Dream Maker: Part 5 - Going Down (Ff,MF,F-gang,Mm,inter,voy)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Pastor Cox knew he and his whole town was in peril, for he had figured out
who Mr Delvic was. As he walked into the store with his bible in hand Mr.
Delvic let him enter.

"Come in," he said he walked in.

"Why have you come here?"

"Why not?" Mr Delvic said, "Your town is no different from others I have been

Pastor Cox opened his bible. "BEGONE!" he shouted. "Spawn of the devil!"

Mr Delvic laughed, "Spawn of the devil? Why should I send some other creature
to do my bidding?"

The Pastor stepped back. "YO-OO-U-UU!" he stuttered.

"YES! I am HE," Mr Delvic said. The Pastor fell to the floor praying. "OH,
do you think he will hear you? For I know your dreams, too, through your
wife. She is such a whore."

The pastor soon seen a young boy walk towards him.

"Come!" he held his hand out.

They walked through the store. Into each room, Judy Drake was naked on the
floor. Tessa had a hold of her hair. Judy's tongue fuckng her pussy while a
vibrator worked in her pussy. A puddle of cum was on the floor.

The pastor looked and his cock began to stir though he tried to fight it. He
watched Judy take a large dildo in her mouth then into her pussy and watched
Tessa take the other end begin to fuck. The room was filled with moans and
the smell of sex, which reached his nose.

They found themselves in another room. Bobby Cooper was fucking his wife.
Jill was on all fours begging to be fucked. "YYYEEESS!!! Give me your black
bastard baby!" Jill screamed. She laid on her back legs opened. She opened
her pussy to Bobby. Bobby soon was fuckng her. Jill's legs wrapped around
him pulling him into her pussy. Bobby groaned as he shot his load into her
pussy. Pulling out, Jill's mouth opened taking his cock sucking it. Sucking
his large balls, she even licked his asshole.

The Pastor felt the strain in his pants. Into another room Bob Craft was
watching his wife fucking five boys with very large cocks. He seen the
woman's ass opened, cum dripping out. Her pussy, too. Her face was covered
with cum. The boys never got soft and they just continued to fuck her.

He looked and saw a young boy sucking Bob's cock. Soon the young boy was
riding his cock taking him deep in his ass.

The pastor screamed "STOP, this madness! You are doing this," he said.

"OH NO!" Mr Delvic said, "These are what they dream. I just bring them to
life for them." With that I give you your dream."

Maradia Cooper stood in front of him.

to be continued...


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