Due to sexual situations no one under 18 should read this. Any similarity to
any real people, even those with real names, is strictly coincidental as this
is a work of fiction.

If you remember the old "Nancy Drew Mysteries" starring Pamela Sue Martin
this should be a fun read.

Nancy Drew Mysteries: Nancy Drew And The Revenge Of The Hypno-Slaves (FFF,MC)
by Rinky Dink

"TSSA Saturday afternoons kicks off with the season finale
of 'The Nancy Drew Mysteries!' Nancy and George face an old
foe who seems to have bested them and find out their new
lesbian relationship might be a sham! Special appearances
by tennis stars Anna Kournikova and Monica Seles."

Being the daughter of the chief of police did have some nice side benefits
thought Nancy Drew as she sat in the deluxe box for the final of the Dixtown
Women's Tennis Open.

Even a teenager with a passion for crime sleuthing needs a break every once
in a while, she figured.

Luckily, the top two seeds, Anna Kournikova and Monica Seles, had reached the
final, which made for some high-level play.

"Wow, good shot by Anna, huh Nancy" said the fellow teen seated next to her,
George, officially named Georgina but she never used that moniker.

Nancy was a tall girl with long dirty blond hair, her very shapely form
wearing a nice blouse and slacks. George was a bit shorter, and a more demure
girl, her short black hair and glasses framing a pretty face. She did have
pert breasts and a shapely body but her conservative style of dress rarely
let them be displayed.

"You mean good looking body by Anna," said Nancy with a smirk as she squeezed
George's hand.

George had been her best friend and helped her solve the mysterious cases
Nancy always seemed to get mixed up in. Shortly after one of their rare
failures, a rash of robberies left unsolved, their friendship had blossomed
into more and they were now teen lesbian lovers.

As the match began winding down, George's cell phone went off.

She grabbed the phone but did not say a word, although her eyes got slightly
wider, and then tapped Nancy on the arm and handed the phone to Nancy, who
like her companion never said a word and just listened...

Anna was still fuming after leaving the cool waters of the shower. She had
Monica down and seemingly out, when all of sudden she lost focus and Monica
had pulled out the match.

"I never ever beat her," thought the towel-clad blonde as she trudged back
to her locker room. "I have to win one these tournaments someday. This just

Anna's thoughts were quickly switched as to her surprise she found next to
her locker a tall blonde, no more than 18 Anna thought, with a nice rack and
a smoking body - and she was totally naked!

"Excuse me but who are you," said a startled Anna.

"I'm your consolation prize," grinned the blonde who grabbed Anna by the
elbow and guided her toward a training table where a bottle of chilled
champagne and two glasses were atop "Call me Nancy."

"Nancy? hey I remember you now," said Anna as she took a sip of the drink as
she eyed Nancy's nubile body up and down. "You were at the security meeting.
You're Police Chief Drew's daughter, you asked me for an autograph."

"Let's just say your pussy's security will soon be breached here Anna,"
said Nancy as she pulled off Anna's towel and went over and gave her an
open-mouthed kiss.

Eating out the daughter of the police chief had kind of a kinky ring to
it thought Anna, particularly if the daughter is a hottie and shamelessly
throwing herself at you. Well, she had to have some fun today.

Anna reached out and grabbed a generous portion of Nancy's ample breast.

"Let's go over to the couch you foxy, blonde honey," said Anna. "And bring
the champagne."

* * *

"This is a very relaxing massage, what's your name?"

"George, and I'm very happy you're pleased with my work Monica. I'm a big,
big fan."

"How big?" asked Monica who was in a good, relaxed mood and frankly up for a
good time, particularly with this gorgeous creature now sensually slathering
oil on her.

George was not wearing her glasses but was wearing makeup and not much else
as she was in a tiny blue tube top and Spandex black shorts.

"Let's just say I would love to give this portion of your body a much deeper
massage, with my tongue if you don't mind," said George seductively as she
reached under Monica's rear and gave her slit a gentle rub.

"I think for the rest of this session you should definitely concentrate on
that body part," said Monica gleefully, a championship and now some hot
lesbian action with a sexy brunette, what a great day!

* * *

Madame Hypnos sat in her dressing room wearing only a shear white bra and
lace white panties. It was long before she would perform her popular hypnosis
show and no one else should be at the theater yet but just in case she had
her underwear on.

She had amazingly beautiful Asian features, highlighted by her bright green
eyes and with her long black hair, and had an exotic air around her.

A couple of teenage girls walked into the room but Hypnos made no motion to
cover herself.

"Ah, two of my favorite slaves," said Hypnos with a wide smile. "Nancy and
George. Did you accomplish your assignment?"

"Yes, Madame," said Nancy as she handed her an envelope that included two
large checks made out to Cash.

"Thank you my pet" said Hypnos as she opened the envelope. "My, those women
tennis players do make a nice living. Once again my pet Nancy your inside
knowledge has enriched me.

"Who knew that the real checks were given out after the award ceremony and
always made out to cash so they could be written earlier."

"I assume you two did as instructed. Had sex with them until they passed out
from exhaustion, injected them with GHB so they would not remember what had
happened and took the checks."

"Yes, Madame," said the two entranced teens.

Nancy had actually cracked the robbery case, figuring out it was Madame
Hypnos using her hypnotized subjects to gather ill-gotten gains. But she
didn't know George was already under her spell and, when they snuck into
her dressing room to gather evidence, Hypnos had found them and with the
help of George put Nancy under her control as well. Hypnos had as strong
an appetite for sex as for committing crimes and while entranced Nancy
and George were programmed to be raging lesbian nymphomaniacs.

"Will you be needing us to have sex with you Madame," said George as she
licked her lips.

"Of course, take your clothes off girls," said Hypnos as she peeled off her
underwear. "Nancy, you will suckle and rub my breasts and George you will
lick me out. After my first orgasm you two will switch."

"Yes, Madame," said Nancy and George with much more energy.

Nancy stroked Hypnos's breast with tender care while she sucked with great
passion on the other breast. All vestiges of the normally shy George were not
to be seen as she lapped at Hypnos's pussy with uncontrolled glee. Hypnos's
body heaved and she finally gave a shout as she came. George eagerly lapped
every drop of Hypnos's cum, which in her deeply hypnotized state was the
nectar of the gods, and she began rolling on the floor as a massive orgasm
wracked her own body. The teens reversed roles and in their sexually charged
state Hypnos was quickly aroused again. Soon, Nancy was hungrily licking up
the cum of the woman who was her entire world as she had another orgasm. The
scent of female sex filled the dressing room but Hypnos was not done with her
young thralls yet. She was worn out from the two orgasms but still up for
some entertainment.

"I assume since you two are now lesbian lovers in your other life you're not
interested in having sex with each other now, so I can send you on your way,"
said Hypnos teasingly, knowing in their current state the girls were more
like rutting pigs than regular humans.

"No!," shouted George as her and Nancy's faces had a look of horror at the
mere thought of not having more sex. "We'd like to have sex with each other
for your pleasure Madame. Please."

"Well, since you said please, Nancy and George, go into a `69' and eat each
other out until both of you orgasm, and I want it to be a big one," said
Hypnos with a smile.

"Yes, Madame," they both eagerly said.

Nancy and George lay next to each other on the floor and their tongues were
soon lapping at each other's honey pot. Both teens were soon moaning their
approval of the other's tonguework and George came first with a loud shriek
of lust and Nancy quickly followed.

Watching the two girls writhe on the floor as massive orgasms wracked their
bodies, Hypnos said: "There is no business like show business."

* * *

Nancy and George quickly got to the police station. When Nancy's father
actually called her to help on a case they knew it must be serious. They were
surprised to see Anna Kournikova and Monica Seles in the interrogation room,
both looking sad and morose, as they made their way to Chief Drew's office.

"Hey dad what the heck are Anna and Monica doing here," said Nancy. "Oh my
God, they aren't suspects in anything are they. Anna is like my favorite

"And Monica is my favorite," said George not knowing she had spent most of
the day before having sex with her, as Nancy did not realize, under Madame
Hypnos's control, that she had sex with Anna.

"No, no girls, they are here as victims," said Chief Drew. "Since they are
not much older than you two and it's such a strange case, I knew you'd want
to get involved.

"They claim they both lost their prize money checks but they don't know how,
yet this morning both of their checks were cashed so the tournament won't
replace them. See if you can figure this one out."

As Nancy and George walked into the interrogation room, both felt an
immediate connection to the pair of world-famous athletes, even though they
didn't know them.

Likewise, Anna and Monica's faces seem to brighten a bit when the teen
sleuths walked in, although they weren't sure why.

"Hi, I'm Nancy and this is my friend George. We're here to help you find your

"I hope someone can," said Monica. "My dad died a few years ago and I'm the
sole support of my family. This was really going to help. I don't have that
many more years left in my career."

"And I'd already promised to donate all my prize money to a charity for
Russian orphans," said Anna. "They already budgeted the money for new books
when they heard I made the finals."

"Well, what happened exactly yesterday," said Nancy. "The police reports are
kind of vague."

"My head is kind of vague," said Anna, holding her head in her hands. "After
the ceremony on center court the sponsor gave me my check and I put it in my
tennis bag, I have a pocket that snaps shut so it wouldn't get lost."

"I took a shower and had some champagne that was lying there and took a nap
for a while. When I looked in my bag later that night, the check was gone."

"I never take chances with money, I put the check straight in my wallet,"
said Monica. "Then I took a shower, had a really nice massage and took a nap
and this morning when I checked my wallet it was gone."

"Hmmm, the only thing you both have in common is you took a nap right after
the match," said George. "Anything special about the naps."

"Well," said Anna mysteriously. "I shouldn't say this because it's personal
and it probably doesn't mean anything, but when I was sleeping I had a really
erotic dream about me and a girl."

"So did I!" exclaimed Monica. "I don't remember much but I do have some
blurry visions of having sex with this hot brunette who was an absolute
pistol in the sack."

"I had the same dream," said Anna. "Except my honey was more of a blonde and
she was totally insatiable. It was the best sex I never had."

"Me too," said Monica.

"Hmm, it says here on the report that you both reported a slight soreness in
the upper arm," said Nancy. "I think I have this figured out ladies. That was
no dream, after the match you were both seduced and they had sex with you
until you fell asleep and then injected you with a drug that wiped away your
memory, probably the date-rape drug, and then took your checks."

"That's awesome thinking Nancy," said Anna. "I knew when you walked in you
would help me somehow, but we still have to find out who these sexed-up
crooked women are. Me and Monica don't remember any details. They could be
standing right in front of us and we wouldn't know."

"I think a trip to the police hypnotherapist is in order," said Nancy.

* * *

"You are so sleepy, your eyes so heavy, you are so relaxed, you just want to
shut your tired, tired eyes ladies. You feel so peaceful, so relaxed, you
want to close your eyes and sleep. Sleep my dears."

With that last sentence, Anna and Monica's drooping eyelids closed and their
heads pitched forward as the hypnotherapist put them in a trance.

"Great job Roy. I know a little about hypnosis so I can take it from here,"
said Nancy, not realizing the irony of her statement. "Ladies, raise your
head but stay in this wonderful, relaxed state you're in."

Both Anna and Monica's heads came up but their eyes were still closed,
signaling they were in a deep trance.

"OK, tell me when you first experienced memory loss yesterday," Nancy said.

"Madame Hypnos called," came from a voice off to the side.

Nancy and the hypnothrapist whirled to see George sitting in a chair, her
eyes closed, her body limp.

"Geez, I forgot about your friend," said Roy. "I guess we zonked her out as
well when she was watching me put out these two. I'd better snap her out of

"No," said. Nancy as she went up to her secret lover. "Madame Hypnos called
you George, and then what?"

"She said to implement the plan, and I obeyed," said George in a flat tone.
"She then said to give the phone to you and I obeyed."

"I don't remember any of this George," said Nancy. "Help me out. Why were you
obeying Madame Hypnos?"

"We both must obey Madame, that is our purpose," breathed George. "We don't
know it in the lesser lives we live every day but when she gives the code
word "Nappy Time" we become our true selves, dedicated slaves to our Madame
and in constant need of lesbian sex."

"Wow, she's really brainwashed," commented Roy.

"Yeah, and according to her so am I," said Nancy who now knew why some nights
she felt so sexually satisfied yet didn't remember having slept with George.
"Roy, get my dad over here, we'll brief him, and then put me under as well.
We're going to get to the bottom of this and get these girls the money they

* * *

Madame Hypnos was sitting at a table in her dressing room removing her
makeup. It was the final performance of her current gig and it indeed been a
fine run that would keep her in silk for a while.

There was a knock at the door and when she beckoned the knocker to come in
she was stunned to see Nancy and George.

Nancy was in a low-cut red t-shirt and brown short-shorts while George was in
a tight-fitting blue mini-dress. They were dressed far more provocatively
than usual.

"Nancy, George, what are you doing here?" asked Hypnos.

"We were sitting in the audience and we were called," said Nancy tonelessly.
"We obey our Madame."

"Oh yeah," said Hypnos. "Now I know what happened. There was a page for a
"Nat E. Tyne" during the performance and you girls got confused.

"Too bad I have to leave for my next stop girls because you both look
delicious but no time for sex right now. I'll have to return you to normal."

"That is what we would like to discuss with you Madame," said George with a
blank face.

"Discuss?, discuss what?" said Hypnos. "Slaves do not discuss anything
with their master, and you are my slaves, as my fattened bank account and
pleasured pussy can attest to."

"Yes Madame, we are your slaves and that's what we want to discuss," said
George. "In our regular lives we have so many distractions, school, friends
and our detective work diverting us from what is important, which is having
sex with each other and our Madame. Me and Nancy have discussed it and we
want to be your slaves on a permanent basis, our previous lives are no longer
of consequence. Every day should be consumed with having lesbian sex, which
it is when we are under your power. So please take us with you Madame as your
permanent sex slaves."

"I must say, of all my pets you two are by far the sluttiest," said Hypnos.
"However, I doubt the police chief's daughter can up and leave to follow a
traveling show without drawing some attention. And you two are only good to
me as long as you stay here and Nancy can feed me secret information she
gets from her dad so I can have you and my other slaves commit crimes. I
have other pretty girls to have sex with in other cities, although not as
good as you two I will admit. So the answer is no."

Suddenly, Nancy's face no longer had a blank look on it. She smiled as Hypnos
looked confused.

"Well then Madame, I guess we'll just have to keep you around here, for 10 to
20 years," said Nancy. "Come in boys!"

The door burst open and a phalanx of police officers crashed in. Hypnos had
no time to think before she in handcuffs.

"Brilliant job Nancy," said her dad. "Having us make that phony announcement
to give you two an excuse to see her when she didn't expect it, after we
placed secret microphones and tape recorders in here while she was on stage.
And the way you and George got her to confess to everything. Great acting job
pretending to be lesbian sluts. Well, it will be a very short trial."

"The cherry on top is that since she was leaving tonight all the stolen goods
and money should be right here," said Nancy.

"You two make a great couple, on the job and off," said Chief Drew with a

Nancy and George beamed, they had foiled a master criminal who had one-upped
them for a long time, and Nancy's dad had given his unspoken approval of
their lesbian relationship.

"I have to admit, that sort of life did sound appealing a bit," said George.
"Doing nothing but having lesbian sex all day."

"Aw, too much of good thing is sometimes bad," said Nancy as she gave George
a quick kiss now that the room was clear. "Eventually, we'd get tired of it."

"Maybe," said George.

* * *

The next day George and Nancy were in the station tying up loose ends when
Anna and Monica walked in.

"We just wanted to personally thank you for all you did for us," said Monica.

"And too us, now that we remember" said Anna with a giggle. "Is there
anything we can do to repay you."

"Well actually, we could use your help with something that's important to
us," said George, now returned to her normal shy, quiet self. "You tell them
Nancy. You're better at this."

"You see girls, me and George never had any lesbian experiences until Madame
Hypnos hypnotized us," said Nancy. "Now that her spell over us has been
broken, we don't know if it was the hypnosis that turned us into lesbians or
did it just awaken our true sexual selves."

"And we have so much affection for each other it wouldn't be a fair test to
see if we are really straight by having sex with each other," said George

Anna had a confused look on her face but Monica's face lit up and she smiled

"Oh, I get it," she said.

"I don't," said Anna, who frankly wasn't the brightest bulb in the world.

"Anna, to find out whether they are lesbians or not they need to find two
good-looking young women whom a lesbian would normally be interested in
having sex with, but with whom they have no deep personal attachments,"
said Monica. "That way, after having sex with those girls, they will know
whether they are really lesbians or not."

"Oh," said Anna. "Hey, that could be us."

"Exactly," said Nancy. "But I warn you two. We want to make very sure what
team me and George play for. To do that, our partners will have to be willing
to have sex with us for a long time. We need to experience a massive amount
of girl-girl sex to be really sure."

"Yes, we need a ton of sex," said George. "Hour upon hour upon hour."

Anna and Monica looked at each other.

"Well, all I have tomorrow is a practice session," said Monica. "I can
postpone that, for a week."

"Practice, who needs practice," said Anna. "I don't win anyhow. I'll take
sex over practice any day."

"Are Nancy and George lesbian lovers or just very good friends? And how many
days will they have to have sex with Anna and Monica to find out? You'll
discover the truth next season on 'The Nancy Drew Mysteries!'

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