Mythbusters: Water Torture Revisited (M+F,MMFF,bond,bukkake,ncon)
by JMack0 ([email protected])

"Well, Tory, one of the myths we've gotten the most viewer comments about was
Water Torture. They think that we didn't put Kari through what the real thing
would be, and even though we got the reaction we wanted from her, they want
us to give it another go with some different circumstances."

The Build Team were filming their introduction scene for the season finale of
Mythbusters. The show had been running low on interesting myths in recent
weeks, so they had decided to do yet another Viewer Myths show.

"What kind of changes are we going to make to this? I wasn't exactly having
fun the first time we did it, you know." Kari spoke with apprehension, as
during the original water torture myth, she was the victim. After having the
water streamed on to her forehead, she panicked and asked to end the

"First off, they want us to tie you down in the same way, strapped to a
wooden board with your arms, legs, and head restrained, that's going to stay
the same. But instead of letting you see what's happening, we'll put a
blindfold on you so that you won't know when you're going to get hit. As for
what else we'll be changing... well, if we tell you, it might compromise the
experiment. Are you sure you're okay with this?"

Kari didn't like that Tory kept some of the myth a secret, but she was sure
that if it was any trouble or annoyance to her, she could call it off and get

"I guess so! Let's get this going, guys!"

* * *

On the day of the shoot, Tory and Grant had taken the liberty of setting
everything up before hand. Instead of doing the test inside of M5 Studios,
they had found a nearby warehouse that was empty and for rent. Grant had
come in the night before and set up a wooden rack in the middle of the room
with iron restraints for Kari's arms, legs, and her head. But he never
brought in a mechanism to release the water, and Tory hadn't either...

The other members of the Build Team led a blindfolded Kari into the warehouse
and angled her towards the rack. Miss Byron hadn't viewed this myth as
anything special and came in with her hair a vibrant shade of red, her
highlights finally wearing off, wearing a white baseball shirt with blue
sleeves and a black skirt that went down just below her knees, where it met
up with her tall black combat boots.

"So, how soon until we start this?" asked Kari as they laid her down on the
board and shackled her in.

"We still have some things to set up, and the uh... crew... isn't here yet,
so it could be a while. But we want to get a few promotional shots and make
sure our set-up keeps you comfortable," spoke Tory. He was a bit nervous at
the idea of what was going to happen today and was trying to not let it slip
until they had her tied down.

"Can you at least take the blindfold off? This is kind of creepy..."

"If we do that, you'll be able to see the rig, Kari! And we can't let you
ruin it for yourself, or we'd have to do this with someone else."

"Aw, come on guys, what's it really going to change?"

"Er..." Grant was now the nervous one, tired of all of Kari's questions and
waiting for their hired men to show up.

After several more inquiries, the men had decided to just blow off most of
her questions and give her generic responses. Sensing that she was getting on
their nerves, Kari just laid back and relaxed, refusing to worry about her
situation for now.

Before long, the doors of the warehouse opened and a large group of men
appeared in the entrance. Grant estimated that there were at least one
hundred guys of varying ages, shapes, and sizes, all ready to help out with
the myth.

"Is that the camera crew?" asked Kari.

"Um... yep, Kari, that's them. Just try to keep quiet while we discuss the
parameters of the myth, and then all you'll have to do is sit there and let
us work, alright?"

With that, Grant walked away from Kari and towards the group of men.

"Okay guys, now here's the deal... she doesn't know this is a bukkake shoot,
and she has no idea what you're all doing here. But that doesn't mean that
there's no rules. You can't fuck her, don't even try to slip your dicks
inside of her. In fact, the only reason I want your dicks to TOUCH her is if
you're shooting off, alright? You can touch her all you want, grope away
guys. Hell, feel free to slip a finger or two inside - with everything she's
doing today, she'll be earning her share of the pleasure, too."

Kari was about to face the horror of her lifetime, getting jacked off on by
a group of men the Build Team had rounded up at homeless shelters and bars.
As the men encircled Kari, Tory worked his way through the crowd and got
right next to her.

"Sorry about this, babe."

With that, he grabbed her blindfold and pulled it off. Kari was a little
surprised and started to glance around the room. All she saw were lines and
lines of men with their hands buried in their pants, or even out in the open
tugging away at their cocks. She could barely move her head, but she saw

"What the hell's going on here? Tory?! Grant!"

"Just following Adam's and Jamie's orders, Kari. Have fun..."

Tory walked off, and the men got in closer to Kari's body. She was
overwhelmed by the hands shooting towards her body, as they quickly lifted up
her shirt and tore away her bra, revealing her small breasts to everyone. Her
skirt went up too, and Kari's thong was pulled on so hard that it ripped away
from her waist.

The only audible sound in the room was the slapping of flesh, but beneath
that Kari was struggling, grunting and groaning while trying to pull out of
this situation. Hands were all along her body, grabbing at her tits, pinching
her nipples. Fingers were being run through her patch of pubic hair, a thin
strip of red fur right above her tight hole.

A pair of fingers found its way into her pussy, thrusting in and out without
any sort of regard for Kari's well-being. She looked down towards her feet
and saw a fat, dirt-coated man wearing rags tugging feverishly at his unit
while jamming his hand deep inside of her.

It provided enough distraction for the first three men to take their place,
on either side of her face and right above her head. Kari didn't even notice
them there because of the hobo working over her cunt. But when the first
stream of cum hit her square in the eye, she peaked up and realized what was
happening. Three white dicks dangled above her, each being beaten so
furiously that they were red. Huge globs of come were pouring out, landing
on her forehead, on her cheeks, and some square on her lips.

She was so busy screaming for help that she failed to notice the man who
straddled her chest. He gave one quick shove and planted his cock right
inside her mouth, resting on her tongue as he pulled away at the base of
his dick. More men gathered around her, most aiming for her face, but some
choosing to shoot off on her thighs and stomach. Meanwhile, the black man
on her chest was trying to force himself down her throat, but he couldn't
get there in time and started to spray the inside of her mouth with his
load. Kari coughed and gagged, spitting the jizz out as quickly as it came.
It dripped down the sides of her face, mixing with the other men's cum and
dragging it down with it.

On either side of Kari's heads were clear, plastic basins which Grant and
Tory had placed to pool up all of the semen. Kari was still oblivious to the
this, and she thought the pints of cream raining down on her face were
running off to the side.

Over time, more and more men had reached the edge and ran to Kari's body to
make their load count. Three, four, even five at a time they came and went,
leaving Kari coughing and sputtering as semen ran down her cheeks, dripped
down her thighs and fell between her legs, or gathered up in her bush.

The entire time, men had rotated between her legs, giving her as good a
finger fucking as they could. But now, Grant and Tory unleashed their
surprise. Myth-tern Jess pushed her way through the remainder of the crowd,
and planted herself between Kari's legs. She started greedily licking, both
at the sperm resting around Kari's cunt and at Kari herself. Jess was
different from the redhead, in that she had no rules attached to her. A
line of men formed behind her, each given a fair chance to fuck the busty
helper. Jess was a casualty of war, her face getting its fair share of loads,
but she was too busy being buried in Kari's tight snatch to care, and the fat
dicks plowing away at her helped take her out of the moment.

It went like this for nearly two hours, Jess getting a hard shagging before
the man pulled out and delivered his payload to Kari. But as the last of the
stunt cocks squeezed out his final drop of batter on to Kari's mouth, the
Build Team approached the stained beauty and got their moment of joy.

Grant pulled Jess off to the side and threw her to the ground, mounting her
immediately and giving her the work over.

At the same time, Tory positioned himself between Kari's legs. Jess had
cleaned her up quite well, not a sign of the scene between her legs. He
rubbed his dick up and down her slit, teasing the poor girl.

"You don't deserve to get fucked by someone like me... consider this a
present, slut."

With one hard thrust, Tory pushed himself all the way inside of Kari. She was
too tired from her screams and yells of before, and could only whimper in
pain as he fucked her.

Grant was not much for longevity, and pulled out of Jess, running over to
Kari and shoving his dick inside of her mouth while his load dribbled out.
He pulled her head closer, going balls deep in her throat, before pulling
out and watching his sizable load drip between her lips and into the basin.

Tory was fucking Kari so hard that he nearly broke the torture rack, and he
was actually hurting her as her body hit against the iron cuffs around her.

"You on the fucking pill, bitch?!" he screamed as his thrusts intensified.

"... yes..." muttered Kari, dejected and broken.

Tory gave a few more thrusts before finally succumbing to her tight hole and
shooting off deep inside of her. His legs went weak and he fell backwards,
his dick pulling out of Kari and letting his cum drip out of her abused hole.

"Just one last thing you need to do, Kari, and this myth will be

Jess approached Kari, and grabbed a hold of her mouth. With her fingers she
pulled it open, and Grant affixed a gag to her that would hold it open. Tory
grabbed a lengthy of tube and put one end inside of Kari's mouth, and the
other in one of the basins of cum.

"Drink it all, and we'll get you cleaned up and let you leave, sweetie."

Jess was lapping away at Kari's face, cleaning her of the remaining
ejaculate, while Kari reluctantly started to suck on the tube. A thick stream
of yellowish white sperm traveled through the tube, eliciting a satisfactory
gulp as the poor girl downed her first chunk of the stuff.

Tory moved the tube to the other collection, and Kari again did her duty and
drank it up, but not without gagging and hacking.

"Congratulations, Kari, you just helped us bust the true water torture myth -
bukkake!" said Grant.

"And, we caught it all on camera!" screamed Tory, pointing to the high
definition camera hanging from the rafters of the building, pointed directly
at Kari's body.

"Did you have fun today, Kari?"

Kari started sobbing quietly, but the noise was muffled as Jess leaned in and
deeply kissed her.

The scene fades out, and a new one replaces it. A tub full of a thick white
cream is the only thing in the view. A metal plate drops out of the sky,
splattering in it. It rises to the top, and engraved on it are the words


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