Nightmare On Elm Street: Tina Gray - An Elm Street Nightmare (horror,viol,Mf,mf,oral)
by Nickamano.

The lush and leafy peaceful suburban environ of Elm street, in the town of Springwood Ohio, was undeniably a beautiful and peaceful street to grow up on and fifteen-year-old Tina Gray had always shared that opinion herself, ever since she was four or five and was finally allowed to play outside by her constantly arguing parents (they would be divorced and her father completely out of the picture before her sixth birthday). However, even with the wonderful tree-lined sidewalks, the immaculately presented lawns and the constant upkeep of the 1920's Colonial style house facias, there was something shadowy, something brooding that Tina had never been able to put her finger on. Maybe it was the fact that she and the other few Elm street kids her age had only been allowed to play outside from the age of four or five that had placed a kind of latent fear of the 'world-outside' in them. Alternatively, it could all be in Tina's own head, of course. There was enough crap in there already - family crap, personal crap and who's to say it wasn't having an effect on her feelings about 'home' as well.

Whatever the reason, the town and the street especially felt sullied, as if the place was just a pristine skin covering rotten insides. Her parent's divorce had left her mother a husk of a woman; drowning her sorrows in booze and loser men, unable to look after herself never mind her teenage daughter.

Tina struggled. She struggled at school, she struggled with her family, she struggled with herself. She was beautiful. She knew it, but at the same time it was literally all she had going for her, all she could rely on. She had Nancy, of course, who she had grown up with. But Nancy was blessed with an inner strength and fortitude and a practicality that Tina envied and was sometimes jealous of.

Maybe the move had been part of it, after the divorce Tina and her mom had moved to a smaller, cheaper place down on the southside of Elm street and it was a more rundown area on the rougher side of town. She had been Nancy's next-door neighbour, though now it was a good twenty-minute walk just to see her oldest friend, unless she could get Rod to drive her down there. But, of course, he always wanted backseat sex in return, which was a hassle when you just wanted to spend a little time with your best friend. These days it was all Tina could do to distract herself from the crap. She found it was good to drown herself in fun and she liked it best when she lost herself partying - music and dancing, booze and friends, maybe a little doobie every now and then.

Tonight, had been no exception. Her mother hadn't left on her Vegas trip yet, she was meant to be staying home because mom was going away and leaving Tina alone for a few nights, and they had meant to spend the evening together but, as usual, she could hardly stand to be in the house with her daughter so she was out for the night, probably looking for another middle aged married loser to make her feel good for a few hours.

And so, Tina had come home to an empty house. She had made herself dinner; watched that night's episode of Fame; practiced on the piano in the living room; read a little for her book report while she took a bath and then took herself off to bed.

And then came the dream.

The dream began the same way as it had for the last two nights and Tina wondered why she hadn't remembered it more clearly yesterday or the day before. But then the dream reality took over and she was there again at the nondescript and handle-less rusted metal door which invariably led into the boiler room. And at that moment, it was all that existed for her. The slow squeal of the door; as she inexorably pushed it open; was akin to fingernails on a blackboard.

There were the huge rusted water tanks, each the size of a school bus, scores of them, side by side and stacked floor to shadow-hidden ceiling. There were the countless miles of twisted coppery coloured metal piping, Esher-like in their travails around the cavernous chamber. And then endless maintenance dials, always in the red, always threatening to release the pressure, explosively. The scraps of metal and rust and earth and detritus that littered every nook and cranny, the floor, the gantries and every black-ink shadow, cobweb-cluttered corner.

Tina found herself remembering her Sunday-School teachings - the descriptions of Hell and she felt like this could be the very place. This could be what the teachers were describing. And darkest of all, darker than the shadows and all the sordid obscured sections of the huge chamber that weren't revealed to her, was the presence. Not a person necessarily, more like a feeling, oppressive, heavy and dark. Wicked, malevolent. Evil. It suffused the place, it was in the pipes, infused into the scalding steam and the choking smoke from the myriad hell-fires that lit the boilers and burned bright and cruel in the open grates at every corner and every junction. It was all around her. Everywhere. Watching.

The fear in the place was palpable, her own fear and inexplicably, the fears of everyone else who ever had been dragged to this place and left their terrorised experiences behind like bloody fingerprints.

She knew she was alone in the boiler room, she hadn't seen another soul in all the times she had entered the place, but even so she definitely had the feeling that she wasn't alone, there had been other people here. And inexplicably she felt like 'other people' in fact meant 'other kids'.

However, beyond all that - beyond even that presence of evil - there was the ever-present feeling that Tina was actually being watched, right now in this moment. And not by any obscure malevolent sense of dread, there was someone else present, someone else here. Even acknowledging the hypocrisy of 'knowing' she was alone, she felt it was the truth. It was always near-by, always just out of sight. It was certainly a malevolent force and that feeling of being watched continued to grow stronger and more distressing with each passing heartbeat.

And then came the noise. It was distant, far away and echoing through the thickness of the hot, steamy atmosphere but it was definitely real. Fingernails on a blackboard. That horrible inhuman, inanimate screech that set Tina's teeth on edge and made her want to run.

The fear suffusing both the locale and Tina herself felt like a parasite, it clotted the heat and the dampness of the concentrated, steam-thick air. It was like treacle, trickling down her naked spine along with the streams of her sweat. And with that thought Tina became acutely aware that she was naked. Other than a short night-shirt and panties, she was bare foot and bare legged, and the heat and her sweat had already soaked the night-shirt through and painted it to her naked body. She knew that she might as well be naked, the thin cotton now a second skin against her flesh, the plain white fabric made transparent by sweat and steam. Her exposed breasts, though small, rose and fell rapidly in time to her quickened breaths and her nipples jutted proud, engorged by her fear. Her whole package, sweet and sexy according to past boyfriends (and her own bedroom mirror), would be stark and obvious to anyone else in this damnable boiler room right now.

Feeling the cotton of the night-shirt uncomfortably gripping the curvaceous upper slopes of ass cheeks she was secretly proud of, Tina hurried forward along a makeshift filth-walkway between a hurricane of boilers and pipes and sharp rusted gantries above and below and beside her, surrounding her like some demented three-dimensional maze.

Shadows moved, sometimes the reflected flickering lights of the sweltering boiler-fires seemed to take on the form of hands and demonic faces, but it was for the shortest of peripheral instants and Tina's logical side dismissed the effect even though her deeper fear-centres cringed and the flight-or-fight response pushed her onwards more and more desperately.

Suddenly, there was the shadow of a man at the end of the walkway, against what must have been a concrete wall - dirty, grey and dashed with weeping paint of sickly yellows and ochres and dried, blackened red. The human shadow was indistinct, a slender form, towering against the wall, one hand longer than the other with what looked like elongated fingers, the head oddly shaped, somehow bulbous. By the time her conscious mind picked up the realisation that the oddly shaped head was more than likely the brim of a hat, the shadow had disappeared.

Tina moved on, stark fear making her shiver all over, despite the sultry heat of the endless, labyrinthine boiler room. She ran on, down pathways, along gantries, around corners, up flights of clanging metal steps. Shadows chased her, sounds forced her to turn one way or another, the horrible scrape of fingernails on a blackboard, a hissing sound that was more like a human or a serpent than the hiss of escaping steam. The strange otherworldly bleat of a terrified lamb. The roar and the debilitating heat of the furnaces. It all forced her onward blindly and increasingly terror-filled.

The first thing that brought her to a dead, exhausted stop was a floor-length, filthy, moisture-stiffened sheet that had been erected as some kind of partition or door. Tina stopped in front of the sheet, at first refusing to touch it, peering instead around the edges to look beyond it, but there was simply more of the perpetual boiler room on the other side.

However, after a long and increasingly despairing look, she did spot something that made her heart leap with renewed hope. At the far end of the gantry and a level up, there was a flight of metal steps leading up to another rusty metal door. It was the first door she had seen since the one she had stepped through into this diabolical place. Taking a deep breath, the girl reached out and went to push the sheet aside.

It didn't act the way it should have, it seemed to coil around her, like a fog, though solid.

Instantly, it had enveloped her, sticking to her sweat-coated skin like a plastic tarp. It clung to her, to her bare flesh, she could feel its touch on her naked skin, as if her night-shirt no longer existed, but it was like hands on her skin pressing onto her, feeling her, gripping her. Her shuddering breasts, her flat, palpitating abdomen, her fear-clenched thighs. For a horrible second it closed around her face and she couldn't breathe, couldn't inhale, her nose and mouth were filled with the coppery rust and steam stench and no air was coming in or out. It suffocated her, seemed to go into her mouth, push into her very throat, as though someone had twisted a good eight inches of the horrible fabric into a wrist-thick lozenge and then stuffed it deep into her oesophagus, gagging and choking her.

Her terrorised scream seemed to release the gag from her throat and in the moment that followed, her struggles and desperation saw her free of it and in a new level of despair. Tina ran on.

The first touch was like a prickle on her bare skin beneath her night-shirt. A momentary sensation she immediately dismissed, the way a trickle of sweat could feel like a spider crawling on the skin. The second was more deliberate, what was distinctly a palm cupping her left breast but then letting go at once. Tina squealed and panicked, darted away from the invisible touch seeing no one and nothing. The third turned into a dozen or more as she ran and twisted and struggled, trying in vain to escape the unseen molester, all the while continually touched by invisible hands and always, impossibly, beneath her night-shirt. Sometimes gentle teasing touches - a swipe at the streams of sweat trickling down her spine, a touch on her throat, a finger against her lips, a pinch to her cheek. Other times they were more overtly sexual caresses, a harsh pinch on a nipple, a stroke of a finger against her vulva. Other times they were more painful, pinches and scratches anywhere and everywhere. And sometimes a cold, hard feeling, like an icy blade against her flesh. However, the instant she felt each one and reacted, the feeling was gone.

Then there was a hand cupping her right buttock and the sheer horror of it stopped her in her tracks, the invisible hand remained. The horrible, so-called teasing suddenly much more serious. Tina could feel the calloused, wrinkled skin of the invisible palm, strong fingers digging into the smooth, hard muscle beneath her soft flesh, beneath even the cotton of her sweat soaked panties. She could even feel the scratch of broken nails digging into the succulent flesh of her perky ass cheek.

Again, she squealed a curse and burst out of reach, spinning around for the hand's owner. There was no one there but the hand remained, clenching painfully, cruelly on her tender bottom. She cried in a renewed panic, unable to see or connect to the owner of the hand, unable to remove the molester from her body.

The hand squeezed harder still, clamping like a vice, her muscle and flesh twisted painfully under the demonic grip. She could feel the broken nail tips of two of the disembodied fingers pressing against the tiny puckered sphincter mouth of her clenched ass hole.

The teenage girl slammed herself back against the nearest solid object - the rusted railing of the gantry, but now she could feel a body between her and the hard metal piping, the hand was still clenched tight and probing filthily. Tina's teenage pussy clenched in fear, her ass tensing and she cringed and wailed and wept, shivering and writhing uselessly against the unseen assault. But the fingers pressed in firmly, the nails cutting into the cinched muscles of her tender anal mouth, forcing the sphincter ring to stretch and then two cruel fingers pushed their way up inside her body.

Tina screamed uselessly at the unstoppable violation.

Another disembodied hand suddenly gripped Tina's throat tight, grasping, choking. This one was leathery and coarse, hot but dry, with points of hard, rough coldness like metal and she froze again, wailing and cringing, tears streaming free as her scream was abruptly choked off. Her whole body was frozen and tense, unable to escape, unable to fight back, as the two sharp-nailed fingers pushed deeper and deeper up her ass, to the first knuckle then the second, deeper and deeper still.

In that same hellish moment and just as disembodied as the molesting hands were, the girl heard a voice. Actually, felt rather than heard, more a vibration in her head than a sound entering her ears. It was a laugh, an inhumanly deep, throaty, demonic cackle. Amused, sadistic.

The hand at her throat shifted a little, tightened and across the back of her neck and the top of her shoulder, she felt sudden lances of sharp pain followed by a hot, bubbling wetness. And the laugh turned into a moan, a cruel, animalistic, sensual sound, something both monstrous and turned-on.

It was too much for Tina and she screamed her lungs hoarse, despairing, trying to shake herself free of the hands of her invisible possessor.

The moan turned back into that horrible malevolent laugh, louder than ever. As evil as it was amused. The dry, leathery-metal grip on her throat tightened, choking her. The sharpness at her shoulder searing, slicing in deeper. And the fingers in her ass twisted, the digits spreading to stretch her, the nails nicking her sensitive anal walls.

The laugh slipped casually into a deep, demonic semblance of a playful sing-song voice as the teenage girl heard her own name called with a mixed cruel, malevolent and erotic fervour.

And in the next instant it was gone. The hands, the voice, the presence. As if they had never been there. She stood shivering, freed and finding herself wondering if she had just imagined it all. However, Tina's ass still hurt and her neck and shoulder felt sore and wet.

She touched her shoulder and her hand came back with beads of sweaty blood on her fingertips. Screaming and panicked blind, she ran. Unseeing, unfeeling, just running. Fight-or-flight in overdrive.

* * *

The boy watched Tina as she ran toward him.

He was hiding underneath the metal steps leading to the exit and he was mesmerised by her. She was fucking fantastic, fifteen years old like him, a totally hot little cock-tease. But the slutty kind, not the narcissistic arrogant - "no one's getting near me", "no one's good enough" - kind. At least, that was his assessment. And his wish.

He watched her running this way through the thick clouds of steam and fiery smoke. Her eyes were wide with terror. Everyone that came here was like that. It just made them sexier, dirty little whores.

She was only wearing a plain white night-shirt and it was dirty, stained with sweat and steam, saturated by moisture that made it cling to her in the best way possible, like a second skin. She might as well be naked and it was glorious. Her sweet tits - small but high and firm and totally perky, maybe a b-cup, with nipples and areolae - a dark pinkish brown against the sweetly clinging cotton - were bouncing around ecstatically to the off-beat of her sprinting pace. Her cute bobbed hair, collar length and strawberry blonde, with a full-bodied fringe that made her lovely, long lashed and big blue eyes pop, was cut through with damp-darkened curls due to the steam and the heat of the boiler room. That same heat that had plastered her hair, had also adhered her night-shirt onto her smooth, flat stomach. It had rucked up the hem line above the tops of her thighs, flashing her saturated panties, revealing a shadowy hint of dark blonde pubic hair and the succulent pink split-peach beneath. The "guy pleaser".

She had great legs too, long and shapely and athletic, that gleamed smooth and damp in the firelight and looked just terrific. Like a cheerleader or a runner. The boy wanted to be between them, rutting away while she writhed and moaned beneath him. The thought gave him a total boner.

He remembered her from a decade ago when she was sweet and innocent and tasty, now she was fantastically sluttish and he wanted her really bad.

It was time. He waited until she was looking behind her with those huge, delightfully terrified eyes, a doe in the headlights, and then he stepped out from his hiding place.

She screamed when she ran into him, but he was strong, belying his small geeky frame and he didn't give in the slightest. He smiled down at her, three inches taller than her five foot four and embraced her reassuringly.

He squeezed her, enjoying the feel of those tits squashed against his chest, the sweet smell of her sweat and fear. He allowed one arm to snake to the small of her back and then a little lower until the softer, smooth upper curve of her delectable ass was under his little finger. He stroked that sweet upper curve with his finger, groaning inwardly, wondering if she took it up the ass... That would be the icing on the cake.

She calmed as her eyes focussed on his familiar face.

"Anwir? Anwir Shultz?" Tina gasped, incredulous.

Anwir Shultz was in Tina's English class and maybe a couple of others, she couldn't really remember. He was a bit of a geek, not quite a loser but certainly no jock, more academic than athletic. She vaguely remembered him helping her with keeping her averages up a couple of years ago, but all in all, he was a long way from being on her radar. What was he doing here?

"You okay? I heard you were down here..."

"How?" Then she became distracted with memories. "There's someone in here. Someone... Touched me... I couldn't see anything..."

Anwir liked the way she blushed when she said "Someone touched me". It made him think of all the ways he wanted to touch her. Maybe helping her would win him a favour or two, he had no doubts what he would demand.

"I can help you get out of here, Tina..." He offered with a slightly feral looking grin.

Tina, so blind by panic and terror, didn't seem to notice.

"Oh God, please! If you know a way out of here I'll be your pal for life!" She gushed with a slightly hysterical giggle, relief starting to overtake the fear for the first time.

"C'mon." He said simply.

He wanted to wrap an arm around her and keep her fine body pressed against him but she kind of took charge again and pulled herself out of reach, he did manage to take her hand but she slipped out of his grip as they started up the steps toward the door.

"Hurry, oh God Anwir, hurry." She cried, rising desperation once again thick in her sweet voice, hating to be at the back.

"Relax." He said, a little indignantly.

Every time he looked back at her she was staring back into the mist of the boiler room behind them. Anwir grinned, it just gave him more chances to stare at her body, close up this time. See more detail through the saturated night-shirt. At one point she turned completely around and Anwir stared. She had an ass he wanted to bite.

He came to the small, metre square, platform in front of the door and stopped. The girl was so afraid that she pressed herself up against him, clinging to him, hating to be at the rear with her back exposed to the evil suffusing the place.

Anwir paused and drew in a deep preparatory breath then braced himself, lifted his foot and kicked out, a Chuck Norris style karate kick, slamming the ball of his right foot into the metal centre of the door.

The best Tina would have hoped for was the geek's foot kicking a small hole through the surface of the rusted metal of the door, but she was blown away.

The door slammed backward as if it was made of cardboard, a deafening boom leaving her ears ringing. The door's hinges broke away and the latch (there was no handle again) gave at the same time. The centre of the door bent inward where Shultz's foot had connected and then the whole thick chunky slab of rusted metal fell out of its frame and beyond was a startling blindness of the morning sunlight of her beloved Elm street.

The nightmare was over. The two teenagers stepped through hand-in-hand into the light.

* * *

The walk back took little time, the sidewalk was lined with bushes and Tina knew on the other side of the bushes was a little scrubby wasteland, but it was nice, grass and trees and bushes. They were close to Nancy's house.

When they had emerged from the boiler room it had been early morning, that bright pristine cool morning light. However, by the time they were passing Nancy's house is was already late afternoon. And by the time they were passing down the back alley to the backyard gate of Tina's place it was dark again.

They walked side by side, Anwir had an arm around Tina who was cold and shaky, exhausted from all the running and the terror, the cuts on her shoulder were thin and shallow and the bleeding had stopped but they itched and irritated. Two long scratched slices, three or four inches long and perfectly parallel and around an inch apart. Anwir had taken a look at them but declared them nothing to worry about. Tina was acutely aware at the time that pulling on the neckline of her night-shirt the way he did, to look at the cuts, also enabled him to look down the inside of her top at her unencumbered tits. It irked her for a moment but then she remembered the state her clothes had been in before and she thought to herself that he would have seen everything she had to offer anyway, so what did it matter?

She cast aside her discomfort, reminding herself that the geeky boy had in fact saved her, any longer inside that demonic boiler room would have been the end of her and she didn't think she would have been able to open that door herself.

She deliberately caught his attractive and luminous, bespectacled green eyes with her own and gave him her best smile. Her gaze taking in his wide straight nose and rather full lips in the centre of a round face, framed by straight and slightly unkempt brown hair that hung down either side of his brow like drapes.

The desire in his expression, the gleam in his intent eyes and the smile playing across those lips was obvious and unmistakable. For once, Tina actually felt her heart soar a little, enjoying the attention and the reality that at least this one time the geeky looking boy had been her knight in shining armour.

Even if he wasn't her type, and Rod could kick his ass any day of the week (though that Chuck Norris crap had surprised the hell out of her, maybe she was a little quick to judge?), she still got off on the attention. She thought to herself that there weren't enough nice guys in her life and what could it hurt to propagate an extra friendship?

"I don't know how to thank you for helping me out back there..." She said softly.

"I'm sure we can think of something." He replied with a grin.

Tina did her best not to roll her eyes at his corny pick up line, all the while thinking to herself that maybe she should give him a quick kiss for his trouble. He obviously fancied her, what was wrong with giving him a little extra jerk-off material?

As though half-way reading her thoughts, Anwir went in for a kiss and Tina found herself lifting her face to meet his, deciding to let him. Their mouths came together, an initial moment of chasteness and then, like an eruption of teenage hormones their mouths clashed, lips parting together and then they were all tongues and sucking and moaning and swapping saliva.

Tina actually found herself enjoying it, those full lips were nice, soft and expressive and his tongue was good too, not too wet and full of passion. When she felt one hand cup one of her breasts through her grimy, filthy night-shirt and the other cup her ass gently, she shrugged inwardly.

Let him have a little fun, he wouldn't get many chances with girls like her anyway. Tina wasn't blowing her own trumpet saying that she was out of his league, she was just stating a fact. She felt the pad of a thumb stroke the erect nipple and a flash of pleasure shot through her chest and her panty gusset started to dampen again, though this time it wasn't because of steam and sweat. Tina moaned, pressing against him enjoying the now blatantly erotic kiss.

"Tina, what the fuck!" The voice, all smooth Cuban-Italian heat and bravado cut through the moment like a rusty knife.

Tina jumped in surprise and guilt, pulled herself free of Anwir's embrace as quickly as she could.

"Rod, wait, just... Rod!"

She tried to stop the altercation before it began but it was no use. Rod was always jealous of other guys showing interest in his on-again-off-again girlfriend, and he was no fan of geeks. Or anyone touching his stuff.

"Get away from my girl you little dickweed!"

Anwir stood there like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He didn't even try to defend himself. Rod leaped forward big, tall and powerful - he could have been a jock if he wasn't a dropout musician. Denim jeans and black leather jacket flashed under the streetlight as he jerked forward and literally swatted Anwir away from Tina.

Tina leaped forward as well to try and intercede before her boyfriend really got into trouble. It was the mixture of Italian and Cuban blood that made him hot tempered, hot bloodied, horny and impetuous. All things about him that turned her on, but also made her crazy and tended to be the reason for their constant fights.

But then the switchblade came out. However, the blade was odd, instead of the five inch straight double-edged thing he always carried, it was a long, curved and wicked-looking kitchen-type knife that sprang out from the black and chrome handle. The blade both tarnished and shiny at the same time.

Tina grabbed at Rob, grappling his arm to try and stop him using the switchblade but he twisted suddenly and powerfully, shaking Tina off and tossing her to the street. She hit the ground hard and rolled over into the gutter and then found herself enveloped in bed sheets, half wrapped up by the sheets and thrashing around in her small, single bed to try to free herself.

She realised she was awake. The bedding was damp with her sweat, but she was safe in her own bed in her own room with her crucifix right there above her head. The morning sun was sneaking in around the edge of the drawn drapes and she could hear the birdsong outside.

She was awake and the nightmare was over.

* * *

Tina slowly sat up and looked around, her mind slowly making the adjustment from dream state to reality and her heart slowing, as the relative safety of daylight and the familiarity of her bedroom started to seep in through the fear-filled funk of the nightmare.

As she adjusted her pillows, the drapes covering her bedroom window twitched and then were slapped aside. A large human shaped bulk appeared, clambering in through her bedroom widow from the trellis outside. Tina jumped in momentary resurgent terror, but even as her body reacted to the new fright, her conscious mind recognised the new intruder into her world.

It was Rod Lane, just as she had seen him in her dream. Tall and broad and fresh olive skinned, glistening dark curls framing a handsome, chiselled face with an ever-present horny twinkle in his eye. She found herself halfway between a tingling attraction and annoyance at his intrusion.

"Rod you asshole! You scared the crap outta me!"

"Don't get your panties in a wad, babe! I wanted to surprise you before school."

Rod was instantly defensive and that hot-blooded aggression reared its ugly head, but Tina reminded herself that it was that same hot-bloodedness that made her heart race. She calmed her temper and forced herself to smile at him. As he clambered over the window sill and pulled himself into her bedroom.

She felt uncomfortable in her sweat soaked night-shirt and sitting up in bed, so she pulled it off her and tossed it over on to the floor, revealing her naked body beneath. The cold, damp night-shirt brought her momentarily back to the nightmare and she found herself shivering. Rod put a stop to it.

"Mmmm... Don't mind if I do." He sang, clambering over onto the bed.

Of course, he had taken it as an invitation and if Tina was honest, disrobing had been a definite and deliberate flirtation, knowing exactly what she was doing and how it would look to Rod. She gave a wry smile as he threw himself on her, arms encircling, while his mouth went to a breast to suck at her exposed nipple, grunting with playful animal noises and making Tina giggle despite her uncertainty about how far this was going.

Tina had apparently developed a bit of a reputation for being 'easy'. She didn't think it was fair, she'd only slept with four guys this year, including Rod. What was wrong with that? She liked sex, so what? She also had a reputation for being fast. Maybe that was why she liked sex so much, because she could climax most times, and certainly with a rebellious Latin hunk like Rob Lane. Despite the 'often-asshole' nature of the guy, he was still dreamy and when he wasn't pissing her off or picking fights she had to admit he made her weak at the knees.

It occurred to her then, like a strange out-of-body moment, that Rob Lane was not a name that went with this hot-blooded guy. She hadn't thought of it before, but it was strange. They had known each other since the early years. He had been the big older boy from the poor side of town that liked to hang out on Elm street. He had always been intriguing to Tina, even before she liked boys in that way, he had been cool and rebellious with his knowledge of music and his tough guy image. She knew a lot of that was smoke screen, that he was actually quite kind and sensitive when he wasn't acting up. The songs he had written showed hidden depths and their late-night conversations had revealed a deeper side to him. Admittedly, more often than not it led to sex and they were usually drunk or high, but still... She saw the Rod Lane beneath the tough guy fa‡ade. And that was the guy she liked. Though she wondered why it hadn't occurred to her before that his name didn't seem right for him. She wondered if it was one of those situations she heard about for non-Anglos who changed their names to make them fit in better, you heard stories about it with immigrants coming to America registering at Ellis Island and all that history stuff.

Of course, Tina never had the chance to say anything as she found her mouth filled with Rod's tongue while he fondled her breasts, the kiss continuing and growing more animated and hornier. The next moment her small delicate hands were grabbed and planted firmly to the tell-tale bulge of Rod's denim covered crotch. Obediently, though still uncertain of whether she wanted this or not, Tina caressed that happy bulge, part of her excited by the reality that it was her who got him so hard.

The uncertainty continued and continued to be pointless as; pretty much before she knew it; Tina was repositioned, Rod's erection yanked out of his rapidly unzipped jeans and her face pressed down onto his thick throbbing shaft. She took it into her mouth and started sucking, enjoying the life-pulsing heat and the taste and texture of her boyfriend's erection as much as she enjoyed the noises and compliments he groaned and panted at her from above. She didn't particularly appreciate the hand on the back of her head, fingers fisted in her sweaty blonde hair, holding her down and insisting on controlling her depth and pace. Fortunately, Rod's cock was average in length and she could take it all the way to the back of her mouth without discomfort. He was however, thicker than average and it was never long before her jaw started to ache. That was why sex with Rod was often better with an alcohol or joint buzz to take the edge off the aches and stretching, it made the whole experience that much more fun.

Rod was already starting to get close, he was groaning louder and deeper, more guttural and it was a sign Tina had long since picked up on. He was also getting more aggressive with his pushing, shoving her down with more force and making her work faster on his erection, it all added up to an imminent climax.

But then there was the sound of a car engine, a car pulling up onto the drive the engine shutting off, the slamming of a door and then Tina's heart skipped a beat as she heard keys jingling and then the rattling of her front door.

"Shit! Mom's home!" She hissed, forcing her head off Rod's lap.

She thought for a second that he was going to force himself on her, or at least make her finish him off, but he hesitated, eyes wide. The boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar (why did that remind of her of something, a fight on the street... Something from a dream?). And then his eyes went from Tina to her bedroom door, to the window, back and forth.

Tina roused him into action, cutting through his indecision.

"Go... Rod, go! Out the window! Now, before she catches us!"

"Shit!" Was all he could say.

However, he was off the bed and levering his saliva-wet cock back into his trousers, even as he was clambering back to the window ledge.

"Jesus babe!"

"I'll make it up to you at recess. I promise, but for now, get going!"

"Fuck!" He cursed but then he was gone.

After that, and helped by the sound of Rod getting stuck halfway down the trellis, cursing in harsh whispers, falling to the ground with another curse and then running off, Tina couldn't stop laughing.

* * *

That night, Tina found herself back in the dream world and back in that infernal boiler room. The teenage girl didn't know how she had found herself back in the labyrinth again, but there she was. However, this time she wasn't alone. Anwir Shultz had been with her from the start, waiting for her just on the other side of the entrance, promising to show her a short cut through the boiler room and back to the safety of Elm street.

It was strange to be in the boy's company. She had spotted him in school that morning, just before class. She usually didn't give him the time of day. She didn't think she was being cruel or anything, he just wasn't a part of her circle, those guys, the geeks, the academic kids. The smart kids, she supposed. They were like non-entities to her and her friends, except for Nancy maybe, she liked everyone. Tina wasn't a bully like Rod could be, she just avoided interacting with certain types.

This morning however, she had seen Anwir on his own near the library and she had felt a strong compunction to go over and speak to him.

It had been a weird moment and she hadn't been sure how to speak to him, or what to say. She knew he had the hots for her, plenty of boys in school did both younger and older, but she more or less ignored that attention, unless it could help her in some way of course. She was no saint. But Rod's jealousy and mistrust often caused problems, so keeping a certain distance from guys, especially guys Rod might either feel threatened by or boys he could potentially bully, was usually a good idea.

She had gone over and got his attention, smiled at him. And the slender boy with the round face and glasses, not altogether unattractive but unable to hold a candle to Rod (or half a dozen other guys who liked her) had smiled back uncertainly, halfway between hope and suspicion. And for a second afterwards there had been an uneasy silence between them. Tina had broken it.

"Hi, I was just wondering where your name comes from. It's kinda unusual..."

"Oh... Well my mom's of Welsh descent." He had said uneasily, not quite stammering and throwing back a smile of his own. "...Don't know what it means but it's Welsh."

"Oh, Welsh. Right... Like from the UK?"

"Yeah, that's it... Tina's a real pretty name by the way...." He had added hurriedly, gushing and turning red at the same time.

Tina had smiled back sweetly, feeling herself blush at the compliment. But hadn't been able to think of anything else to say.

The real boy was different to the guy from her dream. It had all but faded from her memory now, just feelings, sensations. Most of them unpleasant. Though one of them had been a strong attraction to Anwir. But the real-life version was quite a lot different. Her curiosity satisfied, Tina hadn't been able to think of any more reason to speak further.

"Thanks..." She had said, kindly dismissive. "...See ya 'round!"

She had walked away and not given the boy a second thought.

But this was the dream-Anwir and somehow, he was an altogether different kettle of fish. He didn't look any different, still geeky and barely any taller than she was, but there was an inner strength and a warmth and almost palpable confidence in him that caught Tina's attention, like a fish on a hook.

She felt mesmerised by him and took on some of his confidence herself, the feeling of dread that permeated the boiler room somehow lessened by his company. So, when he asked for payment for services rendered, she hardly baulked at the price.

"I think... This time, I deserve something in return, Tina."

"Oh yeah, what might that be, Anwir?" She replied, playing along, deliberately teasing him.

"Well, I'm thinking we can carry on from where we left off last time, before that Neanderthal turned up? But maybe move the fun over your bedroom?"

"Oh really... Is that what you deserve Anwir?"

"Erm, yeah y'know, if that's okay with you... I mean, I think you know how I feel about you..."

"Relax, sugar pie. Fine, get me outta here and I'll show you the time of your life..." She said with a flushed giggle.

Anwir's face blossomed and a new animated excitement took him over. He grabbed her hand and led her at a near run through the well-worn and rusted gantries of the Abaddonic boiler room.

They made their way quickly, continuing downward and staying to the left and within a minute, they had come to the diabolical sheet that had molested Tina the previous night. Anwir took a quick right turn that Tina had never noticed before. It was a dark and shadowy turn that led the around the back of one of the huge school-bus size boiler cylinders and then up a flight of metal stairs.

The stairs led to another earthen floored passageway between more of the huge boilers and illuminated by one of the grate-fronted furnaces that contained a degree of heat that felt comparable to molten lava, the furnace set into a little recess off the passage. The firelight illuminated the rusted metal of the pipes and boilers all along and Tina started to notice that everywhere there were scratch marks in the metal, deep and gleaming, the rust slashed away leaving new, clean, polished metal beneath exposed. It caught and reflected the firelight, sometimes as bright silver flashes, while other times the rusted metal looked like it had vents in it that revealed a glowing red hot and flowing molten metal surface beneath.

The scratches and gouges had a lasting effect on Tina, something about them scared her, some association in the back of her mind that wouldn't come forward. However, even as she was trying to shake it free, this scary feeling of dread, she realised that they were back at the staircase leading to the exit door.

Anwir sprinted up the steps and booted the door open, its hinges held this time but the catch broke and the door swung open, the boy going straight through. And for a horrible moment Tina was alone in the boiler room again and it was right there; all of it behind her; a great weight; a presence of utter evil. She instantly felt a powerful oppressive wave of sheer terror closing in on her, as if something was about to leap onto her back at any moment and drag her back into the unseen horrors of the boiler room. But then she was at the open door and then through the door and onto the peace and safety of Elm Street with Anwir at her side.

Mere moments after that emergence from the nightmare of the boiler room, the two teenagers were walking up the back alley to the garden door of Tina's house, through the door and along the concrete path, past the shed and across the lawn up to the French doors and then into the house and then, in an excited giggling sprint, straight up the stairs.

It even started on the stairs. Playful and excited. Anwir's hands on her; here and there; playful and sweetly gentle; stroking and touching her; squeezing. Fingertip touches on her thigh; her calf. A hand on her bottom; a playful squeeze. A butterfly-light stroke along the hot bulge of her pussy. An engaging; tantalising touch that made her heart flutter and a gasping moan escape her lips. Then a slap on her ass that made her squeal and giggle in erotic excitement.

They hit the top of the stairs and turned the corner. Tina led him to the door on the right at the end of the short landing and they darted into her bedroom, giggling. It almost felt like she was being chased again but this was fun and it was only Anwir, he was kind and harmless and at this moment she was as horny as he was.

Once inside the room and with the door shut, they didn't waste any time. They practically slammed together in their mutual desire; mouths locked; tongues frolicking; hot and horny and unrelenting. And the kiss was just as good as yesterdays on the street leading back here, just before Rod had butted in. And drunk with a new post-fear excitement, Tina kissed him back with a passion.

Anwir's talented tongue was surprisingly long and Tina pictured how good he'd feel going down on her. Something that other asshole never did, even though he always expected her to suck him off. The boy's hands were all over her; fondling her bottom; stroking up and down her back; cupping and squeezing her breasts; fingertips running erotically in little circles at the nape of her neck; making her shiver and she let out a little accidental whimper in her rapidly building pleasure.

Then Anwir's hand slipped down her stomach, slid beneath her night-shirt and under the waist band of her panties. His breathing matched hers, a fast; needy panting intercut with moans of passion. But of course, Anwir's was deeper; more masculine; guttural.

His fingertip slipped down through her desire-soaked pubic mound and found the swollen lips of her pussy. Tina's knees buckled at that fantastic contact but he was strong and supported her with barely any effort. She moaned loudly; the sound developing into a curse that made him laugh; a deep filthy cackle that surprised her; it didn't sound like the kind of laugh she would have expected from this boy.

His caress was firm though gentle, an intimate touch that felt much more mature, experienced and confident than she would have expected. How many times had he done this? Was he some kind of dark horse?

He dipped into her furnace-hot dripping pussy with two fingers and she marvelled at how tight she was around them. Rod often teased her that she was loose and made jokes about being able to hear an echo that always pissed her off; but he did it anyway. Anwir on the other hand, took his attentions seriously. He stroked her tunnel entrance with practiced, fast rhythmic strokes that had her on the edge in seconds. She was silently praying for him to touch her clit and; as if reading her mind; his thumb began to swipe across like a windscreen wiper, teasing the soft hood of her inflamed clitoris. It was another fast though controlled motion, never any direct contact; which would have been for too much and probably spoiled the moment; just flicking at the hood with the pad of his thumb, fast and light.

Tina lost it. She squealed and bucked; knees buckling; arms around him; gripping like pincers. And she shook and flailed in erotic heaven as he got her off with just two fingers and a thumb.

She swooned for a while, slipping in and out of pink fluffy clouds of divine pleasure and moments of disembodied awareness. Catching glimpses of what they were doing without really feeling anything.

They stripped each other quickly, desperately. Anwir marvelled at Tina's smooth creamy nakedness and sucked on her nipples while she worked on the buttons of his shirt and then his trousers. She could tell she was shivering with erotic fire as he played with her perky naked body.

Anwir naked was a mild and pleasant surprise. He wasn't quite buff, but he had a better body that she would have expected, compact power and halfway toned muscles, though pale and in need of a little sun. His limbs were quite hairy but the rest of him was hairless, and revealed a hint of the power within unfortunately non-toned muscles.

And his cock. Boy it was nice. A nice thickness, silky and veined foreskin and super hard, like it was made of warmed steel and even an inch or so longer than Rod's. She just hoped he knew how to use it. She encircled it in one small hand and it seemed bigger still.

Another swoon-induced moment of blankness revealed her to be lying on her small single bed with her legs spread wide, heels pressing into Anwir's shoulders as he buried his face between her sweat gleaming thighs. As she watched she could feel those full lips suckling on her pussy, the tip of his tongue roaming in small circles around her entrance; lapping up her heady juices like it was nectar; fingertips teasing the periphery of her clit and the tightly cinched ring of her ass hole.

And then the tongue dipped into her. He slid in deep; deeper than she would have expected. Her pleasure levels twitched beautifully and another climax burst over her as his clitoral teasing went up a notch. She erupted in a violent and noisy gusher that he drank down hungrily as she thrashed and squealed on her bed in renewed ecstasy. It almost looked like she was being murdered, she was flailing around so violently. But she looked great doing it, dancing in the throes of passion.

Another swoon found Tina on her knees with Anwir standing in front of her and she was sucking his cock with; by the look of it; all the talent of one of Rod's Electric Blue VHS porn stars. Voraciously; noisily; a totally down-and-dirty slobbery blowjob. And this time it was Anwir's legs that were quivering. It was the boy that was having trouble staying upright.

She was really deep throating him; slamming his glistening shaft back and forth. The polished purple cock head popping into view for a moment around the ring of her wet lips before she shoved her face down it until her chin met his swollen balls. She went rapidly; back and forth like that; her eyes wide open and staring up at him. One hand reached around and gripped one of his surprisingly lovely firm buttocks (maybe his best feature) while the other was palming his big ball sack; fingertips rolling the testes and giving gently squeezes. The boy had both his hands on her head but he wasn't pulling and tugging the way guys usually did; he was just stroking her erotically mussed hair; gently guiding and Tina found it heart-warming and sweet. Tina wondered how he was able to keep from jizzing already. If she'd handled Rod like this, he would have pre-matured all over the place!

For a long moment it was an out of body experience she was watching herself perform in her own bedroom and enjoying how good she looked doing it. Her own talent. She put those Electric Blue girls to shame. And by the state of Anwir's facial expression and reactions, he wouldn't disagree with her assessment.

And then; in that precise moment; she was back inside her body again, connected to her senses. Her ears filled with the noise of their mutual passion. Anwir moaning and groaning continually, muttering Tina's name again and again in his euphoria. The slightly icky sounds of her own wet; slobbery sucking; the wet sounds of her forcing in intakes of breath. Feeling herself fighting her gag reflex as she fought to get this beautiful cock all the way down her throat. Fought and won over and over again.

She knew he was going to cum when she felt his hands gripping her hair more tightly and his hips started to thrust and he went fast. She didn't usually like to swallow if she was given the choice (she often hadn't been) and she had no doubts that if she had tried to pull away Anwir would have let her go, but for some reason she wanted to feel him shoot off in her mouth and; of course; he did just that.

He shoved forward hard; the one time he showed more dominance; pulling her face hard into the muscles of his abdomen. The head of his cock buried itself deep in her throat and with a wheezing grunt of her name, he let fly. Of course, the first mouthful went straight down her throat. She could feel the viscous fluid like a long, hot streamer bursting under pressure before hitting her oesophagus halfway down and then proceeding to trickle thickly downward, oozing its way into her stomach. But the boy released his grip of her right then and Tina drew the cock out of her throat so she could feel it tensing and pulsing and jetting across her flicking, caressing tongue.

As she sucked and swallowed; she was half aware of him leaning down; his upper body and arms encircling her head and felt his hands grabbing her tits, squeezing and stroking her nipples with gentle fingertips as she sucked him dry. And again, he maintained control of his lusty caresses of her when; in her experience; guys tended not to. The feel of the thick and heady sprays of hot spunk shooting at the back of her mouth three; four times was a strange yet marvellous sensation. The taste was salty and sweet at the same time and his load was thicker than she had expected and surprisingly plentiful, and the pressure under which he let fly was an eye opener. She almost choked a couple of times; though instead managing to maintain her oral control and swallowing each mouthful down hungrily, gorging herself on his spunk.

Tina made sure to clean Anwir thoroughly before she let him slip out of her mouth. While he moaned " good, so good..." over and over again.

The next thing Tina knew was that she was on lying back on her bed with Anwir on top of her, and he was pressing her down into her red and green striped blanket with that lovely cock stuffed deep inside her wanton pussy and pumping away. And she was only just coming down off another orgasm from the simple; initial feel of being penetrated.

He thrust fast; the usual unrelenting passion of a teenage boy; overwhelming her senses. Though he maintained a controlled rhythm of someone older and more experienced, more able to pace themselves. He also positioned himself so that she gained the best results of his hammering erection. The slick hot friction ticking all her boxes, his firm groin-muscles slamming her clit with each pussy-stretching; bottoming-out thrust.

And all Tina could do was lie there and enjoy it, feeling each thrust adding another layer to her ever-rising pleasure. She didn't know how many times she'd cum, didn't know how many more she could take before it was all too much. She envisioned herself as a balloon expanding with steaming pink pleasure, getting bigger and bigger, each expansion an orgasm that collected and mingled inside her ballooning body until she was stretched to bursting. What would happen when she burst?

The next climax caught her by surprise and she lost herself in her euphoria. On some level she was aware that she was squealing out her pleasure, weeping Anwir's name as he fucked her right through her ecstasy.

Then things started to get a little crazy. When she came back into her body after her orgasm she was in mid-air, Anwir standing on the mattress still driving into her as fast and deep as ever, his hands entirely clenched on her ass to hold her up. Her legs were scissored around his waist, ankles crossed tight. And she was leaning back so far that her short, sweat soaked hair was brushing the mattress. And as the next climax began to build within her, Tina felt like she was floating and she writhed; almost struggling under the boy's increasingly hard thrusting.

The next three orgasms all rolled into one another and she weaved in and out of rolling breaker-waves of extreme erotic sensation.

At one point she was up against the window, her back slick with sweat, sliding about against the creamy, flower-patterned wallpaper and he thrust into her wide spread; almost numb thighs. She felt the window frame to her right and it felt odd, she must be up near the ceiling but that was impossible. The sweat was trickling off the both of them and they were both moaning and grunting and wailing in their mutual passion, each using the other for their sexual pleasure and each relying on the other's lusty talents to get them off.

Tina felt the ceiling against the top of her head and then they were actually there; on the ceiling; still fucking in the missionary position but writhing around all over the white painted boards, their own sweat making their screwing like some kind of crazy mud-wrestle. She felt one quaking; jerking thigh bash the ceiling light; making it swing wildly on its electric cord and Tina assumed she was having some kind of euphoric out-of-body orgasmic hallucination. And at once, that realisation made her relax and just go with it; she thrust back on Anwir; driving him into her as deeply as possible while she squeezed him with her talented pussy muscles.

She could feel two of his fingers stroking and probing at her ass, using their mingled sweat to lubricate the tight little hole to accept a finger and then two. And that threw Tina right over the precipice again and she howled out as yet another orgasm detonated inside her and filled her with its joyous sensation. The teenage girl yelled out "yes" so many times, the word lost all meaning.

And this time Anwir joined her, adding his own wordless wheezing cacophony to hers and clenching her hard against him as he rocked his hips, slamming his swelling cock-head hard; up into her uterus and letting fly.

His liquid-fire climax felt twice as big; twice as hot and twice as pressurised as the blow-job load she'd swallowed. And all that heat and power erupting inside her refuelled Tina's own orgasm and it abruptly leapt to a whole new plateau; like a starburst blazing in her mind and again; the sheer pleasure of it took her right out of her consciousness.

She fell from that enlightened euphoric plateau as the two of them came crashing down onto her bed, from what felt like high up. And as they landed Tina felt splashes of mingled sweat spraying in all directions saturating the walls and the floor and the bed covers. And lying there, Tina had to tell herself to breathe as she didn't seem to have any sense of bodily control.

She felt like she had died, and all she knew was Anwir's invisible weight on top of her, his molten steel cock still filling and stretching and scalding her core; still thrusting; still pumping his cum into her.

With tired; exhausted eyes she glanced up seeing nothing but feeling him still lying beside her. A dim movement caught her attention and she forced her eyes over to its source, her dressing table mirror. And there he was lying beside her in the mirror. However, for just an instant he looked different. Tina glimpsed a red and green sweater and a felt hat that was tipped back on his head like an at-rest cowboy.

But it was just a split-second hallucination, a trick of the light, because she was alone in her room, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm. Her eyes travelled upwards around her bedroom, looking at that dark patches of her sweat forming a liquid trail from the bed, up the wall by the window, across the ceiling and then back down to the bed again.

* * *

Eventually Tina - naked and already starting to miss that fading euphoria which; as it departed; left behind nothing but aching tiredness and lethargy - managed to sit herself up on her bed and force her eyes to focus.

She was no longer in her bedroom but in what looked like some kind of institution for mental patients, something out of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. There was a certain feel of rundown art deco d‚cor to the place and the flaked paint job. And in amongst the safety-caged ceiling lights and bolted down tables and chairs there were Christmas decorations, mostly handmade cut-out pieces out of coloured paper, paper chains, snowman silhouettes and the like.

Tina spun around at the clang of a heavy metallic lever and she saw that all of the entrance and exit doors had slammed and locked securely shut, while simultaneously, all the cell doors along both walls in the prison-like chamber swung open as one.

And she realised for the first time that she was dressed in the white garb of a novice catholic Nun. That the name on her assistant-nurse identity card inexplicably read Amanda Kreuger. And that as she stood there; alone and accidentally locked inside the Westin Hills Asylum on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, 1941; one hundred maniacs had just been freed from their cells and each and every one of them were coming toward her from every direction and all with the same maniacal lust in their criminally insane eyes.

And that now; with the holiday break having begun, each and every one of them had all the time in the world in which to slake their long pent-up lusts.

For Amanda Kreuger the nightmare was just about to begin.

While for Tina Gray, the nightmare continued.

The End.


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