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Author's note: This story takes place in the first half of Season 3.

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Nashville: Pleasing Juliette Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

For a few precious months Juliette Barnes was actually happy. This was a newsworthy event. Literally. All the gossip magazines and shows had picked up on it, some even correctly guessing the reason for this was a new lover. However none of them guessed it was her female assistant, and Juliette should know as she spent an embarrassing amount of time checking everything said and written about her just in case there was one piece of evidence about her lesbian affair, or even just a guess at it. But there was nothing, which was mostly just as disconcerting. Because whenever Juliette found happiness something inevitably went wrong.

Given the amount of times she had been burnt Juliette deserve to be a little paranoid, but thanks to her pregnancy hormones doubling and strengthening her already temperamental mood swings she knew for a fact she gave poor Emily more grief than she deserved, always giving her the third degree whenever they were apart for more than five seconds before bursting into tears and apologising. It was embarrassing really. At least she had the excuse of being pregnant, and once she got through the worst of the morning sickness Juliette almost didn't mind it. Although only because she had Emily around to make her feel wanted as parts of her body swelled to a ridiculous proportion considering her size.

When her due date arrived Juliette was almost sorry to see her pregnancy ending. Mostly because it was a good excuse to fuck Emily, and while she knew it was ridiculous part of Juliette was still afraid that this whole lesbian thing was going to turn out to be a phase for her. Just a really weird pregnancy craving, and when she finally gave birth she wouldn't find Emily attractive any more, condemning her to the unfulfilling sex she'd been having before her pregnancy. But no. Juliette wouldn't let that happen. She would get this thing out of her, and then she would face her sexual identity crisis discreetly, and ideally end up dating Emily.

Of course then her due date came and went and Juliette felt like she would do anything to get this nightmare over with. She'd try anything. And she did. She tried everything, from laying in difficult positions, to uncomfortable exercises, and of course plenty of sex with Emily. Nothing seemed to work. Then Juliette stumbled across a particularly wicked idea on the Internet, and while it did initially freak her the fuck out she was so very, very desperate. And seeing how Emily had sworn she would do anything for her, and had proven time and time again she would, it seemed only natural Juliette would once again push her luck. So the next time they were alone and naked together Juliette bought it up, although she waited until they had kissed for like an hour so that Emily would be properly be in the mood.

"Babe, could we try something new?" Juliette asked nervously.

Raising an eyebrow Emily replied, "What exactly?"

Unable to stop herself from smirking Juliette pointed out, "What happened to yes Juliette, anything you want."

Emily blushed slightly, and admitted, "Well... yeah, I'd do just about anything for you. You know that. But we've done so many new things lately I'm not sure there's anything else to do."

"Fisting?" Juliette pointed out.

"Okay, there's that." Emily conceded, before realisation hit. "Wait, is that what you want?"

"Yeah..." Juliette said nervously, and then seeing the apprehension on Emily's face quickly added, "It's supposed to be good for triggerin' labour, and I feel like this thing has been inside of me forever, and I just want it to be over. Please Emily, I'm beggin' you. I'm willing to try anythin' at this point. Do anything. I'll, I'll pay you whatever you want. I just-"

"It's not about money!" Emily snapped, "You and me, has never been about money. You hear?"

Sadly it wasn't that simple, but Juliette didn't want to argue about it, so she simply smiled softly and said, "I know. I'm sorry it's just, I want this to be over. The pregnancy! To be clear, I want the pregnancy to be over so I can get on with my life. I, I need your help to do that Emily. Please? We can ease into it however you want, just please, fist me."

There was a long pause and then Emily grumbled, "Well, I suppose if we ease into it."

Juliette smiled widely, relief filling her system as she leaned in for another kiss, "Thank you thank you thank you."

Emily might have rolled her eyes a little, but Juliette didn't complain about it as she was too busy pressing her lips to hers, while Emily's annoyance at being manipulated into yet another kinky act faded away as soon as Juliette's lips pressed against her own. Oh God, did Emily love kissing Juliette Barnes. Kissing her boss. Which shouldn't be a turn on, but after all this time Emily figured she might as well embrace it. It wasn't like anyone else would ever let her forget it if the truth about them became public, and at this point she actually hoped it would, because as exciting as the sneaking around was Emily would gladly give it up, and her job, if it meant being with Juliette.

She severely doubted that Juliette would feel the same way when the pregnancy was finally done with, but Emily couldn't help but live in hope. After all, Juliette was so sweet to her sometimes, and the way she had been talking lately almost made Emily believe she felt the same way. And even if she didn't Emily wanted to enjoy every precious moment she got with Juliette, and if that meant living in a dream world so be it. Given Juliette's interest in her would probably end after the pregnancy a big part of Emily was just trying to talk herself out of triggering labour, but she could tell the woman she loved was in pain, and she couldn't just leave her to suffer. She wasn't sure she could have done that to her worst enemy, let alone to her precious Juliette. So Emily did what was good for Juliette and not herself. Again.

At least that meant she got a long make out session and plenty of time to worship Juliette's neck and pregnancy swollen tits, even if particularly the last thing made her boss whimper and grumble softly in frustration, and eventually even gently pushed down on her head. Even as Juliette pushed down though Emily stayed where she was, slowly kissing her way down one boob and up the other so she could take each nipple in turn into her mouth and then lick and suck on it. Partly because this might be the last time she did it, and partly because she really just wanted to properly prepare Juliette for what was to come.

Then Juliette whimpered softly, "Please Emily, lick me. Lick my pussy. Please? I need it so bad! Oh yes, that's it Emily, go lower. Lower! Oooooooh please, please Emily, I need you."

Helpless to resist any more Emily slowly kissed her way down to Juliette's now comically swollen stomach considering the size of the tiny singer, lingering there for almost a full minute as she covered that big belly in kisses. But Juliette begging for her to go lower so there was only so long Emily could resist before she positioned herself exactly where the other girl wanted her. Which was of course in between her legs. Although as much as part of her wanted to Emily didn't dive right in, because again this could be her final chance to do this, and she wanted to savour every moment of it, including the sight and the smell of Juliette's wet pussy, Emily finding both those things wonderfully intoxicating. Then finally she leaned forward, closed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and gave Juliette what she really wanted.

Meanwhile Juliette had of course kept begging, "Lick me! Lick my fuckin' cunt you dyke! Oh fuck Emily, please, I just can't take anymore. I need my cunt licked. And I need it to licked by you. Mmmmmm, please Emily, you're by far the best at licking my cunt, so please just do it. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, become my personal little cunt licker again. Please, I oooooooohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd!"

Juliette was more patient with Emily than any of her male lovers, mostly because her patience was rewarded with incredible orgasms no one else had been able to give her, but she also genuinely cared about her. Not that could stop her from inevitably begging, especially as most of the time, when she started she instantly got what she wanted. Thankfully this time was like most, and Juliette barely got into her dirty talk stride when she felt Emily's tongue press against the bottom of her pussy and slowly work her way up to the top, causing the famous singer's words to become lost in a long loud moan of pleasure.

More moans quickly followed, along with groans, gasps, cries and whimpers of delight as Emily did what she did best, take care of Juliette's needs. In this case that meant quickly settling into a steady pussy licking, which was wonderful. Even if Emily ignored her clit. At least for now. But Juliette knew all she had to do was ask, and even if she didn't she was confident Emily would do it in her own accord. For now this was enough. And perhaps it would be enough for the oral portion of the evening, as the whole point of this was to relax Juliette and get her ready for the fisting that would hopefully get this baby out of her. Then again, could she really resist having Emily make her cum with her talented little tongue?

Ever since they had first started having sex Juliette hadn't been able to go more than a day without Emily's tongue making her cum. Normally she preferred multiple times a day, and she certainly hadn't had enough of them today. Honestly it felt like she could never get enough, and surely an orgasm would help loosen her up for the fisting, right? And not just relax her pussy, but her mind as well, because despite how confident she acted she was almost as nervous about that as actually giving birth. Almost. But then again this wasn't supposed to be about pleasure, this was supposed to be about triggering labour. So at some point she needed to tell Emily to stop licking her pussy and start fisting it.

At some point, but not now. Juliette just needed this right now. Oh yes, she needed Emily to lick her pussy nice and slowly to take all her stresses away. After all, except for Emily her life had become nothing but uncomfortableness and pain, that sweet little tongue of hers practically a drug Juliette needed to survive. She was totally hooked on it, even if she inevitably got fed up with the lack of attention to her clit and opened her mouth to complain about it. Reading her mind Emily took that moment to touch her clit for the first time during this cunt lapping session, causing Juliette's words to again dissolve into a long moan of pleasure. Only this time she then followed up on it with words.

"Yessssss, that's it Emily, mmmmmmm, lick my clit!" Juliette moaned happily, reaching down to stroke Emily's hair lovingly, "Yeeeeeessssssss, that's good, mmmmmmm fuck! Fuck! Fuckin' lick me! Lick me you fucking dyke! Oooooooooh Emily, lick my clit with your dirty little lezzie tongue. Mmmmmm ohhhhhhhh, make my pussy gay just like you. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Emily really didn't like it when Juliette used those kinds of words to describe her, especially as she wasn't sure what she was herself. Bizarrely at the exact same time it made her so fucking wet at the idea that she could have turned Juliette, as Juliette was so fond of saying. Which was ridiculous. Of course it was ridiculous. That's not how it worked. Emily didn't think. She wasn't 100% sure, but she was pretty sure you had to be born at least a little interested in the same sex to actually want to go there, even if you repressed it so deep inside yourself that you weren't even aware of it until you fucked your country music star boss. Okay, she may be projecting here, but the point was that she and Juliette weren't 100% straight before all this began, they just thought they were.

Now Emily definitely didn't consider herself 100% straight. She wasn't sure she would consider herself 100% gay either, but maybe like 70%? Or 80%? Definitely 100% gay for Juliette Barnes, which explained all her actions lately, including being in between her legs right now giving her a long gentle pussy licking, despite whatever Juliette said. To be fair she was pretty sure they were only words, and Juliette had said a lot worse to her over the years so it didn't really bother her. She was told she was going to need a tough skin to work for Juliette Barnes, although Emily doubted Juliette's manager had this in mind when he gave that advice/warning.

"More, more, more, more, more!" Juliette demanded, "Mmmmmm lick my clit! Come on Emily, make my pussy feel good like the little lezzie slut you are! Fucking lick it! Lick my clit! Oooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhh, oh Emily! Please more give me more Emily. That feels so good, ohhhhhhhhh, now I want you to aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh shit! Oh fuck! Yes fuck me! Yessssssssss!"

Again mostly because she wanted to shut Juliette up Emily gave her pretty boss what she wanted, in this case allowing her tongue to linger on her clit. She had been touching it with every other lick anyway as she had wanted to tease Juliette first, both because that made the eventual orgasm that much harder and it annoyed Juliette. Although mostly the first thing. Now though she lingered on it for an ever-increasing amount of time, then so fluctuating that amount of time as another way to tease her lover and ensure that her inevitable climax would be that much more powerful. And that Juliette's would dissolve into cries of pure pleasure.

Just as Juliette was regaining control of her words Emily wrapped her mouth around her clit and gave it a good long suck. This of course caused Juliette to let out the cutest little cry and becoming coherent again, Emily repeating the process for the next few minutes whenever it looked like Juliette was going to complain again. Or whenever she felt like it, which gave herself a sense of smug satisfaction as she rendered her boss into a whimpering wreck. Then she began slipping a finger up and down Juliette's pussy lips, occasionally lingering against Juliette's entrance as Emily debated whether to push that finger inside and either begin the process of slowly pushing her whole hand inside that tight little cunt, or whether she should finger her to orgasm first.

Unknowingly taking the choice away from her assistant Juliette screamed, "Fist me Emily! Ohhhhhhhhh Gawwwwww, fuckin' fist this baby out of me! Do it! Do it now! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck!"

Emily bit her lip, and then softly told her boss, "I'm going to start out slow, okay? I don't want to hurt you."

"Sure, whatever. Just do it." Juliette snapped, before quickly apologising, "I'm sorry Emily, I just need this so bad."

"I know baby." Emily said softly, before promising, "And I'm going to give you what you need."

Juliette felt a little flutter in her heart at that term of endearment. Emily had never dared use it before, and Juliette wasn't sure she'd ever dared look at her like she was now, but it made Juliette feel all warm and fuzzy. More importantly it made her feel so relaxed she barely noticed Emily slipping a second finger inside of her. She definitely noticed the third one, but it came shortly after the second so she was still nice relaxed and Juliette did her best to stay that way in preparation for the force. Being so sneaky and manipulated that Juliette was incredibly proud of her. Emily waited a few long minutes before adding that fourth finger, the entire time pumping her fingers in and out of Juliette's pussy while staring lovingly into her eyes.

When Emily did finally push that fourth finger into Juliette's pussy the country music singer could no longer keep eye contact with her faithful employee. She didn't want to break the eye contact, but Juliette couldn't help it. She just automatically to throw her head back, close her eyes and let out a loud cry of pleasure. Juliette then kept her eyes closed so she could concentrate on what she was feeling, which only became more intense as Emily used opportunity to lowered her head back down and wrapped her lips around Juliette's clit. Did Juliette mentioned that she loved Emily? Because she did. In fact at that moment it felt like love wasn't a strong enough word for what she was feeling as the pleasure became increasingly overwhelming.

Then Emily finally tucked her thumb underneath her fingers, slipped it in and then began slowly but steadily pushing forwards, stretching Juliette wider than ever before. Which was painful, and a little scary, but in a very short time she would be receiving worse, and that wouldn't be as nearly as thrilling and wonderful as having the best assistant in the entire world slowly pushing her entire hand inside her cunt. God, it was incredible, the moment that Juliette's entrance stretched wide enough for the knuckles of Emily's hand to pass through it seeming to last a lifetime and yet seconds at the same time, Juliette letting out a sharp cry when the rest of the other woman's hand pulled the knuckles into her pussy meaning her hole came to rest around Emily's wrist.

Concerned as always Emily began, "Juliette-"


Obedient as always Emily started gently thrusting her hand back and forth, ever so slightly causing Juliette's entrance to stretch again before relaxing around her assistant's wrist again. It wasn't much, but it was enough to make any discomfort Juliette was feeling dwarfed by incredible pleasure, and for her to struggle to speak. Then Emily lowered her head again and took Juliette's clit back into her mouth, quickly rendering her incoherent and more importantly making her cum. Oh did it make her cum, Juliette screaming hysterically as her body shook, her cum squirted out of her fist filled cunt and her mind felt like it melted inside her head.

Emily was used to making Juliette cum incredibly hard, but she had never been physically so deep inside her boss when it happened before and for a few moments it felt like Juliette was going to push her hand out of her. Knowing that in her current state her boss would probably let her off for that Emily forcefully pushed her fist forward, somehow getting deeper inside Juliette. Emily wasn't sure whether she should have liked that sensation, but she did, and Juliette definitely did given the way she came even harder, so Emily started increasing the force of her thrusts until she was practically punching the other woman's poor little cunt.

Like the strap-on fucking before it, especially the anal variety, this brutal fisting left Juliette an incoherent mess that was completely at the mercy of Emily, and despite how much she loved the other woman Emily couldn't help enjoying this feeling of power over her boss. This superstar who normally held all the power in their relationship was now helpless underneath her, and literally cumming on her whole hand, Emily finding this so thrilling she couldn't help using her free hand to rub herself a little. Of course her main focus as always was Juliette's pleasure, which was why she lowered her head back down and began licking and sucking her boss's clit even more frantically than before.

Every time they fucked Emily made Juliette squirt at least once, but while it could be her imagination there seem to be more liquid than usual. Thinking on her feet, so to speak, Emily lowered her head and once again tasted the liquid gushing out of the other woman. Sure enough it tasted different, and not in a good way, and Emily immediately pulled back in disgust. Luckily Juliette was too preoccupied to notice that brief look, so Emily didn't need to reassure the insecure country star. She did however have to gradually decrease her pace and then gently pull her fist out of Juliette's cunt. Which of course annoyed Juliette, but then she had a look like she was now thinking the same thing as Emily.

"I, I... I think your water just broke." Emily said softly.

"Me too." Juliette groaned, and then after a few long seconds snapped, "What are you waiting for? Get me to a fuckin' hospital!"

With a quick apology Emily rushed to do just that. Fortunately they had been prepared for this for over a month now, just in case, and Emily had even got Juliette to agreed to some dry runs, so while the next few minutes were chaotic it was more organised than it would have seen from the outside. Of course inside Emily was still freaking out, and she could only imagine what Juliette was going through, but that was normal for anyone in this situation. What wasn't normal was that Emily spent the entire time getting Juliette to the hospital, and even holding Juliette's hand while she gave birth, wondering what this meant for their relationship. Because she really, really wanted to keep pleasing Juliette.


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