If your under 18, this story is not for you. It contains descriptions of sexual acts and situations that are meant for 'adult (over 18) audiences'. This is a story of fiction and is not intended to imply the sexual activities of the people described therein.

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide: A New Wardrobe Part 3 (mf,m-mast)
by jackjohn (c) 2009 ([email protected])

The sun peeked through the blinds in Jennifer Moseley's room, signaling the start of a new day. She woke up with excited anticipation this morning. Ned was coming over to swim and she had something to show him. She gently rubbed her pussy through her panties as she remembered last night. She gave herself a final rub and got up. She had alot to do before Ned's arrival.

That day in the wardrobe room while waiting for Ned, Jennifer looked around for any more clothes in the room that she might intice Ned with. She found this bag that was marked 'Immediate Return'. When she opened the bag, she found 5 swimsuits, bikinis to be exact. Each one she took from the bag seemed skimpier than the one before it. She was puzzled as to why such revealing suits were in their wardrobe room. Surely the school would never allow any of the girls to wear such revealing things on the stage. Then she found a note at the bottom of the bag that explained everything. It was addressed to the theatre department director. "Please, in the future, DO NOT send Gordie out to purchase costumes for any reason. Return these immediately. signed Vice Principal Crubbs." That explained alot. Gordie was such a perv and loved looking at all the young girls. That was the real reason he never did any work. He was to busy trying to ogle all the young flesh.

Back in her room, Jennifer took the bag with the bikinis out of her closet and layed them out across her bed. She looked at the styles and cut of the suits and knew that only one of these would actually fit her. And it seemed to be the skimpiest suit of them all. And she had promised Ned a new 'suprise' when he came over to go swimming today. That part of her plan would come later. First she needed to make sure her parents were out of the house. They were going to visit some old high school friends out of town and would be gone until late tonight.

Over at the Bigby house, Ned was waking up from a dream. And he had a raging hard-on. His mind kept re-living last night over and over. He couldn't get enough of Jennifer now, even in his dreams. He reached down and grasped his rock hard dick and started to slowly stroke it as he closed his eyes and pictured Jennifer once again. He couldn't wait to be alone with her today at her house. And his curiosity was piqued with all her talk of another suprise she had for
him. With all these visions of Jennifer running through his head, it didn't take him long before he felt his balls tighten. 'Oh yeah' he moaned as his cock erupted, stream after stream of cum spewing out and splashing down on his belly and legs. His entire body shuddered as his release drained him. 'Glad I did that before my shower', he thought to himself as he scooted out of his bed and headed to get cleaned up.

At her house, Moze was also taking a shower. She took some extra time shaving her legs to make sure they were super smooth. She also noticed she would need to trim herself around her bikini area if she wanted to wear the swimsuit she planned to. She lathered her already neatly trimmed brown pubic hair, grabbed her hand mirror and razor, raised one leg and placed her foot on the upper edge of the tub and carefully started to remove any unwanted growth. The drag of
the razor along the sides of her pussy lips sent tingles through her body.

The rest of the morning seemed to move oh so slowly for both Ned and Moze. They couldn't wait to be together again, to continue to explore one another, to deepen their already loving bond to one another.

Ned had gone back to his room and found that speedo like swimsuit his Dad bought and never wore. His dad had given it to him a few weeks ago since it would no longer fit him. Ned never really thought he'd ever wear such a thing but took it to make his dad happy. Now, since he was interested in looking good for Jennifer instead of just swimming, he decided to try it on and wear it to her house today. 'I guess Jennifer won't be the only one with a suprise to show off today', he thought to himself and smiled. Ned pulled on the suit and was suprised how tight and form fitting it actually was. The suit cupped his balls and cock, pretty much putting them on display through the thin material. He was glad no one else would see him in this but Moze. He felt he looked good enough in the suit but knew he would never wear it in front of other people.

Moze helped her parents get their things together, trying to help them to get on their way. She chatted with her parents as they packed the car. "So, what have you got planned for today sweetie?" her Mom asked her. "Oh, nothing special," Moze replied, "just hang around the pool and listen to music, plus I have a 'special' project to work on most of the day," she said. Jennifer's Dad smiled at her at the mention of another special project. She was always doing one thing or another for extra credit at school.

It seemed the gods were with Ned (and Moze). Leaving the swimsuit on, he dressed and went downstairs. His Mom was just hanging up the phone as he entered the kitchen. "Hi hon," his Mom greeted him when she saw him. "I just got off the phone with Aunt Millie. She just invited all of us to go fishing on Uncle Dave's boat. I told her I'd check and call back. I know your Dad would love to go but I know how you get sea-sick and I'd hate to say yes if I didn't see if you'd mind being left alone for the day." Ned's mind was jumping for joy at the news, but he put on his best 'not a problem' expression. "That's not a problem Mom. I'll just go hang out with Jennifer... err... Moze at her house. She has something special she is working on and I could help her." Ned's Mom thought it was so cute that Ned kept slipping and calling his lifelong friend by Jennifer instead of Moze these days. Her boy was growing up. "Thanks sweetie," she replied. "I'll call Aunt Millie back."

The Mosleys were the first to leave for the day. Jennifer kissed her Mom and Dad goodbye as they got in the car. She stood in the driveway and waved to them as they drove away down the street, As soon as they were out of sight, she turned and sprinted into the house and upstairs to her room.

Ned puttered around the house, looking at the clock every five minutes, wishing it would move faster than it was. It seemed his parents were taking so long to get ready and leave, but he really knew he was just anxious to get over to Jennifer's house to be with her. Just that fleeting thought of Moze started a stirring in his groin and he felt his dick begin to stiffen. He looked around to make sure no one was looking before trying to adjust his cock to a more comfortable position inside the speedo style swimsuit.

Ned's parents finally got all their gear together. Ned helped his Mom pack their cooler as his Dad loaded the car. "We'll probably be gone until late, are you sure you don't mind?" his Mom asked again.

"It's o.k. Mom, you and Dad deserve a day off once in a while. I'll be just fine. I'm sure Jennifer will come up with something to keep me busy," he told her as he felt his cock stir at just the mention of her name. He waved to them as they drove away and once they were out of sight, ran back into the house to get ready to go see Jennifer.

Moze called Ned. The first few minutes of the call were the usual new boyfriend/girlfriend talk of how much they missed one another and how all they were thinking about was each other. She told Ned to come over in fifteen minutes and to come straight to the pool and she'd be waiting for him. Ned agreed, even though he groaned inside because he had to wait another fifteen minutes to see Jennifer.

Fifteen minutes seemed to be fifteen hours as Ned clockwatched. He checked himself again and again, hoping he wouldn't embarress himself by wearing this speedo suit. He thought he looked good and hoped Jennifer would agree.

The fifteen minutes finally passed and Ned grabbed his stuff and bolted out the door like an olympic sprinter. Ned made his way to Jennifer's backyard fence and let himself into the pool area where he found Moze waiting for him by the pool. When she saw Ned, her heart started pounding in her chest. She ran over to Ned and threw her arms around his neck. planting a big kiss on his mouth. "Damn, I've missed you soooo much", she said as Ned wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her into him.

"I missed you so much too", he replied just before he returned Jennifer's kiss with one of his own. They stood together for several seconds kissing, their tongues dancing in one anothers mouths.

After breaking their kiss, Jennifer grabbed Ned by the hand and steered him towards the chaise lounge chairs. She couldn't wait to show off her new bikini for him and give him his big 'suprise'. She sat him on one of the lounge chairs and slowly started to dance sexily in front of him. Ned's gaze started at her cute little toes and made it's way up her long shapely legs. Even with her robe conceling the rest of her body from the top of her thighs to her shoulders, the dance Jennifer was performing was having the desired affect on Ned. His cock was beginning to stiffen inside his speedo.

Jennifer seductively danced closer to the foot of the lounge. She bent forward, lowered herself and started to crawl up the lenght of the lounge between Ned's legs, running her hands up his thighs. Ned moaned outloud at the feel of her touch on his skin. Jennifer ran her fingers up under the legs of Ned's cut-off shorts, gently grazing his speedo covered cock. The feel of the slick material of the speedo intrigued Jennifer. She wasn't sure what it was. It didn't feel like shorts or briefs to her. She leaned in, bringing herself face to face with Ned. She stuck out her tongue and ran it across his lips. A couple of beads of sweat began to form on Ned's forehead. His brain was in hyperdrive, sending his body signals of pure excitement. Jennifer lightly kissed his lips as she slowly started to back away, her hands moving from his thighs to his waist.

Ned's breath caught in his chest as he felt Jennifer unbutton the top of his shorts. She backed down the chaise lounge to where Ned's feet rested. She took hold of the legs of the shorts and pulled them slowly down his legs, revealing the speedo to her. Her eyes widened when she saw the suit and how nicely it packaged and displayed Ned's cock and balls. His cock looked even bigger than she had dreamily remembered it and his balls looked full and heavy. She felt a rush of desire flood her. Her pussy went from slightly damp to the verge of a dam burst. Her nipples got as hard as pebbles in her top. She felt a flutter in her stomach. She felt a shiver run the lenght of her body. She was HORNY!!

"Oh My, what have we here?" she cutely said. "Does someone have a 'suprise' for ME"? Jennifer reacher up and started to trace the outline of Ned's cock with her fingers. "I... I... hope yo... you like it", Ned stammered. "I wanted to... to look good f... for you today ". He could barely concentrate on what he was saying. Feeling Jennifer touching his dick made his thoughts all jumbled. "You look soooo hot in that suit baby", she answered. "I love that you thought of looking good for me when it was me that had the 'suprise' for you ". Jennifer continued to rub Ned through the material, feeling, if it was at all possible, his dick getting even harder.

Jennifer trailed her fingers off his cock and down his legs then backed completely off the lounge chair, stood upright and started to sexily dance around Ned again, this time reaching for the sash of her robe and undoing the bow knot that kept it closed. She slowly opened the robe to finally reveal her 'suprise'. The bikini she wore was really nothing more than three triangles of cloth held together by very fine ties. The two triangles on her tits failed to completely cover her dark brown silver dollar sized areola and her dime sized nipples were almost hard enough to cut through the material. And the triangle covering her pussy was no bigger. Jennifer had to shave herself completely smooth in order for the tiny patch of cloth not to show anything. Her face flushed with excitement as she presented herself to Ned.

Ned had kicked the shorts the rest of the way off his legs and off the lounge chair as he watched in utter amazement as Jennifer revealed the bikini to him. He sat up and scooted down so he was sitting on the lower portion of the chaise ,which put his face about level with Jennifer's barely covered pussy. Jennifer continued to gyrate her hips as she removed the robe. She dropped the robe to the cement and with a wicked grin turned around and bent over to pick it up. This now presented her ass to Ned, with the twin globes slightly parting as she bent over. Ned could barely precieve the thin string that cleaved between those beautiful ass cheeks as his gaze was immediately drawn to the sight of her puckered pink asshole. Jennifer wiggled her ass a few times in front of Ned's face. Ned was now hypnotized by the sight of Jennifer's perfect ass. Ned reached out and grabbed two handfulls of Jennifer's globes, squeezing the plyable flesh in his fingers. He parted her asscheeks a bit more to get a better look at this little starfish like shaped orafice. Ned took a finger and slipped it under the string of the bikini that nestled between her cheeks. As he slid his finger down the string to move it, his knuckle brushed over the little wrinkled pink entrance. This caused Jennifer to shudder and let a slight wimper escape her throat. Jennifer felt so wicked and dirty at the same time. She never thought she would allow anyone to examine her THERE, let alone her just offering it up to be examined.

Ned pulled the thong bottom completely away to expose not only the asshole he had just been mezmerized with, but also Jennifer's pussy, which now glistened with moisture from her elevated state of arousel. Moze was momentarily distracted as she watched the thong slide slowly down her legs and crumple at her feet. She was snapped out of her distraction by the feel of a tongue making contact with her pussy and being slowly dragged along it's length. "Oh... Ned.... Jeez... Oh...", she moaned outload as Ned continued licking her pussy, flicking his tongue over her ever growing clitoris with each pass. Without warning, and not knowing why he was doing it, but just that he wanted to, Ned dragged his tongue further this time and he targeted Jennifer's cute asshole. The sensation nearly caused Moze to collapse as the rough texture of Ned's tongue scraped over her rosebud. "Ohhh... Ohh .. Fuck", she blurted out. She could feel the tip of his tongue teasing the muscle of her sphincter, trying to coax it to relax.

After a few moments of Ned's tongue swabbing her asshole, Moze couldn't take it any longer. She quickly stood up and spun around to face Ned. Her face was flushed crimson with desire as she pushed Ned down, grabbing the waistband of his speedo and ripping it down his legs as fast as she could. Ned's young cock bounced free of it's confines, hard as it has ever been. Moze got on her knees in front of Ned and hungrily took his cock in her mouth, deep throating him almost immediately. Ned moaned as he felt the warm wet mouth engulf his dick. Moze bobbed her head up and down at a frantic pace for a few moments and then stopped her blowjob as fast as she started it. Before Ned realized Moze had stopped, she moved her body up between his legs and brought herself face to face with him. Moze placed her lips on Ned's and urgently kissed him deep, slightly tasting the remnants of her ass licking on his tongue.

The look in Jennifer's eyes told Ned that Moze was now in charge and he was just along for the ride. He kissed her back as hard as he could, their tongues wrestling with one another. Then Jennifer broke the kiss and stood up. She moved forward and straddled Ned. She reached between them and grasped Ned's cock, aiming it at her pussy as she lowered herself onto it. "Ahhh... yeah baby... that's nice... so nice", she moaned as she felt his dick sliding up inside her. As wet as she was, she enveloped Ned's cock completely in one motion. A new sensation hit her as she nestled down in Ned's lap. The feel of his coarse pubic hairs on her freshly shaved pussy and hard clit piqued her desire just that much more. Moze began to rock her hips forward and back, keeping Ned's cock deep inside her and dragging her engorged clit through Ned's pubic hairs, sending little shocks of pleasure to her brain.

Her body glistened with sweat from a combination of the heat and her desire. As Jennifer got into a rhythm riding Ned, he thought to himself how glad he was that he had jerked off this morning, other wise he would have surely cum by now. Ned reached up and took hold of the barely there bikini top, ripping it from her body and freeing her beautiful 34c tits from their restraint. He grabbed the twin beauties in his hands, using the thumb and forefinger on each hand to pinch those rock hard nipples. Her excitement grew even more.

Not having the advantage that Ned had by already cumming this morning, Moze felt her orgasm building rapidly and she started to dig her hips deeper into Ned, grinding out as much pleasure as she could from the stimulation her clit was getting. "Ohh... Ned...Ned...Ohhh...I'm Cumming.... Cumming... Ned", she squealed as her body spasmed with orgasmic convlulsions. After several seconds, Moze collapsed forward onto Ned's chest, her own chest heaving like she had the wind knocked out of her.

Moze could feel Ned running his hands up and down her back and over her ass cheeks as she lay there on top of him. She could still feel her pussy muscles contracting around Ned's still rock hard cock inside her. Ned continued to stroke her back as she started to regain her composure. She felt his hands move down off her back and cup her ass. As Ned caressed her butt cheeks, he gently guided a couple of fingers between her cheeks and lightly rubbing them over her asshole. With the combination of his and her sweat on his hands, his fingers were lubed enough for him to slip the tip of one of them into her ass. Ned pushed it in a bit further then withdrew it and pushed it back in even a little further.

Jennifer raised up and looked at Ned. He was sure she was going to stop him right there, but to his suprise, she bent forward to kiss him while she pushed her ass back, allowing his finger to probe deeper into her ass. He drew back his hand for a moment and reached between her legs, coating his fingers and hand with some of the pussy juice that had flowed freely from her around his buried dick. He took his middle finger this time and slowly inserted it into her anal cavity, past the first knuckle, then the second, then all the way in. He slowly finger fucked her asshole as Moze moaned into his mouth as they kissed. Ned eased a second finger into Jennifer. She slowly relaxed and her sphincter muscles loosened their grip. Ned eased his cock from inside Jennifer, reached down and grabbed his shaft and aimed the head of his dick where his fingers had just been. Ned positioned the well oiled head in the center of Jennifer's asshole and gently pushed upward. He felt Moze grunt as he pushed past the muscle ring and the head of his cock entered her ass. Ned rocked his hips up and down ever so slightly, gaining a tiny bit more depth with each thrust. He soon felt his pubic bone make contact with her asscheeks and he knew he was buried to the hilt inside her. Ned lenghtened his strokes in and out slowly to make sure he wasn't hurting Moze.

As Ned's strokes grew longer, Moze began to match his upward thrusts with her downward pushes. The unmistakeable sound of asscheek slapping thigh became louder as the intensity of their fucking increased. The shear excitement of having a cock in her asshole made Jennifer just as horny as she had been only a few minutes ago. She was enjoying the ass fucking Ned was giving her.

Ned was now pushing his dick as deep as he humanly could with each push. The noise of the slapping flesh and the sounds of Jennifer grunting with each thrust had brought him to the edge. He felt his balls start to tighten as his load started to brew. " I'm gonna... Moze... I'm go... Jennifer... Ohhh man.... Jennnnnniffffer...", Ned yelled as his cum erupted from deep inside his core. Spurt after spurt of his essence bathed Jennifer's bowels. Ned came like he never had before. Rope after rope streamed out of his cock deep into Moze. So much of him was being expelled through his cock, he felt like he was going to pass out.

Moze, in the meantime, was experiencing her second orgasm of the afternoon. The sensation of hot cum splashing inside her rectum caused her to cum again, coating Ned's lower abdomen, pubes and balls with a copious amount of her juices. She felt every last blast from Ned as it hit her rectal walls. Ned and Moze both let out one last yell of released pleasure before collapsing into one another.

After a few minutes, Ned and Moze regained their composure enough to start kissing one another ever so sweetly, murmuring how much they loved each other and how fantastic the other one was, oblivious to anything but themselves.

* * *

On the other side of the gate were two lone figures. One blond and one brunette. Both had just witnessed what had happened between Ned and Moze. They were there to see if they could go swimming with Jennifer today. Instead, their hands were swimming inside their pants, frantic as they came, along with Ned and Jennifer. The blond and the brunette looked at each other and quietly slipped away from the gate and hurried down the street. Both Missy Meany and Susie Crabgrass silently cursed themselves for letting Ned get away.
The End


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