This story stars the Neighbours' characters, Boyd Hoyland (Kyal Marsh) and
the lovely Sky Mangel (Stephanie McIntosh). It is totally fiction, and I
don't own any of these characters. They are the property of Grundy
Productions. This is my first story so be kind!

Neighbours: A First Time For Everything (MF)
by Slayer 5 ([email protected])

It was raining hard outside as Boyd and Sky sat watching TV. There was
nothing interesting on and Boyd was beginning to get bored.

"Isn't there something more interesting we can do?" he said after another
half hour of boredom.

"Well if you can find something more interesting to do then do it!" Sky
exploded. She was secretly beginning to feel more and more attracted to Boyd
but so far she hadn't admitted it, not even fully to herself.

Getting bored again Boyd started flipping through channels but in his
lazyness he touched the play button on the controller and the video player
started up. Immediately the picture on the TV a bed...and two
naked people kissing. Boyd sat up interested in something at last.

"BOYD! So whose is this then?" teased Sky.

"I dunno, can't be Summer's. I bet it's my Dad's, he probably forgot to
remove the tape this morning. I didn't think he'd still be into this kind of

By now the man's head was moving slowly down, he was kissing every inch of
the woman's body and from her expression she was clearly enjoying it! Now
Boyd was really starting to enjoy it, so much so that he started to get an
errection, right in front of his girlfriend. Boyd wasn't the only one
however, Sky, a person who'd never really thought about sex before found
herself becoming aroused. She felt an urge to play with herself but she
couldn't, not with Boyd there. It had taken here weeks to build up her
relationship with Boyd and she didn't want to do anything that might scare
him off.

The man and woman on the video were having sex now. A very noticeable bulge
had developed in Boyd's jeans and Sky was worried she might leave a wet patch
on the sofa.

"Should we really be watching this?" Boyd finally said in a final effort to
divert attention away from the tent forming in his jeans.

"Don't you want to? Are you really telling me that you're not in the least
bit interested in sex?" Boyd was taken aback. It was becoming difficult for
him to focus now on anything but sex at this moment and now his girlfriend
was asking this.

"Boyd," Sky almost whispered, "do you want to have sex?"

"What now! Here?"

"It's as good a place as anywhere. Come on Boyd." He was already tempted by
the offer and her final, well it almost sounded like a plea tipped him over
the edge.

"Ok, but let's do it in my bedroom." They both rushed in and slammed the
door, the video forgotten about. Boyd rushed to take his t-shirt off; Sky
was struggling with her assortment of clothes. Eventually she removed her
top and stood there, her giant breasts swaying slightly inside her large
bra. Slowly she unclasped it and freed her massive breasts. "Are you just
planning on watching?" she teased Boyd who was standing half-entranced by
her perfect globes. He obediantly took out his already hard cock and began
to stroke it slowly.

Sky started massaging her breasts, kneading them, finally flicking the
nipples with her tongue. One hand slowly snaked down to her pants and she
began to rock her hips. They both moved over to Boyd's bed and sat down,
Sky finally removing her pants and exposing her unshaven bush to Boyd's
fascinated eyes.

One finger was tracing a line around her outer lips before finally sliding
in and out. Her fingers were soon wet with juice, a sign of how horny she
really was. Boyd too was enjoying himself, pumping his fist faster and

They were both beginning to moan sofly now when Boyd said "I think it's
time." Sky's only response a slightly urgent nod of her head. She layed down
on his bed as Boyd got ontop and positioned himself. "Boyd, I just thought
you should know, I'm a virgin. You're going to have to pop my cherry." Now
Boyd was even more nervous but he couldn't wait any longer. He lowered his
cock, teasing her lips before sliding it slowly into her wet pussy. Even
though she was highly aroused there was considerable resistance and he almost
pulled out as she winced. Not far in he reached it, her hymen and began to
push. Sky was close to tears but she didn't say anything; and then finally
it was done. Boyd's cock slid in to the max. Sky gasped in a mixture of pain
and pleasure, nothing had ever penetrated her so deep before.

Her pussy began to ache as Boyd pulled out only to thrust in again hard. For
Boyd the tightness was almost unbearable and he began to speed up as he got
closer...closer. Sky could feel it too and she begun to shake with the
impending orgasm. Finally Boyd couldn't take it anymore and he released,
shooting his cum deep up into her pussy, bringing Sky to an incredible
orgasm. Her whole body was on fire, her hands clenched into fists, gripping
the bed clothes, her tight cunt squeezing his cock hard.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES!!!" she screams at the top of her lungs, almost blacking
out from the pleasure. Finally, her breath coming in ragged gasps she begins
to come down, her satisfied body relaxing on the bed.

"Boyd, that was incredible. Was it as good for you too?" she says lovingly
as she leans up to kiss him.


After a few minutes Sky noticed that Boyds cock was back to its fully erect
state. "Do you wanna try something else?"


" anal sex?" Again Boyd is stunned but after their previous sexual
experience anything seems possible. Sky is quick in getting on her hands and
knees, her ass waving in the air invitingly. Boyd positioned his cock at her
ass hole and slowly slid it in. If her pussy was tight it was nothing
compared to the heaven that her ass was but it was almost too tight, he was
having trouble fitting his whole 6 inches in. With a grunt he finally managed
it and Sky squeled - she'd discovered she loved a good ass fucking. "Go on.
Give it to me hard!" Boyd started pumping into her like a piston, his whole
bed shaking with each thrust. Sky was close to screaming with pleasure as she
lowered her hand to her pussy and began to finger fuck herself.

This time it was Sky's turn to orgasm first. "YEEEEEESSSSSSS OH FUCK THAT'S
IT YEAHHH!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as her pussy clenched
around her fingers, squirting out juice like a fire hose. Boyd pulled out
and squirted his cum all over her back. They both collapsed on his bed, Sky
covered in Boyd's cum.

Their mouths locked in a passionate embrace as they lay next to each other,
covered in each others juices but feeling more happy then they had in a long
time. Their connection would forever be special.

Suddenly they head the front door slam and Boyd's father, Max yelled, "BOYD?
IS EVERYTHING OK?" Boyd was too terrified to say anything and even Sky was
beginning to panic, though she'd never let that on to Boyd. A knock came at
the bedroom door but they both kept silent. Outside Max stood there for a
moment, he was sure that Boyd said he would be at home today. Maybe he was
wrong, he was late for a meal with Steph anyway and tonight he was hoping to
get lucky. "Oh well" he thought to himself as he scooped up some flowers he
had bought and walked out the house.

"That was so close!" Sky said, giggling.

"I think you'd better go...I've got a little bit of cleaning up to do" he
said pointing to the crumpled, stained bed clothes.

"Ok, I'll see you later right?"

"You can count on it!"

Boyd watched her tight ass as she left the room - he knew that his
relationship had only just begun.



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