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Naruto: An X Ranked Mission Part 1
by Johnny Tarr ([email protected])

Jiraiya the toad sage sat by the natural hot spring pouring in a potion that
he usually carried around. It was a basically a way to heighten sexual
arousal, and was a great way to get inspired for his Make Out series and it
had the nice side effect of blocking the memories while under it’s effect.
This batch would last about two days so now he just needed to get to his
lookout place and watch the fun happen.

"WHAT!!!?" Yelled Naruto "This is a D ranked mission and you should know
granny Tsunde that a ninja of my level should only be for B level or higher."

"Well the village needs all of our ninja to bring in money to help with our
debts. So your team will go on this mission or you will go back to the
academy. Get ready to meet your team in one hour, and even though I know I
will regret this you will be in charge. Your leadership skills need work"
Tsunde said.

Naruto arrived to the entrance to the hidden leaf village to see his team
waiting. Good lord what was granny thinking. His team was Sakura Ino and
Hinata. From the look that the three women were giving him they were in
equal shock. "Alright team lets head out." Naruto said heading out in the
wrong direction.

"Idiot! Your heading in the wrong direction." Yelled Sakura.

"Oh ya." Said Naruto turning in the right direction.

On the way to the mission they passed a hot spring deciding to stop there
after the mission. Naruto was well out ahead while the three ladies trailed
back. "Geeze" Ino said. "I can't believe lady Tsunde gave us a lame
assignment to report on Naruto's ability to lead and manage a team."

"Relax Ino. Yes I will agree that this isn't the most important mission that
we've had but think about this we get to goto a town and spend three hundred
ryo a piece at the stores there, and the price for the is to keep him out of
lady Tsunde's hair for awhile." Sakura said.

"Yes and it's important for Naruto to know what he needs to improve on."
Hinata added.

Around four in the evening they arrived at the town. Naruto told his team
mates that granny Tsunde asked him to go alone to the store and pick up her
item so they were free to roam around, but they should meet up in about an

One hour later Naruto was sitting buy the main entrance to town. Man where
are the girls they should have been back by now. Soon after Naruto spotted
Hinata and stopped her. "Hey Hinata where are the other two?" He asked.

"They will be along... shortly." She started tapping her two index fingers
together in front of her mouth. "They wanted to goto one more store, and
get us something for the hot spring stop we are going to make camp for the

An hour later they were on there way to the hot spring. It was just about to
get dark when they arrived. "Ohh Boy. Time for a nice dip in the spring."
Naruto said hopping out of his clothes before getting cracked on the skull.

"Ouch Sakura! You know since you started training with granny your staring
to hit like a mule." He said.

"Cha you had better watch it or I will hit you again. You can wait till we
are done with the hot spring, and while your waiting you can make us all
something to eat. Ohhh and by the way if your thinking about sneaking a peek
at us." Sakura punched a thick tree branch breaking it off, and then
finished. "I'll be happy to turn you into my new training dummy."

The three women got to the hot spring dressed only in there towels slowly
entered one by one. Their was something immediate when they touched the
water. A soft warm feeling raised from there toes to the top of there heads.
They all watched the others sliding into the spring. It wasn't the first
time they had seen the others naked considering that there was the one main
bath house in the village they had all bumped into each other from time to
time there. They felt their bodies loosen up, and arousal firm up their

"You know Hinata I have to say you probably have the biggest breast of all
of the girls around our age." Ino stated.

Hinata blushed red "I don't know about that." She responded.

"I don't know I think Ino has a point. I will also say that you seem to cover
them up a lot. I bet that if you were to wear something less modest you could
probably get any guy you wanted to get." Sakura added.

The three bathing women couldn't help but feeling horny. Slowly there hands
made there way to their pussies and began to slowly finger themselves. They
talked about less important things all the while playing with themselves.
Their feet slowly drifted until they touched under the water. A surge of
energy shot up all three of them as they experienced a mini orgasm. Suddenly
they all stopped and looked at each other, and turned shades of red.

"Ok. Were we all doing what I think we were doing?" Sakura asked. Silence was
her answer. "Ok I will admit that I was masturbating it's something natural
that we all do, and something about this spring just got me in the mood."

Hinata sunk down so that her mouth was under water, and looked down. Ino was
a little more forthcoming with her answer. "Hinata what you were doing wasn't
wrong and it's ok we're not going to judge you because we were doing the
exact same thing." Ino said.

Suddenly they felt a thrill. They had all been going at it with other people
so close and they had been caught in a way. Sakura slowly rose letting the
air chill her body. Her nipples hardened up and the water ran down her naked
body some was trapped in her pink heart shaped trimmed pubic hair, and then
ran down into the spring. She moved her hands down twisting her nipples
slightly, and went back down. When she reached her pussy she stuck two
fingers deep inside herself. Watching her friend start to finger herself got
Ino aroused and she decided to do something unexpected she placed her hand on
Sakura's inner thigh and ran her hand up to the busy pussy. The touch from
Ino gave Sakura another mini orgasm and when she felt other fingers at her
pussy she slid her own fingers out and allowed the new fingers to enter. The
sudden orgasm caused her knees to buckle and she would have ended up in the
water had Hinata not stood up to grab her. Each touch of there skin set them
on fire. The moment there faces were almost touching Sakura moved in and
kissed Hinata on the lips.

* * *

Naruto decided that since he was going to have to get wood and things set up
there was only one way to get it done quickly. With his hands in front of him
he said. "Shadow Clone Jutsu." Four clones appeared next to him. They split
up the work, but there was still a lot to do.

* * *

Back at the spring all three girls had decided that they needed some sexual
release. Hinata had decided that she would modify her eight trigrams
sixty-four palms into a high speed masturbation technique. Sakura and Ino had
to stifle screams of joy as Hinata's hands became an amazing blur over their
pussies. The other two girls took turns fingering Hinata, but found they had
trouble keeping up. They had all started to loose count of just how many
times they had cum. "I think we should get dressed and get back to camp."
Sakura said. "Naruto might wonder what is taking us so long." With that all
three girls stopped after one more orgasm and got themselves dressed still
feeling incredibly horny.

* * *

Naruto was getting the fire started when his three team mates arrived. "Well
looks like it's my turn for the spring. You three will have to make dinner"
He said as he took off. He reached the spring in no time and hopped right in.
Soon he had a painfully hard erection. He thought to himself that if the
spring water made him feel this good he should get a bottle of it. Taking the
water out of his own bottle he filled it back up with hot spring water and
corked it up.

* * *

Things at the camp were not going as well for the three leaf ninja. Hinata
had a dark spot directly over her crotch, and the other two had their own
juices running down there legs. They had beads of sweat dripping down there
faces. There dinner was cooking and they just needed to kill some time.
Finally they came to the decision that they would have one more go.

* * *

Naruto got bored. Here he had masturbated twice and still he was rock hard.
He got dressed and followed the smell of food back to camp. He got a surprise
when he set eyes on the camp all three of the girls were masturbating. "Hey
can anyone join this party?" He asked while removing his clothes.

"Naruto you perv!!!" Yelled Sakura. "You had better turn around and forget
everything before I..." She trailed off. Naruto had managed to get his pants
off and had a seven inch cock. She had heard from the 5th that the average
guy was only three to four inches long. Something in her desired to touch it.

Naruto seized this opportunity "No you three had better understand a few
things your going to do what I say. Firstly because I am the team leader, and
lastly because I can outrun all three of you back to the village and tell
everyone what I've seen." There was a quick flash and a click. "This will be
the proof so everyone will believe me." He said.

The girls seemed to take a quick second to talk it over. They all finally
turned to him and nodded. Sakura started toward him when he stopped her. "No
I'm gonna have all three of you at once." He said placing his hands before
him "Shadow Clone Jutsu" Two shadow clones appeared next to him. "Now one of
you for each of me."

They paired off the Naruto and Sakura pair wasted no time what so ever. She
wrapped her hands around his cock and started jerking him off. Mid stroke he
suddenly grabbed the back of her head and forced himself past her lips. This
new sensation caused her to shudder as she reached a climax. He brutally
rammed himself in and out of her mouth. This went on for a time till he
grunted and began shooting his load into her mouth. He pulled himself out and
shot one last load onto her face. Before she had time to recover he pushed
her down and pulled her legs apart. She was amazed he was still fully erect
something was really different about him. This thought was lost however as
the sudden penetration caused her to cry out as a new orgasm shook her body.
He was pounding into her with everything he had. He felt her hymen tear on
his first thrust and he could feel the tight wet pussy. This sensation proved
to be just too good for him, and he fired another load deep inside her.
"Sas...Sas... Sasuke!" She screamed as she climaxed.

The Naruto and Ino pair was a little rocky. Unlike Sakura who wanted to touch
it Ino wasn't sure about any of this. Finally fed up with her inaction he
knocked her to her knees and proceeded to rape her mouth. It was a nice
change he thought usually she was always talking about how things could be
done better and now she was going to be quiet for awhile. He forced her head
up and down while working a toe into her crotch. He could feel her pussy
tightening around his toe and readied himself to fire a load into her mouth
as she came. He decided that she deserved something special so just before he
came he yanked hard on her blond pony tail and forced all of his dick inside
her mouth causing her to gag as sperm filled her choking mouth. He didn't
wait for her to recover as he pushed her back yanked her legs apart and was
greeted by another hymen. He pushed through and listened to her moans as left
over sperm drooled out of her mouth.

Hinata quickly got to her knees and gave her Naruto a taste of the gentle
fist masturbation. Her hand was a blur over his cock, and occasionally she
would lick the head. Her tender care caused him to cum rather quickly in
rapid hard shots that hit her face and open mouth. Caught off guard by the
sudden facial she fell back with her legs opening up. Seizing this
opportunity he rammed home and through another hymen. In and out he slammed
into her hard as he could. When it came time for another orgasm he heard her
call out "Nar... Nar... Naruto!"

As his clones came in there respective girls they popped out. However he was
still not sexually satisfied. "I still need more" He cried out putting his
hands together. "Multi shadow clone jutsu!" This time eleven copies were
around. Three went to Sakura and began to penetrate every hole they could fit
into. The same thing happened for Ino. Hinata however had two extra clones
that she had to jack off. Each one felt it at the same time, and knew they
couldn't hold out any more. "Alright girls line up because I'm going to show
you a new amazing jutsu, and don't forget to play with yourselves." The girls
dropped to there knees and put on a show for the eleven Naruto who were
jacking off around them. "Naruto style cumsangan!" he yelled as all eleven
shot thick loads of sperm at the girls. They were glazed with sperm as the
clones popped out of existence leaving the original behind and starting to go
limp. Spent and dazed some of the haziness left his mind and he started to
put his clothes on. The last thing that he saw before he closed his eyes was
the girls licking all the cum off one another.

The three girls spent a good deal of time licking each other clean, but were
starting to get tired themselves. So they decided to get dressed and get some
sleep. Before going to bed though Sakura stopped both girls and said. "Look
I'm not really supposed to use this trick lady Tsunde showed me but
considering what happened I'm going to." She made a quick few hand signs and
placed her hands over both girls crotches. "This will restore your virginity
in a way." As she finished getting dressed the three girls fell asleep next
to each other.

* * *

The next morning came and the entire team woke up late. "Oh geeze!" Naruto
exclaimed. "Granny is gonna be pissed that were running late. Ok everyone
lets haul ass back to the leaf village." He didn't wait for them to start up
with him knowing that they would be close behind.

Jiraiya sat in the tree dumbfounded. The event he had witnessed could make a
whole new series of books.
_ _ _

Well I hope you enjoyed my Naruto story. Considering that this is the first
thing that I've written I think it went rather well. Since I'm not providing
an e-mail I suggest any comments get placed in the request board under a
heading of Naruto or X-Ranked Mission.


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