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Naruto: Gencom - Ninjacom Part 3
by C. King ([email protected])

Naruto could feel the fog in his head lift as his mind started to recover from seeing Tsunade in her nearly unwrapped beauty, which Naruto had know about and yet not seen in this way. It also didn't help calm his sex drive with the knowledge he had made her only five years older then him. His desire to fuck the former middle aged woman was growing out of control and Naruto had yet to decide if he wanted it that way. Yet at least he could start to think again and not just freeze up with shock, hopefully he had taken all of the shocks he would get during this day.

'I started this whole thing and now it comes to the point of actually doing it, I'm starting to turn chicken. Am I going to do this knowing what I have done, or will I just find a way to turn everything back the way it was?' thought Naruto as he felt most of his body limber up, except for a straight part of his anatomy.

"You know this reminds me of my past when I was with a man I cared about, sharing the little happiness we could have during the years Konoha were at war. I can't tell you how much I would have liked to have those moments last forever, or at least have some gifts from the time we had together. But it was not meant to be, like his own dream. Now I am living his dream and looking after the people who would have been his children as my children now. Even if I don't feel so motherly with at least one of them right now." said the older blond as she continued to rub his flesh.

This reminded the younger blond of the tragedy which was in the life of the fifth Hokage, with losses of brother and lover to the dream of hokage. The life lost in games of chance before coming back to the village after the torture of Orichimaru, a man who promised to bring back her love ones in a devilish deal. One which could have been at the cost of Naruto's and Jiraiya's life, which Naruto was thankful. He was also thankful for her overcoming her mental fear of blood to heal him from deadly wounds caused by the traitor Kabuto.

So there was a lot which he owed her, and now she seemed to be returning a marker for repayment in her own pleasure and joy. So while he had a natural urge to make love with the woman, he also felt it was his duty to repay her for all of the things she had done for him. So he had to make sure this was done right if he was going to do this, which was a problem as he was a virgin who knew little of sex outside of Icha Icha novels. Even Jiraiya had not been more helpful then a basic birds and bees talk, other then showing off all of his books to the fox boy.

So he figured the truth would be the best way to get things started, "I think I know what you want to do, but I have to say I'm not skilled at those 'ninja arts'. In fact, I have never used those kind of 'arts' before in my life. So I might not be the person you want to 'spar' with in those 'arts'."

"I figured you would have had a fifty/fifty chance of having any experience with the 'arts' as you call them. That you could remain so with Jiraiya trying to corrupt you into his way of viewing the fairer sex speaks lots to your own skills. Yet I'm willing to teach you the 'arts' since I have had experience before the accident which had regenerated my body. So if you willing to learn, I'm willing to teach ... so you can be prepared for that special woman in your life." answered the ninja leader as she turned him around to face her. The right side of her mouth quirked up in amusement, as she started to lean forward till she was inches from Naruto's face.

Naruto knew this was the point of no return, and if he started to kiss Tsunade it would likely move to sex. It would mean he would be accepting of this situation and the question was could he live with himself if he moved forward. Could he live with himself if he didn't move forward if it would have made Tsunade happy, after a long life of hardships? There were were the number of girls he had also hit with his new computer.

He took a moment to think and make his important choice, because if he made love to Tsunade what would stop him from making love with Sakura? Or Hinata, Tenten and Ino? Or any other woman who caught his fancy. Even if he could bring happiness to people including himself, should he do it? His choice was influence by the need to help people even if he was not the smartest person in the world, to make them happy even if he didn't have the wisdom to know what that might be. So he moved forward and kissed the ruby lips of the twenty year old woman as he embraced her.

The female blond placed her tongue deep into the mouth of the male blond, as she sucked on the lips of her new lover. Her rather generousbosom mashing against the fifteen year old man's chest, as he could feel hardness on the tips of the breasts. The idea of her nipples being hard in all of this hot steam was an amazingtestament to her hunger for sex, even the mesh seemed not to get in their way. She was also rubbing her hips into his own as much as she could. He couldn't feel the mesh through his suit, but he could feel the friction from the grinding of the two bathing outfits.

The question of how quickly they should go was answered when Tsunade pulled back and started to remove the bra like part of her bikini. Orange mesh slide slightly off of the breasts of the large chested woman, as the tension holding it up was removed. Tsunade then started to speak like a teacher instructing a very lucky student in the subject at hand, sex.

"These are a woman's breasts, built for the purpose of giving milk for children. Due to the need for sensitivity for the needs of a baby, they are tender to the touch and grant some pleasure to include feedings. This can be adapted for the use of sex as careful use of body parts like fingers or mouth sucking on them can bring enjoyment to a woman. Even careful used of teeth for soft bites on them, like teeth tugging on the tips of the nipples without tearing them off, can also bring sexualsatisfaction to a female love. Or even a male with the nipples they have on their body's. I can show you and then have you experiment on me if you want. But let's get undressed all of the way first, so pants off Naruto."

Naruto obeyed his leader and took off his swim trunks as he left them on the side of the hot tub. The fifth Hokage then slipped off her bikini bottoms as she left them next to the trunks, then she slipped off the bikini top to go with the pantie like counterpart. This left full display of her nude breasts which many men had drooled over for at least a quarter of a century, either in reality or with a complex genjutsu.

The former fifty year old woman moved forward and began to kiss on the chest of the fox boy, moved down from the neck to the pecs which had his own non-functioning nipples. Her lips zigged down the left side of his chest, so she could move around to his left nipple. Her mouth hovered over this nipple as she slipped out her own tongue to lick down the side of the now erect ends. Then she could place a seal between her own lips and his chest skin, breath falling down on him. Then she sucked in as her tongue moved around the male aureole, flicking it with gentle force. Her teeth soon came into play and tugged it slowly with a firm, but not painful grip.She sucked as she pulled in and out, giving a kind of nursing aspect which was surprising to Naruto with how pleasant it could be.

Her teeth let go as she pulled back as she smiled as saw the stunned, yet happy look on his face. Or this was what Naruto could tell from what he had been experiencing and saw. With this she continued with her little sexual lecture...

"I doubt you would like to know the numerous ways one can pleasure the penis, even if I can explain all of those ways to you. I will be using those techniques on you as prime you for an orgasm, but I will also be using my skills as a kunoichi to freeze you on the edge of the orgasm. There is some pain in this, but it also provides the opposite of pain as well. No, I will be teaching you the ways to use your penis to provide pleasure to a female's body.

You must remember that physically there is no difference from a small prick to a massive dong, most of it will depend on the male and female mind more then in biological reality. Most of the female sense of touch, therefore pleasure and pain, are around the lips of the vagina. Not as many people believe in the depths of the female body, with a few exceptions in all the possible human variations. While I guide your cock into the positions it should be taking to pleasure the majority of women, I want you to try to use your own mouth to pleasure my tits. This is as much a learning experience as a sensual one, so there is no wrong to do it for your first time," continued the Fifth as she took a handle on the erect cock with her hand.

Naruto moved forward with some hesitation as he felt there was a wrong way to do this, a way he would find and make the temperamental blond explode with her superhuman strength. The fact he was making love to a woman who had the power to crush his equipment into a paste was a worrying thought. He just had to hope whatever was in that computer was powerful to prevent the type of disasters he had in his daydream nightmares.

The foxy boy soon had his head over the woman's plentiful bosom and the dark brown spot in the middle of the rounded flesh. Lips firmed against the skin as he tried to duplicate the pleasure which he had been given by the other blond. This was some what ease with a few exceptions, as he had to adjust for the personalpreferences of the woman he was with.

"You can suck on it a little firmer then that, a little firmer ... no, that's too firm. It feels like you're sucking the life from by boobs, try it a bit less firm. Wait, I will guide you. Firmer, firmer, firmer, just about right ... now you got it. Okay, it's time to use your tongue to aid in this. Try to run it in a circle around theaureole ... or dark spot of the nipple and not just the tips. Circles tend to be an easy way to start the process which will allow you to be able to deliver the pleasure easier. Once you master this little art, you should be able to use the little red snake to play with the nipple.

You should be able to use your breathe and your saliva to stimulate the nerves in the breasts. The contrast of cold and heat from the mixing of the two can cause a delightful experience for either man or woman. Yes, ohhhhh, that's a good use of your tongue. Use the end and the edges of it to move the nip of my nipple. Okay a little more of that, a little more ... Aiiiiiii, yeah! Okay try to keep this up as I play with your cock, since you're going to need to be able to do more then one thing during sex.

You should also remember women need a little more time to get their own orgasm then it takes for men to get their orgasm. Most men are concerned with getting their own burst of pleasure as soon as possible, this is the path of a selfish lover and most woman will not want to sleep with him more then once. A good man realizes while it's not wrong to see his own sexual peak, it is a wise man who also managed to either give his partner one or prepares her for her own. So see how long it takes for you to master giving me an orgasm, because you won't be cuming on my watch until you do. So are you up to this challenge?

In fact, I will have give you a little help with the mission. I will guide your fingers with my own little love box and show you how to use your fingers to bang a woman. This might speed up the process a little bit so you can have your own orgasm."

Tsunade was good to her word as one of her hands moved to guide his own hand into her cunt under the heated water of the hot springs, while her other other hand rubbed his cock up and down the length of the member. Naruto was trying to do his best with the tit that life had given him, with the addition of the second one as he moved his mouth to the other side. His fingers slid into and out of a slitopening, as her fingers guided him up to a weird little button like thing which stuck out of her body.

"What you are feeling now is the clitoris, which is the female version of a cock and balls in term of giving pleasure to a woman. Just like rubbing a cock gives pleasure during sex and masturbation, rubbing this part of the female body helps with providing an orgasm. Or at least get the woman hot and lubed up for the cock to enter her pussy, which is important. You might be able to have sex with a woman without anylubrication, it is easier to perform when the channel if greased for rod A to be inserted into slot B. Try to remember that Naruto, but I will keep reminding you when your mind is not busy with other activities."

He was trying hard to memorize all of the information she was giving him as they were having their fuck lesson, but sex was distracting in the worse possible way for him. So he just focused on what he was trying to do, using the help which he was given by a more experience woman. He used his fingers on the little button on her pussy mound, used his lips on her nipples with the different techniques she had told him, and felt the pressure build in his ball sacks.

So he was on a race to get his mission perfect, which he judge from the words of his love. She began with just a limited session of comments, "Try a little harder, Naruto. You are getting better and better with the breasts, but you're still a long way from being a master. Now you're going to need practise with the clit your toying with, but you are a fast learner in this case. You need to use your nails as well, but as gently as possible. You have to remember it is sensitive to touch, the change of texture is useful in making the little bud react. You have to remember it's like your own cock, only smaller. It means you have to duplicate the same kind of things you would do to your own sexual organ.

Okay, you're doing better with the clitoris play. A little softer, it's not painful but it's a rougher then I like. So you're going to have to use a lighter touch, so you have to..."

Naruto got an interesting idea of how to combine ninjutsu and sexual activity, but it would require a pin perfect focus on the action he was about to under take. He removed his hand to perform the necessary chakra concentration to summon his jutsu, which involved his hand creating a swirling vortex of mixed energies. He wanted something smoother and softer then the usual justu which was used in battle, but one with the remains of special nature of the jutsu. So he tested it with the skin on the side of his leg as he moved closer to the limb and could feel the water spinning. Once he had the kind of pressure and he used the jutsu which had become a signature to him, the Rasengan.

The Rasengan was a rotating ball of chakra which went in a multiple directions at once, which once given the power training, would have the power to damage skin to break rocks or bricks. The task which Naruto was trying to perfect was the handicapping of the power of the jutsu so it would only make it feel good against the skin, rather then bruise or cause it to break and bled. Once created, without the hand signs of other jutsu, it would last as long as the user could supply chakra to the ball. It took great effort to figure out this variant of the ninja art, but he was motivated by the feelings in his own balls.

So it was the surprised Tsunade, who was trying to figure out why had Naruto moved away as well as the thrashing in the water, who felt the effects of the Ero-rasengan. The effects were overwhelming as the clit was battered by gentle forces in all directions at once as the chakra force ball hit the private mound. The fifth Hokage instantly did a combination of both a moan and a scream as she was hit by the force of this move, "Ohhhhhhh, ummmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh kami, Oh Kami, OH KAMI! What the hell are you do-oo-oo-oo-ing to me-ee-ee-ee! Ho-ow-ow-ow-ow can yo-ou-ou-ou be-ee-ee-ee a virgin?"

"I might be a new lover, but I really want to cum as soon as possible. The only thing which is stopping me from cuming now is to make you go first, so I am doing what it takes to make you get over the edge as soon as possible. So how am I doing?" asked Naruto as he feel Tsunade loose her grip on his cock, as she used both hands to steady herself against the hot springs.

The reply at first was a series of grunts which didn't make sense to the fox boy at first, until he realized he was seeing a woman having multiple orgasms at once. As he moved his pleasure ball lower, he could feel it some kind of fluid starting to flow around his hand. Which he figure was the sign his partner was lubed up and ready for sex. So he began to move his to move his cock into her pussy so he could hope to get some relief from her cock block technique.

"Yeah, it's alright Naruto. Stick your cock into my lady pot, I can unblock you from there. Just pull back your special orgasm bomb and give me a minute to recover from your attack of sex." With these words from Tsunade, Naruto pulled out and waited for the change in his lover's action.

The rapid breathe of the Hokage was starting to slow down as she gain control over her actions, as she added, "You are going to have to warn me if you are going to do whatever you did before. I think any other females you make love too are going to need a warning about it too. They might not be able to survive it if they don't know it's coming.

I'm going to use the muscles in my pussy to manipulate the chakra system in your cock which I had been using to block your cum from firing. This will be working it up and down your length as I make my pussy tighter to make this easier. This is the skills learnt in kunoichi training, using special practise dummies as a teacher's aid. It's part of the specialize training the gain when they reach an age of maturity, taking up a few weeks in the year. Let's say you're likely to meet more then a few kunoichi trained in this kind of jutsu. Most of it falling into the style of taijutsu, but there are uses for ninjutsu and genjutsu. I might train you in the use of them if you can explain how the heck you did what you did to me.

But now on to the penis at hand ... I'm tightening the muscles up right now. Can you feel it?"

Naruto could feel the clamping down of the channel he was in as it narrowed down on him, as he tried to figure out what his next move should be for sex.

Note: Any special Kunoichi you would like to see with Naruto, or special Gencom effects? Write in.


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