This story takes place shortly after the final episode of the second season.

NCIS: Abby Loses Control (MF,nc-cons)
by Spiderguy ([email protected])

Abby Sciuto was depressed, very depressed. Her best friend Kate Todd had just
been shot and killed. Gibbs knew who the shooter was, he had no proof, but he
knew. It was Ari, the supposed Israeli secret agent who was actually a double
agent and working for al Qaeda.

Abby had spent the entire day in her lab working, trying to keep herself
occupied and not think about Kate, but here in her apartment, it was a
different story. Kate and herself had spent many pleasant hours together
here, and she was going to miss her.

As soon as she got home she quickly changed into something more comfortable,
which was a large flannel shirt and a pair of baggy sweatpants. She flopped
down on the couch with her legs drawn up and a bag of cheese corn and was
sitting munching and watching out the window at the rain falling. She wasn't
sure when it was she fell asleep, but it was the knocking on the door that
wakened her.

Shaking the sleep, she got to her feet and managed to get to the door and
after peering through the little peep hole, opened the door and pulled it

"Hey McGhee." She said as special agent Tim McGhee walked into the apartment
dripping water.

"What are you doing out on a night like this anyway?" She asked pushing the
door shut behind him and he slipped his jacket off dripping water all over
the carpet.

She took his jacket and put it in the sink to let the water drip off and he
stood and stared around, "Ah, well, I just didn't feel like sitting around
the apartment tonight... I couldn't get my mind off Kate."

Abby moved back to the couch and motioning for him to join her she nodded,
"Yeah, I know, same with me. I'm really going to miss her McGhee."

McGhee settled himself down on the other end of the couch and sat with his
knees together and hand on top of his legs.

They sat there for a few minutes, not talking, but staring at the floor. Then
Abby had an idea, they were both depressed and needed something to cheer them
up, and sex had always worked before. So she twisted around and got up on her
knees and made her way over next to McGhee. She put her arms around his neck
and began kissing him on the side of the neck, but to her surprise he frowned
slightly and gently pulled her arms away and said, "Don't, I'm not in the
mood for it."

Never one to take no for an answer, she began running her finger around his
ear and softly whispered, "Come on McGhee, lighten up. Lets have some fun."

He turned and looked at her and snapped, "Is that all you ever think about
Abby, sex?"

She sat back slightly stunned, this was not like him, he always enjoyed sex
with her, and turning her down surprised her.

She shook her head and said, "No, I think about other things, dead bodies,
guns, explosions, bats..."

He shook his head and got to his feet with a frown, and snapped, "That's just
it Abby, if it's not sex, then it all sorts of... of kinky things. Why can't
we enjoy a normal relationship like other people do?"

She frowned and said, "Because I'm not normal, I'm goth, remember. I'm

He dropped his head and softly said, "I don't know Abby... I just don't..."

She got to her feet and glared at him. "You know what I think McGhee, Tony is
right about you. You're a wimp. You got no balls. Be different. Hell you're
intimidated of Tony, Gibbs scares you and sometimes I get the feeling you are
scared by me too!"

He looked at her, "That's not fair Abby..."

She got in his face and said, "Well life's not fair, so get used to it!
You're a wimp, you hear that a wimp, a wimp, A WIMP..."

She saw him getting upset, but kept on baiting him. Then suddenly she knew
she had crossed the line. He got an expression on his face that scared her.
Before she could do anything he grabbed her by the hair and put her on the
floor on her stomach and was straddling her with his knees.

Grabbing one arm he pulled it behind her back and she felt the handcuffs snap
on her wrist, then just as quickly he had her other arm behind her back and
the cuff snapped around that wrist. He then got to his feet, and taking a
handful of her hair, he pulled her to her feet.

He was behind her. Pressed against her and had his mouth next to her ear. In
a tone of voice she had never heard before, he said, "So, you think I'm a
wimp. Well, let me just show you that I'm not."

He then reached around her and grabbing the front of her shirt quickly ripped
it open, exposing her large breasts. Then he began squeezing and pulling on
them with his hands and hooked his fingers in her nipple rings and began
pulling and twisting them.

She grimaced and moaned, "Stop it McGhee. That hurts."

"I thought you enjoyed pain Abby?" He whispered in her ear.

He kept it up for a few minutes and she had her eyes clenched tightly shut
from the pain, and was biting her tongue to keep from crying out.

Then suddenly, taking her by the hair again, he forced her to the table to
the side, and after shoving everything off of it, he forced her to bend
over and lay on it. Quickly he shoved his hand into the waistband of her
sweatpants, and with a quick motion, shoved them down to her ankles leaving
her exposed. Holding her down on the table with a hand on her head, he then
told her to spread her legs apart. She didn't, and he proceeded to use the
palm of his hand and began hitting her hard on her ass, first one cheek and
then the other.

After several slaps, he again told her to spread her legs. Reluctantly, she
spread her legs apart. As soon as she did, his hand was between her legs and
groping her pussy, and roughly shoving his finger inside her. His hand was
holding her down on the table, but she couldn't stop herself from moaning,
both from pain and pleasure. She found she was quickly being turned on and
getting hot from this rough treatment he was handing out.

Then, to her displeasure, his hand was gone, and she heard the unmistakable
sound of a zipper being opened and then he was pressing himself between her

Almost as soon as she felt the head of his cock brush against her pussy, he
deftly guided it to her now wet pussy, and with a quick thrust was inside
her, filling her. She couldn't stop herself from moaning again. He was
filling her full and was rapidly pounding as hard as he could, and it was
causing her to slide on the top of the table. She was rapidly approaching a
climax, when without warning he withdrew, and she groaned in disappointment.

She felt the head of her cock press against her anal opening, and knew
exactly what he was going to do, but before she could even try to relax her
sphincter to accept him, he shoved hard and his cock slid into her anal
opening. The suddenness of her insertion caused her to cry out and she felt
tears in her eyes.

She instinctively picked her legs up off the floor and tried to spread then
even further apart as he pounded her ass hard and fast. She was finally able
to control her pain enough to relax to accommodate his cock, and the feeling
of immense sexual pleasure began engulfing her. She was totally helpless to
his desires, and then excited her more than anything else. He was pounding
her so hard she was bouncing on the top of the table and it felt like her ass
was on fire. She could hear McGhee grunting and groaning and knew he was
close to climaxing. She only wished her hands were free so she could play
with herself to bring herself to climax when he did, but unfortunately, she

Then, he pulled back and his cock was out of her ass. She had time for a
short groan before he pulled her off the table and turned her around to face
him and shoved her down to her knees.

She found herself just inches from his massive cock as he was stroking it
with his hand and aiming it at her face while he had a handful of her hair.
He let out a long groan, and the first spurt of cum shot from his cock and
hit her in the eye and she closed it, and then felt as spray after spray of
his cum hit her across her face.

She opened her mouth and he managed to put quite a bit of cum in her mouth
and she kept her mouth open catching it until he was done, then he shoved his
cock into her mouth and she locked her lips around it and sucked as hard as
she could.

When he pulled out of her mouth she swallowed the cum she had in her mouth
and could feel the cum slowly dripping from her face. Her right eye was
plastered shut with a glob of his cum, but she managed to open her left eye
and look at him when he tipped her head back.

He leaned down and looked in her eyes, and with a leering grin, said, "Still
think I'm a wimp?"

He then let go of her hair and moved away.

Later, she finally got out of the shower and dried herself off with the
towel. She had to shampoo her hair twice to get all of McGhee's cum out of
it, and she had brushed her teeth twice to finally get rid of the saltiness
of it from her mouth. She picked her nightgown up from where she had laid it
on the toilet, looked at it, and then let it drop back down again, deciding
she would feel better sleeping in the nude.

She turned the lights off and walked into her bedroom and crawled into bed,
pulling the cover up over her. She sighed as she though of what McGhee had
done to her, and then she sighed and rolled up on her side and pressed
herself against him.

She felt him move his arm and put it around her shoulders and hug her against
him and at the same time he rolled up on his side to face her. She cuddled
tightly against him feeling contented and comfortable as he put his other arm
around her and held her in his arms.

She kissed him lightly on the throat, and whispered, "Remember, tomorrow
night, you promised you would gag and blindfold me and tie me to the bad
before you raped me."

McGhee grunted slightly, then whispered. "You know Abby, I never knew how
much fun and exciting sex could really be until I found your bondage

Abby just grinned and closed her eyes and felt safe in McGhee's arms.


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