Mutant X: Hot Sex (MFF, MF, anal, drugs)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Adam Kane was in his lab at Sanctuary. He was a tall, dark-haired man in his
late forties. He was a genius. He was a former employee of Genomex, a human
genome research project. The Project created mutants, human beings born with
special powers. The GSA went after the mutants and Adam Kane tried to help
them. He created Sanctuary, a refuge for all mutants who wanted freedom. He
kept Sanctuary with the help of four young mutants. Four of the most
powerful. They were collectively known as Mutant X.

Currently, Adam Kane was working in the lab. He was trying to improve the
truth serum. It was groundbreaking research. He just wanted to improve it.
Create a product that compelled people to show their true selves. No more
lies or deceit. All inhibitions would be unleashed. Adam couldn't wait to
test it. All of a sudden, two people came into the lab without knocking.
Adam was startled and let the vial containing the unfinished product slip
from his grasp. The liquid became a gas and spread throughout the building.
It affected everyone who came into the surrounding area. Adam was affected
and so were his pupils, the women of Mutant X.

Adam Kane looked at Shalimar Fox and Emma DeLauro. The two of them were very
beautiful women. He admired Shalimar's athletic body. She had full breasts
and a nice, slim figure. Her butt was nice and firm. With her blond hair and
wild eyes, she was simply irresistible. The other woman was no slouch either.
Emma was almost as tall as Shalimar, with short black hair and alabaster
skin. Her eyes were dark and mysterious. Her body was a bit less gorgeous
than Shalimar's but still pretty. She had a nice, lean form and well-shaped
breasts and buttocks. There was something wild, almost feral about Shalimar
and something mischievous about Emma.

Both of them looked at him.

"Do you like what you see?" Shalimar asked.

The look on Adam Kane's face answered her. She walked up to him. Adam had
always been so in control of himself, no matter what the situation. Shalimar
wanted to test the power of her sexuality against his pragmatic and logical
mindset. She could hear his heart beating faster and smelled a change in his
smell. He was full of lust. She smiled to herself. She boldly faced him.

"Do you want me?" she asked.

"Yes." Adam said.

"Cool." she answered.

She started to undress him and nibbled on his ear. Emma was not inactive.
She was unzipping Adam's pants. She could feel his hard cock inside his
underwear. She took it out. Adam almost fainted when he felt Shalimar's
cool hands on his member. She looked at his cock. It was long and thick.
Just the way she liked them. She just had to taste it. She took Adam
Kane's cock in her mouth and started to suck on it. He moaned as she
sucked his cock. He was kissing Shalimar and fondling her breasts. The
two women joined forces to bring him down. Shalimar knelt so that Adam
Kane's face was between her legs. Adam looked at the beautiful woman as
she went down on him. She was so damn hot. He could smell the hot smell
of her sex. A woman in heat. He started to lick her pussy. He slid his
tongue inside and wormed his way inside her. Shalimar groaned in pleasure
when she felt Adam Kane's tongue inside her. She squatted over his face
and he lapped at her pussy.

Meanwhile, Emma sucked Adam's cock. She licked the shaft and sucked the
head of his cock before licking his balls. He grunted as she sucked his
cock. She was determined to find out what he tasted like. She started to
suck on his cock like she was a milking machine. She sucked him. She took
as much of his cock as she could inside her mouth. She sucked him until
he gave in and came inside her mouth. She drank his hot cum, not spilling
a single drop.

Shalimar put the strap-on around her waist and fastened the leather on. She
took the dildo and slowly guided it inside Emma. Emma lay there, flat on her
back, legs spread. She started to fuck Emma with the strap on. She went in
and out, slowly. Adam came and positioned himself behind Shalimar. His hands
caressed her smooth buttocks and he smacked her ass. She turned around,
glaring at him defiantly as she fucked Emma, thrusting in and out of the
other woman with a vengeance. Emma moaned as Shalimar fucked her. She was
caressing her tits.

Adam parted Shalimar's buttocks and he slid one finger inside her anus.
She growled like a beast when his digit explored her asshole. He spat and
rubbed it against his cock before rubbing his cock against her asshole. He
positioned himself, and pushed. His cock met resistance when it pressed
against her asshole, which she instinctively clenched against his intruding
cock but he put his weight behind it and it went into her with an audible
pop. Shalimar froze when Adam's cock went inside her. He held her firmly
and tried to get as much of his cock as he could inside her. Her ass was so
damn tight. He started to thrust into her, wanting to go as deep as he could.

She was grunting and her gestures made it seem like she was trying to flee
but she grabbed ahold of Emma and started fucking the black-haired woman
with renewed energy, slamming the strap-on to the hilt inside her. Emma
screamed as Shalimar's plastic cock fucked her pussy. Shalimar kept fucking
Emma and tried not to scream even though she felt like she was being split
in half by Adam Kane's cock. She clenched, hoping she could limit the amount
of cock that was fucking her ass.

This only seemed to infuriate Adam as he held her waist so tightly that she
felt he was gonna leave a mark. He thrust into her, shoving his cock deep
inside her. She could tell that he was no longer the smart, gentle Adam that
she knew but a son of a bitch intent of ravaging her ass. Her ass felt like
pain itself but the pain was slowly being replaced by a curious feeling of
fullness and fulfillment. She fucked Emma and Adam fucked her. She felt him
go stiff inside her and he came, his cock spat hot cum deep inside her ass.
Shalimar screamed and thrust deeply into Emma. Purely by accident, the dildo
hit her spot and unleashed a mind-blowing orgasm in her. Both women screamed
their pleasure and pain at the top of their lungs.

A little while later, all three of them lay on the floor, spent.

"That was fun." said Shalimar.

"We should do this again sometime." said Emma.

"Yeah, that would be fun." said Adam.

In the blink of an eye he put his clothes back on and asked them to do the

"Why?" asked Shalimar.

"Because the boys are coming." said Adam.


When Jesse Kilmartin and Brennan Mulwray came back into the Sanctuary, it
was business as usual.

"Anything happen while we were gone?" asked Jesse.

"Something cool?" said Brennan.

"Nah." said Shalimar. She walked away from the control room and flashed Adam
a knowing look.

Emma favored Adam with a bright smile. "See you later."

Adam was left in the room with the guys.

"What was that all about?" asked Jesse.

"Who knows?" said Brennan. "Women."

Adam smiled at that and said nothing. He went back to the control board. He
was running some simulations and they were gonna take up most of his time
here at the Sanctuary.

A little while later.....

Adam Kane left the Sanctuary. Shalimar and Emma left as well. They were gonna
hang out in town. Jesse Kilmartin and Brennan were all alone.

"We have the place to ourselves." said Brennan. "What do you want to do?"

Jesse stood at the control board. He was looking through the window. Brennan
looked at him. Jesse looked so damn gorgeous today. He had that innocent,
cute boy thing going on that drove Brennan wild. He was just standing there,
wearing his black silk shirt and leather pants. He looked irresistible.
Simply gorgeous. Brennan could feel his cock grow hard just looking at Jesse.
Jesse dropped a pen and bent over to pick it up. 'Teaser,' Brennan thought.

He watched as Jesse went back to the control board. He was so busy. Brennan
loved Jesse and hated him at the same time. Brennan Mulwray was a macho man.
He was handsome, he was a ladies man and he took orders from no one. He was
not gay, mind you. He wasn't even bi-sexual. He loved women. It's just that
sometimes he had sex with men. Just for a change. He wasn't gay, okay? Just
experimenting a bit. He dealt with men. He loved women. He was mostly
"straight." Still, whenever he looked at Jesse, he just wanted to grab the
boy and fuck him.

Jesse walked to the fridge. He was getting a drink. The fridge had stopped
working and there was a puddle of water on the floor. Jesse was too dumb to
see it and too clumsy not to trip. He fell. Brennan felt his heart leap in
his chest as Jesse fell on the floor.

"Jesse!" he said.

Brennan rushed to Jesse's side. Jesse Kilmartin was lying on his back, more
embarassed than hurt. Brennan gave him a hand up.

"Watch out, buddy." Brennan said.

"Yeah, sure." said Jesse.

With that, he tackled Brennan and Brennan found himself lying on the floor.

"How's it looking from here?" Jesse asked.

Brennan had been caught by surprise. He seriously wanted to kick the mofo's
ass. He yanked on Jesse's foot and Jesse found himself on the floor, on top
of Brennan. Brennan gasped when he felt Jesse Kilmartin's hot body lying on
top of him. Brennan was surprised, first by Jesse falling on top of him and
second by how his body reacted to Jesse's. Brennan's heart beat faster and
he could feel his cock growing hard. Jesse lay on top of him.

"Dude, that was cheating." he said.

Brennan just stared at him. He wasn't thinking about games. 'God, Jesse's bod
felt good. Maybe he could...nah. No way!'

He pushed Jesse off him.

Jesse stepped back. Brennan looked at him.

"Don't do again." he warned. With that, he stormed off.

Brennan Mulwray took the motorcycle and went racing into the city. He had to
get some air. He didn't feel like being around Jesse. The mofo was too damn
cute. Still, Brennan did not want to get into bed with a guy again. He liked
women. He had been with dozens of women in his time and he found that he
enjoyed the thrill of the chase. There was nothing on earth like a pretty
woman...except maybe hot hunky guys like Jesse Kilmartin who aroused him as
much as hot women did, maybe more. He didn't want to think about that. He
wanted to go somewhere and feel like a man again. He didn't want to feel like
a faggot. He didn't want to feel those tender feelings he had for Jesse. He
went to a bar.

Brennan Mulwray went inside the Darkman. It was a singles bar in the city.
He hadn't been in the place for a long time. He went to the bar and ordered
a drink. He checked out the scene. Not a single interesting-looking person in
the bunch. The bar was full of ordinary-looking men and women. Brennan was
bored. He just wanted to get away from Mutant X and Jesse Kilmartin for a few
hours. Just long enough to clear his head, that was all. He couldn't help
brooding over what all that shit could mean.

"Hi, there, handsome." came a voice.

Brennan looked at the woman who sat one stool away from him. She was shorter
than him, maybe five foot five, with short black hair and pale blue eyes. She
was in her early thirties. 'Another dumb broad coming to the bars, geez.'

"What's your name?" she asked.

"I'm Brennan." he told her.

She smiled and extended her small hand. "I'm Nikki." she said.

He shook her hand and looked her up and down. She smiled at him.


Brennan Mulwray sat on a couch in Nikki's apartment. He sat there and she
came back with drinks. She had come back wearing an old shirt and shorts.
Her body was a bit tomboyish but still sexy.

"I don't usually bring guys back to my place." she said.

Brennan looked at her and smiled. He knew he was irresistible. He was used
to women and even men going crazy over him. He was the hyper masculine, macho
man with the mutant special powers. He had enough raw power to light up the
sky or power up a small city. He was a mutant with Elemental powers. Right
now, he was just a horny guy. Well, not really horny. He wasn't even
attracted to the woman he was with. They sat together on the couch. She sat
real close to him. He reached out and put his arm around her. He touched her
short hair and played with her neck and cheeks. She closed her eyes against
his touch. Emboldened, Brennan kissed her neck and fondled her breasts. Her
breath was coming in short bursts. He could tell that the mere presence of
him really aroused her and he liked the effect that he had on her.

A couple minutes later, she had taken her clothes off and Brennan's mouth was
between her legs, lapping at her pussy. She was gripping his head and moaning
as he worked his tongue inside her. He continued what he was doing, paying
close attention as to how her body reacted to his touch. He fingered her ass
and licked her clit at the same time. He rose his head and sucked her tit
into his mouth while he fingered her pussy. She gasped as his sleek fingers
toyed with her insides. Soon, she screamed her pleasure at the top of her
lungs. Brennan took a step back and looked at her, a woman orgasming. What
a sight.

When the sensations subsided, she looked at him with half-opened eyes.

"How was it?" he asked.

"Amazing." she said breathlessly.

She studied him and licked her lips. "Let me return the favor."

Brennan looked at her. "Ok." he said.

She knelt before him and unzipped his pants. She took his cock and held it
in her hand. His cock was nice and thick, not just thick but long, too. A
good ten inches. She licked the head of his cock and teased the cockslit. He
held her by the neck and shoved his cock into her mouth. She started to suck
it, slowly. She took as much of his cock as she could in her mouth. She
wasn't a bad cocksucker. She licked the shaft and licked his balls. He felt
one of her fingers up his ass and told her he didn't like that so she quit
the finger thing. She resumed sucking his cock. He rammed his cock down her
throat, fucking her mouth. He could feel her mouth drawing out his seed and
soon came inside her mouth. She was a bit surprised by the volley of cum that
hit the back of her throat but drank all of his cum without spilling a drop.
When she had licked him dry, she looked at him.

Brennan looked at her. What the fuck was she looking at him for? She seemed
to be waiting for something. He gestured with his hand and she smiled and
turned around. Apparently, she knew the drill. Brennan came up behind her and
grasped her nice ass in his hands. She had a hot-looking ass. Nice and round
and pleasantly plump, too.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass." he said.

"What?" she asked.

He repeated himself.

"Hold on." she said.

She reached between her legs and he saw that her hand was full of her
girl-cum. She had cum just from sucking his cock. He took her cum and smeared
it all over her asshole. He then rubbed his cock against her ass and slowly
penetrated her. Her ass was tight but he could tell that it was no stranger
to penetration. He started to fuck her ass at a slow and easy rhythm, going
in and out. She groaned and pushed back, wanting to get more of his cock into
her ass. He fucked her, hard. He started to really give it to her, slamming
his cock deep into her ass. Her screams and protests seemed to only encourage
him as he devastated her ass with his seemingly giant prick. He fucked her
until he felt a familiar rush in his loins, and came. His cock spat hot cum
deep in her ass and she screamed, lost balance and fell back onto him. They
fell on the floor. She winced as he pulled his cock out of her ass.

"How was that?" he asked her.

She gave him a nasty look and he grinned. "A real pain in the ass." she said.

An hour later, Brennan had put his clothes back on and returned to the bar.
He didn't feel like returning to the Sanctuary anytime soon and it was only
ten past midnight. Brennan just ordered drinks. He had sated his lust for the
night and didn't feel like doing anyone else. He just drank himself into a
stupor. One of the local tough guys caught Brennan looking at his chick.

"What are you looking at, pal?" the dude asked.

"Your chick looks like a dyke, dude." said Brennan as he looked the chick up
and down.

She was short, tattooed and had shaved her head. The guy got angry and
grabbed a beer bottle. He threw it at Brennan. Brennan reacted by pure reflex
and electricity shot out of his hand and zapped both bottle and man. The man
screamed horribly. The bottle exploded into shards and those shards wounded
him and his chick. Brennan smiled nastily at the couple as they screamed in
pain. Across the bar, people looked at him with fear in their eyes.

Brennan was about to zap them all with enough electricity to power up a city
the size of Los Angeles when...several people came in. A tall, pale-skinned
brunette woman and a tall, really good-looking young man. Emma DeLauro and
Jesse Kilmartin.

"Don't do this, Brennan." said Emma.

Brennan looked at the Telepathic girl. "Fuck you." he said.

He prepared to zap her, along with the rest of them. Jesse Kilmartin bravely
put himself between the bar people, Emma and the angry Brennan.

"Don't do this, man." Jesse said. "If you want to hurt them, you're gonna
have to hurt me first."

Brennan readied his power. He didn't like protecting the humans. They feared
and hated all mutants. He didn't want to spend his time protecting. Still, he
couldn't bring himself to zap Jesse. Jesse, the dude who looked so damn cute
and had those innocent, gorgeous eyes and that nice, fantastic-looking body.
Nope, Brennan wouldn't hurt Jesse. He stood down.

Jesse breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled at Brennan. Brennan looked at
Jesse's smile, and smiled back at the pretty boy...he wanted to talk to Jesse
but around him the world started spinning and went dark. Brennan fell.

Shalimar Fox had come up behind Brennan in time to catch him. She caught him
and carried him easily in her arms, proof of her superhuman strength.

"Is he okay?" asked Emma.

"Yeah." said Shalimar.

Brennan had passed out.

They took him back to Sanctuary. Emma DeLauro used her telepathic powers to
wipe out the minds of the people in the bar. No one would remember Brennan
displaying his mutant powers in public. The secret of Mutant X would remain

* * *

When Brennan Mulwray came to, he was lying in bed. He didn't know where he
was. He recalled the events of the previous night. His attraction to Jesse
had grown too hard to deal with. He had gone bar-hopping and found himself
a slutty bitch for the night. He made a scene at a bar and Mutant X came to
his rescue. His friends sat around his bed. He looked at the smiling faces
of Adam Kane, Shalimar Fox, Emma DeLauro and Jesse Kilmartin.

"What happened to me?" Brennan asked.

Adam was more than happy to explain. "All of you were exposed to my bio-truth
serum. Only it worked too well. Instead of making you tell the truth, it
released all of your inhibitions." Adam paused. "It made all of us do crazy

Brennan accepted Adam's explanation and was reassured that the effects wore
off after twenty four hours. His friends and fellow Mutant X members walked
out of the room. Only Jesse remained. He was about to leave when Brennan
asked him something.

"Dude, did I say anything out of character yesterday, something weird?"
Brennan asked.

"Nah. You were pretty aggressive, though." said Jesse.

"Uh, ok." said Brennan.

"Take care, amigo." said Jesse. He walked out of the room.

Brennan watched him go. Ok, Jesse Kilmartin didn't know about his secret
life. Good.

He didn't know why he kept having those feelings for Jesse Kilmartin. He
loved women and enjoyed sex with them. So, he wasn't gay or anything. Still,
those feelings remained. He decided to rest. He fell asleep not long after.
Last night's events had taken their toll on him.

* * *

Jesse Kilmartin stood outside Brennan's room. He was looking into the room
and saw Brennan fast asleep. Brennan looked so gorgeous. Simply beautiful.
Jesse had always been attracted to women. Heck, he had a secret tryst with
Shalimar Fox once. He also had a thing with a rogue female mutant named Lexa
Pearce. Still, whenever he saw Brennan his heart beat and stuff. Jesse had
acknowledged to himself that he was bi-sexual. He had confessed it to
Shalimar and Emma as well as Adam. They were cool with it. He didn't know how
macho man Brennan Mulwray would react to having a bi-sexual man as one of his
teammates. He was still standing there, looking at Brennan when he felt a
pair of hands on his back. He turned around.

It was Shalimar.

Shalimar looked at Jesse. He was so damn gorgeous. She once had a thing with
him. Their thing didn't work out but they remained friends. He had recently
told her about his bisexuality, even though he had never had sex with a man.
Shalimar still had hopes of "converting" Jesse.

"Hello, lover." she said. She came up behind Jesse and kissed him on the

"Hi, Shal." he said. He turned around and looked at her. His beautiful face
was sad and immediately her heart melted. She could never resist Jesse
Kilmartin, no matter how hard she tried.

"What's up?" she asked.

"I just can't believe how close we came to disaster today." he told her.

She could tell he was feeling down. "Let's go to bed." she said. She smiled
at him. "I know how to cheer you up."

Jesse Kilmartin looked at her and briefly thought about it. He was a
bi-curious man who had only been with women. The guy he wanted was most
likely one of those macho homophobes. Why not be with the beautiful woman
who desired him? He took Shalimar's hand in hers.

"Let's go." he said.

Jesse and Shalimar hurriedly went to Shalimar's room. She started undressing
him the moment he came in. She practically ripped his clothes off. He stood
naked before her and she admired his lean, muscular physique. He was so
gorgeous. He smiled shyly at her. That vulnerable smile of his could make her
do anything. She came to him and kissed him. She just had to have him. She
kissed his face, his chest and all over his body. He lay on the bed while she
pleasured him. She knew just what to do. She took his cock in her hand and
pumped it up. She started to lick it tenderly at first then she was greedily
sucking his cock into her mouth. She teased his cock and made him feel
amazing pleasures. It wasn't long before he came and she drank his seed. She
drank Jesse Kilmartin's precious cum. The seed of Jesse. His essence. His
manly juice. She sucked him dry then straddled him.

She climbed on top of him, wanting to feel him inside her. Jesse looked at
the wild, beautiful woman who was on top of him. The sight of her aroused
him greatly. He felt his cock enter her flesh as she went down and impaled
herself upon his cock. She began to bounce up and down on his cock. He
fucked her like this for awhile, then they changed positions and he took
her doggy-style. They went at it for a long time, until their reserves of
stamina were exhausted.

Shalimar lay in bed with Jesse, her head resting on his chest. "How was it?"
she asked.

"Awesome." he said. He kissed her on the forehead.

She smiled at him. Such a handsome and wonderful young man. He was not gonna
slip through her fingers. "Wanna go again?" she asked a few minutes later.

Jesse laughed. "Are you trying to kill me?"

She looked at him and smiled. "I could think of worse ways to go."

Jesse tried to look thoughtful as she pulled him closer. "Me too." He didn't
think about Brennan for the rest of the day.

The End


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