Needful Things: Dream Maker Part 2 (MF,F-gang,FFf,inc,anal)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Stella Rhodes was walking home. She found herself in front of the new book
store, which was already open. Stella walked in trying to forget her problems
with the banker.

Mr. Delvic greeted her with a smile. He could see she was distracted. "Come,"
he said, "Browse around. I have books for all ages. Some very rare books. I
have rooms for people to read."

Stella walked around picking up books looking at them. She found one made her
way to a small room and made herself comfy. As she read she began to drift

Soon she woke up found herself in a office building. Stella walked into an
office. There was a man sitting. Stella just looked at him.

"Do it!" he said.

Without thinking Stella was taking her clothes off. She was rubbing her
nipples and fingering her pussy in front of this stranger.

"Come suck me."

Stella on her knees was unzipping his pants and out came the largest cock
she ever seen. Se began to lick the head.

"Forget that. Just suck it," the man said.

Stella opened her mouth and took the cock. He grabbed her hair and was
fucking her mouth.

"Finger yourself," he said.

Stella found she had three fingers in her pussy. As she went faster suckng
him she pushed her fingers into her pussy.

Soon Stella was being fucked by the man and another man appeared. Another
soon followed and another before the room was full of men. Stella was sucking
and getting fucked by all of them.

Stella was wakened by Mr. Delvic.

Stella looked around, "Oh I'm sorry. I must have drifted off."

He just smiled.

Stella bought a few books and went home.

By the end of the day Mr. Delvic had people in his grasp and more to come.

* * *

Tessa walked into the book store. She browsed around til she found a book.

"I'm sorry," Mr. Delvic said, "That's for older readers."

"But I want it!" Tessa said she gave him the act.

He just smiled and sold her the book.

As she left he said, "Beware little girl for what you wish or dream for."

Tessa arrived home, went to her room and sat on her bed began to read the
book. She drifted off to sleep.

She was wakened by her mother. "You have a geust Tessa."

There stood Judy Drake.

Ms. Drake sat on the bed. Her mother was about to leave when Judy took her
arm and kissed her. Tessa watched as Judy raised her mother's dress, pulled
her panties off and then pushed her to her knees. Raising her own skirt,
Tessa watched as her mother licked Judy's pussy.

"Come lick her ass," Judy said.

Tessa soon found herself behind her mother parting her ass cheeks and begins
to lick her asshole.

"Go on! You two sluts lick away."

Tessa found herself fuckng her own mother's ass with her tongue.

"Finger your mother. Make her cum."

Tessa did as she was told.

Tessa woke with a start and looked around. She was in her room. Her mother
called her for dinner.

To be continued...


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