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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Third Impact? Part 1 (FF,FFF)
by Django ([email protected]

The control room was dark as Doctor Ritsuko Akagi stared down at the MAGI.
The powerful supercomputers her mother had designed were not functioning
ideally lately, and she had jut discovered why. It would all be summarized
in a report due the next day. Hearing footsteps, Ritsuko turned, her white
lab coat floating up a bit. There stood Misato Katsuragi, director of
operations at NERV, humankind's last hope for survival. "I'm surprised to
find you here Misato. Don't you have better things to do?" the doctor asked

"Oh, like what?" Misato said in an interrogative tone showing slight

"Well, like Kaji." Ritsuko said, knowing that would set her colleague off.

"Fuck Kaji!" Misato exclaimed rather loudly, sending a mild echo through the
cavernous chamber.

"Hmm, I already have." Ritsuko had closed her eyes and was now picturing Kaji
as he had been the night before, on top of her.

"WHAT??" Misato screamed, almost jolting Ritsuko from her fantasy. "How could
you let that.....that....PIG touch you?"

Still keeping her eyes shut tight, Ritsuko answered "He's one of the few men
who has actually satisfied me." Then she felt a tug at her belt.


Misato had yanked her friend's black skirt off, and had cast it aside,
leaving the doctor in a lab coat, shirt, black stockings and a garter belt,
and a skimpy pair of black panties.

"Wh-What are you doing??" She stuttered, upset at being interrupted while
thinking of Kaji.

"I'm going to show you a level of pleasure that that jackass could never
bring!" Misato said sternly as she pulled off her ever-present red jacket
and pressed the doctor into Balthasar.

"I-I'm not sure that this is a good ideAHHHH!"

Misato had pushed Ritsuko's panties aside and had two fingers inside her.
"Just wait doc, you'll see."

At that point Misato pressed her mouth to the surprised lips of Ritsuko.
Akagi relaxed, allowing the kiss to deepen, Misato's tongue going around
inside her mouth. Another finger slipped inside Ritsuko as a hand massaged
her breast. That hand moved to undoing the buttons on Ritsuko's shirt,
pushing it off along with her lab coat. Akagi ran her hands through
Katsuragi's long black hair, pulling her deeper into the kiss. Another
finger and a faster pace brought Ritsuko close to orgasm. Misato broke
their kiss and pulled off the bra of her partner. Flicking her tongue
across a nipple, Misato pressed in one more time to feel a pressure around
her fingers. Pulling them out slowly, she licked the sweet girl-cum off
each one, then kissed Ritsuko, giving her a taste of herself. The scientist
moaned at the taste, remembering a similar experience with Kaji. Misato slid
down from Akagi's chest so that her head was at the same level as the wet
black panties that were quickly removed.

Staring at Ritsuko's slit, Misato flicked out her tongue quickly, dipping
into the glistening snatch. Ritsuko's hands immediately grasped Misato's
head as she began to lick and suck at her pussy. Kaji had refused to do
this for her. Moans of pleasure filled the control room as Misato pressed
deeper, burying her face in the blonde patch above Ritsuko's cunt. Finding
the clit, Katsuragi ravaged it, sending Ritsuko into a frenzy of ecstasy.
She couldn't control it anymore, and let her fluids flow over Misato's face.
Breathing heavily, Ritsuko watched as Misato collected all the cum and
swallowed it. Misato then pulled her black shirt over her head, letting her
large breasts hang free. Ritsuko now climbed on top of her lover, beginning
to suckle at her breasts gently when a high pitched scream pierced the
relative quiet.

Maya Ibuki had been looking for Doctor Akagi to give her her report on the
MAGI's status when she heard sounds coming from the control room. Going to
investigate, she saw Major Katsuragi and Doctor Akagi entwined on the second
MAGI. Sitting on top of Melchior, she watched the Major give head to Maya's
mentor. A strange wetness was growing between her legs, and when she reached
down to find out what it was, a jolt of power shot through her. She slipped
her hand inside her skirt, and felt at her vagina. She couldn't stop herself
from exploring. Rubbing her hand along, she went faster and faster, till she
screamed at the pleasure. Her hand was now covered in some warm substance,
and the Doctor and Major were looking up at her.

"Maya." Ritsuko called "Why don't you come down here?" a sly tone had entered
her voice.

"Yes Maya, please join us." Misato added, sensing what Ritsuko had in store
for the girl.

"Um-ah-er Yes Ma'am" Maya stuttered before climbing down to the second MAGI

She was met by Ritsuko, who was only wearing a garter belt and stockings.
Misato was removing her pants and panties in anticipation.

"How long were you watching us?" Ritsuko asked in her sweetest tone.

"I-I don't know. I just saw you and the Major, and then there was something
wet, and then I don't know what came over me."

Misato had walked behind Maya and put her arms around the girl, pushing her
breasts into the shorter woman's back. "Did you like what you saw?" Misato
asked playfully, already beginning to pull off Maya's uniform.

"Uhhhh...." Maya stumbled, trying to see what Misato was doing.

"Maya, you smell fantastic" Misato cooed, pulling Maya's top off while
Ritsuko removed her skirt.

"Majo-" Misato stood quickly and kissed Maya, pushing her tongue into her

"MMM" a muffled sound came from Maya, "What is that taste?" She asked as the
kiss was broken.

"That was our little Ritsy here. This is what I taste like." Misato pulled
the hand that had been inside her for a few seconds and held it out to the

Maya licked at Misato's fingers gingerly, getting it all very slowly.

"And here is the best taste of all!" Ritsuko said just before sticking her
tongue into Maya.

It didn't take long for the cute little virgin to climax, and soon her brown
patch had white mixed in in a few places. Taking all of Maya's cum in her
mouth, Ritsuko rose and kissed Ibuki, letting the fluids go into her mouth.

"The best is always yourself." Said Ritsuko, amused at how responsive Maya
was. "Mmm-hmm."

"Why don't you try on the Major here?" Misato leaned her back to Balthasar,
spreading her legs in offering.

"I guess I could." Said Maya, getting more comfortable with the situation.
She gently pushed her head into Misato's crotch and began to lick at her
pussy lips.

"Ooh...ah.....yes....uuh...mmm" Misato let out various pleasurable noises
as Maya's inexperienced tongue ran over her.

Ritsuko was watching both Maya's actions and Misato's reactions, and giving
pointers on how to improve. After about fifteen minutes, Misato washed over
and cum splashed over Maya's face, which she eagerly swallowed. Ritsuko
licked Misato's cum off Maya's face, then kissed her apprentice deeply. As
they made out, Ritsuko fondled Maya's chest gently. After she broke the kiss,
Ritsuko found Misato had dressed and cleaned up, leaving the other two women
to do the same.

Ritsuko kissed Maya and Misato a last time before saying, "Meet me in my
apartment in an hour, and we can finish this up." A wide grin graced Maya's
face as a smirk covered Misato's.

"I wonder what she has planned."


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