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Author's note: This story takes place in the first half of Season 3.

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Nashville: Pleasing Juliette Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

Emily had heard that your priorities changed from the moment you became apparent, and that was certainly true for Juliette and Avery. It was true for her as well, although she kept having to remind herself that she wasn't actually part of this dysfunctional family. Not really. No, she wasn't anything but a homewrecker. One of Juliette's many mistakes, and one which didn't have the decency to go away. She tried, but she was weak. All Juliette had to do was give her a look, maybe briefly tell her how much she needed her, and Emily was agreeing to stay. Stay and be an uncomfortable reminder of Juliette's mistake. If Juliette even remembered it.

Of course that wasn't a guarantee, because even though there had been definitely no drugs or alcohol involved may be Juliette really had chosen to forget everything that happened during her pregnancy. Maybe it would be easier that way. Even though it had only been just over a month it seemed so long ago now that Emily was beginning to wonder if she had imagined it. It may be Juliette had slipped her something so she could get a contact high or just laugh as Emily hallucinated a love affair between them. But there were things which filled Emily with most likely false hope, like the fact that while they had mended fences Avery still wasn't living with Juliette, and that one time he had tried to kiss Juliette she had quickly shut him down. Which admittedly wasn't much, but Emily really was that pathetic.

Then one day while Avery was playing with his daughter in the living room while Emily was cooking in the kitchen Juliette approached her, gently placed a hand over hers and whispered softly, "I haven't forgotten. I... I haven't forgotten about you. About, us."

"Juliette-" Emily croaked while staring in disbelief at their hands.

"Not here, okay?" Juliette pleaded, "I can't do this while Avery's still here."

"Okay." Emily nodded.

"Love you." Juliette smiled, kissing her cheek and then returning to the living room as if nothing had happened.

* * *

For a minute or two Emily had just stood there dumbly staring at where Juliette had disappeared too, somewhere along the way brushing a hand over her cheek. Then she got back to work prepairing the dinner, to which she was invited too, which was sweet, and something that had been happening more and more since their relationship had moved to the next level, but Emily declined this time. She just couldn't take anymore of watching Avery doting over Juliette, making it obvious that he was still in love with her, making her feel all the more guilty about this entire thing. It didn't matter that her relationship with Juliette had begun after they'd broke up, now they had a child together Emily was officially a homewrecker.

That fact weighed heavily on Emily's shoulders for the next few hours, or at least more than usual, but she forgot it in any other thought as soon as Avery left, taking the baby with him, and leaving her alone with Juliette, Emily listening to them go with bated breath from another room. There was then a brief pause, footsteps and suddenly they were alone together. She and Juliette were alone together in Juliette's big house, and Emily wasn't sure what she should say. Or what Juliette was going to say. Part of her hoped that Juliette would do the right thing and break up with her, even if it destroyed her at least that way she wouldn't destroy Juliette's family. Which selfishly she wanted to destroy Juliette's family, and perhaps even her professional, life just to be with her.

"Hi." Juliette said after a long pause.

"Hi." Emily parroted, unable to think of anything else to say. Then when Juliette approached her with a familiar look in her eyes she quickly protested, "Wait, wait, wait! What, what is this? What are we? What do you want?"

"I don't know." Juliette said softly after a brief pause, and then seeing the look on Emily's face quickly added, "That's bullshit. I want you. I do. I'm just, I'm just scared. Maybe I always was."

There was a long pause and then Emily pointed out, "You have a family now."

"I do." Juliette agreed.

Another pause, and then Emily added, "Avery would probably take you back now."

Yet another pause and then Juliette admitted, "He proposed."

"Oh." Emily murmured, feeling crushed, "And?"

"And I told him I needed time to think. But I don't. I don't want him, I want you. I'm just too much of a coward to tell him that." Juliette admitted softly.

Summoning all her decency Emily reluctantly said, "You, you should tell him yes. You should marry him. If only for the baby. Then maybe-"

"I love you!" Juliette interrupted firmly, her eyes getting teary, "I don't care what I should do."

Emily sighed and reluctantly questioned, "Are you going to come out? Tell the world that you chose your assistant over the father of your child? Are you going to tell your fans you're a lesbian?"

"Hey! Bisexual." Juliette almost laughed, "What, it's all the rage nowadays. And the scandal would actually be good for my career."

"Or it might end it." Emily pointed out.

"I know." Juliette said softly.

"I, I can't be your dirty little secret forever." Emily said softly, before admitting, "That's a lie, I totally would do that if you asked. Hell, I'd let you marry whoever the hell you wanted and fuck you every day behind their backs, because I'm a pathetic loser who would do anything for you. But it's not fair on me, you or anyone else. Especially not your kid."

"I know, I know, I know." Juliette groaned in frustration, before promising, "Which is why I want to come out. I do. I just need a little time. Just please, baby, give me some time."

Juliette taking her hand softly promising that broke Emily, as she practically sobbed, "Take all the time you need."

Smiling softly Juliette pulled the other woman into her arms and softly told her, "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." Emily admitted without hesitation.

"Kiss me." Juliette softly pleaded, "Please?"

There was a brief pause in which Juliette almost said something else, although she had no idea what. Thankfully before she could put her foot into her mouth Emily leaned in and gently pressed her lips against hers. Juliette wanted more, so much more, but for this moment it was enough. More than enough. It was a sign that she had Emily, maybe more than before, and she didn't want to ruin the moment. So she stayed perfectly still for a few long seconds, before beginning to softly caress Emily's lips with her own. Then just as Juliette had moved a hand up to cup Emily's cheek the assistant pulled back, which momentarily scared her.

Especially when Emily asked, "Should I go?"

"Go!" Juliette frowned, "Why?"

"You just had a baby." Emily said softly.

"You don't have to remind me. I was there." Juliette joked, before quickly adding, "And sure, I didn't want to have sex right after, but I'm all better now. And you can be gentle, right?"

"Yeah..." Emily said hesitantly.

Juliette pleaded, "Fuck me Emily. Fuck me and make me yours."

Those words caused obvious lust to flash in Emily's eyes and then all of a sudden their lips were pressed together again, although this kiss was nothing like the first. The first was soft and gentle, which had been nice for sure, but it was also cautious, nervous and even awkward. The second was none of those things. The second was confident, reassured, hard, rough and most importantly of all passionate, the two women sliding their hands all over each other as Emily gently but firmly pushed her in the direction of the bedroom, causing Juliette to smile in delight and begin to help Emily take off her clothes. Emily returned the favour and by the time Juliette was pushing her assistant down onto the bed they were both completely naked.

For a few minutes they rolled back and forth, passionately making out and groping each other's bodies. Then Emily broke the kiss and just stared down at her with such love and devotion Juliette's heart ached. Then Juliette gave her a shy smile, which Emily return before kissing her lips once again. Again the third was different, and while that was Juliette's least favourite kiss as it was just a quick peck it was also kind of her favourite, because it signified the moving on to more fun stuff. Although she knew it would be a while before Emily gave her what she really wanted it was nice for the other girl to start officially working her way down her body, even if she had taken a detour to kiss all over her face before working her way down to her jaw and then to her neck.

Predictably Emily took a very long time worshipping her neck, but soft and gentle was probably exactly what Juliette needed right now, and she certainly didn't complain. At least not at first. No, she was too busy moaning softly as she worked her way up and down the sensitive flesh, at first just kissing but then also occasionally sucking, licking and even nipping the sensitive flesh, probably enough to leave a mark later. Hopefully enough to leave a mark. Yes, Juliette love the idea of Emily marking her as hers, and to confirm that she pressed a hand against the back of Emily's head to press her more firmly into her neck.

Emily was relieved to feel that encouragement. She had been worried that it was too possessive, or too much like a high school kid, but after watching from the sidelines as Juliette had the perfect normal life with her baby daddy Emily felt a primal need to mark her territory, which was only spurned on by the last words Juliette had said to her. Of course if she wanted to fuck her boss again she couldn't stay in that position forever, so eventually she started kissing her way down Juliette's body again. Honestly she had probably done enough already to skip to the main event, and she would have probably like that, but Emily couldn't bear the thought of leaving out Juliette's boobs, especially as they were still swollen with milk from nursing.

Before Juliette had given birth Emily had loved sucking on those pregnancy swollen tits, but no matter how hard and passionately she sucked she never got anything. Now Juliette was nursing probably be much easier to get something, and Emily wasn't sure how she felt about that. At best she should probably save the majority of it for the baby, so she was a lot more cautious this time with Juliette's big boobs, mostly concentrating on the milk swollen flesh instead of the nipples, and when she did take them into her mouth she made sure to suck on them as gently as possible. When there was something she decided to mostly concentrate on sliding her tongue around those nipples.

It had the same effect of making Juliette moan, groan and whimper in pleasure, at least at first. Of course it wasn't long before she started whimpering for more, making it clear this wasn't what she truly wanted. And while in the end Emily would always please Juliette she just couldn't resist lingering on her boobs for just a little longer, if only for the privilege of hearing to the begging become a little more frantic. Emily even found it within herself to look up at her once scary boss and flash her a cheeky grin as her tongue concentrated on just circling around her right nipple until it looked like Juliette was going to cry louder than her baby.

"Lower. Mmmmm, please Emily, lower." Juliette had moaned initially, but then she quickly became desperate, "Please Emily, lower! Lower! I need more. I need you to fuck me! Mmmmm, only you. Please Emily, tongue fuck me! Fuck my little queer cunt with your dyke tongue! Do it! Please? Please Emily, I need it. I need you. Please, lower, mmmmm, lower, ooooooh, yes that's it, ohhhhhh God yes!"

Of course inevitably Emily started making her way south. She did it as slowly as possible, but the fact that she did it seem to please Juliette, at least for a little while. Taking full advantage of that Emily spent a few long minutes kissing over Juliette's belly, marvelling over how something so stretched could once again be so tiny in a matter of weeks. She wasn't sure if Juliette had been pushing herself extra hard, or if it was just good genes, but it was impressive. Although Emily definitely missed Juliette's big belly, and she had loved to kiss it to show her just how beautiful she thought it was. Although there are other ways to show that, and as Juliette started complaining again Emily finally reached her destination and did the one thing she'd been thinking about all day.

Juliette barely got the chance to complain again before Emily stuck out her tongue and slid it over her pussy with a long, slow lick. This made Juliette let out a high-pitched cry followed by a long moan, making her very grateful that Avery had taken Cadence with them when he left, otherwise there was no way they could get through this without waking her. It meant that Juliette could be as loud as she wanted, and she intended to be, because she wanted to let Emily know just how good she was making her feel, and that she loved every single second of the heaven that was her assistant licking her pussy. Which given she had just gone through childbirth seemed even more intense.

Every little lick seemed to set her cunt, and maybe her whole body, on fire. It was so intense that Juliette had to close her eyes so she could block out the sight of Emily between her legs, although that kind of backfired because again it just made what she was feeling that much more intense. So she tried opening her eyes and staring at the ceiling, but she just couldn't resist looking down and seeing long brunette hair in between her thighs, and occasionally looking up to her for approval. Approval which Juliette was very happy to give, first in the form of moans, groans, whimpers and gasps of pleasure, then more direct verbal encouragement.

"Yessssssss, lick me! Lick my pussy! Oh God Emily, mmmmmm, it feels so good!" Juliette moaned happily, "Sooooooooo gooooooodddddddd, mmmmmm, more! Give me more! Mmmmm, give me more of that hot little tongue of yours Emily. Make me feel good. Fuck me, oh fuck me, aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, oh yes, that's it, oh Emily!"

She was unable to get out much else, or at least not much else which was coherent, because Emily started lingering on her clit. After the first lick Emily had avoided it, occasionally getting close but never touching it, then all of a sudden she was flicking it with several strokes, making Juliette squirm and lose her train of thought. Emily then switched to gently brushing it with every other lick of Juliette's pussy, but the singer couldn't complain about that. Literally. The last few licks rendered her speechless. Also figuratively, because they reminded her just how much she liked a slow and gentle build up before her eventual orgasm. Which given that it was Emily, would be incredible.

There was a definite ache for a climax, which would only increase over the next few minutes, and Juliette knew it was only a matter of time before Emily had her begging like a desperate little lesbian whore for her orgasm, but she also knew it would be worth the wait. Also that it would be worth anything she'd have to do or say to get it. Although Juliette tried to ignore that for now and enjoy the heaven that was her assistant eating her pussy. No baby, no pregnancy, no nothing could hold her back or distract from the heaven she was feeling, Juliette smiling in blissful happiness and reaching down to stroke the long brunette hair of her lover as she continued giving her what she so desperately needed.

Even when Juliette could feel herself coming down from that heaven she resisted the urge to demand, or more accurately beg, for her inevitable orgasm. Because that's exactly what it was, inevitable. Emily had proven that time and time again by fucking Juliette to the best climaxes of her life, and she had no doubt that this time would be no exception. Partly because of all the wonderful build-up she was receiving right now, something Juliette constantly reminded herself as she came back down to earth, and then lower. Oh God, the need to cum became so overwhelming that it was like a pleasurable torture, and yet still Juliette resisted, which made her very proud of herself.

Of course she was never that patient, and inevitably Juliette whimpered, "Make me cum! Oh God Emily, ooooooooh Gooooodddddd make me cum! Please Emily? Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssssss, I need to cum! I need you, my beautiful girlfriend, to make me cum. Oh yes, aaaaaahhhh fuckkkkkkkk, I need, mmmmmm, make me cum, oh fuck, oh God Emily!"

Unsurprisingly Emily didn't give her what she wanted right away even when she did start begging, Juliette was at least prepared for that. What she wasn't prepared for and took her completely by surprise was Emily making it worse by giving her even more pleasure, enough to send her to the edge of orgasm, but never allowing her to go over that edge. How did she do that? Simple, by lingering on her clit with her tongue, and taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. As Juliette began begging more and more frantically Emily switched between these two things, to the point where Juliette actually wondered whether this would be the first time she'd be left unsatisfied, and as unlikely as that thought was it was enough to scare her into getting really desperate.

"For God sakes Emily, make me cum!" Juliette screeched, "Make me fucking cum! Do it! Oooooooh fuck, do it now! Mmmmmmm, I can't take it anymore. I need to cum! Please? For the love of God, please Emily, fuck me! Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, fuck me with your beautiful little tongue. Oh yes, fuck me! Tongue fuck me, mmmmmm, fuck me like a dyke slut! Oh my God, ram that tongue of yours inside me and make me cum! Make me cum, make me cum, make me fucking cum, oh fuck! Oh God! Oh Emily! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooooooooooddddddddddd, mmmmmmmm yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, fuck me!"

After what was way too long in Juliette's opinion her assistant slid her tongue down to her entrance and then after a few long torturous seconds of teasing shoved her tongue as deep inside her as it would go, instantly triggering the kind of powerful climax Juliette had only ever had with her precious Emily. That climax was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Emily making her cum over and over again effortlessly, like she always did. In the process Juliette became a writhing mess, screaming incoherently and backing her hips up into the other girl's face. It would have been embarrassing if Juliette could think coherently, but thankfully she couldn't, her entire world melting away until there was only pleasure.

Just before it did a blissfully happy smile crossed Juliette's face as she was reminded everything was worth it for this precious moment. The awkwardness between herself and Avery, and her manager. The crude remarks she'd have to deal with on Twitter, and from gossip magazines and TV shows. Most of all the possible end to her career which she'd spent so long building and preserving. It was all worth it if she could just feel this way again. Or just be with Emily, because if she was being honest with herself, Juliette had to admit she would trade it all just for the privilege of having this wonderful woman as her girlfriend, and hopefully even her wife someday.

Emily was way too preoccupied with the present to be dreaming about the future as she was busy doing the most important thing in her life, making Juliette Barnes, the woman she loved, cum as hard and fast as possible. And swallow as much of that precious liquid as possible. It was shamefully more the latter at first, Emily pulling out her tongue and wrapping her lips tightly around Juliette's entrance she could selfishly swallow every drop of cum that the other girl had to give her. She then repeated that process when she made Juliette cum again, which was pretty easy now that Emily had her all worked up, and her previous experience let her know just how to get it done.

At first that simply involved shoving her tongue back into Juliette's cunt and thrusting it in and out. That was definitely Emily's favourite way to fuck Juliette during this as it meant that she got to taste any lingering girl cum and the regular pussy juices from having her mouth rest against that entrance as firmly as possible while slamming her tongue in and out. Of course inevitably she added her fingers into the mix, shoving first one and then two inside her lover, but even then she pulled them out each time Juliette came so she could receive the benefits of her handiwork. Although then obviously she missed out on some cum, which quickly had her switching back to straight up oral.

Then Juliette grabbed the back of her head, shoved her face as deep as it would go into her cunt and started grinding herself up into Emily's face. After that it was impossible to swallow even the majority of Juliette's cum, which was heartbreaking, but thankfully reminded Emily that it was Juliette's pleasure that really mattered here, not her own. With that in mind she allowed her face to be used as a fuck pad until Juliette ran out of steam, and then she rubbed her face against that yummy pussy, then she went back to tongue fucking before she shoved her fingers back inside her while frantically sucking on her clit. Whatever it took to maximise Juliette's pleasure.

For her trouble Emily was rewarded with a decent amount of cum sliding down her throat while the rest covered her face and fingers, leaving her with the feeling of being thoroughly marked as Juliette's, which was a feeling she would always crave. Then she was further rewarded by Juliette pulling her up into a deep kiss, as always Emily thrilled at the feeling of her boss tasting herself on her lips, tongue and inside of her mouth. The two women then became lost in that kiss for a few long minutes, before they pulled away slightly and then just smiled at each other. Then Juliette gave her another order, one which Emily had been expecting.

"Fuck my ass." Juliette gasped eagerly.

Feeling bold Emily grinned and cheeked, "What's the magic word?"

"Now!" Juliette grinned.

Juliette was still grinning when Emily leaned in for another kiss, and then more importantly, to retrieve a nice big strap-on. As her assistant did this Juliette was briefly overcome by guilt that she didn't offer to return the favour and eat Emily's pussy. But there would be time enough for that later. In fact, Juliette promised that the next time would be all about Emily. It was just that, it had been so long since they'd had sex, and more than anything else Juliette was desperate to get her ass fucked. Besides, now Emily was standing in front of her wearing a big cock Juliette just couldn't order her to take it off so they could do something else. No, she needed that big dick inside her slutty little butt.

Hoping to entice Emily to do just that Juliette flipped over onto all fours and wiggled her cute little butt at her assistant. This caused the reaction she was hoping for, namely Emily staring at her lustfully while she covered her cock in lubricant nice and quickly, and then return to the bed and kneel behind her. Juliette then gasped in delight as she felt Emily pull her butt cheeks apart and then slide her tongue up and down her crack before concentrating on her back hole. Oh yes, her assistant skipped the usual ass kissing and went straight for the rimming, meaning Juliette was going to get her butt fucked nice and soon. Which was true, just not initially in the way she thought.

"Wanna try something new?" Emily asked cautiously after a few long minutes of ass eating.

"Sure, after ya butt fuck me." Juliette said.

"It's a type of butt fucking." Emily cautiously added.

"What do ya mean?" Juliette frowned.

"Just trust me..." Emily grinned, "I know what you like."

"I know, and I do, I just, ohhhhhhh fuck!" Juliette moaned as she felt a finger slowly being pushed into her butt, then she giggled, "I hate to break it to you Em, but that ain't new."

"Wait for it..." Emily grinned, now feeling confident as she pushed another finger into Juliette's ass, and then another a few minutes later.

Suddenly realising what was happening Juliette's face lit up and she happily encouraged, "Oh fuck yeah, fist me! Fist fuck my slutty little ass! Oh God Emily, I love you so much. Mmmmm, why are you so good to me? Oh fuck, OH FUCK! That's it, mmmmm, more! Fist that ass Ems! Fist fuck that fuckin' whore ass! Mmmmm yessssss, stretch out my naughty little ass hole like you stretched out my pussy. Shove your whole hand inside my ass and fuck it with it! Then fuck me with your cock! Oooooooh yeahhhhhh fuck my ass! Fuck it! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk, fuck it hard and deep and make me cum like a whore! Yessssss, make me cum like an anal whore! Oooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss, aaaaaaahhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd!"

It took a surprisingly long time for Emily to push in that fourth finger, especially as Juliette was constantly begging for more. She made good use of that time, not only just pumping those fingers in and out but swirling them around inside her butt, making sure she was ready for that last finger. Or the last two fingers, depending on whether or not you counted the thumb. Not that it really mattered, because when the time finally came Emily pushed one and then the other in simultaneously, although particularly the thumb was easy as she just tucked it against her fingers. Then, oh then, Emily began pushing forwards until her knuckles were stretching Juliette's ass hole wider than it had ever gone before.

Depraved little anal whore that she was Juliette immediately loved that sensation and cried out in almost pure pleasure, but just as it looked like she was getting what she wanted Emily pulled back. She did that over and over again, Juliette both loving her for it and hating her for it as it was exquisite teasing which continue to give her pleasure while very carefully preparing her for what was to come, but it wasn't giving her what she wanted, despite how much she begged for it. Then when she finally got what she wanted Juliette could no longer speak as she was too overwhelmed with first the feeling of her butt hole stretching wider than ever before, then having an entire hand inside her ass. Then the inevitable and wonderful orgasms rendered her completely mindless.

Emily still couldn't believe she was doing this. No, actually she could totally believe it, because she would do anything to please Juliette. Sometimes Emily worried exactly how far she would go to do that, especially now that she was willing to stick her whole hand into the other girl's butt, which didn't seem like it should be possible, and yet she had no doubt that Juliette would be able to take it. What was worse, was that Emily wanted her too. It might be some form of Stockholm syndrome, but she had began to genuinely enjoy the sight of Juliette's ass hole stretching for her. And after not being able to see it for so long she was even more eager now.

Maybe she shouldn't have done this right from the start, considering that she hadn't fuck Juliette's ass in weeks, but Emily just couldn't get the idea out of her head, and sure enough her boss was all for it. She would like to claim that this was just going to be a warm-up, preparation for the actual anal fisting which would come after weeks of ass stretching. That she knew Juliette would tell her to stop eventually before they went too far. But no, Emily was fully expecting Juliette to take the pain and discomfort just so she could get her entire hand up her butt, and sure enough after a lot of failed attempts the blonde's ass hole stretched wide enough for the brunette's knuckles to slip through, easily allowing the rest of her hand to disappear into Juliette's ass.

For a few long seconds after that Emily just stayed perfectly still, marvelling at the feeling of tightness around her hand, while the normally loud mouth Juliette Barnes just whimpered. Then she started gently moving her hand back and forth, instantly getting a very positive response out of Juliette. Okay, there was definitely an undertone of pain, but her cries were mostly of pleasure, and Emily knew for a fact that Juliette liked a mixture of the two. More to the point Juliette started pumping herself back against Emily's thrusts, which in turn encouraged the assistant to start fisting her boss more enthusiastically, not only increasing the speed but the depths of her thrusts.

Eventually Emily was pulling out to her knuckles and pushing back in as deep as she could go, an Juliette was constantly cumming. During the first time Emily had rubbed Juliette's clit, both to make the fisting easier on her and to make sure that the other girl came, but after that Juliette just smacked her hand away and started pounding herself back at her even more. So Emily just concentrated on the fisting, until she worry Juliette wouldn't be able to take any more. Or more accurately, that she wouldn't be able to take any more and still be able to be fucked in the ass with Emily's strap-on, and obviously Emily just couldn't allow that. So she gradually slowed down, and then without warning pulled her fist out and replaced it with her cock.

Juliette whimpered with disapproval as Emily pulled her fist out of her ass, only to then cry out loudly in approval when it was almost immediately replaced with that nice big strap-on. Emily even slammed it into her ass hole nice and hard, her new girlfriend taking advantage of the fact Juliette's backside was still so loose from the intensity of the fisting it had just received, and the fact it was just a slutty whore butt which constantly craved to be fucked. Of course Emily only shoved about half of the dildo into Juliette's butt and then slowly inserted the rest, but the country singer would expect nothing less from her overly cautious assistant who loved her so much.

Besides, even though it was unnecessary it gave Juliette the chance to feel her back passage stretching, which was one of the greatest joys she had ever known. Also, although she didn't want to admit it, going weeks without getting her slutty butt fucked, or any sex whatsoever, had caused her ass to tighten up somewhat, and her body was still on mother mode, so it took longer than usual for her ass to remember it was made for fucking. So Juliette didn't complain about the penetration, and instead chose to just concentrate on enjoying every moment of this twisted act she had missed so much, especially when receiving it from a dick which would never go soft.

Especially when receiving it from Emily. Yes, Juliette might have accepted that she wasn't as straight as she first thought, and been enjoying everything that went along with it, like being guaranteed big cocks which would always be nice and hard for her whenever she wanted them, but the most important thing about the equation was Emily, the girl she had fallen in love with at least partly because she was so willing to give her everything she wanted. Like every single inch of a nice big dildo up her ass, the moment Emily's thighs coming to rest against her butt cheeks and thus announcing every inch of that dick was buried deep within her bowels causing Juliette to cry out shamelessly in approval.

"Oh God yes, mmmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Juliette moaned happily after that cry, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, bang my cute little butt. Pound it good. Oh Emily, please just fuck me! Ooooooh yessssss, butt fuck me with your big dick! Ooooooohhhhhh, your dick feels so good in my ass. Oh please Emily, fuck my ass. I need it fucked. Slam fuck it and aaaaaahhhhhhh yeeeeessss, mmmmmm Gooooodddddddd!"

There was a few brief moments Emily ignored her and just left Juliette to beg. If it was under any other circumstances Juliette would have been mad, but this allowed her to savour having her ass stuffed with every inch of that dildo, so she really didn't mind. In fact despite not being able to resist the urge to beg Juliette preferred this. And it was nice to have Emily stand up to her in this small way. Of course it wasn't that long before Emily gave her what she wanted, and when she did Juliette certainly didn't complain. Exactly the opposite in fact, as when the butt fucking officially started she began moaning loudly in pleasure, and of course she continued the verbal encouragement.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, that's it Emily, fuck my ass!" Juliette moaned happily, "Fuck my slutty little Milf ass just like that. Just like that, mmmmmm, fuck yeah, abuse that little butt hole of mine. Oh Emily, ass fuck me! Fuck that ass! Yesssssss, fuck me in the ass just like that, oooooooooh yesssssssss, fuck me like a whore! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh yeeeeeeeesssssssss, FUCK ME!"

Emily still couldn't believe she was doing such perverted things to her own boss, her female boss, and loving every single part of it. Again, especially getting to see Juliette Barnes bent over in front of her like this, which was even better now she was sliding a strap-on in and out of Juliette's butt hole, her thighs crashing against that cute little bubble butt with every thrust and causing the juicy cheeks to jiggle slightly. It just gave Emily the most bizarre sense of power, and in this position it was more vivid than ever before, because in this wonderful moment it truly felt like her boss Juliette Barnes was her bitch, and that perverted thought alone was almost enough to make Emily cum.

It didn't quite push her over the edge, but Emily actually preferred it that way, because it just meant she got to savour the most unique high she had ever known. And the intense sight of Juliette Barnes bent over like a little bitch in front of her, and taking it like a bitch. Oh God, now it was Emily who was having problems controlling her desire to talk trash. Then again, wouldn't Juliette like that? Given everything she had done lately to please Juliette surely the answer would be yes, and even if it wasn't, surely it would be a forgivable mistake given now they were more than just employee/employer. Besides, she could still claim she was doing it in the name of pleasing Juliette.

So Emily suddenly interrupted her boss, "Shut up and take it you little bitch! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, take it in your bitch hole! Oh Juliette, take my big dick in your tight little bitch hole."

For a horrible moment Emily thought she had gone too far and was about to be fired, and worse broken up with, as deafening silence fell over the room. Well, not silence, as there was still the lewd sound of Emily thrusting in and out of Juliette's ass hole, the smacking of their bodies against each other, and most of all the moans, groans, whimpers and cries coming from her boss as despite her fear Emily kept sodomising her. Then Emily realised bratty Juliette Barnes was doing as she was told, and that was almost as bigger a turn on as fucking Juliette Barnes up her tight little bubble butt. At least for a little while. Of course Juliette just couldn't keep her mouth shut for that long.

"Please Emily, take my bitch hole." Juliette whimpered and moaned, "Mmmmm, take my tight little bitch hole and make me your bitch. Tell me to shut up. Take control. Just fuck me up my bitch ass. Take-"

"I said shut up bitch!" Emily ordered, feeling emboldened by Juliette's words, "Shut up and take it! Take it like the hot little bitch you are! Oh fuck Juliette, mmmmm, you look so good like this baby. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, you look so good bent over for me, ooooooh, taking it up the ass like a little bitch! You were always a bitch to me Juliette. Do you remember that? How you used to treat me? How you used to treat other people? Ohhhhhhh fuck, well now bitchy Juliette Barnes is my bitch! Yesssssss, mmmmm, you're my bitch Juliette! Your assistant's bitch! Oh God,wouldn't that make a wonderful headline? I can see it now, Juliette Barnes, her own assistant's bitch who loves taking it in the ass for her like the little anal whore she is!"

During her little speech Emily took even more of a risk by slapping Juliette's cute little ass, which caused the little blonde to yelp in joy and push that little butt of hers up and back in a clear sign she wanted more. So Emily gave it to her, practically beginning to spank the other woman as she continued to fuck her up the ass and continued talking dirty. Emily wasn't even sure what she said, but she guessed it didn't matter. That she could get away with saying literally anything right now as long as it ultimately made Juliette cum. Which if she took a moment to think about it, was a little scary, but she was too far gone right now to care, because she was just as lost as Juliette in this perverted moment.

Juliette had never loved Emily more. Which was kind of ironic, because of anyone else said those things to her, or even smacked her ass so insultingly, Juliette would have probably immediately broke up with them. And/or fired them, given the circumstances. But as always, things were different with Emily. She loved Emily. She trusted Emily. So letting go and letting her take complete control like this not only felt okay, it felt wonderful. Perhaps even natural. And Juliette craved more of this amazing feeling. Yes, she wanted more. She, she wanted to be truly Emily's bitch. Not permanently, but in this little fantasy world of theirs, where was just the two of them. Juliette wanted nothing more than to submit to her girlfriend completely.

Of course she couldn't have interrupted Emily while she was speaking, as that would have ruined her submissive mood, so she made sure to stay silent and wait for an opportunity to once again beg for what exactly she wanted. In the meantime Juliette's twisted little mind wandered how she could make this better. At first it didn't seem possible, but then she imagined a version of herself in a dog collar, and it nearly made her cum. Especially when she imagined it coming with a little tag, which had 'Juliette Barnes' on one side and 'Property of Emily' on the other. Or maybe just 'Emily's bitch', which would perfectly describe her when they wanted to get really kinky like this.

"You wanna cum bitch? Huh? Would that please you?" Emily demanded, "Answer me bitch!"

"Oh God yes, mmmmm, please Emily, I'll do anything!" Juliette promised.

Emily smiled with satisfaction, and simply asked for what she truly wanted, "Will you be mine?"

"Yes! Yesssssss, oh Emily, I want to be yours! All yours! Only yours! Oh fuck!" Juliette whimpered, "I want to be your slut! I want to be your whore! I want to be your bitch! Oooooooh fuckkkkkkkk, please Emily, make me your bitch! Make me yours! Ohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddddd, make me cum! Make me cum, oh yes, make me cum, ooooooohhhhhhh yesssssssss, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh FUCK!"

With that Emily began very slowly increasing the pace. It could be Juliette's imagination, but it felt like it was slower than usual, and she wanted to complain about that, but staying silent made her feel more submissive, which she loved. So that's what she did, and eventually Emily was pounding her ass with every ounce of her strength anyway, and it was even more satisfying because Juliette had waited even longer for it. Although she was very glad she didn't have to wait any longer for it, or her eventual orgasm, because pretty much the second Emily really started hammering her ass Juliette felt herself going over the edge of a monster orgasm. And because this was Emily, it was quickly followed by another, and another and another.

Soon the sounds of her hysterical screams were drowning out even the sound of Emily's thighs smashing against her butt cheeks, she was practically tearing up the duvet, and most of all Juliette could barely think because she was just so lost in her ecstasy. The last thing she was really aware of was beginning to hammer herself back at Emily at full force, desperately trying to make the sodomy as hard and rough as possible to the point where it felt like Juliette was literally trying to destroy her own butt hole. And through it all Juliette was more determined than ever that this would definitely happen again, because she loved being Emily's bitch.

Emily still couldn't believe this was happening now, and she never would. It was crazy enough that she was fucking her boss up the butt, and after the first time she did that she didn't think her sex life could get any more perverted, but here she was doing and saying things she could never have imagined doing. Things which would have gotten her fired and/or dumped if there was anyone else. Maybe even arrested. But instead Juliette was loving every second of it. Begging for more the entire time, first verbally then with her body given the way she was slamming back against Emily. And to her shame Emily was loving every second of it.

She knew it was just really perverted fantasy, but Emily kind of wished Juliette could be her bitch all the time. It would be a weird way to turn the tables on what the relationship had been, and punished Juliette in a way she would like. Of course a 24/7 arrangement would be impossible given Juliette's fame, and most importantly her child, but there was no reason they couldn't do this exact same thing again, and maybe even explore some more things, but Emily couldn't concentrate on that right now. No, as always at this stage she had to concentrate on not cumming so she could give Juliette as many orgasms as possible, and just extend what had become one of her favourite acts.

Of course as much as she tried Emily knew it was only a matter of time before she went over the edge of an incredibly satisfying climax. Sure enough the constant bashing against her clit, the thoughts in her head and the sheer joy of sodomising Juliette Barnes all caught up with her and Emily was hit with the kind of incredibly powerful orgasm which made it hard for her to continue. Luckily she had plenty of practice at it by now, and was able to pushed through her climax and the ones that followed. However in the process she became a mindless animal pounding into her mate. Her submissive mate. Oh yes, for maybe the first time ever Juliette Barnes was truly her submissive mate, and the perverted thought only drove her further into mindlessness.

Honestly Emily wasn't sure how long the brutal butt fucking lasted. All she knew was somewhere along the way Juliette collapsed face down in front of her, the only thing keeping her ass in the air being Emily's firm grip on her waist. But that just pushed her to go even longer, as in that moment Juliette Barnes was actually nothing but a fuck hole for her pleasure. Just a piece of ass. One Emily loved using. But she couldn't just collapse. Not after all of this. So she pushed herself to the very edge, and then suddenly pulled her cock out of Juliette's ass and then stumbled back to admire her handiwork. And without needing to be asked Juliette helped by reaching back and spreading her cheeks, emphasising the already obscenely wide gape and allowing Emily to see deep into her boss's bowels.

"God, you're twisted." Emily giggled.

"You love it." Juliette grinned.

"I love you." Emily corrected, for better or for worse.

Showing it was for the better Juliette let go of her cheeks, turned around and softly said, "Me too. I love you too."

For a few long seconds the women exchanged a smile, and then Emily broke the moment by playfully ordering, "Good, now clean my cock!"

Juliette would have probably got mad if a guy had done that to her, but with Emily she just giggled, and did as she was told, leaning forward and wrapping her lips around the dildo that had pummelled the deepest part of her ass. God she had missed this. Not as much as the butt fucking itself, or any of the other things she did with Emily, but she still missed it. After all, this and what she had just done emphasised her sluttiness, and the glorious feeling of submission to her own assistant. Ex-assistant? They should probably work that out moving forward, but for now Juliette just wanted to concentrate on going ass to mouth.

Despite how long it had been she managed to avoid the temptation to shove the entire length down her throat right from the start. She even managed to savour the butt cream which was on the tip of the cock before pushing it further into her mouth, Juliette sucking as slowly as possible so she could make the most out of this. Which was also why she opened her eyes to stare lovingly up at Emily, who was only too happy to stare back, and reach down to stroke her long blonde hair. Sadly Emily didn't provide the verbal encouragement that Juliette so loved, but the blonde couldn't get too mad about that, considering everything the brunette had just done for her.

Besides, Emily was waiting nice and patiently while Juliette had her fun, which included the country singer giving one of the most long drawn-out blow jobs of her life. And yeah, there was probably a joke in there somewhere, but Juliette tried to avoid the urge. Luckily the head of the dildo was now pressing against the back of her mouth, which was kind of distracting. Which of course was the point most women would have stopped, but Juliette wasn't most women. No, Juliette just kept bobbing her head up and down the strap-on, in her own time taking the entire length and getting every drop of ass cream she could, before coming up for air. Or more accurately, Emily's lips.

The two women kissed for some time, in the process removing the harness and just lying down on the bed for some much-needed rest, although they didn't go to sleep. At least not yet. Juliette wanted to talk first. They needed to talk. But for now Juliette was content to just lie there and enjoy the moment. And that was kind of the point, Juliette was content. At peace. All the other things she had ordered Emily to do for her, get for her, etc, none of that made her happy. It was actually kind of ironic, because in the end, what pleased her, was just Emily. Now if she could just avoid the temptation to say something that cheesy out loud. Oh well, maybe at their wedding.

The End.


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