Mutant X: Dreamscape (FF)
by trmin8r

Shalomar Fox was in the dreamscape that some mutant working for GSA put her
in. She never saw it coming. Henry was a perfect decoy, short, unassuming,
completely non-threatening he had snuck up on her and psionically entered
her mind and brought her here. She was in the center of a dark room, the only
light on her; strapped to a Genomex chair (no, what her mind said was a
Genomex chair,) she knew Henry was in charge here, invading her mind, playing
on her worst fears. She had to fight it, and trust that Adam and the rest of
Mutant X would get her out safely. She laughed darkly to herself, "You'd
think I'd make myself a little more comfortable, especially in my own mind."
The metal manacles were chafing her, and the metal bar across her chest
crushed her ample breasts in some sort of delicious torture. She was in pain
from the restraint but, it pushed her leather vest against her nipples
rubbing them to arousal, bringing them to stiff peaks underneath the steel
and leather restraints. If she ever got out of this, she'd show Brennan - the
electrical mutant on the team a good time.

Henry didn't like working for the Genetic Security Agency, but he hated
Mutant X even more, ever since Mason Eckhart, the Genomex and GSA director,
told him that the mutant freedom fighters were responsible for his wife's
death. Eckhart and Henry planned for months on this sting operation - keeping
his powers hidden, burying his identity, spreading information through the
new mutant underground and Mutant X fell for it, hook line and sinker; it was
serendipitous that his first "catch" was Shalomar Fox, the team's feral and
resident sexpot. Henry's dick was stirring; he'd have fun with her-all part
of the job of course.

*** The Real World ***

Adam and Emma Delauro were struggling to get Shalomar out of the
dreamscape; she was lying on one of the med lab's diagnostic beds. Her vital
signs were holding, slightly raised heartbeat, dilated pupils, increased
neurotransmitter activity; all signs of panic but it appeared that the
feralyce was keeping calm. "Adam, shouldn't we go after Henry?"

Brennan Mulwray had entered, he was the other team member that went to
'rescue' Henry and was feeling guilty that he wasn't there to protect
Shalomar. Adam looked up, face set in determination, "No, we don't know
what will happen if we go after Henry in the real world, he may be like
Shalomar here and I don't want to risk trapping them onto that dream
plane forever...We'll have to think of something else."

* * *

Shalomar was having a hard time trying to convince herself that this world
didn't exist, "It's just a dream, just a dream." She heard footsteps
approaching, she knew that scent, it couldn't be.

"Well, Miss Fox welcome to my lair," the feared leader of the GSA stepped
forward into the light.

"It's not him, it's Henry, it'snothimit's Henryit'snothimit's
Henryit'snothimit'sHenryit'snothimit'sHenry," the bombshell mutant kept
saying to herself.

"Oh you can keep telling yourself, this isn't real, I am just a figment of
your imagination, but it will not stop you from your own worst fears."
Eckhart/Henry brushed her hair with his hands, "Ferals naturally like to
run free, don't they Miss Fox? They like to be in charge, DON'T THEY, MISS
FOX?" Eckhart/Henry screamed. He roughly pulled the blonde mutant's head
back. Shalomar frantically tried to see what was going on. She felt
Eckhart/Henry's gloved hand running gently down her neck. "Mmm, yes you're
a fine specimen of beauty, a true testament to the benefits of genetic
engineering." Henry couldn't resist; it's been so long since he'd been with
anyone. He leaned over and planted kisses on her neck.

* * *

Emma was feeling anxious, she was a psionic, a mutant with mental powers: a
telepath. Adam told her not to probe Shalomar, lest she be sucked into the
dreamscape too, but she felt guilty knowing that she may be able to help her
teammate; she glanced around, put her fingers on Shalomar's face and went in.

* * *

Shalomar was squirming, Eckhart/Henry was hitting all the right spots -
having insight into a woman's mind did have it's benefits. He was hitting all
the right spots-he knew about her sensitive neck, that little spot behind her
ear, and as he rubbed that back of her knees, she let out a purring/growling
sound. What's this? He felt someone intruding into his dreamworld; well he'd
let whoever-ah, that other female on the team to watch for a bit.

Emma couldn't believe what she was seeing, Eckhart-that must be the psionic
running his hands over Shalomar's body-and Shalomar was not only letting him,
but was it seemed like she was enjoying it! Shalomar was writhing in the
chair, but it didn't seem like she was in pain-quite the opposite in fact!
She was moaning loudly and opening herself more so Eckhart could have more
access to her. Emma was disgusted, she could not believe that Shalomar was
letting herself be stirred up like this, by someone that looked like their
sworn enemy no less!

Henry wanted to do more, he closed his eyes and the scene changed, Shalomar
wasn't in a chair anymore, she was tethered to a metal gurney. Her arms and
legs were the only things shackled to the bed, Henry wanted more and so he
simply visualized it - it was his dreamscape after all, and so it came into
being. The voluptuous mutant was conveniently naked as well, oh she was a
natural blond Henry mused, as he saw hear neatly trimmed pubic hair, it
seemed a little like animal fur, probably another side effect of her feral
side. "Nice to see you keep in shape Ms. Fox, he took in her body with his
eyes. Her breasts seemed a little too big on her trim body (not that he was
complaining,) her hard, defined abs - he loved women who were defined, but
still retained that soft, feminine quality and Ms. Fox was a prime example
of this. He leaned over and took in her already aroused peak into his mouth.

Shalomar was already lost; her animal nature had already taken over, reacting
to Eckhart/Henry's attention. She was-is a tigress in heat. She was ready to
accept her lover's cock, she was nearing the summit already...Henry enjoyed
the feel of her nipples as he rolled them in his mouth, he loved the feel of
her breasts; they were perfect, not overly large, with the right amount of
heft to them. The kind of heft that made men want to palm them for hours.
Henry played with her right breast, palming them, twirling the nipple around
with his thumb, "mmm, Ms. Fox you are delightful to behold." He moved up to
kiss her lips, a little on the thin side, but no complaints, she lifted her
head up to meet him, this woman was wild she took his lower lip between hers
and bit down slightly, she was frantic and he knew it. "Are you watching
miss?" He thought to himself to the visitor in his domain.

Emma's shock slowly and reluctantly grew to arousal. She knew Shalomar could
be wild, but never saw it so up close and personal, it turned her on, the
prosaic and staid empath always wanted to let loose but could never really
let go. She placed her right hand and grabbed the front of her panties
tightly to her groin; she let out a soft moan, hoping that the psionic
wouldn't notice her slowly getting herself off.

Henry broke the kiss, slowly walking his fingers down her face, strolling
down her neck, lapped around her right breast, and continued it's hike down
to her navel, stopping, stopping, stopping.

Shalomar was getting exasperated from Henry's fingers; she wanted them near
her lips, her clit, anywhere down there. She growled struggling to free
herself so she could take him like she wanted, but these damn straps kept
her from moving! She let out a guttural moan, partly in frustration, partly
in excitement. She needed release; she needed him in her!

Emma, was panting lightly, her left hand was cupping her breast, her thumb
and forefinger pinching her little bud of a nipple. Driving her underwear
further up into her as she sparks before her eyes.

Henry pulled his hand back, and stared into Shalomar's eyes, "Frustrating
isn't it Miss Fox? Why don't you beg me?"

Shalomar howled loudly bucking her hips outward trying desperately to tear
herself away from the gurney. She collapsed back down into her bed, tired,
but still unsatisfied. "Take me," she said through gritted teeth. "Take me

Henry smiled, he knew he had her right where he wanted her. He put one and
then two fingers inside her. "Tell me the location of Sanctuary." Shalomar
was grinding her hips, trying to get Eckhart/Henry's fingers to do more than
just sit there. "Tell me the location of sanctuary," he stated again.

Emma, came to her senses Shalomar might actually give the location to
Sanctuary in her state. She needed to do something; she tapped directly into
Shalomar's mind.

--- Inside Shalomar's Mind ---

Emma seemed to be inside some sort of massive zoo habitat. Shalomar was in a
corner pacing frantically. "Shalomar?"

The feral looked up at her, she heard a growl and before she knew it Shalomar
had her on her back. "Emma, help me please!" The blonde practically growled
out. "I don't want to let Eckhart know where Sanctuary is, but I may not be
able to help myself."

The wispy brunette was frightened, "W-w-w what can I do to help?"

Shalomar barely get off of Emma when she ripped off her pants, "I need you!!"
Shalomar straddled Emma's face grinding her crotch into the cute brunette's
face. Emma, already turned on from what she saw, was already hot. She kissed
Shalomar's nether lips as she slowly licked Shalomar's sex, unsure of what to
do, but at the same time growing hot from her actions.

Shalomar didn't really care about Emma's technique she grabbed Emma's brown
tresses and pulled her into her lips, grinding the telepath's face up and
down her lips, not even enjoying the sensations just wanting to get off -
not out of pleasure, she knew that if she did not cum, she would give
Eckhart/Henry everything. Shalomar let out a growl and let Emma's head fall
from her lap with a soft thud. Shalomar moved down Emma's body. The blonde
animal gently kissed Emma, "thanks Emma, I'll return the favor to you
sometime, if you want, but for now, you better leave, I think Henry knows
what's going on."

- - -

Emma saw Shalomar had calmed considerably. She felt the heat from her face
and breasts, she was flushed with embarrassment or so she convinced herself.

* * *

"Emma, Emma?" Adam shook her lightly.

The telepath snapped back into reality, "Huh? Oh, Adam, yeah sorry."

"That was a very dangerous thing you did, you could have been caught in the
same plane that Shalomar's stuck in," his expression softened slightly,
"still, that was a noble thing you did for Shal, is she all right?"

Emma felt the heat rise to her face again, "Oh, yeah she's all right now, I
did what I could."

He gave her a look; "does Adam know what happened in there?"

The willowy telepath needed to evade Adam's gaze; "I'm a little tired out
from being in the dreamscape. Call if you need me."

Emma was still worked up from watching Shalomar; she needed to finish what
she started in the dreamscape. She quickly went to her quarters, undid the
strings to her leather pants, and stuck to fingers into her hole. She was
already panting. The way Shalomar handled her turned her on; it released
the wild side in her. She put in a third finger inside and used her thumb
to flick her clit, she pumped her hips into her hand, laying back on her
bed and moaning, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh GAAAAAWWWWD!!!" She shuddered in
pleasure and shock, she had never come like that before, just thinking
about what happened in the dreamscape got her hot again, but she had a job
to do, she cleaned herself off, redressed and went back to the med lab.

Jesse and Brennan had come back from searching for Henry, the good news was
they found him, the bad news was that Henry had struck Jesse like like he
did Shalomar, he was already showing signs of stress. Adam was doing what he
could, doubling his efforts now that half his team was going under, nothing
he did seemed to be working, the dreamscape wasn't a virus or infection, it
was a mutant ability and without Henry there didn't seem to be any way to
counter it.

* * *

Jesse woke up, but found that he couldn't move, he screamed for help trying
to get someone's attention, when he realized where he was. He was in one of
the GSA's stasis tubes for "dangerous mutants." "Henry? Henry? I know you're
out there, what Brennan and I were trying to tell you was that we didn't kill
your wife, we don't know who she is!!"

"Mr. Kilmartin," Jesse shook in fear, he knew that voice; Mason Eckhart
stepped into view, "I'm here to do a job, as well as exacting vengeance, I'd
like to know where Sanctuary is, computer codes, anything of the sort." The
mutant was defiant; I'm not going to tell you anything Henry!" Eckhart shook
his head in disapproval, that's a shame Mr. Kilmartin, that means you'll be
in stasis tube 5 for an indefinite amount of time," he turned on his heel and

* * *

"Adam, Adam!" Brennan screamed, he was not going to lose another teammate,
"Jesse's going under too!"

Adam rushed over, "They're both under, we're going to have to reason with

Brennan rushed out of Sanctuary. He was going to find Henry and then make him
pay for what he did to his friends. Brennan ran to the train station, he knew
that Henry lived around here from what he and Jesse found in one of the
abandoned trains. He was going to kick that mutant's ass and then drag in
whatever he had left to get his friends out of dreamscape. Brennan didn't see
it coming.

Emma was going over what the boys had brought back from Henry's lair, she got
a 'hit' from one of Henry's wife's things, funny, that would mean that she's
alive. "Adam, there's something strange going on."

* * *

Brennan didn't know where he was, didn't look like Sanctuary, it didn't look
like Genomex. He heard footsteps coming from one of the darkened hallways.
Mason Eckhart stepped through, "ah, yes Mr. Mulwray, I know what your fear
is, but before I start, I'd like to get through the perfunctory questions.
Where is the location of Sanctuary, what are the computer codes to the new
mutant underground?"

Brennan laughed; "Perfunctory is right, you're not going to get anything from

"Ah, what a shame, you see I know your fear and it's ironic. You're afraid
of your own powers." Eckhart raised his hands and shot out a bolt of
electricity. Brennan screamed and hoped that Adam had something up his
sleeve, there was only so much he could take.

* * *

Adam searched through the GSA database, Henry's wife wasn't dead she was in
stasis for going "rogue," which usually meant that she showed mercy to
whatever mutants she caught. "Emma, I need you to go in again, tell Henry
the truth, we had nothing to do with his wife's 'death." Emma leapt to her
feet; Adam had just given her the keys to the candy store. She caressed
Shalomar's face and went in.

* * *

Shalomar was still lying on the gurney; Henry didn't seem to be here. Emma
went to Shalomar, "Shal, Shal."

"You're not going to get anything from me, you bastard!" the feral screamed.

Emma reached out to stroke her face, "Don't worry Shal, he's not here."

"Emma? Oh, Emma, get me out of here!"

Emma remembered what she saw here, in this place and she got hot again.

"Everything will be fine, Emma, Henry's wife is alive and I'm here to tell

Emma leaned in a little closer, "We'll just have to wait for him, and I know
just what to do to pass the time." The willowy telepath pulled herself onto
the bed, and kissed her blonde teammate. "You said you'd make it up to me,
for last time."

"I didn't know you were into that sort of thing, are you sure?"

Emma kissed Shalomar and sat back up to take of her blouse, "I'm sure," she
leaned in to offer her partner her firm breast. Shalomar leaned up and
tentatively put her tongue out, she felt uncomfortable doing this, this was
her teammate, sure she had sex with her before, but that's because she needed

Emma sat back up "Come on, Shalomar, what happened to that wild child who
just took me?" The telepath got off the bed and ran her hands over the
blonde's body; "Do I need to torture you like Henry did?" She lightly pinched
her teammate's puffy nipple; "Do I need to tease you like he did before?"
Emma leaned over and kissed Shalomar's furred crotch, she could feel Shalomar
tense a little bit; feeling a bit naughty Emma continued to tease her
teammate. Emma held Shalomar's hips down as she ran just the tip of her
tongue along the outside of Shalomar's nether lips, Shalomar tried to thrust
her hips up, but Emma kept Shal's hips down building up Shalomar's arousal,
bringing out her animal side. Emma looked up at Shalomar, "Should I keep
going?" Emma ran her tongue down Shalomar's thigh, and ran back up her upper

Shalomar was getting hot, Emma didn't know all of her spots like Henry did,
but she was getting there. Shalomar was shifting uncomfortably, she wanted
to get out of the straps, Emma was teasing her to madness and she wanted to

Emma lifted her head up, "Ready?"

Shalomar's eyes lit up, and nodded her head. Emma turned around to take of
her pants bending over. "She's got a cute little ass," Shalomar thought, it
turned her on even more, she shook the bed, futilely trying to get out of the

Emma got back onto Shalomar's body rubbing her smaller breasts into
Shalomar's, Emma looked into Shalomar's eyes, "You ready?" Shalomar growled,
Emma sat up and ran her body up to Shalomar's face. Shalomar attacked Emma's
crotch with abandon, trying to get her tongue into Emma as far as she could,
running her face all over Emma's groin, growling as she licked Emma again and
again. Emma turned around and leaned over to return the favor to Shalomar.
Shalomar grunted as she felt Emma nibbling away at her lips, Shalomar licked
up Emma's slit, circling around the telepath's clit before sliding her back
into Emma, sucking in her juices before returning to the telepath's love

Emma's hands played lightly with Shalomar's lips, as she ran her tongue along
the feral's clit, mirroring the actions that were being done to her. She
brought her left hand up to her lips and sucked on her fingers before slowly
putting one finger, then another into Shalomar.

Shalomar broke her connection with Emma, lolling her head around, mewing like
a kitten, the mewing grew louder and louder until it turned into a loud howl.
A howl that echoed throughout the room, she pulled on her restraints with
the strength of frenzy, ripping the straps off the metal bed, she put three
fingers into her teammate while howling like a she-wolf.

Emma screamed; her sounds drowned out by Shalomar's continued howling, but
she came hard, harder than the last time. She rolled over, a bit too far;
she fell right off the bed and faced Henry's boots. "Oh, Henry, I came-"

He smiled "I can see that."

She continued unruffled by his comment, "Henry, your wife isn't dead, Adam
has evidence of it, he should have placed it in the train yards by now." She
wanted to laugh, he was still looking like Eckhart and she never saw the
look of shock on Eckhart's face and it was funny to her. He disappeared and
reappeared a moment later, he blinked and Shalomar and fell right on top of
Emma, "All right, I believe you. The rest of your team is free."

Emma woke up on the floor of the med lab, she heard Shalomar wake in the bed
above her. Emma stood up and kissed the bombshell, "Well, good morning, I
hope you had a pleasant nap."

Shalomar gave a wicked smile and stretched her catlike body. "I had the most
wonderful dream."


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