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Naruto: Gencom - Ninjacom Part 1 (no sex,mc,morph)
by C. King ([email protected])

Naruto had managed to get the device at a cheap price, even given its rarity in the world of shinobi. It was a device called a laptop, which was a computer one could take on the go. Usually only the wealthy could afford such toys, but he had found a buyout deal on it. It even came with some built in programming which he could use like a word processor and a spreadsheet, useful tools for a ninja who is hired for multiple mission types. Yet it was one of those types of programs which he had tried out.

What had been called Gencom the digital genie seemed to be a program which could change reality merely by typing and modifying data. He had tested it out in small ways on himself, from making his hair blue to creating a magic ramen travel bowl. A bowl of ramen which could be sealed for travel, yet would never loose all of its ramen. Instead it would regenerate all of the noodle dish, also added to this factor one could change the flavour of the ramen... it was a magical dish.

Naruto thought about the ways he could use this to help him make his dreams a reality at this instant. Sasuke home again in the leaf village, himself as the Hokage, and a final peace between the different villages. Then he had second thoughts, 'If I was to get everything I ever wanted at once, then it would make everything I suffered in my life have no meaning. This doesn't mean I can't use it to help me gain an advantage in my life or help my precious people. I know just the person I can start helping out.'

He typed in a name, the name of Tsunade of the Sannin who was also the current Fifth Hokage. It was an obvious choice, 'She might have been a pain in my neck sometimes, but she is also one of the few people to care for the real me. The least I can do is make her life easier. The obvious is Granny Tsunade's age, which has caused her to put up a hinge to make her look like she did when she was twenty. So if I use this age bar I found in the physical section to reduce her age back to twenty. Then I can do this to cause her to retain this appearance except for some small wrinkles and some graying of the hair. Then I can length her lifespan for all of the times she cut it shorter trying to help herself or others.'

He made the changes to appearance and life expectancy while using the help screen to use the retroactive box. It would build up a history of the events which had occurred so people would not realize he had changed things. If they discovered he was involved, he knew it would have one of two results. Either it would be seen as the doing of the Kyuubi sealed in his body, causing a conflict in the village which could cause a war. Or they would eventually trace it back to the Gencom and someone would try to take it. The idea of the computer in the hands of someone like Orochimaru would likely give him nightmares for tonight. Even in friendly hands like Jiraiya would have troubling effects, as all female ninjas would likely end up looking like hentai stars no matter the age and would be dressed accordingly.

'Then every woman in the world would come kicking my ass for letting Pervy Sage gaining ultimate power. I have enough trouble, thank you! Good thing for passwords and computer locks on programs. Now I just want to make one more little change to Granny Tsunade. I know many people don't like the fact she cars for me. So I'll just make a change focused on the village with a little bonus area around it.' Naruto began to type in the changes. It should be noted that due to his low attention span, he might have over looked some things or made them vague.

He had typed in, 'Tsunade loves Naruto and everyone in the Village Hidden in the Leaves plus a range of 10 miles all around it in a sphere understand and accepts this. They also accept and understand anyone else who loves Naruto.'

If Naruto had understood the fact the Gencom contained a perverted genie, he might have chosen his words more wisely. Yet instead he continued his changes.

Naruto decided to make a few changes to his friends and precious people, to see if he could make things better. He started off with Sakura as she was the girl she knew best, however at the same time he was also working on a master macro which he could apply to his other female friends like Ino, Hinata and TenTen. So the basic structure was being scripted from the bottom up.

He added a command he had given Tsuanded with a cut and paste option. The basic instruction, ' ** loves Naruto and everyone in the Village Hidden in the Leaves plus a range of ten miles all around it in a sphere understands and accepts this.'

He set out more of the physical changes in the woman first, things which would make their ninja missions easier and safer. He typed as he thought, 'Okay, if I double their capacity of chakra and narrowed their control so they can control the lowest level of energy in a jutsu. A built in mental understanding of their chakra potential and how to best use it.'

'Also if I am going to boost their capacity to double of their normal chakra with the ability to increase it with training and great control, I think it would be a great idea to give them all the knowledge of medical jutsu I can give them. Not only would it save their lives, but it would allow them to save their teammates lives as well. Granny Tsunade did want to have a built in medical corp for each team, so I will be making her dreams come true as well.'

'I guess there's a little bit of a pervert in me, so I might make some cosmetic changes to them. Giving them the lowest level of wrinkling and minor graying, keeping their peak physical attractiveness for the rest of their lives. Which might make them thankful towards me. Making sure that any flaws they receive would only enhance their beauty, like scars which make them look dangerous and sexy. Their hair will always be silky soft and shiny, skin with be as gentle as a chick's down. Eyes glowing with the light of life and emotion.'

'I do love those high heels Granny and Shizune wear, so I might make them a favourite with the girls of the template. With the ability to balance on a thin rope with them on and a perfect form of chakra walking. Of course, adding a rule about loving to show off their bodies.... to distract male ninja, of course. Maybe ninja netting clothing or something with a silky sheen to it. Well, those are most of the physical changes I can think of at the moment. I can always add them later. So what else to do?'

Naruto selected the different kunoichi which would be placed under the power of his macro and settled on the names he had mentioned before. He mentioned, "Let's put this on Sakura for sure, but also on Ino, Hinata and Tenten. Then let's start this thing in a case of retroactivity so I have less problems with this when I get home. Now to make sure that only I can use this program and encourage people to let me keep this computer I bought."

Meanwhile in the Village Hidden in the Leaves....

With the changes happening to this village happening over time, it was not as noticeable when the changes were made to certain members of the ninja town. The most major changes which were occurring where those which dealt with the leader of the ninja forces, the Hokage Tsunade.

In her office, that same Hokage was trying to sleep after a little pick me up of sake. Trying being the keyword as she was too filled with energy from the accidentally decrease of aging which had occurred in that experiment which had occurred a year back when she visiting the medical center's training rooms. With a surge of chakra it caused her to regain the regenerative abilities of her cells till she returned to her peak form of twenty.

Shifting from fifty to twenty, for a reduction of thirty years in mere seconds, did have the side effect of giving her a renewed source of energy. Energy which kept her awake even when smashed on sake. So now she was merely in a state of closed eye daydreaming, where she was thinking of the man she had come to love over the time she had known him.

Dreams of a nude images of a more adult version of a certain teen blond, with strong muscles and a killer cock. Images of smashing his face against her breasts, cuddling his prick in the valley of her bosom to fucking him and possibly his own single man orgy of shadow clones.

"Oh Naruto, you shouldn't have." she mumbled out loud as she kept with this same dream. The fact she had managed to win some time with him away from all of the girls who were after him also sent a pleasant tingling to her pussy. All of the kunoichi of his class plus the woman on team Guy had learned to love the boy over time, and as Hokage she had to make an understanding between herself and them. Each would try to win the effect of the man they all shared their love with, and yet would retain the good feels they would have with each other as fellow leaf ninja. Of course that didn't stop the jealous feelings from developing into rivalries with the younger girls, or Tsunade herself from pressing those new chunin hard.

As Tsunade was dreaming of taking Naruto in all of her holes, there was the shouting of her apprentice Shizune. "Lady Tsunade, Lady Tsunade, Wake Up! We have important news for you! You have to hear this. The guards at the front gates have sent forward a report that Jiraiya and Naruto have just arrived, they're just going through the customs protocols to make sure they're not enemy ninja. Yet from the way they were acting, they're either the real thing or a excellent set of imposters. They should be reporting here soon, or Jiraiya at least."

Tsunade perked up at this news, with the hint of rose in her cheeks and a smile on her ruby painted lips. She was already planning the debriefing of Naruto's training, as well as looking for some time alone with the younger man. Moves had also been made to make it easier for her to cross the blond boy's path, even if it had also helped the younger women who were out for the fox boy's body as well. As she held the power of Hokage, she had some pull on the living arrangements of her ninja forces. So it was easy to move herself and the younger chunin into the abandoned apartment building which had housed Mr. Uzumaki. It also took a little work with the genin of the ninja to bring it up to code and make sure it was in better shape then it was for years, with a tasteful appearance for all who visited.

The Fifth Hokage had moved to a nearby mirror, used and mostly hidden to keep an eye on spies trying to look in on her, to neaten up her appearance so she could make an impression on Naruto. The blond woman knew she had a promise to keep with some of the other women in the village and so she asked Shizune, "Shizune, can you bring the news of Naruto's return to the other girls? Hinata, Ino, Sakura and Tenten. Naruto would like to have his friends know he's back and I did promise those girls I would tell them when he was back. Of course, you might want to gather them all in one place at once to tell them the news and this will take time. Perhaps the tea house on the other side of town, I hear they have a unique blend of jasmine tea."

"You want some time to ogle him while the girls are distracted, don't you? Well, I'll try to gather them all up in one place. I'm not going to drag them to the other side of town for you. So just get enough cradle-robbing before all of this goes down, Lady Tsunade." said the medical apprentice as she disappeared with a ninjutsu. Tsunade continued to fix herself up, trying to find the balance of showing off her cleavage for Naruto while keeping her perverted teammate from looking down her chest.

The balancing act was going to be a problem as she thought, 'This is going to take a few minutes, and even then I'm going to fail.'

At the gates of the village...

Naruto was going through the process of being checked out by chunin guarding the over-large portal which would hold back invasion forces. All of their equipment, supplies and personal items were check as were their bodies to a limited amount. The laptop being seized by the older ninja was a worry for him, but it seemed they were just giving it a glance and then returned it to him. Naruto was glad for his friendship with Tsunade for this, since her anger was likely helping him out here to get a fair shake. However, a couple copies of the next book in the series of Icha Icha books were taken for 'further' review by the guards and the customs forces.

'Likely looking for a free copy of the book so they can read it before all of their friends. Even when there are going to be a shipment of them arriving in stores within a week or two, Icha Icha fans will try anything to get their hands on the books. Certainly something I have been using to get advantage of perverts of their types for years. Including some modifications to my village known Sexy jutsu, which I would love to pull out on a few people.' Naruto was thinking of this skill as well as the fact of his creation of the orb around the village which would allow people to accept the feelings of his friends for him.

Even Jiraiya, who would be most understanding, was under the power of the orb. Not that it was needed, but Naruto decided not to go to the work to make an exception for him. Just a single exception for Naruto himself as he wanted to avoid to many changes to himself, even if he was designing some... improvements which were yet to be placed in effect. He was just looking for ways to improve without making himself feel like he was going to cheat by using it. Even if it was a ninja unwritten rule to take any advantage they could get against a foe.

'The facts are a kekkei genkai ain't much different from a family jutsu except the first one is inherited by bloodlines and the second comes from hard work and hard thinking. Not that I wouldn't mind a bloodline, but it would just mean I would have to make up jutsu for using it in new ways. I bet I could find a hundred uses for the Byakugan or the Sharingan that an Uchiha or a Hyuuga couldn't think of doing.' considered the boy as he gathered his things so he could visit the Hokage Tower to debrief the hokage.

'Still, I might move towards the family jutsu instead since it requires more effort usually to get it to work right. I also like the idea of passing these jutsu down to my children so they could use them and think of me when they do. Still most of them tend to have a theme to them, while most of my jutsu seems to range in variety. Still, I'm glad I read the section on my jutsu and learned about that trick with the Shadow Clones which can increase my learning time. It's going to come in handy when I use it to create my super cool new jutsu when I get the time to use it.' thought the young man as he went over the systems of the Gencom.

'Can't wait to see the effects of the Gencom on Granny Tsunade, even if it means I can't call her Granny anymore with the reverse aging thing. I sure hope she's happier now that she got a second chance at life and this time might have the luck to find somebody. Somebody she won't loose to war or sickness, anything bad like that. She's done so much to help people, it's time for me to help the universe to pay her back. I should really look for someone for her when I get the time with my laptop. I also want to check out my girl friends are doing after the changes I made with them, might cheer me up after all of the time away from the village. Business first, then I get to have fun with my fellow genin.'

'I wonder if I should make some similar changes to the male genin as well? Maybe make them more attractive to the female gender so they could have the edge over the kunoichi of other villages. Improve their skills with their bodies and jutsu as well. I could even fix bushy-brows' chakra coils so he can use ninjutsu and genjutsu, even if he gets those back I'm positive he'll still be a master of taijutsu. Still, I'm not sure that he would like it especially now. I could find a way to get him access to more taijutsu, rare ones that no one has seen in years or ever. Could get some good powerful weapons for Tenten as well. I have to think hard about it, not my greatest strength at all. Pervy Sage's training had helped me with all of the strategy stuff I was missing in school, when most of the teachers were looking for a way to fail me.'

Naruto was also rehearsing in his mind the things he would be telling the hokage of his training as well as the sales pitch for him to try and find Sasuke to get him to return to the village. Another battle in his head raged on this point as well since he could just alter the mind of his former teammate, so Sasuke could return home where he belonged. The gut of the fox boy was saying wishing this to happen with some kind of work process wasn't going to make all of the suffering he and his village had faced with the defection worth it. There would also be a major sticking point Naruto wanted to face...

'I want to kick Sasuke's ass for all of the trouble he put everyone through. Like a few good rasengans to his belly or even his butt might be part of the price tag. Watching me prove that Sharingan of his ain't so great would also be a bonus, or showing off the fact the dead last had passed him with skills. Just want to get on to a battlefield with just the two of us and knock some sense into his thick skull, even if I have to crack it so the sense has some place to go in. Then I can fulfill my promise to Sakura-chan about bring the last Uchiha back home.'

'I just have to find the right words to convince her to let me do this, once I get a team together to make sure I have some back up. I got to be prepared for he and Pervy Sage to try and convince me that Sasuke is a lost cause, like Orochimaru was to them. I know if I can just work hard enough or fight tough enough, I can complete the promise. I gave my word I would do it and it is my nindo, my ninja way, to never go back on my word. I have to do this not only for Sakura-chan, but for my own personal honour and sense of duty. Or I might as well quit trying to become the most powerful hokage in all of history.'

So it was for the last few kilometers to the tower, Naruto was gathering his arguments for taking up the task he want to commit to. This seemed to stretch out the time to make the walking seem like forever before he arrived at the front doors of the tower. Steeling himself for the meeting with his elders, he stood motionless for a minute before opening the door to enter.


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