Neighbours: Michelle, Connor And Nina (MFf,F-mast,voy)
by Sicko 1979 ([email protected])

Connor had just finished work and couldn't wait to get home. He knew
Michelle would be waiting for him and they had the house all to themselves.
His relationship with Michelle was progressing steadily. They had yet to
sleep with each other but Michelle had pulled him off a couple of times so
he was pretty certain that the least he would be getting was another

He quickly inserted the key into the lock and turned it to open the door.
When he opened the door he saw Michelle sitting on the sofa. She was still
in her school uniform and her shoulder length blonde hair was hanging free.

"Hi. How you doing?" He asked.

Michelle didn't reply and just gestured for him to come and sit next to
her. He did just that and no sooner had he sat down than he was passionately
kissing her. As he kissed her his hands began to wander across her nubile
young body - across her back and round to her firm young tits. Michelle's
right hand started to move down Connor's chest towards his groin.

Connor's cock was already rock hard and he knew his luck was in tonight. His
hands moved across Michelle's breasts and started to slowly undo the front of
her school dress. Michelle's hand continued to wander towards Connor's cock
and once it had reached his fly she began to tug at the zip.

By now Connor had undone 4 buttons and slowly began to open her dress to
reveal her plump young tits. They were fantastic tits. She was wearing a
while lacey bra and through it he could see her nipples were already erect.
On feeling Michelle tug at his fly he moved his hands away from her chest
and moved them downwards to help her release his throbbing cock.

Connor stood up and quickly pulled down his trousers and boxer shorts to
reveal his fully erect cock. Michelle smiled as she undid her front-fastening
bra to reveal her fantastic breasts. She slipped her bra off from beneath her
school dress. Throwing her bra to one side she then reached out for Connor's
cock with both hands. She grabbed the base with her left hand and started to
gently rub up and down on his bell-end with her right hand. Connor gasped
with delight.

He was just looking down at her pert nipples and thinking of how he'd love
to fuck her tits when Michelle did something that she'd never done before.
She stopped wanking Connor's cock and moved her face slowly towards it. She
then slowly began to do down on Connor's throbbing member.

Michelle had often heard Tahnee boasting at school how great she was at
blow-jobs and had been intrigued at the prospect of sucking a throbbing
cock. Tahnee had even boasted of sucking one of the teachers off but
Michelle didn't really believe this. The night before she had practiced
on a banana after listening to Tahnee and another young slut discussing
their techniques. She was determined to give Connor as good a sucking as

* * *

Nina approached the back door of the Scully house with some trepidation. She
had overheard Michelle on the phone to Connor earlier that day planning their
evening of passion together. She had always had a thing for Connor which was
quite obvious but recently she had also had strange and confusing feelings
for Michelle.

She wasn't quite sure of what she would see but all she knew is that she
had to see it. She hadn't ever had a proper boyfriend herself but had often
fantisized about what she would get up to if she did have one.

She slowly opened the back door. The Scully's always left the back door open
and she knew this. Nina slowly creeped through the kitchen, careful not to
make a sound. She heard Connor groan with pleasure from the other roon and
knew she had to investigate. She quietly moved towards the lounge and peered
around the wall that seperated it from the kitchen.

* * *

Connor couldn't believe his luck. He watched as Michelle first took the very
tip of his cock into her mouth. Her lips gradually moved further down his
shaft. Connor gasped as Michelle slowly took his cock inch by inch into her
mouth. Once she got about 5 inches down she opened her eyes and looked up to
make eye-contact with her boyfriend. Maintaining eye-contact she started to
bob her head up and down on his cock. Connor was in heaven. Every now and
then Michelle's hair would flop down obscuring his view of the action but
she would just flick it back over her shoulder so that he could watch as her
mouth tightly clasped his shaft as she sucked him off. As she bobbed up and
down her tits bounced up and down with her. It was a fantastic sight.

Nina peered round the corner to see the devine sight of Michelle giving
Connor his first ever blowjob. Her knickers were already wet from merely
anticipating what she was going to see. When she saw her friend going down
on Connor's shaft she felt her clit throb. Instinctively she moved her hand
underneath her school dress and slipped it inside her knickers. She began
to rub her clit as she watched.

Michelle had remembered what Tahnee had said about blowjob technique and
moved her free hand to beneath Connor's sack and started to gently caress
his balls. Connor let out another moan. All the time as Michelle sucked he
stared contently downwards at the fantastic sight before him. He hadn't yet
noticed Nina peering round the corner of the room. Michelle now had her
eyes closed and was bobbing up and down and sucking for all she was worth.

Nina was starting to get carried away. In her excitement and eagerness
to get a better view she had moved further through the archway into the
adjoining lounge. She hadn't realised just how visible she was and she
continued to tweak her clit. Her white panties had by now slipped to
around her ankles. As she watched the scene before her she thought how
she would love to taste Connor's cock herself. Watching Michelle's tits
bounce up and down as she sucked turned her on further. This sent her
closer and closer to orgasm and she let out a small moan of pleasure.

Connor was approaching orgasm himself but he still heard the groan from the
corner of the room. He instantly looked up wondering what the hell was going
on. Michelle carried on sucking at his cock obliviously. The sight of Nina
fingering herself was enough to send him over the edge. He began to shoot
his load right down Michelle's throat. Michelle had no choice but to swallow
the first shot but she quickly pulled her head away from his cock to avoid
choking on his cum. Connor's hand quickly grabbed his now free cock and
instinctively began pumping out the rest of his spunk. All the time his eyes
were transfixed on Nina merrily fingering herself. Connor shot the last of
his load over Michelle's face and bare tits. The cum slowly dribbled down
her right cheek. The sight of this was enough to send Nina over the egde and
she began to moan violently as she came.

Michelle quickly turned round in horror. She had no idea that they were being
watched. Seeing Nina in the throws of orgasm shocked her at first but she was
so horny at that moment that the shock quickly faded as she thought of the
potential. She had always secretly quite fancied Nina. She had similar
feelings for Tahnee but Nina was always her favourite. Still quivering from
her orgasm Nina looked worriedly at Michelle to see how she would react. She
was relieved and intrigued to see a wicked smile come across her friend's

Connor slumped back into the chair. He was expecting Michelle to go ape when
she discovered Nina had been watching and getting off on it too.

Michelle calmly stood up and walked over to the sofa. She sat down and
invited Nina to join her by tapping the seat next to her with her hand.

Nina first bent down to pull her knickers up from around her ankles. "Leave
them off," Michelle ordered. Nina stepped out of her panties and nervously
moved towards Michelle.

"Why don't we put on a little show for Connor now?" Michelle said wickedly
as a broad grin crossed her face. Nina looked slightly worried. She slowly
sat down next to Michelle.

"Lick the cum off my face" Michelle demanded. Nina slowly leant towards
Michelle and tentatively stuck her tongue out. She delicately began to clean
up the sticky mess Connor had deposited on his girlfriend's left cheek.
Connor looked on absolutely stunned. He could feel his cock twitching back
to hardness.

Nina lapped up the last of the cum from Michelle's cheek. As she did so
Michelle moved her head round and gave Nina a short, sharp kiss on the lips.
Nina pulled her head back. She was slightly shocked.

The 2 young schoolgirls briefly exchanged glances before Nina began to
passionately kiss Michelle. A delighted Connor watched on and began to wank
his cock back to full hardness.

As the girls kissed Michelle fell back on the sofa so that she was lying
on her back and Nina slowly positioned herself on top of her. Nina's hands
started to wander across Michelle's curvacious body. She moved her left
hand down to Michelle's partially exposed breasts and felt the Connor's
sticky warm cum. She immediately pulled away from kissing Michelle and
instead focussed her attention on her school chums ample tits. She lapped
up the cum as Michelle began to gently moan.

When the cum was all gone Nina began to gently suck on Michelle's left
nipple. As she sucked her hand slowly moved down to Michelle's thigh. Still
sucking delicately, Nina started to move her hand slowly up her friends
thigh and underneath her school dress. She reached for Michelle's snatch
and felt her soaking panties. She started to slowly tug them down slightly.
Her friend's snatch now exposed, Nina began to gently feel for Michelle's
clitoris. Michelle's moans grew louder.

Nina began to once again passionately kiss Michelle whilst using her index
finger to play with her clit. Connor wanked away merrily as he watched the
amazing sight.

Michelle pulled out of the kiss as her excitement grew. She started to moan
loudly. She looked over to Connor as he stroked his massive cock. She wanted
that cock inside her.

"...Stop..." she yelled to Nina. Nina began to slowly sit up. As she did so
Michelle stepped up from the sofa and knelt down in front of Nina. Michelle
turned around to look over her shoulder. "Fuck me Connor" she demanded.

She quickly turned around to face her friend once more. Lifting Nina's skirt
up she began to slowly go down on her friend. Nina moaned with delight as
Michelle licked at her clit.

By now Connor was on his feet. He stepped out of his trousers and boxers
which were still round his ankles after the blow job from Michelle. He then
moved towards the sofa and briefly admired the sight before him. Michelle
was by now lapping away at Nina's snatch and Nina was again approaching the
throes of sexual ecstacy.

Connor quickly knelt down behind his girlfriend. He lifted her skirt gently
up to reveal her superbly rounded arse held inside her tight white knickers.
Connor felt his cock throb. Nina's moans continued as Michelle pleasured her
with her tongue. Connor slowly pulled down Michelles panties until they were
round her knees. It was the first time he had seen Michelle's bare arse. It
was superb.

Michelle felt Connor's cock begin to nudge at her pussy entrance as she
licked frantically at Nina's clit. Connor slowly began to enter her from
behind. Connor nudged his cock about 2 inches in and Michelle pulled her
head away from Nina's snatch to let out a gasp. He then slowly eased it
all of the way into Michelle's tight, warm pussy.

"Fuck me!" Michelle gasped.

Connor obeyed and slowly began to thrust his cock in and out of his young
girlfriend's hole. Nina watched on and began to finger herself again.
Connor's thrusts began to get quicker and rougher. Michelle's moans grew.
She was approaching orgasm. Connor felt Michelle's pussy begin to twitch
as she approached her climax. He could feel the cum welling up in his balls.
Nina too was moaning in pleasure. She now had 2 or her fingers up her pussy.

Connor looked down to see Michelle's arse slapping against his groin as he
vigorously fucked her young pussy. This just encouraged him to fuck her
harder and he grabbed hold of her hips to allow him to penetrate her more
deeply. Michelle groaned again and Nina moved herself forward in her seat
to allow her to suck on her friend's tits as she was screwed from behind.

The sight of this was enough to make Connor's cock explode inside Michelle's
Young cunt. Jet after jet of spunk shot up her snatch which in turn sent
Michelle into a powerful orgasm. Connor continued to roughly fuck her until
his cock was totally drained. Michelle began to quiver as she orgasmed more
intensley as she had ever done before.

Connor gently pulled his sopping cock out of Michelle's hole and slumped
back onto the floor. Michelle pulled herself away from Nina and collapsed
into the sofa.

As he sat back exhausted, Connor saw the way Nina was looking hungrily at
his cock and knew that his fun wasn't yet over.


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