First the legal mumbo-jumbo:
This is a parody and a personal fantasy. It is not meant to infringe on
the copyright of Disney in any way. The full story contains Bestiality,
Lesbianism, Incest and all the other little things that make life worth
living. If you are offended by such stories or depictions of graphic sex,
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Writer's Note:
This takes place in the days before right before the movie starts. What the
movie didn't show you was the other tests our heroine had to take before
she could be considered a proper bride. There is an old Chinese saying that
roughly translates to, "The Perfect Bride should be A Queen of the Servants,
A Lady before others, A Chef over the Wok and A Whore within the Bed." Where
we saw Mu-Lan's disaster as a Lady, the question remains about how she did
on her other tests. We pick up where we left off in Chapter One, and if you
haven't read it yet - Shame on You!

I know, I know. It was supposed to be The Test but I had another inspiration.
So sue me. I'll get to the Test next time. But read on, you won't be sorry!

Mulan's Multi-Orgasmic Misadventures
Trials of the Bride-To-Be Chapter Two - A Mother's Advice
by Donovan Douglass

Mulan saw her father heading toward the family shrine for the morning's
prayers. She gave him a big smile and wave, and he smiled and nodded back.
Her activities this morning had taken away all of her nervousness and left
her feeling sated and happy. Her `wake-up' routine with Little Brother and
`washing' Khan had taken some of the edge off her passions and now she felt
ready for today's test. Her mother and grandmother were setting out bowls
of porridge and eggs for breakfast. She went over and gave both of them
kisses on the cheek.

"Good morning mama, grandmother" she said. They both stopped and looked at
her oddly. Trying to ignore their glances, she started setting out the teapot
and cups. When she looked at them again, her mother's expression made her
think they knew about what she did this morning, and when she looked at her
grandmother, she knew they did. Still she tried to play innocent, "Whaaat!"
she cried.

Her mother answered, "You shouldn't wear yourself out, especially not today
of all days!"

"But mama," Mulan tried to explain, "I needed to so badly. I was just so
wound up, I had to do something to relax."

Her mother took her by her shoulders and spoke softly so Mulan had to
listen closely to hear it. "Daughter, this test is as important as any of
the others, you must do well to be considered as a bride. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mama. Don't worry," Mulan reassured, "I won't bring dishonor to
the family." Now she was worried about not only the test again, and any
punishment her mother might think up. But her mother was a fair and
practical person as proved by her next words.

"What's done, is done, and can't be changed. Now finish getting the table
ready, your father will be in shortly."

However Mulan needed to know one more thing. "How did you know? I was sure
I had cleaned up well."

This time her grandmother responded. "You have that glow and air about you
that comes from a satiated girl." Mulan gasped, thinking that she had been
so obvious. "Besides that," grandmother continued, "I heard you in your room
this morning, and when you kissed us, your breath smelled of Khan's seed."
Now they all laughed.

After breakfast, her mother told her to get her things and go to the bathing
room to get ready for the test. When Mulan got there and started putting warm
water in the bath, her mother came in and helped her. "Mama, what is going to
happen today?"

Her mother shook her head. "Mulan, you know I can't tell you. Besides it
doesn't matter. Except for two very important ceremonies, the test is never
really the same. The woman selected to be in charge determines what tasks
are appropriate for the test every year, but may change them depending on
the number of girls, time of year or any other reason."

Mulan slipped into the large tub, and to her surprise, her mother undressed
and got in with her. Taking soap, her mother started lathering her back and
arms while Mulan did her front. As she rinsed off, her mother was cleaning
her hair when she found globs of semen from Khan.

"Now we are going to have to shampoo it carefully to make sure all of it is
gone," her mother exclaimed. Mulan looked down ashamed, but her mother took
pity. "Now don't worry about it daughter, it is a nuisance and nothing more.
I know Khan can be a true fantasy for a young woman." Mulan's expression must
have showed the shock she was feeling to hear her mother talk this way.
"Don't be so surprised. I was young and horny as well not all that long ago."
Her mother cautioned.

Mulan had seen portraits of her mother from when she was a newlywed. They
showed a striking and beautiful girl that Mulan could only hope to be. Even
now, after many years, with graying hair and a few more pounds, her mother
still had that air of dignity about her that caused all to view her as a
handsome woman.

"Before you were born, I used to watch your father clean up Khan, and would
marvel at the size of him. One day your father saw the way I was looking and
called me over to help him. It was scary but wonderful to hold such a large
member in my hands. After that, I would help your father every day. He would
clean the rest, but I would wash him down there."

Picturing her mother doing the things as she described them had gotten Mulan
bothered all over again. Her nipples had gotten hard as stones and she rubbed
her thighs together underwater trying to get some relief. Then her mother
dropped the powder keg on her. Her mother had finished scrubbing her hair sat
back and said in a conspiring tone, "As a matter of fact, after you were born
I had Khan take me in the stable." Mulan gasped and slipped in the tub so
that she went completely under the water. She came up coughing water and just
stared at her mother who continued as if nothing had happened. "So believe me
when I say I know your fantasy."

The image in Mulan's head of the mighty Khan standing over her mother with
his dick buried inside of her was too much for Mulan, "Mother, please, I know
you said I mustn't wear myself out, but I really need to do something."

Her mother shook her head, "I suppose its my fault for telling you. So come
sit on my lap, and I'll take care of you while I tell you the story." Her
mother had sat on one of the underwater benches and Mulan did as she was

One of her mother's arms hugged her and supported her back while the other
slipped between Mulan's legs and gently began to massage her whole mound.
Occasionally, one of the fingers would push between the folds of her nether
lips and trace her pussy from bottom to top, giving an extra flick at the
end when it passed over her clit. Mulan would have preferred something
rougher to bring her to orgasm quickly, but the massage was soothing as
well as stimulating, taking the edge off without denying the need. Her
mother obviously knew what she was doing, which surprised Mulan even more.

"It wasn't long after you had been born," her mother started. "I was really
horny for months afterwards because, even as careful and gentle as your
father was, it was to uncomfortable to have sex for the last two months of
the pregnancy. Even for me to masturbate shifted you around in my belly too
much and caused cramps. So after you were born and I had recovered, your
father and I would have sex day and night." Then her mother giggled, "I
think I was beginning to wear him out a little."

Mulan was amazed; not only by the story, but also by the effect her mother's
fingers were having in her. Her legs had spread farther apart and her mother
and started pushing at first one, then two fingers into her. The would push
up her love tunnel until they reached her maidenhead, then curl slightly so
that the fingernails dragged along the skin on the way back out. All the
while her mother's thumb was working over Mulan's clit.

Her mother continued the story, "Then one morning while we were cleaning
Khan, your father brushing the sides while I was under him, I reached over
and slid my hand into your father's pants. I had Khan in one hand and your
father in the other and I began to match my strokes so it felt the same for
both of them. Your father laughed and said that my desire would probably
satisfy the Great Khan. Looking at the horse's member, I casually said that
I wasn't sure if I could, but that I'd be willing to try. I swear that they
both stiffened up and froze at the same time. He knelt down so he could see
my faced and asked me what I meant. I told him that I was still somewhat
loose from the birth and I wanted to try and satisfy the horse like I
satisfied the rider. Your father and Khan stared at each other as if they
were speaking without words. Then he asked me if I was sure. Seeing that he
was going to let me try to fulfill my old fantasy, I jumped out from under
Khan and hugged you father tightly, all the time saying Yes, I was very
sure." Her mothers fingers started working faster the more she told the
story, and the flicks on Mulan's clit were getting harder. The hand and arm
that had been supporting her back reached around. Her mother squeezed her
breast and began to pinch and roll the nipple in her fingers. It was almost
an unconscious act because her mother's eyes were staring far off through
the veils of time as she relived the events of that day.

Her mother got to the good part of the story. "The three of us went to the
breeding box in the back of the stable. I had seen Khan service many mares
here before as others paid your father high stud fees for that magnificent
stallion. So I took the mare's position, legs wide apart and hands braced
against the shelf. Then your father got behind me and began rubbing oil into
my pussy, because even though I was already very wet down there, he didn't
want to take a chance of me getting really hurt. He made sure to coat me
outside and in, shoving three fingers in and moving them around so I was
slick all over. I had an orgasm right then and your father asked me if I
wanted to continue. Well I was nervous, and a little bit scared, but it was
too late to turn back, I just had to have it inside of me. Otherwise I don't
know if I'd ever have the courage to try again, and I didn't want to go
through life regretting my lost chance, so I told him to keep going. He
brought Khan forward and had him put his legs on the shelf to either side of
me. The warm barrel of his chest and belly was across my back and I could
feel his large dick brushing in between my thighs. Your father reached down
and brought the tip to my pussy and began rubbing it around, coating the tip
with my juices and the oil. Then he set the head right at the entrance to me.
Khan shifted slightly and it began to push inside of me. I was almost sure
it wouldn't fit, but I struggled and pushed back trying to get it in. Just
as the tip began to go inside, your father gave Khan a hard slap to his rump.
Khan started and jumped forward impaling me. A whole foot had been pushed in
with that one thrust. I tried to yell, but it felt as if that massive cock
had pushed all the air out of me so that all that came out was tiny squeaks.
Even though, I was loose for a woman, I was tighter than any mare Khan had
ever done, so he was unable to move inside of me for a few minutes. He tried
anyway; moving back and forth pulling and pushing me around like a rag doll.
I couldn't talk or even really think straight, only grunt and moan while
being pushed around by that horrible, wonderful cock. But then I began to
loosen up a bit more and Khan was able to go in and out of me. I began
pushing back as he thrust forward, and soon we had a steady rhythm going.
Then your father really surprised me; he pulled himself up and mounted
Khan's back. He began to throw his weight into Khan's thrusts, urging him
to go harder and faster. Finger width by finger width, Khan pushed deeper
into me with each push. Eventually he was pushing almost two feet of himself
into me every stroke. I lost it completely, I orgasmed so hard my hands fell
off the shelf. My knees gave way and Khan's motions were throwing me all
over the place. You father jumped down and held me while Khan kept going,
there was no stopping him until he finished. Your father sat on the shelf
and cradled my head in his lap using his legs to support my body. When I
came out of my daze, I was still as full of lust as I was of horse. I pulled
aside his robe and began to swallow his dick. I didn't have much choice,
every time Khan would push forward I would be shoved into your father crotch
so hard his entire length was down my throat. Then Khan pushed hard and began
to fill my womb with his seed, I started to cum again and moaned around your
father, which made him fill my belly with his."

Mulan had orgasmed twice but this final image quickly brought a third. She
had pictured all her mother had described, but instead of her mother, she had
been the one ravaged. And instead of some vague, imaginary future husband; it
had been a clear sharp picture of her father she had been swallowing whole.
Her mother finished while laughing; "Khan was stuck inside of me. We must
have made quite a sight, Khan trying to back out, with me still on his
member, and your father pulling on my arms to try and separate us. But
finally we got loose and cleaned up. Now we must do the same for you because
the test will be soon."

She rinsed all of the sweat off Mulan's skin and then told her to go to the
toilet cubicle. This was merely a hole in the corner with three walls with
shelves and a curtain across the front. Her mother came with two buckets, one
filled with soapy water and the other with clean water. She left and brought
back two waterproof bellows, then told Mulan to lean forward against the back
water with her legs spread over the hole. Her mother then took one of the
bellows and filled it with soapy water, she quickly pressed the nozzle
between Mulan's pussy lips and squeezed. The warm liquid filled her insides
and her mother told her to try and hold it in. She could only do so for a few
seconds, then it started dribbling out and down her legs. Her mother said to
release, which she gladly did, letting it drain down the hole. They repeated
this twice more. The next time her mother pushed the bellows in her, it was
into her womb, but into the tight opening of her ass.

"Mother!" Mulan cried out.

"You must be as clean inside and out as is possible, my daughter. Now hold

The bellows squeezed and Mulan's insides filled quickly, the pressure made
her feel bloated and cramped. When she was allowed to release the now brown
water down the hole, she sighed with relief, but it wasn't over yet. Again
her mother filled her ass with the soapy water, but it wasn't that bad this
time because she was expecting it and relaxed the muscles inside of her.
Release, fill and release again. Then her mother took the other bellows and
repeated the whole routine this time with the clean water. Three times in
her pussy and three times in her ass. By the end, the water coming from her
backside was as clean as the water coming from her front. Then her mother
rubbed scented oil into her skin. She even rubbed the oil into her pussy
pushing two fingers inside, and using one finger to push inside and oil her
ass. Her mother sent her off to her room with a pat on the butt and told her
to change quickly, they would be leaving for the testing place soon.

In a short time, Mulan and her parents were climbing into a rickshaw and on
their way. Instead of going into the village, the rickshaw circle around the
protective wall then started up a carefully tended path. With a start, Mulan
realized where they were going. She looked at her mother questioningly.
"That's right daughter," her mother answered the unspoken question, "the test
will be held at the courtesan school. The tester is none other than the head
mistress herself; Now, Lei-Me." Mulan swallowed hard as she realized that
this was going to be a lot harder test tan she thought.

To Be Continued . Next Chapter: The Test

I Promise.

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