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NOTE: This story is based on a passage from the earlier NEIGHBOURS story. Hot
Night In. In which Anne tells Hannah that she had pimped herself out to the
boys at school.

Neighbours: Anne's Business Part 1 - Helping Hand (mf,hand,exhib)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

At 17, Anne Wilkinson was every bit the ideal teenage girl. Smart, beautiful
and very popular... Mostly with the boys. She was slim and quite busty for
her age with large brown eyes and long brunette hair, which she usually wore,
pulled back from her stunning face. But sadly for the boys at school she was
taken. She had been seeing Billy Kennedy for a while now and the two were
very much in love.

At school Anne was the centre of attention. She had the highest grades,
she was in all the clubs and was liked by everyone. But ever since she
had started her last year at High school she had noticed that there was
something else she was getting known for. One day she was outside in the
yard and overheard some younger students talking across the yard. Maybe
they didn't know that their voices would carry that far or maybe they
didn't care.

"Christ that Anne is hot." She heard one of the boys say.

"Look at those tits."

"Yeah." Another said.

"Last week I was in the coffee shop and she came in with her boyfriend. She
was wearing a tight top and she bent over and I saw right down it."

"No way!" The others said.

"Yep. They're fucking huge." Anne smiled to herself at this. She had worn
that top to get Billy hard and it seemed like it had done it for more then
just him.

"Man I'd love to fuck her." The first boy said.

"I bet she gives great head. I mean look at those fucking lips." Anne thought
about this for a second. She quite enjoyed sucking Billy's cock. He told her
she was very good at it. She suddenly found herself thinking of sucking the
cock of the boy who had said it.

"I just want to fuck her arse." A third boy said. Anne laughed to herself.
That boy looked like he was no more then thirteen or fourteen. He had
probably never seen a boob let alone fucked a girl before. The bell rang
and Anne reached down for her bag to head into class. When she looked up
she saw that all but one of the boys had gone. It was the one who hadn't
said anything. He was trying to not look as if he was looking at her but
wasn't doing a very good job of it. Anne pulled a book out of her bag and
pretended to look at a page. As she did this she crossed her long legs
and pulled her already short skirt up higher to show off her thigh. She
looked out of the corner of her eye at the boy. He wasn't making any kind
of effort now. He was gazing at her legs and as she looked down she saw a
noticeable bulge in his pants. She dropped her hand down and ran it over
her thigh and saw the bulge grow more.

"Sam. Shouldn't you be in class now?" It was Susan Kennedy.

"Yes Miss." The boy said grabbing his bag and quickly covering his bulge.

"You too Anne." Anne stood up and headed inside behind the boy. As she walked
through the door she saw that he had stopped at the notice board pretending
to look at the timetable.

"Like what you saw Sammy?" She whispered as she walked past. He gaped as he
watched Anne walk up the hall, swinging her hips ever so slightly. 'That was
fun' Anne thought to her self as she turned the corner. 'A lot of fun.' She
admitted as she felt the moistness creeping into her panties.

Two weeks passed and Anne was getting quite a reputation for flirting with
the boys at school. She was always showing off her legs in the yard and as
much of her body as her uniform would allow. On the Friday of the first week
the school had a free dress day and she took the chance to show off as much
as she could. She wore a tight an very low-cut black top and a matching mini
skirt. Billy had noticed that all the boys had been looking at her, but he
soon forgot about that when Anne pulled him into the girl's toilet and gave
him a very fast and sloppy blowjob. The next Monday, as she stood in line at
the tuck shop, she felt someone standing close behind her. She didn't know
who it was but she just reached back and rubbed their crutch for a second.
The cock she met was already slightly hard and her touch just made it stiffen
further. It was very big and she squeezed it hard and heard the boy moan
softly. As she got to the front of the line and was placing her order she
bent slightly and pushed her butt back to rub against her new friend. His
cock was still very hard and in the crowded, noisy line nobody noticed as
the boy reached down and ran a hand over Anne's butt through her skirt. Anne
sighed as the hand squeezed and needed her cheek softly until she got her
order and left the cue. She turned back to see that it had been Sam, the boy
from the week before she had been playing with.

'Shit! He's big for his age.' She thought to herself as she walked away.

Two days later Anne had a free class and went outside into the bright sun of
the yard to read. She sat down and took out her book. After a few minutes she
heard a sound coming from the bushes off to one side of her. At first she
thought it had been a bird but as she continued to listen she swore she could
hear breathing. Anne realised that it must be someone watching her in the
bushes. It didn't surprise her. She hadn't thought it would be long before
she had boys doing this sort of thing. She once again crossed her legs and
hiked up her skirt for her admirer. The breathing from the bushes became
louder and she heard a soft moan.

'Should I?' She asked herself.

'Why not.'

"Hey there." She said aloud, looking over to the bushes.

"Enjoying the show?"

"Shit!!!" Came a voice from the bushes. Then she heard a loud thump and a
grunt. Anne stood up and walked over to the bushes and saw, laying on the
ground still with his cock in his hand...


"Oh shit!" Sam said, looking up in horror.

"Looks like your busted." Anne said in mock tones of surprise.

"Please." Sam said getting to his feet.

"Please don't tell Mrs Kennedy."

"Why would I do that." Anne said with a smile.

"You were just doing what any healthy boy would do when looking at a girl.
Tell me Sammy. Do you think I'm pretty?"

"Uh huh." Sam said.

"Were you getting off watching me?"

"Uh huh."

"Want a hand?"

"What?" Sam said in shock.

"Ever been touched by a girl before?" Anne said ignoring his surprise and
moving towards him.

"I'll take that as a no." She said after Sam let out a small squeak. She
stood a inch away from him and lent forward to plant a soft kiss on his

"I... I don't know what to..."

"Don't worry babe." Anne said reaching down and pulling Sam's hand away from
his cock gently.

"Let me take care of that." She then kissed him on the mouth.

His mouth opened and the two explored each other's mouths with their tongues.

'He's not a bad kisser for a kid.' Anne thought as Sam's hands reached around
her and grabbed her arse through her skirt.

"Now." She said out loud.

"Let's see about this big, fat cock of yours Sammy." She reached down again
and grasped his rock-hard tool in both hands. It was very big. At least nine
inches and the head was like a mushroom.

"SHIT!!!" Sam said as Anne gave his cock a hard tug.

"Shhhh." Anne said as she gave it another tug.

"Don't want to be found out before you cum do you?"

"No." Was all Sam could say. Anne smiled and started to tug on Sam's prick
harder and faster, building up a steady rhythm. Sam's eyes rolled back in
his head as Anne pumped his cock while whispering in his ear.

"Is this what you want? A dirty little slut to jack your cock till you blow
your load everywhere? Huh? Is that what you want to do? Want to cum for me?"

"Oh fuck!!!" Sam grunted as he hit climax.

Anne quickly pulled one hand away from his twitching cock and placed it about
an inch away from the head just in time to catch the first hot stream of cum.

"Cum for me baby. Let me feel your hot load in my hand. Give me your hot
cum... All of it." She jerked his cock hard as he continued to grunt and
moan. As his orgasm subsided, Anne bent forward again and kissed him deeply.

"That's my boy." She cooed into his ear as a last jet of cum shot into her
hand. She stood back, lifted her hand to her lips and in front of a stunned
Sam, preceded to lick it clean of his cum.

"Yummy." She said after she was finished.

"Have fun honey?"

"Yes." Sam managed to say as he put his still hard cock back inside his

"We should do it again." Anne said with a wicked grin.

"But it won't be free next time."


"I want you to do something for me Sammy. Tell all your friends that I am
more then happy to have a bit of fun with them for the right price."

"Price?" Sam asked.

"Let's say... Five bucks for a kiss... Ten for a hand job like I just gave
you... Twenty for a blowjob and for fifty I will do what ever they want. I'll
fuck them any way they like. Sound fair?"

"I guess." Sam said in shock at the very business-like manor that Anne was
giving the prices for her time.

"Great." Anne said moving to step out of the bushes.

As she walked away from Sam. Anne smiled to herself at the thought of all
the fun she was about to have… And how much Billy would love the new leather
jacket she would get him for his birthday with the money from her new



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