened it. I nearly
got a hard-on.

There she was, wearing a tight t-shirt only big enough to cover her breasts
and black bike pants which showed off her ass.

"Look, I'm sorry about what you saw." I started out with. Anne cut me off.

"Don't worry, besides, I bet Sarah didn't give you a blowjob." I looked at
her sitting across from me.

"What?" I said.

"Oh come on, I know Sarah's hot but your not exactly going to say no to a
blowjob from me." She leant over and rubbed my cock. "Come on, nobody's home,
I've locked the door." She took off her t-shirt and dumped it on the floor.
"And afterwrads maybe you could have these." she said pointing to her
breasts. She bent down in front of me and removed my pants. She placed her
lips on my cock and started sucking it. Her head bobed up an down on my
penis. Cum started to spew out and I groaned in pleasure.

"Oh yes!!!" I moaned "Yes, that feels so good." Anne worked harder and harder
on my fully erect cock which was now spewing out so much cum she was sucking
it hard to keep it in her mouth. Finally she let it go, but just before one
last glob slammed into her face. She looked up at me, a grin of ear to ear
with cum dripping down her face.

"How do you want to fuck me?" she asked. I looked at her.

"Lie down." before lying down Anne took off her bike pants. I pushed my cock
into her and started rocking back and forth. Then my thrusts got harder and
stornger and Anne was begging for more.

"PUMP INSIDE ME!!!! I WANT YOUR CUM!!!!" she yelled. She arched her back and
tried to pull my cock further inside her. At that point three loads of cum
shot off into her some spraying out and forimng a puddle on the floor. After
that she collapsed on the floor with a huge grin on her face. She grabbed my
cock, which I thought had been pumped dry, and started wanking me she wanked
me hard. Cum spurted out all over face and hair. While I was pumping cum all
over face I noticed the time. 5:56pm!!!! I realised I had to sign some papers
for the house before seven. One last glob exploded onto Anne's face. I told
her I had to be somewhere. I got dressed and told me to come back any time. I
left the house leaving Anne on the couch with cum all over her.

Chapter 3: Libby

Two days after I'd moved to Ramsay Street (and after fucking Anne Wilkinson
and Sarah Beaumont) I received a letter for Libby Kennedy. The letter had
obviously gone to the wrong house so I had the pleasdure of returning to
Libby. Libby invited me in and sat me down for a cup of coffee.

"So, how does it feel to share a house with two females?" she asked. Other
than Sarah, I lived with a girl called Caitlin.

"Oh, it's okay." I replied. Smiling at the memory of Sarah cumming on top of

"Get laid often?" she asked. I turned around from my seat at the table to
look at her in the kitchen.

"Are you serious?" I asked. She nodded.

"Well, Sarah doesn't normally buy a packet of birth control and some sex
clothes very often. I bumped into her at the mall yesterday. Have you had a
blowjob yet?" she asked. I nodded. "Have you tit fucked anybody?" she asked.
I shook my head. She nodded and told me she'd be back in a second. A few
minutes she called me into her bedroom. She was kneeling down, naked, at the
end of her bed.

"Give me your cock." she said. So I stripped down and stood in front of her.
She lowered my cock to between her breasts and pressed them together. She
graped my cock and began moving back and forth between her tits.

"OH LIBBY!!!" I cried out. Libby smilied as cum started to shoot out between
her breasts.

"YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!" she screamed out. Load after load of thick salty
cum spurted over her great tits. She tried licking it all up and finally
decided on just taking my cock in her mouth. We were both moaning loudly.

"Fuck my face!!!" Libby mumbled through a mouth full of cum. So I placed my
hands on the side of her head and started to push it back and forth on my
cock. It was heaven. Cum was now spewing out into her mouth and down her
face on to her breasts. My cock eventually fell out of her mouth still
spraying cum and Libby still tried to get every bit. Libby told me to sit
down on the bed. I did at which point she threw herself on top of my cock.
She sat on my lap bouncing up and down on my cock.

"Oh, your cock is so big!!!! Yeah, cum in me!!! CUM IN ME!!!" she started
screaming. "FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!" she started to lose
control of her voice. I pumped load after load of cum inside of her. She
whipped about, she grabbed my head and kissed me passionateley as she she
came over and over again. She grabbed my ass and pulled it closer to her, she
grabbed her nipples and jiggled them about in my face. Her hands grabbed what
of my cock wasn't inside her and started yanking it so more cum would cum
out. Cum was leaking out and started to form a puddle on the floor but Libby
didn't care as she pushed me down and started to ride me. She shot back and
forth on my cock. She rode me like a wild stallion. My hands hoisted her up
and down on my penis. We switched positions and I started pounding my cum
into her. I had arrived there at about 9:00am and at about 10:30am Libby was
starting to climax one last time. "FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!! FUCK ME!!!" she
screamed continously as one last load shot off into her before I collasped
next to her on the bed. Suddenly, Libby, puffing and panting looked at me,
sweat all over her body.

"So, like being fucked by me?" she said.


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