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Date: 08/05/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, drug use, graphic violence, female solo sex, male
solo sex, male/female sex

Category: Het

Pairing: Mona Loveland/Bret Michaels

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Summary: After she finally allows herself to quit her job at WKRP due to
Arthur Junior's sleezy glances and pick-up lines, Mona heads to a local bar,
where she gets herself drunk and bumps into Bret Michaels of Poison.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Tawny Kitaen, who was born
on August Fifth, 1961.

Dedication: Happy 47th Birthday to Tawny Kitaen! -- ATK 2008

New WKRP In Cincinnati: You Might Need Some Company
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all started on the Fifth day of the month of August at the Cincinnati,
Ohio-based radio station whose call letters were WKRP which was where a
middle-aged general manager named Arthur Carlson had allowed himself to hire
the station's new African-American program director whose name happens to be
Donovan Aderhold in order to help the struggling station get itself up to
Number One in spite of the fact that WKRP was still being staffed by its own
cast of screwballs.

One of those screwballs just happens to be a big dumb-ass prick of an
advertising account executive known as Herb Tarlek, who had no choice but to
bare the shame of allowing the 'Big Guy"s son, Arthur Carlson Junior do some
of the work with him until that snot-nosed punk was able to take over for his
dad as the new general manager of the station.

Another one of the old WKRP employees who has been allowed to stick around
and continue to do his job just happens to be Les Nessman, a brilliant
reporter who was in the continuing process of winning a local news award --
even though he had already won it four times -- and kept on doing so by
taking himself and his job way too seriously.

As for the rest of the staff, both Jack Allen and Dana Burns were once WKRP's
on-air morning DJ team who were actually at each other's throats whenever
they were off-the-air due to their impending divorce and if you were to ask
me, it was because of all of that constant bickering between the both of them
that the station has no choice but to pull the plug on their morning radio
show and force those bad-mouthing assholes to quit working on WKRP and head
towards greener pastures.

And of course, that had caused Donovan to hire a new morning DJ whose name
happens to be Razor Dee and allow him to take over the show that had also
been left vacant by the one DJ known as Doctor Johnny Fever before both Jack
and Dana had taken their turn on it before and during their really-nasty

And that's not all because Donovan had also hired a beuatiful raven-haired
babe named Mona Loveland to be WKRP's new nighttime DJ who had allowed
herself to continue working there in spite of the fact that Arthur Carlson
Junior had started acting like Herb Tarlek and began hitting on her just like
Herb had kept on hitting on a beautiful blonde former WKRP employee known as
Jennifer Marlowe.

But of course, that was until Arthur Junior's slimey pick-up lines and spooky
glances had became way too much for Mona to put up with and she had no choice
but to quit the job that Donovan had hired her for and get herself out of
there before those lines and glances had really caused her to go totally

And so, after she had gone into Arthur Senior's office, gave him her
resignation and told him the reason why she was quitting the nighttime DJ
job, Mona had left the WKRP building and headed straight over to the local
Hard Rock Cafe where she had sat herself down at the bar and began drowning
her sorrows in mugs of beer and sounds of loud heeatl rock music.

But then, as soon as she had just finished gulping down her fourth mug of
beer, placed her drunken head on her arm and stared at her own reflection in
the mirror behind the bar, a handsome male stud with blonde hair and a cowboy
hat on his head had walked himself over to the bar, placed his gentle hand on
poor Mona's shoulder and said, "Hi. You look like you might need some
company. Do you mind if I sit myself down next to you?"

And after she had lifted her drunken head up and glanced her very own eyes at
the one member of the heavy-metal rock band Poison known as Bret Michaels,
the only thing that Mona had done was let out a small giggle and say,
"Well-well-well! What do you know? A Bret Michaels wannabe! Don't tell me!
Let me guess! You want me to be one of the girls on that VH-1 reality show
known as 'Rock Of Love'! Is that it?"

"Actually, both Pamela Anderson and I want you to join us in doing another
sex tape," that was the answer that a sarcastic Bret had given to Mona after
he had let out a small smile and before she had gotten her drunken ass off
the bat stool, looked at him straight in the eye, pointed her index finger
right at his chest and said, "Well, let me tell you this, Buddy-Boy! I do not
give a fucking shit if you want me to become C.C. DeVille's personal drug
cow! All I see in front of me right now is just a dimestore wannabe! In fact,
I'm going to show everyone in here what a phony you really are by slamming my
fist straight into your fucking face!"

But as soon as she had let her fist fly, it had missed Bret's face and caused
Mona drop her drunken self straight down to the floor just in time for the
poor babe to start crying her eyes out and ask, "Why can't I do anything
right? I had forced myself to quit my job to get away from the creepy Arthur
Junior! And I tried to hit you with a single punch and... wound up down here
on the fucking floor!"

And of course, while the other patrons were only standing around and began to
wonder what they should allow themselves to do next, an understanding Bret
had lifted poor Mona up into his arms and said, "Come on, Babe. I think that
you had enough booze for one night," before he had carried the boozed-up
former WKRP nighttime DJ out of the Hard Rock Cafe and over to the hotel
where he was staying at along with his fellow Poison band members.

And as soon as he had carried Mona into the hotel suite that he was staying
in and gently placed her on the sofa, Bret had gone into the kitchen and
fixed her a nice hot cup of coffee which he had carried out of the kitchen
and allowed Mona to drink it all down in hopes of the Coffee might be able to
snap her back into being sober.

But as soon as she had gulped down that entire cup of coffee, Mona had looked
at Bret straight in the eye, allow a single tear to run down her cheek, place
her gentle hand on his cheek and say, "I really am so glad to bump into
someone as nice as you are!", and just as he was about to say something in
objection to her, Mona had placed her hand on the back of Bret's head and
kissed him ever so deep and passionately on the lips.

And of course, that had caused a small-smiling Mona to get her drunken ass
off the sofa, take all of her clothes off and start pumping two of her
fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the
other hand before Bret had stripped off all of his clothes and began stroking
his stiff cock right in front of the former WKRP nighttime DJ.

And as soon as Bret had moved himself closer and began licking all over
Mona's bare-ass naked body -- all the way down to her hot and steamy cunt and
carressing her firm breasts and Mona had placed her hands on Bret's bare
shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it!Do it, Bret! Touch me!
Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!" they had laid their nude
bodies down on the floor just in time for Bret to turn himself around and
allow Mona to start sucking on his stone hard dick, causing the former WKRP
nighttime DJ to suddenly realize that even though she was totally drunk, she
was still able to enjoy each and every minute of experiencing the one thing
that she had never experienced with any heavy metal rock star before which
happens to be pure and untamed sexual pleasure.

That was before Bret had placed his stiff cock inside Mona's asshole and used
each of her hands to carress both her stiff mounds and hot, moist snatch
which had caused the sexually-energized former WKRP DJ to place one of her
hands on Bret's bare shoulder and the other hand on his bare arm and yell at

And then, after the two newfound lovers had started moving themselves harder
and faster and their lovemaking has finally made its very first radio show on
WKRP, both Bret and Mona had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell
asleep with their naked arms in a lover's embrace while everyone else within
the city of Cincinnati had continued doing their normal daily routines.

Just then, as soon as the frontman for the popular heavy metal rock band
known as Poison had stepped into the rehearsal hall with a beautiful
raven-haired babe whose name happens to be Mona Loveland, introduced her to
the other members of the band and told them that he was allowing Mona to join
them whether they like it or not, Rikki Rockett, Bobby Dall and C.C. DeVille
had all let out a really hearty dose of laughter, told their frontman known
as Bret Michaels that he was wrong about them and welcomed their newest band
member with open arms just in time for Mona to look up at the ceiling with a
small smile on her face and softly said, "Thank you."



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