This in now way reflects the activities of the characters mentioned in the
story. It is mealy fiction and is not meant to be taken seriously. I use the
characters names in this story as it seemed easier.

Libby Kennedy - Kim Valentine
Stephanie Scully - Carla Bonner
Flick Scully - Holly Valance
Dione Bliss - Madeline West
Elly Conway - Kendel Dunn

Neighbours: Driving Through The Neighbourhood (M/f,M/F)
by The Flying Anvil ([email protected])

"Well it all started when I was travelling around Australia. I hired a car
and started my adventure going along the coast of this beautiful land. When
travelling through Erinsbourgh I began hearing a strange rattling coming
from my hire car. As it was not my car I began to worry, and I began to look
around for a garage to get it looked at. But as it was nearly 9 at night I
did not think I would have much luck. After sometime of searching with no

I began to look for anyone who may be of some help. I saw this young looking
girl standing at a bus stop with brown hair held back with a pink band. A
purple sleeveless top, which showed her firm, body well. She was wearing a
short purple skirt. I pulled over by her and asked her for directions. She
said that she would show me the way if I would give her a lift to a club she
was going to. I agreed and she got in the car. She said her name was Elly
Conway. She began to flirt with me and asked me to guess her age. I said
that I thought she was at least 18. She smiled a mischievous smile and shook
her head and said she was still at school. I was shocked at this and nearly
swerved of the road.

This banter continued until we arrived at a place called Lou's garage. She
jumped out the car and started to knock on the door but nobody was answering.
At this time I noticed what a nice arse she had. She came back with the news
it was closed but she knew of another place were I could get my car checked
out. But she had another demand from me before she told me. She reached over
and began to French kiss me though I knew it was wrong I did not try to stop
it. My hand began to move over the sixteen-year-olds body finally resting on
her firm backside. She pulled me outside the car and rested me on its bonnet
she wrenched down my jeans and pants. She began to wank of my semi erect
penis as it began to grow she began to lick my bell end. The feeling was one
of the most sensual I ever felt.

Just as I began to get bored of this feeling she gave me something completely
different sensation when the teen engulfed my whole knob in her soft moist
mouth. This talent was something she certainly did not learn in school, but I
would definitely give her an A star for her performance. I was seconds from
spurting my white stuff deep down her throat when she pulled my cock from her
mouth. She said that I could not get away that quickly. She stepped back and
pulled took off her tight white pants which were soaked with her pussy juice
and through them at me. I caught them and took a long sniff of her sweet
smelling panties. She lifted up her skirt to show off her smooth hair less
pussy. I was not sure if it was shaven or if hair just did grow there yet and
I didn't care I knew I needed to get my hot rod in Elle's tight cunt.

I threw her on to the hood of the car and shoved my modest knob deep into her
sweet vagina. She screamed in joy as I rammed myself deep inside Elle. She
was getting so wet and her lips began to loosen. I was slipping in and out
her pink lips and loving it. I pulled up on her top and began to suck on her
surprisingly big, pert breasts. She was loving it she was a real screamer.
But that turned me on even more. But I wanted to introduce her to something
she had never tried before.

I took myself out of her cunt to her surprise. She continued to frig herself.
I told her to turn over and to lie front down on. I grabbed some oil which
had been left behind from the previous day and spread it over her bombastic
arse. She kept tensing her for the upcoming impact. I did not make her wait
for long I plunged my penis deep in her virgin butt. She screamed more than
she did before. Her arse was so tight but the oil allowed me to slip in and
out of her anus. There was so much friction I thought the oil would set on
fire. But I did not last long before I spurted my hot spunk up her tight

I slipped out of her arse, which now looked like a person out of the black
and white minstrel show. I grabbed a rag from the ground and wiped up her
arse. Elly stood up with a big smile on her face and told me that it was the
best fuck she had ever had. She was tired and horny. But I really wanted to
get the car fixed. I told her to get in the car but she said she wanted to
catch her breath and she told me to go as she was not far from her home. She
said that one of her neighbours worked in a parts shop and she could help me.
She gave me directions and I headed off to get help.

* * *

I arrived at the parts shop at 10:30 and luckily a light was still on. I got
out of my car and knocked on the door. Within seconds a beautiful blond
haired girl in overalls opened it. I was shocked at this, I maybe slightly
behind the times but I expected a man to answer. Her large breasts were very
prominent under her overalls and she seemed happy to see me. She asked me
what I wanted and I told her I was having some trouble with my car. She came
out to have a look at it. I was embarrassed to find a perfect print of Elle
sweet arse. Steph being the lady she was ignored it and had a look at my
engine. She said she saw what the problem was but it was not going to be
cheap. I explained that I had little money and she said that if I came into
her office with her we could sort out.

I was nearly running to her office in anticipation of what was awaiting me.
Her office was a pretty normal a neat desk with a swivel chair behind it. She
sat on her desk with her legs wide open. I stood in the doorway unsure of
what to do. Steph started to undo her overalls and I knew exactly what to do
I started pulling off my clothes and within seconds we were both naked. Steph
started to rub her now wet cunt and I knew I needed to get a taste. I got
down on my knees and my tongue began to invade her hot Brazilian style slit
it tasted so good like the sweetest honey. I was having a good time, but she
was having a great time. She was screaming with ecstasy and her juices began
to fill my mouth.

I stood up and much to Steph's dismay, but she did not have to wait till she
had some pleasure again. I shoved my dick deep inside her cunt, which gave
her even more joy than she had, before I pumped in and out of her tight hole.
She started to scream even more than she did before. My head was on level
with her big juicy breasts. My head was drawn toward her pink nipples and I
suck on them long and hard.

After ten minutes of hard fucking we were both shagged out and I was ready
to splurge deep inside her. She could sense this and she made me withdraw
from her. It became obvious she wanted to taste my cum as she wrapped her
lips around my penis and she proceeded to give me the best blowjob of my
life. She seemed to be shocked at the taste of oil and her own juices but
she seemed to enjoy it. I enjoyed it more and I showed her by spurting deep
down her throat. She swallowed it all and after some rest we got changed
and she told me my car would be ready in the morning. She was going out the
door and told me that if I did not have anything else to do tonight her
sister needed some company as she was so lonely since her friends have gone
off to college. I thought if she were anything like her sister my night
would just keep getting better.

* * *

I arrived at the address she gave me at around 12:00. Though it was late I
was too excited about my upcoming confrontation and I knocked on the door
with excitement. With in seconds a very worried looking strawberry blonde
answered the door, I assumed it was Steph's younger sister Flick. She
whispered to tell me to follow her to her room but I needed to be quiet,
so we donít wake up her parents. Flick was thinner than her sister with
smaller breasts but a nicer arse. An arse I was willing to follow.

Her room was a typical teenage girl's room with posters of pop stars on her
wall and teddy bears on her bed. She was dressed in a pink dressing gown,
which really clung, to her assets. She sat on her bed staring directly into
my eyes with lust and I knew I had to move in. I sat down next to her an
embraced her in a long kiss. My hand reached under her dressing gown and
reached all over her hot young body. She felt so good and smooth. I pulled
down her gown to reveal her surprisingly large breasts I sucked on her pert
nipples. My hands drifted down to her shaven cunt and my fingers started to
invade her hole. She was loving it but was trying to with hold her moans of

I was now rock hard again and needed to spurt my juices in to another hot
young Aussie pussy. I stood up and began to pound my firm rod deep inside
her tight pussy. Her face was full of content by my loving and her nipples
were increasingly harder. I continued to pound away at her she began to
breath heavily but still tried to keep her noise down, but then I turned
her over to give her a truly new experience.

I grabbed some moisturising cream from her dressing table and began to
massage it into her firm young behind. She knew what I was doing but though
she could handle the pain or pleasure, which was about to come her way. I
shoved my cock into her butt; she began to scream in pain. I thought she
would get use to it but she did not get the chance as within seconds Joe
Scully burst through the door and after seeing what I was doing with his
favourite daughter proceeded to punch and kick the shit out of me. I don't
remember what happened after that. I must have been knocked out.

* * *

When I finally gained conciseness I found myself looking at the most
beautiful bleach blond I had ever seen and to make things better she was in
a nurse uniform. I saw via her name badge that her name is Dione. She looked
at me with concern in her eye. She asked how I was feeling to which I replied
that I was still feeling some pain in my groin area. She said that if I did
not mind she would check it out, as there were no male nurses available. I
told her it would be all right.

She went to close the blind on the windows, which allowed me to get a perfect
view of her nice arse. She then lifted up my covers to take a closer look at
the problem. She looked quite shocked at the size of it but she said that
there did not seem to be any obvious problems but she would take a closer
look. She took hold of my penis and began to squeeze and prod at my little
fella. As much as I tried I could not help getting hard again. She looked at
me understandingly and as I was trying to apologise she explained that she
get this sort of thing all the time and I was shocked to find her asking me
if I would like her to help me relieve myself. I was only too willing for
the help. With this she began to rub her small soft hands up my throbbing
erection. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience.

After about a minute of her masturbating my knob she suddenly stopped. I
looked down at her to see her pulling down her white panties and her climbing
on top of me. Her cunt felt like it was made to pleasure my cock. She was
still in her sexy white nurse's uniform and she really began to get into it.
She started to rub her breasts through her top and her tits began to fall out
of her top. Her jugs were quite large for such a petit women. Her nipples
were so hard and sweaty after her long day at work.

I was just about to cum deep inside Dee, but she got off and she rolled me
over and stuck her finger deep into my rectum. I was wondering what she was
doing, but then suddenly I had the most pleasurable sensation I had ever
felt. She made me cum with out even touching my dick. I blacked out with the

I woke up minutes later to see Dione fully dressed again. She said that she
thought I was ready to go and she left me to get change. When I got changed
she came back and asked if I needed anything else. After thinking about this
for a second I said that I had run out of money and I asked her about how I
could make some quick money and that is why I am here."

* * *

I looked across the living room to local reporter Libby Kennedy. She was
not the most attractive girl in the entire world, but her large breasts
compensated for anything her looks let her down on. It was obvious she had
gotten turned on by my stories of my fucking good days in Erinsbourgh as her
nipples have become increasingly more visible through her moss green blouse
and by the wet stains on her knickers, which I have been watching through
out the interview (I mean if she was going to sit with a short skirt and
with her legs wide open it is no surprise.)

She said "I may have to edit some of the language, but it could be just the
type of story to launch my new magazine." She stood up and said "$100 yeah"

"Yeah!" I said.

She said "I just have to go to the toilet before I get your money."

I nodded and she went off. A good 10 minutes has past with out her returning
so I decided to go and investigate. I walked down the hall she went down in
search of her I opened the first door I come to see her office. The next door
I'd come to is a little ajar so I quietly take a peak around the side. It
is the bathroom and she is sitting on the toilet with her skirt and panties
around her ankles. At first if thought she was just going to the toilet but
then I came to my senses as I saw her rubbing her wet cunt lips. I decided
that I might as well go for one final shag in Erinsbourgh.

I strip off and burst through the door to her surprise. When she recovered
from the initial shock she smiled an inviting smile which I replied with a
devilish smile. I walked in and she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth
wide. I shoved my dick into her fuckable face and I began to grind in and out
of her face.

I stopped after some time, as I needed to ge t myself some of her sweet
Australian apple pie. I proped her up on the sink and began to fuck her tight
vagina. We were both getting into it screaming with joy. The stitches from
her recent pregnancy were nearly broken due to the hardness of my fucking.
Before I came I withdrew from her cunt and ripped her blouse wide open and
started to suck on her juicy love globes. I suck so hard on her nipples she
start to produce milk. I gulp down the juice from her tits before lying her
on the floor and I positioned myself over her ample bosoms. I squeeze her
tits together and I grind in and out before cumming all over her face.

I stood up and we both got changed. Libby said "After that I'm going to pay
you double."

She gets her purse and gives me $200. We then French kiss goodbye and I go
back to the garage to find my car looking brand new. Unfortunately Steph is
nowhere to be seen. I get in my car and drive out of Erinsbourgh thinking
of my two days of adventures and dreaming of what will happen in the rest of
my road trip around the coast of Aussie Land.

The End

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