Needful Things: Dream Maker Part 4 (MF,oral)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

As the whole town was now tranfixed with their dreams, Mr. Delvic was happy
for he was taking the whole town to HELL. For as they slept, even day dreamed
he was taking thier souls.

Stella Rhodes tossed and turned in her bed, the cover between her legs
rubbing her pussy for she now slept naked. Stella found herself once again
in front of the banker Bob Craft. Once again doing his bidding taking her
clothes off. Stella took two of her fingers and made them disappear inside
her pussy, pulling them out covered in her juices and sucking on each one.
Stella turned around showed Bob her ass and put her hands on her cheeks
pulling her ass apart.

Bob sat with a grin on his face knowning she would do anything he said. Bob
had a large dildo on the floor told Stella to fuck herself.

Stella walked over to it knelt down began to kiss and lick it.

"SUCK IT!" he said.

Stella opened her mouth wide, but the dildo was too big. She gagged as it
went down.

Bob watched stroking his cock. He knew he better fuck her before she did the
dildo for after that she would be no good. Bob walked over to her and put his
cock in her pussy. He was going slow. Stella moaned and begged for more .

Bob was fucking her hard. Stella felt a finger in her asshole. Soon she felt
a vibrator being pushed in. Bob was doing both her holes. Stella was going
crazy. Her pussy erupted. Cum covered his cock.

Stella was soon sucking his cock, tasting her own juices with his. With her
pussy well lubed, Stella lowered herself onto the dildo. She screamed as it
tore her pussy, but she couldn't stop. She went up and down hard until the
dildo was inside her. Stella fucked herself and once again sucked his cock.

Bob fucked her once more. Her pussy was loose, but he managed to cum inside
her hoping to knock her up.

Stella laid in bed sweating. The sheets twisted inside her pussy moaning in
her sleep.

Bob Craft laid in bed with his wife sucking his cock and his eyes closed
dreaming of Stella sucking him off until he came in his wife's mouth, which
she jerked up spitting out his cum.

"YOU BASTARD!" she jerked his cock hard,

Bob woke in pain and fell out of bed holding his cock.

"Next time warn me!" she said and went to sleep.

Bob looked at her and thought, 'Just wait.'


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