This is a take off of Needful Things. I hope evryone will enjoy this.

Gillian Anderson: Judy Drake
Bruce Willis: Captain Armstrong
Drew Carey: Bob Craft
Lauren Graham: Stella Rhodes
Will Smith: Bobby Cooper
Hillary Duff: Tessa Renfro
Halle Berry: Maradia Cooper
Willian Shatner: Mr. Delvic "The Dream Maker"

Needful Things: Dream Maker Part 1 (MF,F-mast,inter,anal)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

It was a sleepy day in Brooks Field, Judy Drake was driving to school where
she taught. She seen the large moving van in front of the old fruniture
store, but thought nothing of it. Capt. Armstrong drove by and stopped to
check it out. Men were walking in carrng crates and boxes.

"Hello," said a man about fifty and receeding hair line greeted Capt.
Armstrong. "Mr. Delvic," the man shook hands.

"I'm opening a new shop "Books N Things". What are you into?" he asked the

"I do a little fish n' hunting."

The radio came on and he had to leave.

Bobby Cooper came down the street bouncing a basketball. He too stopped at
the shop. Mr. Delvic stepped out greeted Bobby.

"Whats up?" Bobby said

Mr. Delvic came back with a rap for Bobby. "Come back in a few days and see,"
he says.

* * *

Meanwhile Capt. Armstrong arrived at a house. A young looking Maradia Cooper
stood on the porch. She wore a short house coat, which showed her legs.
Maradia dropped her hand and parted the bottom of the coat. Dave Armstrong
looked at a trimmed pussy.

"You coming for coffee?" she smiled.

He walked in and the door shuthe kissed her, "FUCK the coffee!" he said.

"Yes, just fuck me!" she said.

Her hand rubbing his cock. His finger was getting wet from her pussy. He
pushed two into her tight hole.

"OOOOHHH!" she moaned.

She held his hard throbbing cock. She knelt down and was lickng under his

"You do your husband like this?" he asked.

"No, he isn't as big as you."

He smiled so much about the myth.

Her coat laid on the hall floor with his clothes on the bedroom floor.
Maradia was sucking on his fat cock. It filled her mouth. Dave was licking
her pussy his tongue flicking her clit. She moaned while sucking him which
added to the pleasure.

She stopped sucking on his cock, she sat on it and slowly startd going up
and down. He rubbing her clit pushing his finger into her pussy, too. She
bit her lip while cupping her breasts and rubbing her harded nipples.

"OHHHH GOOD!" she moaned. She grinded her pussy on his cock as she kissed
him. "Fuck my ass!" she said.

She raised up off him and held her ass cheeks apart. He held his cock as her
ass slowly went down. Her eyes went wide as his fat cock filled her ass.

Soon she was bitting the pillow as he fucked her ass. His balls slapping her
pussy while she fingered her pussy. She screamed he groaned as they both
came. He pulled out of her and walked to the shower where she joined him.

* * *

Judy Drake sat in her classroom when in walked Tessa Renfro. She was the
head cheerleader, but she was failing her class which would not let her able
to be a cheerleader.

"Ms. Drake," she pleaded, "Can't you make an acception?"

Judy took of her glasses looked at her, "No! You will have to do the work
like everyone else. You are very bright." 'Dispite what the town thinks,'
she thought to herself. She knew she was the town tease. She wasn't falling
into the trap the others did.

Tessa walked out the room talking to herself, "THAT BITCH!!! She will get

Tessa bumped into Bobby Cooper, but was so mad she just walked past him.

Bobby walked into Ms. Drake's class which he had the last period. He stopped
by to check on his paper, but she wasn't there.

Judy was in the teacher's lounge restroom. Her skirt pulled up and her
fingers workng her clit. Her blouse opened. Her breasts felt the cool air
as she pinched one of her nipples. "Oh you little slut. Suck my pussy,"
Judy came for the second time.

Bob Craft walked into the new store. Mr. Delvic was working with some other
men. "Bob Craft, the town banker."

"Oh, great!" Mr. Delvic said.

"If you need any financial help, don't be afraid to come see me." Mr. Delvic
smiled afraid. "But I'm sure we'll see each other."

Bob went back to the bank where Stella Rhodes was waiting for him. They went
into his office. The door was locked.

"Time for your house payment," he said.

Stella sat there knowing waht he wanted from her, but she knew she just
couldn't do it any more. Just then his intercom went off. A lady spoke
telling him a Mr. Foster was here. Bob sent Stella away, but not forgotten.

To be continued...


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