Mythbusters: The Naughty Myths Part 3 - Two Different Tales (MF,inter,pierce)
by Anonymous

Kari sat in the work shops bathroom with her pants and panties pulled down
and her legs spread apart. Both of her hands were rubbing her stretched
pussy as she spread her lips open and then tried to push them closed. After
the last myth her poor pussy was looser then 'As Scottie said' a two dollar

She sighed as she pulled her pants and panties back up and walked back out
to the shop. She could see Adam and Jamie talking in the conference room and
wondered what new myth's they were thinking up.

She could see Scottie over at her work bench so she decided to go over and
sit by her until she found out what new horrors awaited them both.

"You were playing with your pussy again weren't you?" Scottie said when Kari
sat down next to her. When Kari started to blush she knew she was right. "You
know it's never going to go back to the way it was," she teased ,"We both
have stretched pussies from now on!"

"I'm glad you both liked the last myth so much" Adam's voice said making them
both jump. "Because I have some new ones!!"

Both girls stared wide eyed as they sat listening to Adam explaining then
next myth's for them. To save time they'd roll several of the myth's into
one, But it was the myth's themselves that had the girls in disbelief. If
they didn't consider themselves whores for what they did in the last myth
they surely would be after these were completed...

Unlike the last myth the camera crew was there right after Adam left, so they
didn't have time to talk amongst themselves and rehearse a little.

"Soooo..." Scottie said trying to break the ice.

"Yeah, So..." Kari repeated. Finally she spoke up little more, "Well, since
you are the 'Mistress of Metal' I was thinking maybe you'd take the piercing
myths." She shook a little thinking about what Adam had said..

"The first myth I want you to look into is that piercing adds to the pleasure
you have during sex! So I'm thinking for this myth one of you needs to get
some piercings, as many as humanly possible..." Adam had said.

At first Kari didn't understand what he meant until Scottie added "Completely
covering the pussy and surrounding area."

Kari couldn't believe her ears. She hated the thought of getting one piercing
down there!! And to have several would be unbearable...

"You just don't want your cunt covered in piercings do you?" Scottie said
teasingly. She already knew that Kari hated the idea of genital piercings
since she had brought it up before.

"Okay, but if I do..." she paused and gave Kari her best, 'I'm going to get
you grin', "You have to do the other two myths." She almost laughed.

Poor Kari almost sqeaked, "Both of them?? Thats not Fair?"

This time Scottie did laugh, "Sure it is! My cunts going to be lined with
piercings after this! And you're already going to the at the fair getting
volunteers to try and bust the myth that black men have bigger cocks them
white men. So why not try the myth 'Once you go black, you never want to go
back" she said laughing more.

Kari frowned a little, But it was better then the piercings...

The day of the fair arrived faster then Kari thought possible. Before she
knew it the team had set up the Mythbusters tent and had a line forming
outside it. Kari blushed a little when she realized that she'd get to see
the cock of every man in line. Strangely she found herself getting excited
as well.

* * *

Across town Scottie was getting excited too...

She been waiting her turn for over an hour at a tattoo and piercing parlor.
The owner of the store was a mythbusters fan and had agreed not only to close
his shop down for the afternoon, but also to do all the piercings in one
setting! With was normally not done...

After the last guest had left and the owner had locked the doors the camera
crew set up and Scottie strip out of her clothes. As she sat down on what
looked like a doctor's chair the owner came in, with out even a word he
lifted Scottie's legs one after the other into the leg holsters mounted on
the chair.

Scottie almost blushed as he fastened her legs down with the leather strap of
the holsters. At first she'd only felt like she was at the doctor's about to
get a pap smear. But now she felt like she was in some weird medical porno!

As he started to pull the holsters apart the chair gave loud clicks as the
locking gears snapped into place leaving her helpless to close her now widely
spread legs.

It took Scottie a few minutes to remember what she was there for after
having her legs thrown open but finally she turned to the camera and started

"The trouble with genital piercings is if you like to keep shaved like I do,
you have to constantly take them out, which is why I've been going though
laser hair removal." She laughed a little to herself. If Kari new she
actually liked the idea of getting all the piercings Kari would scream.

She jumped a little when the owner pushed his figure inside her, it was more
like his hand slipped in with how loose she was. "Are you sure you wouldn't
rather have me sew up this hole of yours?" The owner said after he wiped his
hand, it was the first time he'd spoken since the cameras came on, and for
that he got a smack on the head by Scottie.

* * *

It was about that time that Kari finished measuring the last of the white
males in the group. It hadn't taken her very long to measuring about ten
cocks, six were 6-7 inches, two were under 5 inches, one was an old man's
who couldn't even get it up and the last was so small Kari couldn't stop
laughing long enough to measure it.

After that she measured three black men all over 8 inches long.

She was about to go out and get more volunteers when another man stepped into
the tent. He was only wearing a wife beater and sweat pants, but the thing
she noticed the most was how dark his skin was.

"If you'll please take off your pants and any underwear you are wearing we'll
get started," she said with her best friendly smile. At first was wasn't
trying to watch as the man undressed, but when the man slipped off his sweat
pants she found herself unable to look away. The man's underwear looked as if
it was about to rip apart from the size of the man's penis it was trying to
hold in.

"Now that's a cock!" She mumbled under her breath as she watched him drop his
underwear. Kari almost gulped seeing the monstrosity dangling between the
man's legs. It was the first time she noticed how horny she was becoming.

"Would you like me to turn my head and cough," he asked as he stepped closer
to her.

Kari blushed deeply with embarrassment, She'd just realized she'd been
staring at the mans cock the whole time.

"No, No I'm sorry..." She stammered "I just need to measure you." She said as
she sat down. She had thought it was silly the team had brought a couch for
the tent, but now she was almost thankful as her knee's became weak. She grew
even more embarrassed when she realized that sitting put the man's cock right
at the level of her face. But it was to late to stand up and she didn't think
her knees would let her stand anyways.

Kari had made a habit of measuring from the base to the penis by cupping the
men's testicles, and giving them a few jerks to get them as hard as they
could be. She had a TV set up with a porno, but so far all the men had come
in hard.

Not only was the man completely soft, when Kari reached out for the man's
testicles she found his cock was so long and thick that it blocked her
access! She had to reach out with her other hand and lift his penis out of
the way.

"It's ten inches, if your wondering," the man said smiling down at her.

"I'm sure it is," Kari said looking up at him blushing, "But I have to see
that for myself," she said before pulling her hands back. "I have a adult
movie you can watch to get erect," She said looking away from his cock.

She quickly turned and slipped one of the movies into the TV. She was shocked
when a hardcore scene of a petite red head getting fucked by a very well hung
black came on the screen. She swore to herself that she's get the guys at the
shop for that.

She blushed as she turned back to look at the man. His cock had grown
slightly erect and was already about seven inches long. Slowly she reach out
and cupped his testicles again as his cock grew larger until it was pointing
right at her mouth.

Within moments it was fully hard, and even without measuring it she knew it
was larger then ten inches. Then suddenly a drop of pre-cum oozed from the
pee slit. Kari couldn't stop herself from licking her lips as more started
coming, pre-cum was flowing from the man's cock!!

Then without warning the man placed his large hand on top of Kari's head. At
first she didn't know what to do? She just sat there with his hand resting on
her head, until he started to pull her head closer to his cock.

Kari couldn't even think as the mans cock came closer to her lips, without
thinking she puckered her lips as the head of the mans cock made contacted
with her lips. Kari looked up at his face as she felt the mans cock pushing
past her parted lips.

Kari felt her pussy spasm as she felt his cock sliding in and rubbing up
against her cheek. Quickly she pulled her head back off his cock as she tried
to catch her breath. Looking up at the man Kari couldn't help but feel there
was something right and natural about what she was doing. Smiling wickedly
she lowered herself to her knees before sticking the tip of her tongue out
and touching the head of the mans cock. Slowly she began sliding her tongue
over the pee slit. She couldn't believe she was enjoying putting a mans cock
in her mouth.

Although she wasn't minding the taste of the mans cock, she still felt that
having him cum in her mouth would be disgusting. "Just promise me you'll take
your cock out before you orgasm" she said looking up at him. He looked down
at her with an arrogant smirk on his face, but nodded yes. Kari shivered, she
had some deep desire in her to please the man who's cock she now going to

Kari licked completely around the head of the man's cock. She slowly teased
the mans pee slit with her tongue. She almost Cooed when she felt him shake
with pleasure.

"Yeah, that's it bitch," he moaned, "Lick my cock slit." he said as he
finally removed his hand from her head. Kari almost felt sad that he did

"Now, Lick down the sides and kiss my balls," He ordered.

Kari eagerly obeyed, plopping the head out of her mouth as she licked down
the undersides towards his balls. She could hear him moaning as she took one
of his balls into her mouth before letting it slip out.

"Now bitch," he said firmly "I want you to take my cock in your mouth."

It was a simply order, but she obeyed. She took his cock in his mouth and
held it there.

"More Bitch!" he Ordered.

Kari loosened up her jaw and pushed a couple inches into her mouth, She ran
her tongue up and down as she sucked the giant black cock as it throb in her

"Just a couple more inches, bitch," he laughed.

His cock was now in her throat as she forced the last two inches in her
mouth. It was only then that Kari noticed that the mans cock was behaving

It was jumping in her mouth every now and then and she could swear it was
swelling up even bigger then before. As she looked up at him she could see
his eyes were half closed and swear was pouring off his brow.

She was about to ask if he was getting close when she felt his cock head
swell in her throat, then it jerked and she felt what seemed like a gallon
of his semen slide into her belly.

Disgusted Kari yanked the man's cock out of her mouth. Only to get a second
blast of semen right into her still open mouth! She couldn't help but swallow
most of it. The man quickly grabbed his cock and aimed a third blast at her
face, leaving a big strand of sperm from her forehead to her chin.

Grabbing her head and pulling it forward he shoved his cock back into her
mouth. Kari didn't even try to stop him as she felt more sperm fill her
mouth. She realized for the first time how hot it was.

Slowly Kari swallowed and was shocked to find she didn't mind the taste to
all, in fact she was licking the taste. She smiled as she contentedly keeled
there sucking the man's cock.

* * *

Across town Scottie was panting too, only now from pleasure. Her whole crotch
was almost numb with pain.

Looking down she could see a mass of rings and studs all over her crotch.
On each side of her outer labia their was now six silver rings. Her inter
labia now garnished two silver rings on each side. Her clitoral hood had
also be pierced. And the 'Max Daddy' of them all was coming...

The very rare Clitoris piercing...

It was the one that Scottie was worried about. Besides being very painful
it was also very dangerous to get it done. She bit her lip as the owner came
back into the room with a clamp and a needle.

She watched as he got back between her legs. Even though the whole ordeal had
been quite painful she was amazed at how horny she was! Although she couldn't
see it, her clitoris was engorged with blood and was really sticking out.
Luckily for her she always had a very large clitoris so the piercing could be
done easily. Most women didn't have a large enough clitoris to be pierced.

The owner once again opened her pussy back up and placed the clamp. Scottie
flinched a little, the clamp was very cold and hard. She felt it beginning to
constrict as the owner looked for the perfect point.

Slowly the clamp bit down hard on her organ. Pain pushed through her thighs.
Scottie had chosen to do this myth because one, she thought she'd like the
piercing, and two because she thought it was the easier and less humiliating
myth to do.

But this was Painful and dirty. It was humiliating being stretched open and
not even being able to close her legs. All while the camera crew filmed away.
Scottie flinched again as the clamp bit down hard on her organ.

Without warning the metal point was forced though Scottie's most private
space. The needle gouged out a 14-gauge hole into her the flesh of her
pleasure center. Severing the skin and stimulating deep nerve endings that
had never before felt anything.

Scottie convulsed as clear liquid began flowing from her cunt. Sweat ran in
rivulets from under her arms and from her hairline. An a orgasm rocked her
body. Not a normal one, but a very powerful one. The most powerful she's ever
experienced. Then another.

Scottie convulsed again, and a again as three orgasm ripped though her. Her
whole body felt as if it was on fire as she screamed with a combination of
intense pain and intense pleasure.

Her face paled as colors that had never before existed appeared in spots
before her eyes. The whole room spun once, then twice, then she blacked out.

* * *

Back across town Kari was having pleasure of her own. She was mounted on top
of, who she now knew as 'Jackson' as he sat on the couch with his cock half
buried inside of her. All around them laid the half a dozen broken condoms
that Kari had tried to fit over Jackson's massive cock before she broke down
and gave up trying. She was using birth control anyways, so it didn't really

"Do you like being fucked by my cock, bitch?" Jackson asked. He knew her name
was Kari, but he'd made it clear that when she was around him her name would
always be 'Bitch'. He was slowly with drawing his cock until the head slipped
out of her loose pussy and then slamming it back in up to his balls.

"G-God," She moaned, "I love it."

"You've got to be the hottest white bitch I've ever fucked" He laughed as she
humped him like a bitch in heat. "You know why you love it so much, bitch?"
He asked as he gave her ass a hard slap.

"It's cause your pussy was made for fucking black cocks," He said slamming
the rest of his cock back into her as he began fucking her harder and faster.

"Ohhhh... Yes, It's true," Kari moaned feeling another orgasm building up
within her.

"That's because you're a slut bitch," he informed her.

"Nooo," she moaned in a half pant, half whimper trying to deny it.

"Your a slut, bitch!" He said again.

"God, he's right!" Kari thought as another orgasm exploded from her womb. She
was a slut. She wanted to be a slut for Jackson. The feelings she got from
servicing him far outweighed anything she'd felt before.

"Yes, I'm your slut," She moaned. Jackson's balls slammed repeatedly into
her tights as she talked. His thrusts were so powerful that her thighs were
stinking a little. Kari had never imagined sex could be this good, She felt
almost sick thinking of all the years she'd wasted not being fucked like

The endless pounding of Jackson's big cock had given her many little orgasms
and now she felt another big one building. Jackson was also starting to grunt
and his rhythm was off. She could feel his cock swelling.

"Just don't cum in my pussy," Kari begged as she trembled around his cock.

Jackson knew she was close to cumming again. "Alright bitch, I'll take it
out," he said, teasing her with his cock as he slowly withdrew it.

"NOOooooo," She begged, "Please, not yet!! I'm So close!"

Jackson laughed, "You know a real black cock whore would want her pussy
filled with my black seed!," He said shoving all ten inches of his cock
into her.

She wanted to say no, Even though she screamed "Yes" But it was to late
either way. Jackson quit pumping and she felt his cock jerk. His semen hit
places so deep in her pussy, that she didn't even know she had.

"He's right," Kari thought as his orgasm triggered her own. Kari's pussy
now belonged to Jackson, "Yes, Cum in my pussy," she screamed as her orgasm
racked her body, "Fill up my white bitch cunt with your black seed!!"

Then the throes of the biggest orgasm yet overwhelmed her and she screamed in
pleasure. Kari collapsed forward feeling Jackson's incredible cock plop out
of her pussy.

As Kari caught her breath she rolled over onto her back and laid sprawled out
on the couch. She watched lovingly as Jackson dressed and wrote something
down on a piece of paper before handing it to her.

"This is my address bitch. Be there by eight tonight an be ready to entertain
some of my friends." He said as he started to walk out of the tent. "Oh, and
wear something sluttly you whore."

It was about that time that Scottie was regaining her senses back at the
parlor. The first think she noticed was that her legs had been untied, and
she quickly slapped them close. But within seconds she threw them open again
and screamed.

The store owner came in and laughed telling her that she'd learn how to walk
differently for the next few weeks. Poor Scottie couldn't believe how soar
she was as the owner helped her to her feet and placed his hand right on her
burning pussy.

"I need to check and make sure the rings dangle properly," He said as her
rubbed her pussy. She could feel him loving the rings slightly around. She
was shocked to feel that though all the soreness she could feel intense
waves of pleasure starting. She was almost about to cum when he stopped and
moved his hand away.

The crew thanked the owner as Scottie wobbled to the van. She could feel
every step vibrating from her feet right to her soar pussy as she walked. She
could also hear the rings clinking together and pulling and weighing down her

Even as she walked the rings continually rubbed her ringed clit, she couldn't
even move her legs without the sensation. Even standing in one place was
making her aroused. Needless to say it was a very long trip home.

It was a few days before either of the girls were up too doing the closing
statements. Scottie was the first to go because Kari was late to the studio
they morning.

She sat on top a pillow with her legs spread. "So the myth that Piercings
make sex better is 'Busted' I haven't had sex yet and I can't for another
mouth because the piercings need time to heal, but even after that do I can
Promise you that no cock is going Any where NEAR my poor pussy Ever Again!!"
She said almost angrily.

It was about that time Kari walked in and sat down next to Scottie. As soon
as her back touched the chair she jumped up though. Thats when Scottie
started to laugh.

"So the myth that 'Once you go black, you never go back' Seams to be
'Confirmed' She said as she stood up and turned Kari's back to the camera
and started to lift the back of her shirt. Kari did nothing to stop her of

Right on the small of Kari's back in bold letters read the words "Black Cocks
Only" in a fresh tattoo. Kari blushed as she turned around and slowly sat,
careful not to touch her back again.

"So are Black cocks bigger then white cocks?" Adam asked Kari, who could only
blush and nodded. Great so thats Two myth's confirmed. What about the 'you
get pregnant if you miss a few days of birth control?' he asked Kari who
looked at him wide eyed.

"We having even gotten to that one yet?" She stammered.

Adam started laughing "Sure you did, I replaced a few of your pills with
aspirin a few days ago"he said as Both he and Scottie stared at Kari who's
hands flew to her stomach as she let at a defying scream.


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