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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Third Impact? Part 2 - Instrumentality (mF,FF)
by Django ([email protected])

Ritsuko's apartment was surprisingly cozy, with small cat images all around.
Ritsuko's bed itself was large, and very soft as someone sat nervously on the
end. The door to Akagi's room slid open and Maya, wearing her full uniform,
walked in. She made her way to the bed, and sank to her knees.

Out in the hall, Ritsuko was standing, contemplating a pack of cigarettes.
Misato appeared next to her, coming through the front door. "How are they
doing?" she asked the doctor.

"Oh, they haven't started yet. I hope he takes this well." Akagi said,
looking through the partially opened door.

"I'm sure he will." Misato said, "I remember my Instrumentality. I can't
wait till after his."

Ritsuko cast a sidelong glance at her friend, "Wasn't your instrumentality
with Kaji?"

Katsuragi's anger began to swell up once more, "Quiet, or I'll have to teach
you another lesson!"

Ritsuko began to mock her friend, "Oh yes please teacher, another lesson!
Anyway, it's better than the commander. He's so... mechanical."

Ritsuko and Misato had returned to a relative level of calmness. Ritsuko
then added, "I hope it doesn't carry through to his son."

Shinji was confused when Ibuki came in. She kneeled in front of him and
unzipped his pants.

"Mi-Miss I-Ibuki?"

By this time she had pulled out his cock and began to pump it.

"Hmm?" Shinji was rapidly becoming stiff under the attentions of the cute
tomboyish technician. "What's going on here? What are you doing?"

Maya took Shinji's dick in her mouth, sucking up and down the shaft like
Ritsuko had demonstrated on the false phallus she kept in the bottom drawer
of her bedside table. Shinji put his hands on Maya's head, stroking her hair.

"This is your instrumentality." Ritsuko said from the door.

Shinji looked up, away from the girl in his lap. "M-m-my wh-wh-what?" Shinji
said, his distraction evident.

"All members of NERV must go through a similar process. It was instituted
when we were still Gehirn. Ibuki has been selected to initiate you."

A pause occurred and Ibuki looked up, "Call me Maya" she said before
returning to her blowjob.

"Ahhhhh!!!" Shinji grunted as he sprayed cum deep into Maya's throat.

"You're very lucky to get this attractive shojo here, there are some awful
pairings occasionally."

Shinji just blinked as Maya stripped out of her uniform, leaving her only in
white stockings and pink panties. "I don't understand. What if Misato finds

"What if I find out about what?" Misato asked, coming to stand behind Ritsuko
with her arm around her.

Shinji showed his surprise as his member became hard again. He stared blankly
as Misato began to undress Ritsuko, who turned and did the same. The two
women moved near the bed kissing, breaking it after a few passionate moments.

"We can't forget, we're here for you, Shinji." Ritsuko said. "You have an
otome waiting, we'll help you."

Ritsuko laid next to where Maya had stretched out sexily, whispering in her
ear, while Misato pressed herself into Shinji's back, her nipples poking
him. She took his cock and guided it till the tip was pressed against Maya's
dripping pussy. She slowly pushed him in, as Ritsuko kissed her one last
time. Moving Maya's head with her hands, Ritsuko moved her to kiss Shinji as
Misato pressed him past her cherry. The kiss deepened as Maya whimpered
quietly. Misato shifted and began kissing Ritsuko once more as Shinji and
Maya were left to figure things out. Shinji began thrusting slowly, moving
his hips back and forth. Maya began gyrating faster, pounding his penis
further in on each repetition.

They both were trapped in throes of ecstasy, as Shinji began to fondle her
breasts. Looking over they saw their advisors locked in a 69, working each
others slits over. Concentrating on what he was doing, Shinji pumped faster,
slamming all the way into Maya on each push. He kissed her again as her cunt
tightened, causing him to blow his load inside her. He collapsed on top of
her, cum trickling down onto the bed from two sweat covered bodies. Ritsuko
and Misato had finished also, and were watching the two younger participants.

"You know, Misato, that when you sent me the card with your picture on it, I
had this dream."

Misato smiled widely. "I bet I know what kind of dream it was." She rolled
Shinji on his back, then lowered herself on his member. "Was this it?"

Shinji grunted "Ohhh yeah!"

Misato began bouncing up and down rapidly, as Maya straddled Shinji's head.

"Was I in the dream doing this?" she asked.

"I wish! I'd never have waken up!" Ritsuko was content to sit on the side of
the bed, fingering herself and licking at her own tits.

Shinji began to tongue lash Maya's slit, while Misato tortured his penis. He
spit cum into her, pushing his seed deep as she squeezed around him, pulling
out all the semen. Ritsuko was reaching a climax from observing all the
action, and Maya began screaming as girl-cum flowed down onto Shinji's face.

"That was one of the better instrumentalities." Ritsuko said after everyone
had cleaned up.

"Oh, and this is classified to anyone who hasn't been through it yet."

Misato came out of the shower and said, "Hey Shinji, both Asuka and Rei still
have theirs left. How would you like to help out?"


Maybe I'll get to more, later. If you ask.


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