For those who don't know what "Neighbours" is, it is an Australian
television soap set in the dull Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough, where
all the characters, except Jenny Handley, Reuben White, Wendy, Miranda,
Stonefish and Toadfish, live in a quiet cul- de-sac called Ramsay Street.

Philip Martin and his 12-year-old daughter Hannah lodge with Lucy
Robinson and Helen Daniels, Lucy's grandmother, at No. 26 Ramsay Street.
Philip's other daughter, Debbie, is currently staying with Rosemary
Daniels, Helen's adopted daughter and head of the Robinson Corporation
hotel chain, in New York, U.S.A. Lucy used to be employed as a fashion
model, working overseas in Singapore, but became unemployed after her
photographer husband David ran off with all the money, her career taking a
nosedive, so she had to return to sweet ol' Australia. Helen is a
professional artist, and Philip runs the news agency on Lassiter's Arcade,
after having managed a bank and Lassiter's Hotel for a while.

The Carpenter-Stark clan, consisting of Louis (Lou) Carpenter, Cheryl
Stark, Danielle (Danni) Stark, Brett Stark and new baby Louise Carpenter,
reside at no. 22. Lou Carpenter is the family head, but Cheryl Stark,
mother of Danni and Brett, is very much an independent woman in her own
right, owning the "Chez Chez" public house which used to be called "The
Waterhole". Although Lou and Cheryl have never married, Cheryl having been
married once before at the young age of 18 to Danni's and Brett's father,
it hasn't stopped them from having baby Louise together, and from Lou
becoming Mayor of Erinsborough after an internal council election. Lou is
the owner of a automobile showroom, and is an experienced used car dealer.
Danni is diabetic, so she has to watch her insulin level.

Marlene Kratz and grandson Sam reside at no. 24, along with Annalise
Hartman and Cody Willis. Marlene Kratz is Cheryl's mother, and Sam, being
around the same age as Annalise, is employed as a general handyman and
landscape gardener. Cody Willis has just left Erinsborough High, after
getting excellent marks in the High School Certificate (H.S.C.)
examinations, and is now studying medicine along with good friend Jenny
Handley, a fellow student, at Erinsborough University. Jenny is a mature
student, having been a few years out of school, because she had to care for
her seriously-ill sister. Jenny took up medicine so that she could find out
more about her sister's condition.

Mark Gottlieb and his sister Serendipity (Dippy) share No. 30 with Luke
Handley, Jenny's brother and an arts graduate employed as a pizza
deliveryman. Mark is studying at Erinsborough University to become a
priest, after saying "No" to Annalise at the altar, while Dippy runs a nice
little fashion business along with business partner Danni who comes up with
ideas for different designs. It was Mark who discovered Lucy working as a
dancer in a local nightclub, and brought her back to Helen's arms. Lucy
has an alcohol problem, and relies on Mark for support. Although Mark is
currently studying to become a priest, he is professionally trained as head
chef, having worked in the famous Paris hotels, and used to be employed in
the kitchens at Lassiter's Hotel, but become unemployed after an argument
with hotel boss Alan Crowley over giving leftover food to the poor and the
homeless. Mark has just bought into the catering business, by buying out
Annalise's lease on "The Hungry Bite" cafeteria, with ambitious plans to
turn "The Hungry Bite" into a cafeteria/pizza place, with Luke providing
the pizza experience and knowledge.

The Kennedy family, comprising of Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Malcolm
Kennedy, Elizabeth (Libby) Kennedy and William (Billy) Kennedy, reside at
no. 28, after having bought it in a house auction from the previous
owners, Doug and Pam Willis, Cody's parents. Karl is the family head and
is employed as a doctor in his own private practice on Lassiter's Arcade,
while wife Susan is employed as a part-time English teacher at Erinsborough
High. The Kennedy children are all at Erinsborough High, along with Hannah
Martin, Danni and Brett Stark.

Libby is currently infatuated with Luke, despite Luke being about 10
years older than her, Malcolm is dating Danni and Philip is currently
dating Jenny, while Sam and Annalise are very much in love, sharing the
same bed. Helen is seeing Reuben White, whom she met by accident in
Marlene's antiques shop, Reuben having followed Helen's art career with
great interest. Wendy and Miranda are Hannah's same-year friends at
Erinsborough High, Stonefish ("Stonie", offically registered on the birth
register as Kevin Rebecchi) is Cody's same-year friend as well, but he is
currently taking Year 12 again for the second time, having failed his
H.S.C. examinations, and Toadfish ("Toadie", offically registered as Jared
Rebecchi), Stonie's younger brother, is Billy's best friend at Erinsborough

Now, enough of the introduction. Let's get on with the story!

Horny Neighbours Part 1 (f/solo,m/f,m/m,voy,inc)
by The Scan Boy

It is dawn, with the sun just rising on Ramsay Street. All is quiet,
except for a few birds starting the dawn chorus. It was going to be yet
another boring quiet day, but little did everyone know how the day was
gonna turn out.

The first stirrings came from no. 26, where we find Hannah waking up
drowsily from a deep sleep, propping herself up. Feeling a damp patch
between her legs, Hannah exclaimed "Oh, no! Not again! Now I'm really for
it!!!" But the damp patch had a strange smell. Instead of smelling of
sweet little girl piss, it smelt of something else. Hannah noticed it, and
couldn't figure it out, mystified and puzzled for some moment, trying to
recall if she had experienced that smell before. Deciding that it was a
new smell, she then decided to take the sheets off, and put them in the
washing machine, before anyone noticed. After doing that, she went to the
bathroom to have a pee. Taking her PJ trousers and pants off, she noticed
that they were sticking to her hairless crotch, and had the same smell as
the damp patch. Now, she was truly mystified. What the hell had happened?
Any bleeding down there? Nup, can't see any red blotches on her pants.

Still trying to figure it out, Hannah sat down to have her pee, bringing
her underpants closer to her face. The smell was much stronger than
before, and it was very intoxicating. Hannah was so overcome by her little
girl fumes that she couldn't help getting curious, so while sitting down on
the toilet seat and pissing at the same time, she took off her PJ trousers
and pants so that she was completely naked from the waist down, and bent
over to admire her hairless crotch and piss for a while, marvelling at how
her body could manufacture liquids and solids for excretement, before
investigating the curious smell.

Hannah started off by sniffing the crotch band of her white pants. The
smell wasn't altogether too unpleasant, and had a certain sexy quality,
with Hannah becoming turned on. Risking a taste, Hannah took a little lick
of the crotch band, and discovered something strangely nice and exotic, so
she decided to lick some more. After discovering that she actually liked
the taste, she started licking all over her pants, tentatively with little
licks at first then giving great licks when she discovered that there was
no harm in licking her pants, til there were none of the stuff left to
lick. "Hmm... that was really lovely and interesting. Never tasted
anything like that in my life before. Wonder what is it?"

Hannah was now definitely turned on. She felt something all funny and
tingly in her crotch, and wiping her inner pussy lips after she had
finished her pissing, she gave a jump as if struck by electricity. "WOW!
That's never happened before!" Wiping her pussy lips again, she got the
same electric shock. "Now, that's really strange!" Sniffing the wet toilet
paper, she could smell the piss, but there was also something else there,
on the toilet paper. Hannah soon recognised it as the same mysterious
smell. "Oh, I see. That smell must have some from my thing." So, after
wiping her pussy lips for the third time with some fresh toilet paper,
carefully avoiding the place where she felt jolts of electricity, she
started exploring her pussy by fingering it, trying to find the place that
gave her the two electric shocks. She kept missing her little girl
clitoris a few times, before finally discovering it. She jumped again.
"Aha, that must be the right place." Never realising that her clitoris was
very sensitive, she pressed hard. "OW! That hurts. I should have touched
it softly in the first place." So, she then touched her clitoris again,
softly this time. Her clitoris responded, and she got that tingly feeling
developing all over her body. She was surprised that she actually enjoyed
that tingling feeling, and became lost in her sensations, closing her eyes
and stroking her clitoris harder and faster, getting more and more turned

Hannah was so lost in her masturbation, that she never heard her daddy
Philip coming into the bathroom. Philip was wakened from his sleep when he
heard Hannah scream "OW!", so he went to the bathroom to find out what was
hurting his darling daughter. Opening the bathroom door, he got the biggest
shock of his life. His darling Hannah was playing with herself!!! Philip
was paralysed for a few moments, with his mouth wide open and his eyes
bugging out, before coming to his senses. Shutting the door abruptly
without a sound, Philip went back to bed, too shocked to think or say
anything, and soon fell asleep. Soon, the dreams came, of seeing Hannah
playing with herself, sweet little innocent Hannah, the sweet little girl
who was only a baby few years ago, the little girl who loved to play with
dolls, and then back to the recent memory of Hannah playing with herself.
It bothered Philip that Hannah was no longer an a-sexual girl, being
uncomfortable with Hannah's emerging sexuality, keeping him turning over
and over again in bed. Fixing on the recent memory of Hannah playing with
herself, Philip stopped turning over, mesmerised and fixated by the sight.
To his surprise, Philip felt himself getting turned on, with his cock
hardening for the first time since his wife Julie passed away. Having had
no sex for a long time really bugged Philip, so he started stroking his
cock to relieve the sexual tension, but instead of calming down and cooling
down, he got more and more turned on, with his cock now as erect as a

Holding his cock in his right hand, Philip tiptoed quietly to the
bathroom, to avoid waking up Helen and cutting short Hannah's masturbation.
Opening the bathroom door silently, he found Hannah still lost in her
masturbation. Philip soon observed that Hannah was naked from the waist
down, so he decided that it would be fair that he be in the same condition
as his darling daughter, so he stripped off his boxer shorts. Fixating on
Hannah's hairless crotch and admiring that hairless crotch, Philip began
masturbating, slowly at first and then getting faster and faster, breathing
more and more heavily with lust for his darling daughter, his heart beating
like a hammer.

Lost in her masturbation, Hannah become aware of some strange hissing
noises, and paused for a moment. The strange noises were now distinct and
distinguishable, so she opened her eyes to see where the noises were coming
from. Hannah gasped with surprise when she saw her daddy in the doorway,
and her first instinct was to cover her crotch with her hands. But then
she noticed that her daddy was masturbating away in front of her. She was
repulsed at first, never having seen her daddy's cock before, averting her
eyes in a flash. Poor Philip was a bit slower to react and pulled up his
boxer shorts, but not before Hannah took another curious look at her
daddy's erect cock. "Sorry", Phil responded with an embarrassed mumble,
and silently shut the bathroom door, tiptoeing back to his bedroom.

Hannah felt uncomfortable, embarrassed and angry with herself at being
caught out by her dad. Bunching up her PJ trousers and little girl
panties, Hannah opened the door slightly ajar, checked the coast was clear,
and ran silently back to her bedroom. After making sure that her door was
locked, and lying on her bed with her legs spread far apart on fresh
sheets, Hannah closed her eyes and started thinking about her daddy
masturbating in front of her. Her hands soon drifted to her crotch area
and started fingering her clitoris, getting more and more turned on at the
sight of that cock. Hannah wondered if all cocks were like that, having
never seen a cock before in her whole life. She was really getting into
it, when she sensed a new sensation in her thing. She felt her vagina
contract and open with increasing frequency, spurring her to rub her
clitoris harder and faster. "AHHHHH!!!!!!!", Hannah screamed as she
orgasmed for the first time, shaking violently.

After her first orgasm had subsided away, Hannah felt something liquid
leaking from her bed, and got up. The liquid formed a little puddle on the
fresh sheets, so Hannah dipped her finger in it and tasted the liquid.
Realization was slowly developing on Hannah's face, as she linked what had
just happened with what she tasted on her panties. The words "orgasm" and
"wet dream" were not in her vocabulary, so she couldn't describe what had
just happened. "That must have been what I had last night." Tasting the
liquid once again, Hannah started licking all of it til there were none
left on the fresh sheets, and replaced the now-soiled sheets with some more
fresh sheets. Hannah is certainly a very busy girl this morning! Soon,
there was a banging on her door.

"What's up, Hannah? Are you hurt? Why is this door locked?" It was her
grandmother Helen, who was aroused from her sleep when Hannah screamed as
she orgasmed. Philip too heard it, and soon realised what it was, his wife
being a lusty screamer whenever she climaxed, so Hannah was following in
her mother's footsteps. "Like mother, like daughter." With a lustful
smirk, Philip got turned on, and started figuring out how to set up
situations where he would catch his daughter masturbating again, and
situations where he would approach the subject of sex with her.

"Umm... it's okay, gran. I just trod on one of my toys.", Hannah
called out to Helen. "Are you quite sure you are allright?" "Yep, I'm
perfectly fine. I'll come for breakfast later on." "Okay, see you then.",
and with that, Helen went back to her room to get changed for the day.
Wiping her crotch fresh again with one of her little girl tissues, Hannah
put on a fresh pair of pants and donned her school uniform, packing
everything ready for school.

Finding her daddy and gran sitting at the kitchen, Hannah flushed in
embarrassment when she saw her daddy giving her a naughty smirk and a wink
of the eye. Helen didn't notice anything, serving cornflakes with milk,
some toast and some orange juice. "Excuse me, I will get the paper and the
post", Helen commented, leaving the kitchen table. Soon, Philip and Hannah
were the only ones sitting at the kitchen table. Hannah gave a sudden
start when she felt Philip's hand on her leg, inching its way up under her
skirt, to her crotch area. "That was a nice show you put on for me - I
liked it and I enjoyed it, and I do love you very much.", Philip grinned.
Soon, Philip was fondling his darling daughter's crotch through her
panties. Hannah was surprised when she discovered the same sensations that
she had felt earlier developing again in her body.

Hannah went from a relaxed schoolgirl to a stiff and tense schoolgirl
with an expression of fear on her face, wondering if this was normal
behaviour and if this happened in all families. "Don't be afraid. I
promise you that I won't hurt you. I can guarantee you that you will enjoy
this very much.", Philip reassured her. Soon, Philip was fingering his
daughter's clitoris, being an experienced hand at that sort of thing and
knowing where to look for it. Hannah sensed the same tingly feelings
emanating from her crotch, and soon felt the vaginal contractions again,
relaxing and loosening up, getting turned on and sexually excited. Hannah
closed her eyes and started rocking the chair, making Philip give off a
lewd laugh. She was really getting into it, rubbing her crotch against
Philip's hand harder and harder, when she suddenly orgasmed, clenching her
teeth hard to stifle her cries of ectsasy.

Philip felt a damp fabric on his hand, and realised that his fingering
must have brought Hannah off, making her orgasm again, and grinned one of
those triumphant grins. "Darling, do you know what that is called?" Hannah
was lost in her reverie, waking up with a start and said "What? What did
you say?"

"Do you know what that is called?"

"What do you mean?"

"What happens when you have a liquid coming out of your thing after you
feel sensations in your thing."

"Oh, that."

"Yep, do you know what's it called?"

"No. Does it have a name?"

"Yes. What you have just had, is called an 'orgasm', or if you are
sleeping at night and a liquid comes out, then it's called a 'wet dream'.
Regardless of what people say, an orgasm gives you very nice feelings. Did
you like that?"

"Yes, daddy, I enjoyed it. I didn't know it even had a name. I must
have had a wet dream last night, because I found some smelly liquid on the
bed sheets. Does the liquid have a name?"

"Yes. I cannot remember what the scientific name for that liquid is,
but most people usually call it 'pussy juices', 'love juices' or 'sex

"Oh. Do boys get it too?"

"Yes, although very differently."

"How different?"

"Well, all girls, when they have had an orgasm, have a liquid coming out
of their thing. That liquid has many names, which I have just told you,
and it doesn't have an useful function apart from making your thing ready
for sex. But, when boys have an orgasm, a different sort of liquid comes
of their thing. That liquid is called 'semen', and it contains millions of
sperm, which is used to make babies."

"Wow! What about the things that those liquids come out of?"

"For girls, the thing is called 'pussy', 'cunt', 'quim', 'vagina' and
'vulva', although your thing that you can see in the mirror is called the
vulva, the proper scientific name being 'labia majora', and the liquid that
comes out of your pussy actually comes from your vagina, which is deep
inside your pussy. For boys, their thing is called 'penis', 'dick',
'cock', 'love shaft', 'love tool' and 'trouser snake', although the proper
scientific name is 'penis'. Anything else you want to know?"

"Wow. I don't know, umm.... how do I find my vagina?"

"Well, oh, look at the time! You had better get ready for school. We
can carry on tonight if you like. Is that O.K.?"

"Yes, great. How come you know a lot about sex?"

"When I was your age, I used to muck around with girls, experiementing
and doing stuff. Would you like me to do the same stuff with you?"

"Yes, I would like that!", Hannah said, with a mischievous grin.

"Ok, then, have a nice day. Be good.", and with that, Philip kissed
Hannah goodbye on her forehead, patting her bum. Hannah grinned back at
her darling daddy, flashing her pantied bum and wiggling it at him before
calling out "Goodbye!" to her gran on the way out. Coming in with the post
and the paper, Helen asked "Why was Hannah grinning?" Philip replied that
he had just told Hannah a good joke for her to pass on to her friends.
"Oh, what's that?" "Umm... just some little trivial thing, one of those
well-worn jokes you have heard before." "Oh, I see."

* * *

In the Kennedy household, Billy was on his way to the bathroom to brush
his teeth when he noticed Malcolm skulking around in the corridor
connecting the bathroom and their bedrooms. "Hey, Mal! What are you
doing?" Billy called out.

"SSSHHH!!!", Malcolm furiously gesticulated for Billy to be quiet, in
annoyance, holding a finger to his mouth.

"Sorry. What are you looking at?", Billy whispered.

"That stupid thick cow sister of ours has forgotten to latch the door,
and left the door slightly ajar. She has just had her shower and is now
drying herself. Man, look at that bod! I haven't seen Libby in the nude
since we were little when we both used to share bathing together. She's
developed some very nice titties and a gorgeous pussy!", Malcolm replied
with a soft lewd laugh.

Billy craned his neck to see what his brother was looking at, and when
he saw what Malcolm was looking at, he gasped, his eyes bugging out. "Wow!
I never realised Lib looking so gorgeous in the nude! I'm now feeling all
horny, just by looking at her."

"Try feeling my dick, then."

whispered angrily, shoving Mal away and turning back to the sight of Libby
drying herself off, annoyed and pissed off.

"Watch this....", and with that, Malcolm pushed his boxer shorts down.
Suddenly released from its fabric prison, his 8-incher dong sprang to
attention, almost knocking Billy's right eye out, and started stroking it

Billy put his hand up to defend his right eye from getting poked out,
but his hand inadvertly come into contact with Mal's cock, and Billy could
sense the unbelivable hardness in that cock. "Wow! You must have a real
hard cock. How long has it been hard?"

"Hmm... about 20 minutes, since I discovered the door being open this
morning and finding Lib in the nude."

"Oh. How come your dick is so long?"

"Excerise, mainly, but it helps if you have some pussy to play with."

"Like Danni's?"

"Yep. Damn, she has a helluva pussy. You must see it some time. Shall
I set it up with her?"

"Yeah, sure. That would be great, thanks." In thanks, Billy removed
Malcolm's hand from his dick, gripping it instead and started jacking Mal
off slowly.

"Hey! How did you know how to jack off?"

"Been playing with my willy since I was a baby."

"Hey, how come we never noticed? What about Mum and Dad? Don't they

"Nup, only on the sly, when no-one was looking."

"We must jack off together some time. Wouldn't that be great?......
Libby's coming out! Let's go back to our rooms before she catches us!"

Billy and Malcolm ran back to their rooms, Mal struggling to pull up his
boxer shorts and nearly falling over, both hoping that Libby wouldn't
notice anything. A few panicky moments passed by, and they heard Libby's
footsteps echoing down the corridor. After waiting for a few more moments,
both Billy and Malcolm opened their doors, almost at the same time, to
check that the coast was clear.

Billy and Malcolm noticed that they had both opened their doors at the
same time. Mal made the first move. "Are you still horny?" "Yeah, you
horny too?" "Yes, how about we jack off together in the bathroom? Now's a
good time as any." "Sure, let's.", and with that, Billy and Mal tiptoed to
the bathroom, and closed the bathroom quietly.

Billy asked "How do we jack off together?"

"I once borrowed this book on sexual positions from the library.
There's this position called '69', which might be what we have in mind."

"Hmm... how do we do it?"

"Well, you sorta lie on your back while I lie on top of you. My dick
will be over your face, while I am looking directly at your cock. That's
the basic '69' position, but we can also do it sideways. How about it?"

"Mal, I think I prefer it sideways."

"Ok, let's do it then!"

Billy removed his PJ trousers and underpants, while Mal removed his
boxer shorts. Billy then put a large towel on the floor, after checking
that the floor was dry, and positioned himself sideways on the towel. with
Malcolm bending down and also positioning himself in front of Billy. Now,
each was looking at the other's cock. Both started stroking and sucking
each other's cock, increasing the tempo as they both got more and more
turned on.

Suddenly, the bathroom door was opening. It was Lib!!! Still in the
nude and holding her now damp towel, she returned to the bathroom because
she had left her PJs and underpants behind. Finding the door shut, she was
puzzled because she'd sworn that she had left the door open when she
finished her shower. Opening the door, and discovering both Mal and Billy
on the floor, sucking each other's cocks, the shock was too great for her.
Libby stood motionless in antonishment with her mouth open, too shocked to
do anything.

Eventually, Libby came to her senses and closed the door quietly and
softly, tiptoeing back to her room and locking the door. She could hardly
believe it. Malcolm and Billy sucking each other's cocks!!! Are they gay
or what? Lib found Malcolm sucking Billy's cock really strange because she
thought that Mal was supposedly a straight heterosexual, and Billy sucking
Mal's cock also equally strange because he had been chasing older girls.
Coming to terms with that idea, she figured that both must have been horny,
that it wasn't a gay thing, but how did they both come to be so horny at
the same time, she didn't know. She figured that both must have been
looking at girlie magazines as usual, but what she didn't know was that
they both had seen her drying herself in the nude.

Closing her eyes to focus on the bathroom scene, Libby's thoughts
started wandering. She hadn't seen Mal in the nude since they were both
little, and Billy in the nude since he was a baby. She recalled the recent
image of their cocks. Wow! Malcolm sure had a pretty impressive cock, and
Billy's wasn't too bad either. Recalling their cocks made Libby turned on,
sensing the familar tingly feeling in her crotch. Libby put her right hand
on her clitoris to relieve that sensation, with her other hand fondling her
left tit. A smile developed on her face as she slowly masturbated herself.
Stroking her clitoris harder and faster as she got more and more turned on,
she suddenly orgasmed, with her pussy juices leaking out.

"HHHHSSSSSSSSS.....", Libby breathed huskily through clenched teeth. She
didn't want to risk screaming in pleasure for fear of waking her parents
up. Still horny, she started stroking her clitoris again, getting more and
more turned on, cumming later on.

After orgasming for the sixth time, Libby was now tired, but pleasurably
happy. The carpet near her bedroom door was soaked with her come, filling
her bedroom with her girly aroma. Libby revelled in her body smells.
Wiping her pussy clean, Libby started dressing herself ready for school,
forming plans in her mind to have illicit sex-charged sessions with Malcolm
and Billy.

Malcolm and Billy were still sucking each other's cocks, and getting
into it. "Ahhh, Billy, I'm cumming! Are you ready?", Malcolm whispered
throatily. "I can feel the jism coming too!", Billy breathed. SPLURT!
SPLURT! Mal's come suddenly shot out of his cock, finding its way into
Billy's mouth. "Ahhh..... That feels abs-fucking-solutely great." Billy's
wad was also snaking its way down Mal's throat. "Oh, God! That's the
first time I have ever had a blowjob. Has Danni ever given you blowjobs
before?", Billy sighed with pleasure. "Sure, and I damn love it!!!"

Relaxing on the bathroom floor, completely spent, Malcolm and his
younger brother laid motionless, recovering from their mutual orgasms. A
few minutes ticked by, before Malcolm got up, and announced that they
should be getting ready for school. After washing their dicks, Malcolm and
Billy went back to their rooms to get ready for school. A few minutes
later on, they joined Libby in the lounge. Libby was eating her breakfast
at the table. Their parents hadn't woken up yet. Libby looked up with
smoldering eyes when Malcolm and Billy came in, visualizing them in the
nude. Malcolm and Billy were both unaware of the incestuous interest in
Libby's eyes, concentrating on fixing their breakfasts.

"BRETT!!! DANNI!!! BREAKFAST'S READY!", Cheryl yelled out. Her yell
finally aroused Brett and Danni from their drowsy sleep, Brett waking up
first. Being the first to wake up, Brett decided to take a dump, bringing
along a nudie magazine with young pre- teen girls in it. Brett was very
into young girls, having had no success with girls more his age, being a
bit of a dork.

* * *

Danni woke up a while later on, and decided to head for the bathroom
later on. Opening the bathroom door, she caught Brett in the process of
taking a dump. "OH, SHIT!!!", muttered Brett, closing the nudie mag
aruptly and rolling it, and pulling up his boxer shorts, flushed with
embarrassment. Danni decided to be bold, grinning with an impish grin.
"You having a nice toss?" "Why don't you just fuck off!", snarled Brett.
Danni noticed that he was holding some magazine. "What's that?", Danni
queried. "Oh, just nothing." "Come on, gimme it. I wanna see it.", Danni
cooed, starting to reach for it. "Why don't you just piss off?", Brett
mumbled in annoyance.

Observing that Brett was being stubborn, Danni decided to fight him for
it. Soon, there was a mighty tussle, with loud thumps and crashes, as Danni
tried to wrestle the magazine from Brett. "BRETT! DANNI! IF YOU ARE BOTH
FIGHTING AGAIN, I'M GONNA COMING UP!!!", Cheryl screamed out, hearing the
fighting sounds coming from what she imagined to be the landing. Soon,
Danni had won the fight, overpowering Brett and holding the nudie magazine
aloft, triumphant, pinning down Brett's arms with her legs, giving Brett a
nice unblocked view of her nightgown-clad body. Flicking through the
pages, Danni discovered what Brett had been looking at.

"So, is that what you are into, Brettles?", Danni sneered, "Any
particular young girl you are interested in? How about Hannah?" "Nothing,
just nick off.", Brett snarled, trying desperately to get his blasted
sister off. "Hmmm...", Danni pondered, pausing for a while before putting
her hand on his covered cock, "I see you still got a hard-on. Want me to
relieve it for you?" "Huh?", replied Brett, not believing what he was
hearing. "You may be a dork, and you may be my brother, but I noticed your
gorgeous cock while you were pulling your shorts up. It was too late for
you, but I wanna see it one more time. Now, pull your shorts off, or I'm
gonna tell the whole school what you are really into. Do we have a deal or

Brett was in a real tight spot. "OK, you win. Here goes.", and with
that, Brett took his shorts off. Released from its fabric prison, his
6-incher cock sprang into attention. "WOW! That's the biggest cock I've
ever seen!", Danni exclaimed in amazement. Getting turned on by the sight,
Danni took her nightgown off, exposing her nublie body. For the first
time, Brett was having a good eyeful of his sister's gorgeous tits and
hairy pussy, smirking all the time. "Like what you see?", Danni queried,
with an impish grin. Nodding his assent, Danni asked "Like me to mount
you?". Nodding his head again, Danni proceeded to aim her pussy over
Brett's erect cock and lowered herself on it.

A long and comfortable screwing soon started, with Danni fingering her
clitoris to help things along. Brett was totally intoxicated and lost in
his sister's pussy charms, closing his eyes and savouring in the pussy
sensations. The screwing tempo increased as both Danni and Brett got more
and more turned on, increasing until Danni was suddenly overcome with her
orgasm. "AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!", Danni hissed with pleasure. The sound of
Danni's lusty sighing drove Brett over the edge, shooting his load up her
love tunnel in response. After shaking violently from her orgasm, Danni
collapsed on top of Brett in exhaustion, both remaining motionless for a
few moments.

After recovering from their incestous act, Danni and Brett both got up,
washing their genitals clean. "Do you want me to fix you up with a girl
more your age, or would you rather prefer a prepubescent girl?", Danni
asked. After pondering on the question, Brett replied that he sure would
like to get off with a girl his age, but if that wasn't feasible, a young
prepubescent girl would suffice. "Hannah?", Danni queried. "Maybe, but I
don't know whether she will go for it. I don't think she knows that much
about sex. Maybe one of her friends would just do for me.", Brett replied.
"Well, I'll see what I can do.", and with that, Danni returned to her
bedroom to get dressed for school. Brett went back to his room as well,
also to get ready for school.

* * *

Danni, Brett, Libby, Malcolm, Billy and Hannah all met each other in the
street, walking as a group to school. They all greeted each other in the
usual platonic friendly manner, except Danni & Malcolm, both french-kissing
each other since they were an "item", but Danni, Brett, Libby Malcolm,
Billy and Hannah were all thinking lustful thoughts, with Danni thinking of
screwing her brother, Brett imagining Hannah in the nude and getting his
rocks off with her, Malcolm & Billy imagining each other's cocks, Libby
forming some plans in her head for getting off with Malcolm & Billy, and
Hannah daydreaming about having some fun with her darling daddy. Life was
certainly going to be exciting for the horny teenagers.



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