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Featuring Characters - Abby Sciutu and Ziva David

Codes: FF, fisting, mild S&M, anal, oral.

NCIS: Bad Girls
by Gerry B

Part One

Abby Sciutu sat at her desk at home in front of her computer, wearing a pair of boxer shorts a silk halter top and a pair of Dr Marten boots. She was playing her favourite game concentrating fiercely.

There was a knock at the door and swore, she was finally going to beat the final level of "Call of Duty 4". it was not a good time for interruptions.

"Who is it?" she shouted, unwilling to leave the game for a Jehovah's witness.

"It's me Abby, Ziva, put your game on pause and let me in."Ziva said, the irritation in her voice obvious.

"Ok just be a 'sec" Abby said pouting, she hit pause and got up and went to open the door.

Abby opened the door, Ziva was standing there looking annoyed, wearing a white T-Shirt, leather pants and a leather overcoat, the effect was startling, especially since she was obviously wearing nothing under the T-Shirt. Abby frowned," Whats up, did Gibbs send you ?"

Ziva shook her head, "No this is a private matter, between you and me."

Abby squirmed, "Is this because I told Tony that you liked being gang banged by Navy seals."

Ziva jaw dropped, "How did you know...wait that's irrelevant that isn't why I'm here and anyway I don't care what Tony thinks."

Abby shrugged, "Ok so enough already with the suspense, WHAT DO YOU WANT?" She shouted suddenly irritated beyond belief.

Ziva's eyes flashed with anger and she stepped inside Abby's apartment, carefully locking the door behind her, she then threw her overcoat onto a chair.

Abby stood with her hands on her hips, tapping her left foot impatiently waiting for the explanation.

Ziva moved in close to Abby 'til they were inches apart, "I want this!" She grabbed Abby's face and then swooped in for a deep passionate kiss, her tongue darting in to explore Abby's mouth.

Abby froze with shock, her mind racing, 'this isn't what I expected' she thought, 'I'm not...Wow she kisses good.'

Ziva broke off the kiss, panting, her eyes still flashing with anger and now lust, "Every day since I met you, you've been driving me crazy, messing with my head, walking round in that cute lab tech outfit, and those schoolgirl pigtails. The number of times I've wanted to rip off your clothes and fuck you on your desk, but tonight the bitch gets scratched."

Abby felt dizzy for a moment but still managed to correct her, "You mean the itch gets scratched!"

Ziva smiled evilly, "I know what I mean!" Ziva dove in again and kissed Abby again, her hands moving down to her tight pants and gripping her pert butt cheeks, her nails digging in hard."

Abby tried to regain control of the situation, she broke off the kiss and stood there gasping for air, "Look Ziva I'm very flattered but I tried the girl/girl thing in college It was good but it wasn't that good."

Ziva flashed a grin, she kissed Abby again softly then whispered in her ear, "That's because you weren't being fucked by me." Ziva fell to her knees before Abby and smiled up at her, then in one fast smooth motion pulled Abby's shorts down to her ankles."

Abby looked down goggle eyed in disbelief as her perfect, shaven pussy was exposed to view.

Ziva swallowed hard, "I had a feeling you'd be a shaver, God it's beautiful." She reached forward and grasped Abby's exposed ass cheeks and pulled her face into her pussy and began to suck on her clit.

Abby was shell shocked, she was standing in the middle of her own apartment, her shorts around her ankles and a gorgeous and apparently gifted, mossad operative doing amazing things to her clit, things she'd never had done to her before, at least not well. Abby's knees trembled, Ziva's gorgeous lips sucked on her pussy, then Abby let out a scream as she had her first orgasm of the evening.

Abby had tears of joy in her eyes, "Oh wow Ziva that was so awesome."

Ziva laughed wickedly, "We've barely started, I'll show you awesome later, now quickly turn round and lean on your desk."

Abby spun round and leaned against her desk, all her doubts evaporated.

Ziva leaned forward and gave Abby's butt a playful slap, then she gently pulled apart her buttocks and began to slowly lick her wrinkled anus.

Abby bit her lip, she couldn't believe how good it felt to have her asshole licked no one had ever done it so well... "OH GOD" Said Abby, as Ziva began to explore her ass more aggressively, probing firmly with her tongue, provoking incredible sensations.

Abby's eyes rolled back in her head as another orgasm rolled over her.

"Oh Ziva, Oh God thats so ooooo..."Abby howled as Ziva slipped a finger into her pussy and began to frig her, all the while eating her ass. Ziva withdrew her tongue and slipped two more fingers into Abby's pussy and began frigging her hard. Ziva grinned, "So is this better than your college girl fuck?"

Abby panted like a dog, "Oh wow, that bitch was an amateur, oooo please, pretty please, eat my ass some more."

Ziva smirked, "Well since you asked so nicely." Ziva dove back in and inserted her tongue and began licking softly at first and then more firmly. Abby's pussy was leaking juices like a faucet, Ziva had a wicked idea, she thought 'I wonder if I could get my whole hand in this tight little pussy?' She covered her whole hand with Abby's juices and gently but inexorably began to insert her whole fist.

Abby gripped the side of her desk and howled like a banshee, "Ziva, God what are you doing to me?"

Ziva stopped eating Abby's ass and stood up, her fist still firmly embedded in Abby's pussy. Ziva leaned in close and breathed in Abby's ear, "What I'm doing is fist fucking you, so you'd better brace your self."

Abby bit her lip as Ziva slowly began pumping her pussy, it hurt but it felt so good, she looked up and caught her reflection in the mirror on the wall opposite her; bent over her desk half naked, Ziva's arm pumping her pussy harder and harder. The combination of sight and sensation was so hot, her excitement exploded and she screamed again as an earth shattering orgasm brought her to her knees, Ziva carefully removed her hand and stood up whilst Abby rolled over on the floor and lay panting, waiting for the room to stop spinning around.

Ziva stood over Abby grinning with triumph. That was good Abby but you know I haven't had my orgasms yet.

Abby rolled over on the floor and rested her head on one hand and smiled up at Ziva, like the cat that got the cream, she licked her lips playfully while her right hand was busy between her legs rubbing her clit.

"You know I just had a few ideas about helping you out with that." Abby said with a wink.

Abby stood up and shook herself like a puppy coming in out of the rain. "Follow me to the fun room."

Abby strode confidently towards her bedroom pausing only to peel of her top, leaving her naked except for her boots, her crucifix tattoo, was oddly appealing, as Abby entered her bedroom, Ziva followed behind the fires of lust burning in her eyes.

Ziva watched puzzled as Abby slipped out of sight. "Abby what are you doing?" Abby peaked out of her bedroom door her eyes alight with mischief.

"I'm getting ready for your lesson."

Ziva's brow furrowed, "Lesson, what lesson?" Before she had time to react Abby's hand reached around the door holding a gray aerosol which she sprayed in Ziva's face liberally. Ziva's mind went blank as she passed out, falling face forward onto the carpet. Abby stood over Ziva grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "Your all mine now sweetee."

Part Two

Ziva groaned, her head felt fuzzy and she had a gag ,made of leather, in her mouth . She opened her eyes and looked around to see Abby leaning over her smiling happily. "Hello sleepy head ready for your lesson?" Ziva took stock she was splayed face down on Abby's bed stripped naked, her wrists and ankles were firmly secured to the posts of the bed.

Abby ran her hands over Ziva's supple toned body pausing to linger over her full butt cheeks. "mmm, you feel so good I am going to have to take my time to do this right." Abby rubbed her own pussy lightly. "Ziva I promise this is an experience you'll never forget."

Ziva struggled with her bonds but they were expertly tied, not painful, but quite inescapable. "mrr grr" Ziva tried to speak.

Abby Shushed Ziva whilst giving her an affectionate kiss on the cheek. "You stay still like a good girl and this will be just fine." Abby bent down and reached under her bed and pulled out a leather riding crop. Ziva's eyes widened in shock.

Abby made a few practices passes with the crop through the air, "Perfect, brace yourself Ziva."

"You wanna know something."

Swish, "mmm" Ziva tried to cry out.

"It's wrong."

Swish, "mmm"

"To fist..."

Swish, "A girl..."

Swish, "without"

Swish, "MMM"

"warning! not to mention inadequate lubrication"

Abby paused, "Don't you agree?"

Ziva writhed in her bonds, her buttocks had 5 red welts on them. Abby took pity on her, "Here let me kiss that better". She leaned over and tenderly kissed Ziva's buttocks, then licked the red welts tenderly, idly allowing her fingers to softly caress Ziva's pussy lips. "mmmm." this time the sound Ziva made was not pain, but pure pleasure.

Abby stopped, "Whoops, I musn't lose focus, punishment first then pleasure, now I was at 5..."

Swish, "mmm"

"You know what?"

Swish, "I've done this to every..."

Swish, "guy in the office...."

Swish, "Except Ducky."

"mmmm." Ziva painfully turned a questioning eye towards Abby.

Ziva nodded, "Yep, of course I like it when Ducky uses it on me, he bends me over his knee..." Abby's eyes glazed over for a moment whilst she rubbed her pussy,"Then he punishes me 'til I promise to be a good girl, then he lets me suck his cock 'til he comes in my mouth...yum." Abby eyes cleared, "Oops, getting distracted again."

Swish, "mmm"

Swish, "uhh"

Swish, "mmm"

Swish, "mmmm"

Abby continued silently counting, all the while playing with her pussy with her free hand, until she reached a count of 45.

Ziva finally stopped struggling and lay still, surrendering. Abby smiled.






Abby nodded satisfied, "That's fifty, All done." Ziva turned around and looked at Abby tears of gratitude in her eyes.

Abby leaned forward and kissed her gently on the cheek, "I'm very proud of you Ziva you took your punishment very bravely."She gently removed the gag. "There isn't that better sweetee?"

Ziva nodded against her pillow, "Yes thank you Abby, I apologize for being a bad girl."

Abby smiled and kissed Ziva again on the side of her mouth, "Oh baby I enjoyed what you did to me but I insist on my lovers being a little more considerate and fisting always requires a warning, my poor pussys very tender I need a little extra lubrication for that kind of action. Thats why there's one last part to my lesson...."

Ziva tensed, Abby grinned, she leaned down and whispered, "It's ok Ziva you'll like this I promise."

Abby reached under her bed again and pulled out another surprise. Ziva's jaw dropped, "Oh my God, I thought you didn't do it with girls?"

Abby held up her favourite toy, a large strap on dildo, 10" long 3" around, she then carefully strapped it to herself, she had made it herself it was designed to rub against her clitoris as she thrust it into her lovers.

"Oh I've never used this on a girl, I like using it on my boyfriends, I usually have to be pretty persuasive though."

Ziva raised her eyebrows questioningly. Abby laughed, " What I say to them is simple, 'Baby of course you can fuck my poor little rosebud, but first I get to fuck yours'. Swear to god it's amazing what a guy will do in return for assfucking a goth in pig tails.

She climbed onto the bed and started to caress Ziva's pussy. "God your so wet I think you liked your punishment you naughty girl."

To her own amazement Ziva blushed. Abby positioned herself, putting her knees on either side of Ziva's head facing her red striped ass and leaning down to lick it, whilst her breasts rubbed against Ziva's back.

Ziva moaned with pleasure. Abby carefully licked every reddened welt on Ziva's backside then she began to lasciviously explore Ziva's asshole with her agile tongue.

"Ziva I never realized before how hot this asslicking thing could be, it just go's to show, that no matter how much fucking you've done, there's always something new to learn.

Ziva was barely listening, the sensation of Abby's hot little tongue on her anus was driving her mad, Abby teased her mercilessly for what seemed like eons.

"Please Abby, please make me come!" Ziva begged.

Abby grinned wickedly, "I'll make you a deal, if you beg me to fuck your sweet tight Israeli ass, with my big strapon, I'll make you come..." she said, contining teasing Ziva's sensitive anus with long strokes of her tongue.

Ziva shook her head desperately, "Please no it's much too big...please just make me come."

Abby made an mocking face and in a comical imitation of Ziva's exotic accent said "'Please no it's much too big' said the girl who shoved her FIST up my pussy."

Ziva flushed guiltily.

Abby stopped licking Ziva's ass and got off the bed. She crossed her arms and made her 'cross' face."In that case, no orgasm for you, I'll just sit here frigging myself and you can lie there and not come all night..."

Ziva rolled her eyes and thought quickly, she felt like she was about to explode but she needed help to get off.

"Please Abby...fuck my tight asshole, but please make me come first."
She said plaintively.

Abby clapped her hands with glee and she dived back onto the bed and thrust her tongue as far up Ziva's ass as she could reach.

Ziva bucked like a rodeo horse as she had the most intense orgasm she'd had in months, then she lay there panting as if she'd run a marathon.

Abby grinned like a Cheshire Cat, "I think you liked that didn't you Ziva?"

Ziva noddded not yet able to speak.

"Now it's time for my fun." Abby said as she reached for a small tube of cherry flavoured lubricant on her nightstand and carefully applied it to the length of her plastic penis.

Ziva looked over her shoulder nervously, she'd had anal sex before, but none of her lovers ever had as big a penis as the artificial one about to enter her.

Abby climbed up on the bed behind Ziva, she licked her lips as she stroked her artificial schlong as if it were the real thing, she positioned herself behind her nervous victim, savouring the moment, she smeared some more lubricant onto her fingertips and leaned forward.

Ziva tensed as she felt Abby's fingers gently rubbing lube into her asshole.

Abby crooned, "Relax Ziva I have to do this, my saliva's not enough of a lubricant for for my big boy here, just untense and I'll make sure it's nice and slippery...believe me you'll like it more that way."

Ziva took a deep breath and tried to relax, allowing Abby's agile fingers into her anus without further resistance.

Abby inserted a forefinger and moved it around gently smearing Ziva's delectable arsehole with lube.

Ziva moaned urgently, she was starting to enjoy Abby's finger.

Encouraged by Ziva's response, Abby inserted another finger and began to fuck her with two fingers at once, a little appetizer before the main event.

Ziva gasped with pleasure as Abby gleefully frigged her asshole, she writhed on the bed like a mad thing, feeling another amazing orgasm on its way.

Abby chuckled, her you go baby, with her left hand she reached down below and started to rub Ziva's swollen clit whilst continuing her anal assault.

Ziva screamed out her orgasm, bucking against her restraints, before collapsing exhausted on the bed.

Abby laughed out load, don't go to sleep on me baby you've had your appetizer, now its time for the main course. With that Abby plunged her huge slippery plastic cock into Ziva's well lubricated ass.

Ziva bit down into her pillow at the sudden painful invasion into her sensitive ass. Abby began to set up a strong rhythm, pulling out then pushing the entire 10" length into Ziva's rectum over and over again, whilst Ziva bit her pillow and tried to relax her splincter, after a while she and Abby began to get a rhythm going. Ziva moved in time with Abby's powerful thrusts.

Abby's eyes were alight with savage pleasure, as the hot Israeli woman writhed against her hard fucking.

Tears ran from Ziva's eyes, the pain was intense but twinned with pleasure, after a while she began to feel another orgasm starting to build, the bed under her was sodden with her pussy juice.

Abby was overjoyed, she had never realized how much fun it could be to assfuck another woman like this.

Facedown on the bed being wildly sodomised by a hot goth, Ziva was amazed, she had never realized how much fun it could be to be ass fucked by another woman like this.

"Oh God, Abby I'm going to cummmmm....." Ziva screamed as the orgasm shot through her like a ten thousand volt shock. Then she passed out.

Abby came too, the strap-on's friction on her clit finally doing its job. She wore a smug smile, "I must make a note on my blog, first time I ever fucked a woman unconscious."

She left Ziva helpless on the bed her, unconsciousness turning to natural sleep as she began to snore into the pillow.

She sat down in front of her computer and watched the footage she had taken of Ziva's lesson, she frigged her clit as she watched the incredible multiple images from all her bedroom's cameras playing simultaneously, from all angles, as she orgasmed on her own busy fingers, she regretted she hadn't been in a position to film Ziva fisting her. She grinned wickedly as she thought, " I bet Tony would trade me his apartment for a copy of this"

She saved her footage and returned to Ziva, after all the night was still young....

The End?


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