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Naruto: An X Ranked Mission Part 2: Chubbies Rule
by Johnny Tarr([email protected])

Naruto took a week to finally take enough pictures to develop the film. Being a well trained ninja he knew how to develop his own film. He got a most delightful surprise. The night of his mission was hazy. He remembered what felt like a dream seeing the three girls coated in his cum. He decided to head over to the records department to find out what the others had to say about his mission. The report is a little odd it mentioned a hot spring and the decision to stop there after the mission was done. Then there was a mention of being tired after the hot spring and over sleeping. Naruto remembered bottling the spring water because he felt so good in it. What he needed now was someone to help with this problem someone smart.

Shikamaru sat watching the clouds in the sky when Naruto came up to him. "Shikamaru I need your help on something." He said.

"Can this wait I have to beat Asuma in a game of shogi soon." Shikamaru responded.

Naruto showed the picture to Shikamaru who just shrugged "You seriously wanted to show me this genjutsu picture. Don't waste my time with this fake picture." He flipped up, and started walking away.

"Hey just wait. This picture was taken on my camera and the night that it indicates is one that me and my team don't remember." Naruto said.

Shikamaru stopped. If this was true this was going to be an interesting puzzle to work on. This could be some new mind control jutsu or some genjutsu that they used to make the people give away secrets while in the throes of passion. "I'll meet you at your place in a bit." Shikamaru said walking away.

Around twenty minutes later there was a knock on Naruto's door. Shikamaru stepped in and looked around for a clean place to sit. Naruto recounted the dream he had, the picture, and showed him the bottle of spring water that he had. The water now had a film on the top.

One month later Shikamaru came knocking on the door again. "This took forever to make and it's not exactly it, but it's as close as I can come." Naruto made a grab for the bottle but only caught air. "Hold on Naruto I want to run this through a test first. I compared the volume of the water and came up with a mixture that should work for about an hour. So let's get going to a testing ground."

They walked for awhile until they met up with Choji. "Hey is the test subject there?" Shikamaru asked.

"Ya she's in the field right now." Choji replied.

"Your good with the plan and know when to come in?" Shikamaru asked.

With a nod from Choji Shikamaru moved into the trees and started manipulating his shadow while it carried a water bottle. After awhile Shikamaru returned. "Ok Choji it's your turn." He said.

With that Choji started walking away. "Hey where is Choji going off too?" Naruto asked.

"Ino is picking flowers in a field that way. I swapped her water bottle for the one that I dosed. See Choji has always had a thing for Ino, and I thought that I would give him a chance. Since he's not dosed he can tell us all about it later." Shikamaru said walking back to the village.

Choji walked for about 10 minutes and came to a field where his teammate was picking flowers. He took a quick look and saw an open half empty water bottle, but he didn't see Ino anywhere. A moment later he did happen to hear her moaning. He didn't bother coming up quietly on her because she was far too busy playing with herself. He remembered the warning he got before this to make sure she drank it all so that she would be affected for an hour. Picking up the bottle he walked over to her. "Hey Ino your looking a little hot maybe you need some more water." He said.

She stifled a scream "Choji get out of here." She said while masturbating.

Choji pulled out a camera and took some quick pictures. "I don't think so since I don't think you will want me talking about how you spend time picking flowers and apparently masturbating." He smiled and he took another picture. "Besides I think you could use some help. Partial Expansion Jutsu." His hand and arm expanded in an odd proportion and moved her whole hand with just a large finger. Slowly he started to rub at her clit. With his other arm he brought the bottle to her mouth. "Now be a good girl and drink the rest of your water and I will help you out." He lightly inserted a penis sized finger causing her to moan.

"Ok Choji I will finish the water." She said with a defeated tone.

"Good." He said. He watched her finish the water, and then went to work on her. Slowly he worked his larger finger into her. Her body shook with an orgasm. His large finger moved in ways that touched new places in her body. "You know I think I could use some relief here." He said pulling his finger out leaving her feeling empty. She squirmed to get her hands free but had no luck because they were still pinned by his large hand.

Frustration built up in her being extremely horny and unable to please herself. "Ok ok! Whatever you want I will give it to you." She began to try to squeeze her thighs together just to get a little satisfaction.

Choji didn't waste another minute he pulled the zipper of his pants down and let his hardon free. Placing it at the opening of her mouth he said. "Time to give me a fantastic blowjob."

Ino gulped but the frustration was getting to be too much for her so she opened her mouth and started bobbing on his dick. The sensation was fantastic for him the girl he was hot for going down on him. On one of her bobs up she took a moment to say one thing. "Hey what about me?" She asked before a hand gripped the back of her head and pushed her back down. Suddenly one of his larger fingers were back at the entrance of her pussy working its way in.

"You know you talk too much maybe you need something more in your mouth. Partial expansion jutsu." He said. His penis expanded out in size and in width touching the edges of her mouth, and triggering her gag reflex. The sudden sputtering and constriction around him caused him to fire off a load of sperm into her mouth. Sperm shot down her throat and caused her to cough some up around his member. He slid himself out of her mouth. Sperm clung to his penis and dribbled out of her mouth. "You know my mom always talked about how you should be sure to eat everything you're given and it looks to me like that you still have some things to lick clean."

He had brutally kept her just at the edge of an orgasm, and her mind couldn't take much more. "Just let me cum, and we can do whatever you want. I just need to cum!" She said and then started to lick the cum off of his cock. She felt his finger growing inside her and move faster. She came in an exploding moment. The seemingly long time that he kept her on the edge made it build up and it seemed to last for minutes.

A beep told him that he only had a few minutes left. It was true that time flies when you're having fun. "Well Ino it has been a lot of fun but I'm going to get going you be sure to clean yourself up." He snapped off a few more pictures and headed off. She spent the rest of the time licking the cum off her and playing with herself. When she finally came out of the daze that she was in she wondered how it seemed to get later then she remembered but there wasn't really much time to wonder about things she had to get back home with the flowers she picked.


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