Neighbours: Horny Neighbours Part 2 - Hannah Becomes A Rampaging Raving Dyke!
by The Scan Boy (f/f,voy)

"RRRNNNNGGGGGGGG" The school bell rang out to announce the start of
lunch time at Erinsborough High.

The school bell was the cue for Hannah to jump from her desk and run out
of the classroom, shoving pupils who got in the way, like the thick cow
that she is. "Hoi, where are you going!", Danni yelled out in annoyance at
being shoved past by Hannah. Hannah took no notice, heading for the
toilets, just like a typical Australian thick cow. Other pupils were also
muttering in annoyance.

The morning had been very difficult for Hannah because she had been
thinking of getting her rocks off with her darling daddy, soaking her
little girl panties with pre- cum. She couldn't concentrate on her work,
and would often daydream, making her class teacher angry. "HANNAH! STOP
DREAMING!!!" Her classmates sniggered at her. Hannah found relief in the
toilets, pushing her panties down and sitting on the toilet seat, rubbing
her little girl clitoris and moaning in ecstasy. "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ...."

Poor old Miranda, Hannah's friend, had been trying to look for Hannah,
going everywhere in the school, even the playground as well, and having no
success. She eventually arrived at the toilets, being the last place, and
went in. "Ahhhhhhh...." Hannah was moaning and writhing in ecstasy.
Miranda soon heard the soft moans as she went in, and went up to the locked
cubicle door and knocked on it. "Is that you, Hannah?", Miranda asked,
wondering what the hell was going on with Hannah. Miranda had tried to
talk to Hannah in class without the teacher noticing, but had no response
from Hannah, so she wanted to find out what was going on with her.

Miranda again knocked on the door and repeated her question. The second
knock interrupted Hannah's masturbation, causing Hannah to sit up.
"Ummm.... can you wait a moment?", Hannah answered, standing up and
pulling her panties up before opening the door to reveal Miranda. Miranda
was the first to speak up.

"Han, what were you doing?" Hannah's face went red with embarrassment,
and tentatively said "Umm.... can you come in here, please? I want to
discuss something a bit private with you?" Perplexed, Miranda entered the
cubicle, with Hannah locking the door.

"I have been having these sensations. Do you get them too?" "Huh? What
are you talking about?" "These sensations down there." "Down where?" With
annoyance, Hannah looked heavenwards with a brisk sigh and pointed to her
genitals. Miranda looked downwards to where Hannah's finger was pointing
to, realization developing on her face. "Oh, I see. Sure, I get them too.
What girl doesn't?"

"Do you, really?", Hannah queried excitedly.

"Yep, why?"

"I think I had a wet dream last night. I woke up this morning with a
wet patch in my pants, and had to put on a clean pair for school."

"So? I have always had wet dreams since last year."

"Wow. Do you really have wet dreams?"

"Yep, every horny girl have them. And boys too, for that matter."

"Ummm.... Ever touched yourself down there?"

"Sure, if you want to bring yourself off."

"When I went to have a pee this morning, I noticed that my pants were
sticky, and clung to my thing ...."

"Ah, yes. That's your pussy", Miranda interrupted.

"Yes, right, well... as I was wiping my pussy, I felt some sudden jolts
of electricity from something in my pussy ..."

"That's your clitoris", Miranda interrupted again.


"Clitoris. C-L-I-T-O-R-I-S. It's like a mini penis."

"Wow. Didn't know girls had little willies in their pussies.", Hannah
giggled at the mere mention of 'willies' and 'pussies', which also set
Miranda off giggling.

"It's not a proper penis as such... hee hee hee ...", Miranda
explained, between giggles, "but pressing on it does give you some... hee
hee hee... funny sensations. Want me to show you?"

Pondering for a few moments, Hannah said "OK" and lifted her skirt up to
reveal her little girl white panties. Because the crotch of her panties
was sticky with her pre- cum from class that morning, it defined the crack
of her hairless pussy. "Hmm... I can see the crack of your pussy",
Miranda commented, with a lewd smile developing on her face, pausing
briefly before stroking Hannah's pussy through her panties. "Your pants
are certainly very wet. Been playing with yourself in class this morning?"

Hannah flushed again with embarrassment. "Can you promise not to tell
anyone?", Hannah asked. "Sure, what's up?" "Well, I did play with myself
this morning, but in the toilet at home. My daddy caught me playing with
myself, but ...." "That's called 'masturbating', although other people say
'wanking' or 'jacking off'", Miranda interrupted. "Hmm...", Hannah paused
for a few moments to let the new information sink in, before explaining
further, "... right, well, that was what I was doing in the toilet. I was
so caught up in jacking off, that Daddy caught me masturbating, but I also
discovered that he had also been wanking himself in front of me, and I
caught sight of his incredible cock. Man, it was so HUGE!", and Hannah
held her hands up to indicate a 6-inch cock.

"That's exactly what happened to me last year!", Miranda exclaimed in
astonishment, "That was when I was 11, on a rainy day when I had nothing to
do, so I was bored out of my skull. I noticed that touching myself down
there always felt nice, never gross or anything, so I soon started wanking
myself everyday. One such day, I had to take a dump in the toilet, but I
forgot to lock the door. After I did the business, I started jacking off.
But Daddy caught me playing with myself, and instead of jacking himself off
like yours, he decided to be bold. Guess what he did?"

Hannah held her breath in excitement, "I dunno... what did he do next?"

"He went up to me, and went down on me! That's what!"

"What does 'went down on me' mean?", Hannah asked, in puzzlement,
feeling a little disappointed.

"It means that he went down on his knees, and started licking my pussy.
Man, it was AWESOME!!!", Miranda exclaimed, looking heavenwards.

"Yuk! That's utter gross!", Hannah grimaced in disdain.

"Oh, no, no, no. It is simply fantastic! You must try it sometime with
your daddy. Want me to show you what it feels like?"

"Umm.... I'm not sure...", Hannah replied, tentatively, wondering if
Miranda had a thing for girls instead of boys.

"Come on, trust me. I know you will certainly like it, as I did. Come
on, please!" During all this time, Miranda had been stroking Hannah's
pussy. She stopped her ministrations, and pushed her panties down, exposing
Hannah's pussy. "Hmm... you certainly have a lovely pussy. Wanna see


"OK, here goes...", and with that, Miranda held her skirt up, to reveal
her bikini-clad pussy, so brief that it piqued the imagination. "Like what
you see?"

"Wow! I'm feeling all funny, just looking at your pussy."

"You are getting all horny, aren't you?", Miranda giggled lewdly.

"How did you get them?"

"Daddy buys them for me, sometimes Mum too. Daddy likes to watch me
walking around in my underwear, posing like a model. Gets his rocks off,
he says," Miranda explained, pausing for a few moments before pushing her
bikini underwear down, to reveal her pussy, "I also give Mum hell to give
me the panties I want, instead of these boring little- girl panties."

"Wow! You have a few strands of hair!", Hannah exclaimed with pleasure,
fingering her clitoris to relieve the tingly sensations, "There's something
there too, something in your pussy."

"That's my pubic hair, or pubes. You don't appear to have any, but you
will, in a year or so. The 'something' is my inner pussy lips. Every girl
has them.... Come on, sit down on the seat."

Hannah complied, Miranda taking hold of Hannah's legs and holding them
aloft, one of them resting on the toilet roll holder, giving Miranda a
perfect view of Hannah's pussy. Spreading Hannah's pussy lips apart with
her thumbs, exposing her friend's undeveloped inner pussy lips, Miranda had
the perfect view of the inner reaches of her friend's pussy, savouring the

"Ahhhh.... You have a helluva cute little pussy there, Han.", Miranda
remarked, before putting her finger on Hannah's hooded clit.
"Aaaahhhhhhh....", Hannah moaned with pleasure from the touch. "That's
your clitoris. Enjoy what you are feeling?", Miranda giggled lewdly.
"Mmmppphhhhhhh...." "I can make it infinitely much better!", and with that,
Miranda lifted the clit hood to reveal Hannah's prepubescent clit, and
started licking it with her tongue.

"AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Hannah reacted as if struck by electricity.

Miranda's pussy started getting all tingly, so she started stroking it with
her other hand, fingering her clit from time to time to bring herself off.
Both Hannah and Miranda were getting all worked up, with Miranda increasing
her licking tempo. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!", Hannah screamed as she orgasmed,
shaking violently. In response, Miranda started rubbing her clit faster
and harder until she orgasmed. "UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Hannah's come
started trickling out of her vagina, so Miranda got down to licking all of
it, savouring its taste. Naturally, Miranda's pussy juices also trickled
out of her pussy, but falling onto the floor instead.

Fortunately, for both Hannah and Miranda, no one had heard of their
cries of pleasure, and all the teachers were having their lunch in the
staffroom. Except for one - Danni. She needed to have a piss real bad,
not having had the chance because of her screwing Brett. As Danni entered
the toilets, she caught the last throes of the cries of pleasure, but she
soon recognised them for what they were. "Hmmmm.... Someone's been
playing with herself. The little cunt!", Danni thought to herself,
chuckling lewdly, "I'm gonna go rape some little cow!"

There was a distinct hint of girl juice, and piqued by the scent, Danni
decided to investigate. She came to one of the doors where she noticed
that the smell was strongest. Testing the door without making a sound, she
discovered it being locked. The top edge of the cubicle wall was low
enough that one could look into the neighbouring cubicle if she stood on
the toilet seat. Danni promptly went into the next cubicle, and stepped
onto the seat.

Reaching over to have a look-see, Danni gasped! Suddenly, she had to
stifle her gasp, praying fervently that her gasp hadn't been heard. What
had she discovered? She had caught Miranda licking Hannah's pussy!!!
Danni found it really unbelievable, muttering "Hannah.... Miranda.... I
just cannot believe it.... are they freaking lezzies or what? I'm gonna
have it out with that cow!", before silently storming out of the cubicle,
not wishing to interrupt the licking session, also fuming.

Danni had never liked lesbians, that's for sure, preferring to have boy
meat in her fanny, even if that boy meat included her brother's. She must
tell someone, but who? Who else hated lesbians like she did? Brett, for
one. Then there's Malcolm too. Anyone else? Better ask Libby and Billy.
There were also others in the class, but they never socialised much with
all of us Ramsay Street crowd. Danni finally decided on who to tell, and
how to beat the shit out of Hannah and Miranda.

Meanwhile, both Hannah and Miranda were recovering from their orgasms.
"Did you like that, Han?", Miranda was the first to break the silence.
"Yeah, it sure was lovely." "That's what 'going down on me' means, but they
also call it 'giving head' too, i.e. I gave you head. Did you enjoy
cumming?" "Yeah." "You know where to find your clitoris now?" "Yep, I think
so." "Wanna taste my come as well?" When Hannah nodded assent, Miranda
stuck her fingers, sticky with her own juices, into Hannah's mouth,
encouraging her to lick the come.

A few moments later on, Hannah remarked "Wow. I never knew that girl
come tasted that real good. Ever tasted the thing that comes out of
willies?" "Yeah", Miranda responded, "After he had went down on me, and
licked my pussy and everything, my daddy thought that it was fair that I
take my turn, so I had my daddy's cock in my mouth, and it was so lovely.
Imagine yourself licking a popiscle. It's basically the same thing. Daddy
also had to show me how to jack him off, and when he did come, his spunk
certainly did taste nutty, as in nutty food, not nutty crazy. We have
sucked each other ever since, whenever one of us is in the mood for it."

"Tried that with your sisters and brothers yet?" "Nup, don't think they
know anything about that sort of stuff, so we have to be careful, only
sucking each other whenever we are alone in the house. I don't know what
would happen if we got found out."

"Think there's some people in this school who are into licking
pussies?", Hannah queried. "Dunno. Let's ask around.", Miranda replied.
"Hey! Why don't we form some sort of secret club, for girls only who like
licking pussies and playing with their pussies?" "Hmm.... Great idea!
Let's go for it! What do we call our club?" "Dunno, can't think of a good
name for our club. We must be thick! .... Hey! That's an idea! Why
don't we call ourselves 'The Thick Cows League'?" Mulling on the name for a
while, Miranda hemmed and hawed, before exclaiming "A brilliant name!
Who's gonna be the president?" Hannah explained that she should be the
president of the TTCL, since she did think of the idea of forming a secret
club and giving it a name. "What's our club motto?", Miranda pointed out.
"Umm.... Dunno, will let you know when a suitable one comes along."

"RRRNNNNGGGGGGGG" The school bell rang out again to mark the end of
lunch time.

"Uh, uh, uh.... we had better get back to class real pronto!", Hannah
and Miranda both commented at the same time. Pulling their panties up, and
straightening up their school uniforms, they went to their next class.

After discovering Miranda licking Hannah's pussy, Danni crept silently
out of the toilets, then ran out to the playground to look for her brother.
Discovering Brett with Malcolm, Danni exclaimed "Hey! Brett! Mally! I
gonna tell you something!" "Huh?" was the response she got when she finally
came up to the boys. "Do you both know what I have just discovered in the
toilets?" "Your virginity?", Brett quipped, setting off Malcolm laughing.
"Oh, Brett! Come on, please be serious for a minute, dipshit!", Danni
muttered in annoyance.

When the laughter had finally died, Danni said "Let's huddle. This is a
real BIG SECRET. No one MUST KNOW." "What?" "Are you both ready for this?
I have just discovered Miranda, Hannah's friend, licking Hannah's pussy.
What do you think of that?" "WHAT?!!??!!", Brett & Malcolm exclaimed, both
at the same time. "Yep, and, what's more, they seemed to be enjoying it,
too." "ARE THEY FREAKING LEZZIES OR WHAT??!!??", Malcolm exploded. "That's
what we are gonna find out, and I think we oughtta beat the shit out of
them! Anyone game?" "Well, we gotta talk it over", Brett remarked in a
scholarly manner, "it does seem they know a thing or two about sex."

"But, instead of beating the shit out of them, why don't we make them
our personal 'servants', i.e. service our sexual needs whenever we want,
i.e. suck our dicks and fannies amongst other stuff?", Brett rubbed his
hands conspiratorially, chuckling lewdly. That idea didn't go too well
with Malcolm. "I'm not that interested in young pussies - they are far too
tight, and they always scream when they orgasm. I'm all for beating the
shit out of them. It's more fun that way!"

Pondering on Brett's idea, Danni commented that it would be far better
to have personal servants instead of beating anyone's shit out, so she
called for a vote. "Who's for making Hannah and Miranda our 'personal
servants'?" "Me, for one.", Brett replied. "Me, for two.", Danni
responded. Having had no response from Malcolm, Danni then said "Who's for
beating the shit out of Hannah and Miranda?" "Me, for one.", Malcolm was
the only one to reply.

"Looks like you are outvoted, Mal.", Danni commented, "Let's meet up
with Libby and Billy, and see what they think." Then the three teenagers
heard the school bell ring out to mark the end of lunch time. "Ummm.... I
will pass on the word to Libby and Billy later on. Let's meet at the gates
after school, OK?", Danni queried. "Yep, sure, see you after football.",
Malcolm replied. "Me, too, after computer class.", Brett replied. With
that, the three teenagers went their own ways.

Danni met up with Libby in needlework class.

"Hey, Lib. Guess what I have just discovered in the toilets?"


"This is a REAL SHOCKER, and I mean it. Are you ready for this?"

"Yeah, sure. What's up?"

"I saw Miranda, Hannah's friend, licking Hannah's pussy."

"Oh, yeah? What, did you say you ACTUALLY SAW Miranda licking
her friend's pussy?"

The teacher heard Libby's gasp of astonishment, and sharply reprimanded
her. "Libby, no talking in class!" Libby nodded demurely, embarrassed,
with the rest of the class laughing at her. A few moments later, with the
teacher going through some complicated needlework steps with another girl,
Danni whispered:-

"Yes, definitely. What do you think of that?"

"Oh, wow! I just can't believe it. I thought she didn't know anything
about sex!"

"Well, she does appear to know some things. The question is, what are
we going to do about it? Are they lezzies or what? Malcolm was all for
beating the shit out of them, but Brett and I felt that it was better to
make both Hannah and Miranda our 'personal servants', to service our sexual
needs, i.e. suck our dicks and pussies and so on. What do you favour?"

"Hmmm... I reckon the 'personal servants' thing is a real goer. Let's
go for it."

"Thought you might say that. Brett and I voted for it, but Malcolm
was against it. Do you reckon Billy deserves to know? After all,
Hannah was chasing him a while ago."

"Sure, why not."

"OK, then. I will pass on the news to Billy. See you at the gates
after school."


Danni and Libby returned to their needlework. The rest of the afternoon
passed by without an incident. Finally, the school bell rang out to
announce the end of a yet another boring school day.

Milling about in the corridors, Danni bumped into Billy, meeting up with
Libby and Malcolm. She took Billy aside, into an unused classroom, and
said "You know Hannah was chasing you a while ago?" "Yeah, and it pissed me
off." "Well, do you know what I just found out in the toilets at lunch?"
"Dunno." "I caught Miranda, Hannah's friend, licking Hannah's pussy. What
do you think of that?" "WOW!", Billy gasped, his eyes bugging out, "Never
knew Han was into girls and sex." "Brett and I had this idea of making them
our personal servants, to service our sexual needs. Libby was all for it
too, but Malcolm was against it, preferring to beat the shit out of them.
Are you for making them our personal servants or beating the shit out of
them?" The mere thought of sweet little innocent Hannah "servicing" his
cock turned Billy on, his cock hardening up in response. Noticing the tent
made by his now erect cock, Danni giggled lewdly, placing her hand on
Billy's erect cock, embarrassing Billy, "I can see that the idea turns you
on!" The groping session came to an abrupt halt when the classroom door
suddenly opened, to reveal an angry headmaster. "What are you doing
here?!?! You both should be on your way home! Come on, no slacking
around!" "Umm.... Billy just wanted my advice..." "I'm not interested!
Now, git!"

The teenagers all met each other at the gates. "Malcolm, it's four of
us against you.", Danni announced triumphantly. "OK, you win!", Malcolm
muttered under his breath. "Anyone see where Miranda and Hannah went?",
Danni queried, looking around. Libby announced that she had overheard
Hannah and Miranda arranging to meet at Hannah's place. "OK, that's where
we will go."

Arriving at no. 26, Hannah opened the door. "Gran? Daddy?" After
receiving no response, it was apparent that her grandmother and daddy were
not at home. "Come on, let's go in", Hannah beckoned to Miranda, "let's go
in my room. Want anything to drink?" "Yep, sure, some coke please."

Rejoining Miranda in her room, Hannah gave Miranda her drink, and sat
down on her bed, crossing her legs, sipping her own drink. Miranda was
sitting on the chair at Hannah's desk. As they sipped their drinks,
Miranda stared fixatedly at Hannah's crotch area, trying to get a glimpse
of Hannah's panties. Minutes later, Hannah noticed Miranda's fixed stare.
"What?" Getting no response from Miranda, Hannah traced an invisible line
with her eyes from Miranda's fixed eyes to whatever she was looking at, and
when Hannah did this, she suddenly realised what Miranda was looking at.
She felt all funny in her stomach, becoming more and more turned on.

Hannah then uncrossed her legs, and pulled her dress up, so that Miranda
could have a good view of her little girl panties, and watched Miranda's
face for any signs of reaction. Miranda's only reaction was to break her
stare to look at Hannah, the two schoolgirls staring at each other,
thinking the same thoughts. Miranda spread her legs apart and hiked her
dress up to allow Hannah a good look as well. Now, they were savouring the
sight of each other's panty-clad pussy.

Finishing their drinks, there was an awkward silence. The ice was
broken when Miranda decided to be bold and make the first move. She
started fingering her clit through her panties, pushing the fabric of her
panties into her crotch so that the fabric defined her pussy lips. Hannah
got turned by Miranda's lewd action, and too started fingering herself.
Pretty soon, Miranda and Hannah were so turned on, that they found it
impossible to continue looking at each other's pussies. They closed their
eyes, lifting their heads back and savouring the heat in their pussies.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh....", Hannah breathed lustily. "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh....",
Miranda moaned with pleasure. "Ahhhh.... I'm cumming!", Hannah gasped.
"Uuuuhhhhhh... me too!", Miranda hissed. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"
"AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" The two schoolgirls screamed orgasmically as
the orgasm hit them. Love juices flowed from their fuck holes, soaking the
fabric of their panties. Recovering from their orgasms, Hannah sighed
"That was fantastic! Did you enjoy yourself too?" "Yeah, and I'm still as
horny as ever. Are you as horny as hell too?" "Yeah. What do we do now?"
"How about we undress each other and do a '69'?" "Huh? What's a '69'?",
Hannah queried.

"Daddy told me about it. It's even better!!! Shall we start?"

"Okay, whatever", Hannah replied, shrugging her shoulders.

"Here's what we do...", and with that, Miranda got up and motioned for
Hannah to get up as well. After getting up, Miranda suddenly kissed Hannah
on the mouth, fingering her clit through her school skirt afterwards. It
caught Hannah by surprise.

"What did you do that for?", said Hannah, frowning at Miranda.

"I couldn't help it.... it was on impulse.... I think I love you!",
Miranda giggled, fingering her clit faster and harder.

To her astonishment, Hannah found herself getting all funny in her
stomach, becoming turned on, by Miranda's simple statement. Hannah was at
loss for words, regaining her composure later on, "I don't know how, but I
am kinda getting attracted to you." Pausing briefly for a few seconds,
Hannah kissed Miranda back on impulse, feeling the butterflies in her
stomach. Hannah felt her pussy throb, so she fingered her clit to relieve
the sensations. The two dirty schoolgirls were now fingering their
clitties together.

Once again, Miranda kissed Hannah on the lips. That was the signal for
Hannah to kiss back. Hannah kissed back with a bit more passion, gazing
longingly into Miranda's eyes. Overcome by latent desire, Miranda and
Hannah started kissing English- style, their kisses becoming more and more
passionate. Miranda then attempted pushing her tongue in Hannah's mouth.
Hannah felt the tongue prodding her lips and suddenly backed off.

"What do you think you are doing, Miranda?"

"Umm... you know, we were kissing and all that."

"Yeah, so?"

"Do you know what that was?"

"Yeah, just a kiss."

"Yes, but it is more than that. Kisses can come in many different
varieties. The kissing we have been doing is called English-style kissing."

"Oh. Any other varieties?"

"Yes, there's one called the Eskimo kiss, where you rub noses together.
Then there's French kissing, where you put your tongue in the other
person's mouth, and the other person does the same thing, putting his/her
tongue in your mouth. You and the other person just rotate tongues. It's
absolutely fabulous!"

"NO WAY!!! I'M NOT GONNA DO THAT!!!", Hannah grimaced, suddenly getting
cold feet, backing off from her now seriously unbalanced friend, her
clit-rubbing now forgotten. "GET OUT!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I DON'T WANT

The rejection had an unexpected effect on Miranda. The rejection hurt
Miranda's feelings, and she really hated being rejected. Suddenly, Miranda
became very angry and lashed out. PHOCK!!! WHAM!!! THUMP!!! Miranda
punched Hannah in the face, cutting her lip, before delivering a blow to
continued punching Hannah and kicking her ass hard, really giving Hannah a
severe beating.

"WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!", Hannah sobbed in agony, "PLEASE



Suddenly, it went quiet. No more sounds could be heard. Blood was
oozing freely from Hannah's eyes, nose and mouth, soiling her torn school
uniform. Miranda stood up unsteadily, breathing raggedly, to assess her
work. Her uniform was also soaked with blood, but also with sweat as well
from the severe beating. Hannah could be seen sobbing and sniffing
quietly, her salty tears mixing with her blood.

"Now, are you gonna french kiss me or what?", Miranda announced,
regaining her breath at last.

Poor Hannah was now afraid of Miranda, especially after the severe
beating she had just given her. Not wishing for a repeat, Hannah nodded
demurely, absolutely terrified. Hannah had never imagined that Miranda
could be such a fighter.

Poor Hannah's plight struck a chord within the deep reaches of Miranda's
conscience, making Miranda guilt-ridden. "Hey, Han, I'm sorry for beating
you up. I really am sorry. You see, I don't take rejection too well, and
I couldn't help but see red, so I had to punish you. Let me fix you up.
Where's the Dettol and the Band-Aid?" "Iff ... sob ... she ... sob ...
bashrome... sob ...", Hannah mumbled, betwen sobs. "In the bathroom?
Okay, I will get them."

A few minutes later, Miranda came back with a bowl of warm-hot water,
ladies' tissues, antiseptic cream and some Band-Aids. "Here, this will
make you feel better. You had better take your clothes off." Not wishing to
make Miranda angry again, Hannah meekly complied, taking her clothes off.
Now, she was clad in her little girl vest and panties, the crotch of her
panties stiff like starch. "I reckon you had better hide your torn uniform
and ask your daddy to get you a new one. There's still some blood on your
vest and pants. Take them off as well.", Miranda commented. Hannah was
only too ready to do what Miranda wanted, so she took her underwear off as
well. Now, Hannah was fully nude, her modesty dictating that she cover her

Miranda started fixing Hannah up, cooing sympathetically. "I'm really
sorry for this. Will you forgive me?" There was no reply from the
terrified Hannah. "Never mind, if you don't want to forgive me, that's
okay." Miranda was a deft hand at nursing, pouring the Dettol into the
warm-hot water, and applying the Dettol-soaked tissues to the cuts on
Hannah's face, cleaning them and soothing them with the antiseptic cream.
Miranda decided against putting any Band-Aids on Hannah's face.

Miranda stood back to survey her nursing. Contemplating for a few
minutes, Miranda finally announced, "I will let you off today. We can
forget about that french-kissing stuff for the time being, okay? We can do
that later on. Will you be alright, Han?" Hannah nodded meekly. Miranda
then hugged Hannah. "I'm really sorry about this, and I really feel bad.
Promise me you won't tell anyone?" Still hugging Miranda, Hannah nodded her
head. "Okay, see you in the morning.", and with that, Miranda left. Hannah
put on her dressing gown, and sat down in a far corner of her room, sobbing



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