Nanny: An Unusual Birthday Gift
by Anonymous

Maxwell Sheffield was in his office, deeply buried in his thoughts. He heard
speaking Spanish in the living room and sighed: Niles was probably watching
again this stupid Spanish soap. He rubbed his eyelids, stood up, and went to
the living room. He was surprised to see Miss Fine fast asleep on the couch.
His heart leaped and he couldn't help a tender smile on his face God she's so
adorable when she's sleeping! He thought. Then his eyes found Niles, deeply
absorbed in the soap. He pulled a face, came closer behind him and whispered:

"I know a certain butler who's going to have a big surprise...." Niles
shushed him.

"Shhh Sir!... It's a very important... Maxwell interrupted him.

"Yes, Niles, I'm gonna give you ... A HUGE KICK IN THE BUTT IF YOU BLOODY

Niles made a guilty face, switched off the set immediately and rushed into
the kitchen with Max fast on his heels.

With all this shouting of course, Fran had awaken. She lazily stretched her
arms and opened her eyes. She looked around her, and tried to figure out
where she was... It was definitely not her room... Oh God!... She stumbled
to get on her feet. What time is it?!... I had to take Grace at her ballet
lesson at four! Her eyes fell on the clock and she sighed with relief: it
was only 2.30pm. She sat down on the couch and heard Mr. Sheffield shout
something at Niles. She looked skywards shaking her head God, this man only
knows shouting!

He entered the living room right then and came towards her smiling. She
didn't like his look at all, so she stood up hurriedly, and was about to
invent a very lame excuse to avoid him, when he stopped her:

"Oh Miss Fine!... Come here, I'd like to discuss something with you..."

Now I'm in trouble! She thought, mentally reviewing what she had done lately
that could have annoyed him, but she found nothing actually. She sat on the
couch with a most worried look.

"Yes, Mr. Sheffield?..."

He sat on the coffee table smiling, and took one of her hands in his.

"Miss Fine, I've been thinking... It's been a long time since you didn't have
a vacation, you appear rather tired, and the kids have behaved like pests
recently ... I am aware of that, though I haven't been of much help in that
matter I'm afraid... But it's going to change... As they didn't seem to
understand certain things, I have notified them that they would be grounded
for the next holidays... And... Well, meanwhile I thought ... We should take
some time off together..."

She couldn't believe he was sincere.

"You thought what?!... Look Mr. Sheffield, tell me what I did that is
bothering you that much..."

He interrupted her, chuckling.

"No, no, no Miss Fine... Don't you worry, you've done nothing wrong... Huh...
Well,... As far as I know..."

He looked at her with an interrogative look, then smiled again.

"I mean it Miss Fine, it's not a trick..."

She felt suddenly lighter.

"Okay... Well,... Where do you want to go?"

"What about Mauritius ?"

"Oy?!... Where is that?!"

He chuckled.

"It's an island not far from Madagascar... "

"Oy!... That's far from here, isn't it?... Well,... You decide...When are we

"I have some things to finish here, then the business is going to be rather
calm for a couple of weeks, so I thought we could leave then, which would be
in a few days... Is that fine with you?"


"It's settled then... I'm going to make reservations..."

He smiled, stood up, and went back to his office.


Maxwell Sheffield and Fran Fine checked-in at their hotel in Port Louis, the
capital city of Mauritius. Max carried her [only] two suitcases to her room
and went to his, next door.

Fran unpacked, showered a bit, then put a light dress on, took her sunglasses
and a magazine, and went on the terrace of her suite to rest on a deck chair.
She had slept soundly in the plane and she didn't feel tired... At least yet.
Max, on the contrary, had not slept at all in the plane, busy as he was
watching Miss Fine do so. He unpacked rapidly, put on a tee-shirt and shorts,
and collapsed on his bed, falling instantly asleep. A couple of hours later,
he woke up with a start, not knowing where he was, neither what he was doing
there for several seconds. Then he collected his ideas, rubbed his eyes, and
checked the time: 2.00pm. Maybe Miss Fine was sleeping too, he didn't want to
wake her up, so he put his sun glasses on and went on the terrace.

He relieved in the landscape he had underneath his eyes: the bay was
absolutely beautiful. A few yachts were anchored and swayed lazily with the
smooth waves. The beach had big rocks limiting. It was quite lively and he
could see the people over there swimming, sunbathing, or the kids playing. A
gentle fresh breeze was blowing, making the temperature acceptable. He turned
to go back to his room, but then he spotted her on the terrace next to his.
She was still reading a magazine on a deck chair. He smiled and called her.

"Miss Fine!"

She turned her head towards him and smiled.

"Hi Mr. Sheffield!"

"Do you mind if I..." He gestured he wanted to join her.

"Of course not! Come here!..."

He pushed slightly the plastic panel that separated both terraces, and joined
her. He sat on another deck chair in front of her.

"Did you sleep?"

"No... I wasn't tired, I read a magazine, but you came just in time, I was
about to finish it." She smiled.

"So?... What do you want to do?"

"Mmm... I dunno... We could visit the city a little bit, or go walking by the
beach... You decide..."

"Okay ... then... Let's walk by the beach a little... I'd like to be back
here towards 5 o'clock and call Niles... Then what do you say we go to a
restaurant on the peer... I was told the sunset seen from there was
absolutely enchanting..."

"Okay... Besides, I'd like to call Ma too..."

"Then let's meet in the hallway in 5 minutes okay?"

"You're on!" They lazily wandered by the beach the rest of the afternoon,
having small talks, stopping in a cafe from time to time to drink
refreshments. Fran thought she'd never seen him that relaxed, actually, they
were sharing moments she had barely had the privilege to share with him. She
liked it, but somehow, it frightened her a bit, she felt very shy. And
although she had been on occasions quite pushy on him, and even merely
offensive with her seductive assaults, there she felt totally paralyzed,
unable to make any move on her own... Maybe it was because she had been so
surprised he had actually willingly taken her alone on a vacation with

They went back to the hotel as planned to make their phone calls.

Fran hung up, and then lied on her bed A small nap will do me good she

At 7.00pm, Maxwell came to knock on her door. She had not shut it well,
because as softly as he knocked, it pushed open. He stepped in. She had
pulled the curtains, so the room was a little darkened, but there she was,
fast asleep. He remained motionless for a while, then sighed, and stepped
back, making sure the door was well closed this time. He ordered a light
dinner in his room from the restaurant of the hotel, and went to bed.


The next morning, Fran woke up, took a shower, and went to eat her breakfast
on the terrace in her bathrobe.

She was drinking her tea watching the sea, when he hailed her from his side
of the terrace.

"Hi Miss Fine!... 'Mind if I have my breakfast with you?..."

"Hi! ... Not at all!... Come along Mr. Sheffield !... I'm so sorry about last
night, I fell asleep!"

He carried his tray to the small table where she had already hers, and took
a chair in front of her.

"It's okay Miss Fine... I came to check on you, but you seemed to be sleeping
very well so I didn't wake you up... By the way, you should be more careful
when you shut the door of your room, it was opened..."

"Oh, you should have woken me up!"

"Don't worry, I'd rather you are well today because I have a surprise for
you... I have rented a small yacht, and I would like to take you around the
island with it... The tour would last two or three days... What do you
say?... They said the weather for the next days is going to be excellent."

"Wow Mr. Sheffield!... I didn't know you were a sailor!"

"Well,... You know how we Brits are proud of our Navy... ?" He teased her.

"I learned how to sail when I was at Eton... I thought it might be a nice
birthday gift..."

She smiled broadly.

"Oh Mr. Sheffield, that's so sweet of you!... You didn't need to do all this
you know, it was already very nice of you to take me here with you..."

He smiled, and kissed the back of her hand slightly.

For a moment, they gazed into each other's eyes, then suddenly, Maxwell
averted his eyes from her, and stood up.

"Well, huh... Miss Fine, is it possible for you to take only a light
luggage?" He teased her "... Swim suits, shorts, sneakers and casual clothes
will do... We'll be out for three days at most, and the only mundane thing
we might do is stop in a village for dinner once or twice..."

"Oy!... I'm a grown-up you know!... I know what I have to take!... I'll be
ready in half an hour..."


One hour later, they finally made it to the port. Max had rented a 8 m long
yacht which was rather large for two people, but it was the smallest ship of
that sort he had found. Surprisingly enough, Miss Fine had only taken one
big bag for her luggage, and he had one for himself.

They explored the cabin a little. There was a small room at the front with
the radio and all the navigation instruments. The living quarters had six
bunks, a small kitchen with a small refrigerator, and a comfy 'U' bench that
could transform into a larger one, surrounding a table that could be
concealed underneath; there was also a small bathroom with a rudimentary
shower, and a sink; plus a few cupboards.

Max left his bag in a bunk, then went outside on the bridge. He loosened the
ropes, and started the engine to leave the port. Fran joined him shortly
afterwards, as he was sailing towards the open sea.

She was very happy, and she actually felt very much in love with him. That
was why she still felt very shy. He was all gentleness towards her, and yet,
they hadn't exchanged a single kiss since their arrival, not even a peck on
the lips. So although she was thrilled by all this, she was a bit anxious
about his behavior: was he teasing her?... Was he testing her feelings?... It
he was, well she couldn't be his plaything forever... If he didn't make his
move, then... She had her pride, and though it tore her heart apart, she
would have to leave him... For good ... the kids didn't really need her
anymore, and she had to carry on her own life. She couldn't stay at the fair
much longer.

By mid day, they were a good mile away from the shores, and they had left the
inhabited areas on this side of the island. Max brought the yacht to stop,
and threw the anchor. He came to see Miss Fine who was sunbathing on the
front bridge.

"How are you doing?... 'Not feeling sea sick yet?..."

She turned towards him and smiled.

"No... Actually, I'm a bit hungry..."

"That's why I stopped... Normally, the restaurant of the hotel has provided
us with today and tomorrow's meals, plus a few other items... Would you like
to come to the cabin with me and have lunch?"

"Oh can't we eat here on the bridge?"

"It wouldn't be wise at all Miss Fine, the sun's at its peak, and with the
reverberation on the water, we could easily have a sunstroke..."

"Okay then..."

They went inside and while Fran was setting the table, Maxwell arranged what
the restaurant had prepared for them in several dishes. They ate joyfully,
then relaxed around a cup of coffee.

"You know Miss Fine, I really appreciate that stay with you... Though I have
seen it from time to time already, I discover another side of your
personality... Which I like quite much..."

"Well, thank you Mr. Sheffield... I could say the same about you!..."

They smiled at each other fondly. He extended one arm and gently stroked her
cheek with one finger. She bent her head. He took back his finger, a little

"Huh... Well, Miss Fine... I'll take the first 'washing-up round' then you'll
do the next okay?" He said, standing up and gathering the dishes they had

He went to the sink and started washing them, whistling a tune, while Miss
Fine finished cleaning the table before concealing it under the bench. Then
she took her towel and walked towards the entrance of the cabin.

"Oh Miss Fine, I wouldn't go sunbathing now if I were you..."

"Sun-strokes again?... Okay... I could use a small nap anyway..."

"I'll finish this thing and then I'll join you... Huh... I'll take a nap too
I meant..."

"Of course" She smiled... Boy that's final!... At this pace he'll NEVER make
his move! She thought as she lay in her bunk. She closed her eyes and tried
to think about the situation once more, but sleep quickly took its toll of
her resistance...

He woke her up towards 4:00 p.m.

"Miss Fine?... Miss Fine?"

He gently shook her.

"Mmm yes?... Oh!... Hi Mr. Sheffield...!... What time is it?..."

"4 o'clock... Would you like to take a swim?"

"Oh what a good idea! ... Just a second, and I'll join you on the bridge!"

"Okay, let me step out of these shorts, I have my swim suit underneath, I'll
wait for you outside."

He quickly got rid of his shorts and tee-shirt, took a towel, and went
outside. She could not help but admiring his beautiful body: muscular but not
too much, strong no doubt, with the right curves at the right spots... She
felt her cheeks burn... Come on girl!... If you go on like this, there will
be a cloud of steam around you when you dive into the sea! She shook her head
as if to wipe her thoughts away, took her towel and lotion, and went outside.

He had lowered a small ladder on one side of the boat, and was sitting on the
lowest step with half of his body in the water. He looked up when he heard
her come.

"How's the temperature?" She asked.

"Excellent!... 'Care to join me?"

"Yep!" She said as she began to go down the ladder.

But as she was reaching him, instead of trying to sit beside him, she pushed
him into the water with one of her feet. He wasn't expecting that at all, and
the sudden difference between the outside temperature and that of the water
(although quite small) made him scream in surprise.


"Sorry Mr. Sheffield! ... The ladder's too small for two!" She said laughing.

He had just collected his thoughts, and got accustomed to the temperature of
the water, he swam back to the ladder, smiling.

"Oh that was really mean Miss Fine!... Come here!"

He grabbed her leg and pulled her down. She fell into the water giggling and
screaming. For a good 10 minutes, both giggled like teenagers, splashing each
other, and playing with each other. Then Suddenly Fran screamed.

"Mr. Sheffield!!! A shark!!!"

He turned his head in the direction she was pointing, and saw a triangular
dorsal flipper coming right to them. Fortunately, they were only a few yards
away from the ladder. They struggled to climb on it as fast as possible, and
as they were setting foot on the bridge, the dolphin (that was one) leapt
outside the sea, splashing them lightly, and giggling, before making several
other fancy leaps around the boat.

Max was suddenly relieved. He smiled, panting.

"Oh look Miss Fine!... It was not a shark!... It's a dolphin!... Look!... It
seems he wants to make a show around the boat!..."

Concerned she was still silent, he turned towards her.

She was shaking.

He threw his arms around her and hugged her with a sudden worried look.

"Miss Fine are you all right?... Miss Fine?"

She was still shaking and she started sobbing. He hugged her more.

"There Miss Fine... There... What's the problem... Tell me..."

"Oh Mr. Sheffield... I wa-as so sca-a-a-red... I thou-ought it was a

"Come on Miss Fine... You're shaking, come with me inside..."

He gently took her hand, put her towel around her shoulders, grabbed his, put
it around his neck, and headed for the cabin, one of his arms thrown around
her shoulders. They sat on the large bench, still tightly hugged.

"Come on Miss Fine... come on... It was only a dolphin ... there are no
sharks in these waters... If you like, I'll get us closer to the shores, and
if you want to take a swim, you can do it more safely okay?"
She was still sobbing on his shoulder.

"Oh Mr. Sheffield... I'll never swim again in my entire life!"

He chuckled.

"Oh come on Miss Fine..." He pushed her a little to look at her face. "Look
at you, your eyes are red and swollen..." He brushed a tear at the corner of
her eyes with his thumb and stared at her.

His hand was cupping her cheek. She put hers on his, and stared at him with
a pleading look.

"Mr. Sheffield..."

As he saw her abandon, his lower body suddenly decided to follow its own
path, and his ears suddenly burned like Hell. He started breathing a bit

"Miss Fine..."

They stared at each other for a few seconds then slowly, his hand still on
her cheek, he drew his head closer to hers, and touched her lips with his.
Her mouth opened underneath his and they shared the most passionate though
gentle kiss they had ever shared, hugging tightly, their hands possessed with
a movement of their own, slowly exploring each other's bodies.

Like in a film in slow motion, he lowered her onto the bench and started
making love to her, unleashing 5 years of unspoken love, and as he was
experiencing her response to him, he knew he had made the right choice, and
that she would be his forever...

Like two dancers in a choreography, they were moving together in a perfect
ensemble careful not to miss any stage in their discovery of each other's
bodies, careful to please each other, careful not to rush anything.

From two different souls, they became one with a common goal. She had never
experienced such a communion with any man before, that was in total contrast
from what she had ever lived, and she had never felt so entire in her whole
life, as if he was the missing part of her being. He was so gentle, so
delicate, placing her needs before his, giving her the most extraordinary
experience she had ever lived, and she truly realized how deep her love for
this man was.

She sighed slightly, hugging him even more. He kissed her deeply once again
and joined her on this very private land only lovers share...
They made love again and again, as if they could never have enough of each
other. The morning found them still clasped in each other's arms.

He woke up first and simply stared at her. They were both naked with a simple
sheet over their bodies. She seemed very relaxed and happy, and truth be
told, he felt like a 20 year old!... He could see the weather was excellent
through the still opened door of the cabin... Oh it should be a sin to feel
so happy! He thought with a smile.

He stroke her cheek with a finger gently. She smiled lazily and slowly opened
her eyes.

"Hello sleepyhead!" He murmured.

"Is it a dream?... Am I really in the arms of Maxwell Sheffield?..."

"Yes, you are Miss Fine, and I wish you a very happy birthday..." He kissed
her tenderly on the lips.

"This is the most unusual birthday gift I've ever had Max... I've never been
so happy in my whole life" She stirred.

"Neither have I my Darling... Now... What do you say we get back to the
port?... I have something urgent to do..."

"And what about the two days sail?"

"Well, Fran, I figured you wouldn't want to go further with the experiment...

With what happened yesterday...!"

"Well,... Considering the outcome of it, I wouldn't say it was a bad thing at
all!" she teased him. "But you're right, as much as I appreciate our friends
the dolphins, I was really scared, and I'd rather a nice bed in a hotel than
this bench... Which is a bit uncomfortable..."

"... Above all when you consider I want to spend the rest of our time here
making love to you!" he tickled her. "So?... We agree then?... Back to the

"Most definitely Mr. Sheffield!..."


Max sailed back to Port Louis, and by the end of the afternoon, they were
back to the hotel.

While Fran moved her things from her former room to Max's, he went on an
short errand in the city.

In the evening, after they had showered and dressed, he took her in a small
fisherman restaurant on the peer, and asked for an isolated table. They ate
sea fruits and grilled fish, watching the actually beautiful sunset.

A couple of hours later, as they were finishing their ice cream, Max took
Fran's left hand, kneeled in front of her and said.

"Fran... I didn't know I could love again till I met you... Ever since you
entered my life, you've brightened it, and I want you to be by my side
forever... Happy birthday..." With that, he slipped a beautiful engagement
ring to her finger, and waited.

Tears glistened in her eyes as she raised her left hand and admired the
diamond ring.

"Oh Max!..."

"Will you marry me?"

"What do you think?"

[AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was another homage to the show!]

His face lit up with a smile. He raised from his squatting position, and
kissed her tenderly on the lips. Then he took her hand, and gently pulled
her to him.

"What do you say we go back to the hotel?... I guess we should celebrate
this... "

"With a bottle of Champaign?"

He chuckled while he encircled her waist, and murmured into her ear...

"I was thinking of something more subtle and exciting than that, but we can
have Champaign too if you like..."

"Then let's get back to the hotel, I can't wait for that 'subtle and exciting
thing' that is on your mind...!" She murmured back.

They almost ran in the direction of the hotel, giggling like teenagers.
They barged into their room, shut the door and he took her in his arms
spinning before laying her on the bed. There, panting a little, they stared
at each other for a while. He brushed a lock of dark hair off her brow, she
stroke his cheek...

"I love you Max..."

"... And I love you Fran..."

He lowered his head and kissed her while his hand was slowly unbuttoning her
cotton summer dress, and she did the same with his shirt... Another ballet
started and the world around them became blurred ...

She was amazed at his 'talent'... How could this British cold fish she had
met 5 years before, be such a careful and passionate lover?... She had never
been loved like that, with such tenderness and delicacy. His fingers were
like electric tendrils stimulating every sensory receptors of her skin. Every
caress of his lips sent shivers down her spine. She could never have enough
of him. She clenched to him as if she was afraid she would loose him if she
let him go...

He would never have imagined how complementary they were. Fran was the
perfect match for his body, he was actually discovering a whole new world
with her. The more she responded, the more he wanted to please her. He was
like inebriated by her sent, her movements, her kisses, her curves folding
and unfolding underneath him ...

They were both caught in a turmoil which they didn't want to escape, so
engrossed in each other's fulfillment that they had actually no notion of
the outside world anymore... Then, tightly clutched one to the other, they
drifted with the currents of sleep and the promises that their life would
never be the same again, now that they had found each other.

The curtains gently swayed before the slightly opened window.

Outside, a gentle breeze was blowing and the moon slowly sank into the sea,
as if it wanted to leave the two lovers the privacy they had expected so

The End


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