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Description: Languishing in Kahn's dungeon after the first Mortal Kombat, Sonya is given to Sheeva, but the Shokan warrior would rather have a trained pet than a troublesome prisoner.

Content Codes: FF, bond, exhib, fist, ncon, mc,viol

Mortal Kombat 2: Shokan Lust Part 8 - Arena
by JD ([email protected])

A cool breezed ruffled Sonya Blade's hair as the guards led her to stand between two posts sunk into the ground to the side of Kahn's throne. Kano was already in place on the far side. They'd left his pony tack on, and so he couldn't shout and curse as he had before. He struggled though, yanking hard enough to make his wrists bleed. He looked more like a captive animal than a man. It was in total contrast that Sonya stood calmly between her two posts. She held out her wrists, and waited for the chains to be cuffed to them. She tested the strength of the metal, just once, and was pleased to see the definition of her arm muscles appeared even sharper just a week out of the dungeon. Something in the Outworld diet, perhaps.

If her heart beat faster than normal, it wasn't because a jeering crowd of thousands looked down at her bared breasts; it wasn't because she was chained besides the throne of her home world's mortal enemy. It was because she couldn't shake from her mind thoughts of sharing a bed with Sheeva and Mileen She burned with the need to fuck a woman whose face she hadn't even fully seen. She scanned the crowd, saw Motaro, then Sheeva. It looked as if an early arrival had been persuaded to relinquish his seat.

In her first visit to the Arena, Sonya Blade had been filthy, half-starved and stinking as badly as if she had crawled from a sewer rather than risen from a dungeon. In those few days since she had become stronger, healthier, very much sexier. Though she wore far less clothing, she wore her skirt with the same stoic demeanour as she had her filthy uniform. The main difference in her mental attitude was that before, she had appeared before the Outworld crowd as Kahn's captive. This time she stood before them as Sheeva's pet. Kahn had done nothing to deserve having her in captivity, but it seemed to her that Sheeva had. Kahn hadn't captured Sonya, and, once captured, hadn't done anything besides display her to his sycophantic crowd. Sheeva had changed her entire outlook on life, she thought.

A huge roar sounded; at least some of it from people who thought it important to appear more enthusiastic than they were. The Emperor had arrived. He strode to the throne with the confidence of a man who truly was lord of all he surveyed, and a long way beyond. He took his seat upon the Arena's throne, and looked around from one side to the other, only pausing with approval at the changes Sheeva had wrought on Sonya. She wasn't his type, but damn... he adjusted his position, slightly, and motioned for the Kombatants to be sent out.

Johnny Cage took his shades off and dropped them into the pocket of his black pants. He gave a final thumb up to Raiden, and walked out into the wide open Kombat Zone at the centre of Kahn's Arena. He saw Kano first. His amusement was less strong than Sonya's, but he still gave the enraged scumbag a wink and a gun motion as he walked by. The smile faded from Cage's face as soon as he saw past Kahn's throne to Sonya Blade. He stopped dead, shocked momentarily speechless. The note they'd received, saying she didn't want to return with them, that she was happy... it had to be a fake. Whatever Jax said about code phrasing, there was no way that she could be willingly chained up, topless, before the crowd of thousands. Kano's appearances didn't seem so funny when he thought of the chances of Sonya being abused in the same way.

Excepting her brief encounter at the Arena entrance, it was weeks since Sonya had seen another person from Earthrealm - and she barely considered Kano human anyway. She pictured what Cage must be seeing of her; nipples pierced and erect, legs spread comfortably from the side-slits of the skirt, head up. She thought she should feel ashamed, degraded even, but she didn't. She was proud of whom she had become with Sheeva, and she wouldn't let discarded inhibitions make her feel any different. She gave Cage a brief nod of recognition; he had been her comrade, her friend, even, and deserved as much. Then she turned her face away to see Mileena. The assassin had none of the wiggle in her walk, none of the carelessness. Her jocular attitude aside, she had taken Sonya Blade's warning to heart. She crossed the Arena with the fluidity of liquid death.

The crowd grew silent instantly as Kahn raised a hand. It was clear to all that Johnny Cage wasn't even paying attention; shocked speechless by Sonya Blade, he stood slackjawed just inside the Kombat Zone. The prisoners had provided a fine distraction. The Emperor didn't give him any time to get over it. His announcement began the violence,

"Round one. Fight!"

Mileena launched into a teleport kick that caught Johnny squarely in the head. She sprung backwards from his staggering body, and landed before him. She laughed in his face while she unleashed a fast barrage of punches into his jaw, his cheeks, his nose. The meaty impacts were lost beneath the roaring crowed. Cage rocked backwards, rolling instinctively with the blows, but the assassin was relentless in her assault. She crouched, and then knocked him from his feet with a brutal uppercut. The crunch of her gloved fist against his already bruised flesh and bone brought a renewed roar from the crowd. She waited for Johnny to start climbing to his feet, and then launched into a fast roll attack that knocked him flying again. A last, low, sweeping kick kept him down for the end of the round. She looked at Sonya, and shrugged, as if to apologise for not exciting her enough with the too-brief display of violence.

"Superb!" was Kahn's comment. Brief but emphatic victories were fine by him.

Though he had been Sonya's friend, she didn't feel bad to see him beaten so thoroughly. He'd displayed contemptible weakness, and deserved to lose for it. Each time Mileena had landed an especially well placed blow, each time she'd drawn Johnny Cage's blood with her knuckles, Sonya had felt herself smile. She liked the violence. She liked the sound of flesh on flesh, the grunts and cries of pain dished out and received. And, of course, Mileena looked very good dishing it out.

Cage hadn't landed a single blow against his opponent. He hadn't even blocked one of the assassin's strikes. The sight of Sonya, hell, just her breasts even, had thrown him off utterly. It was only by the end of the round that the pain of the blows rained down on him had brought his mind back into the bout. Even so, he hadn't gotten it together enough to fight back properly. Lying in the dirt, Cage recalled the moment that Mileena had punched him off his feet. He'd been looking directly at Sonya; he'd seen her smile. He didn't know what they'd done to her in this hell world, but he decided he was more determined than ever to rescue her. First, though, he had to defeat this Outworld warrior. As he got back to his feet, he reminded himself that Earth's fate rested on Raiden's chosen warriors. As a skilled fighter, he centred his mind, focussed away from Sonya and concentrated on Mileena. He spat blood into the dirt, and raised his fists for the second round,

"Round two. Fight!"

Mileena started with another teleport kick, but Cage was ready for it. He dodged, and threw a kick of his own. The assassin rolled underneath it, and knocked him from his feet. Unlike his earlier landings, he took the fall properly and bounced back up with a cocky grin. Mileena punched him in it, and sent a spray of blood right across Sonya's breasts. They both heard the chained woman sigh. Cage blocked the follow up punches, and dropped into a sweep kick of his own. Mileena went down, but, like Johnny, bounced up and then flipped away. She thought she was out of his range, but was painfully surprised by the speed of his signature shadow kick as he left a trail of images blurred behind him. He caught her firmly in the stomach, and knocked the wind from her.

The blow brought another smile to Sonya's face. It was exciting seeing both Kombatants fighting properly. She had thought, hoped, she might come as the sticky spray splashed her, but she couldn't quite get off without stimulation. Oh, god, for Sheeva's fingers inside her... She reminded herself that the Shokan had instructed her to retain her dignity; though dripping wet, aching for Sheeva's touch, she forced herself to remain outwardly calm, the deep flush of her skin the only sign of her arousal.

Meanwhile, Cage had flipped athletically over the winded Mileena, and thrown her over him and into the floor with the same momentum. She sweep kicked him before getting up, and jumped into a kick as he rose from the dirt. He blocked, and launched a fast shadow uppercut before she landed. His fist caught her in the spine, and made the assassin squeal. Mileena nearly got back up, until Cage came straight in with a second shadow kick that caught her in the head. A bruise blossomed almost immediately upon her temple as she went down, and the second round was his.

"How do you like that, assholes?" Cage shouted at the crowd, "This is why you don't fuck with Earthrealm!"

Despite the bravado, it was clear to Sonya Blade that Johnny Cage had squeaked the win. It had been an unconvincing victory; Mileena had nearly come back and destroyed Cage a second time, but he'd managed to land the last blow. Prior to the fight she had thought that he could beat Mileena; there was still a chance. Though she was happy living in Outworld, as Sheeva's pet, she didn't want to see Earth fall under Kahn's control. That meant that one of Raiden's chosen warriors needed to win the tournament to avert it. Cage, Kang, Jax... she was sure they could all do it. She just hoped she'd be allowed to watch more of the fighting as they tried. Her chains rattled; she realised she'd been hoping to masturbate.

Cage didn't think his second round showing weak at all. He felt like he was in the zone, ready to take on anybody and anything. Though aching all over his head and torso, with a ringing in his ears, he was confident he had the measure of Mileena. He needed to watch out for the roll, go under the kicks and punches, and she'd go down. He gave her his best shiteating grin as she climbed to her feet; he could tell that she was pissed off at losing the round. Raiden had warned him that it had been some time since anybody had handed her a defeat. Her inhuman eyes burned with rage; he could imagine her face locked into a snarl beneath the mask - though his image was somewhat different from her real face.

"Not so easy when you're not allowed the cheap shots is it? Come on, sweetheart, I'll make it quick."

"I'll reach up your ass and pull out your heart!"

Kahn's announcement of the final bout cut into the trash talk,

"Round three, fight!"

Mileena attacked immediately, feigning a teleport kick before going for a roll. Cage flipped backwards out of the way, and surprised her with a bolt of green energy. He, too, had been practicing with Outworld magic. Mileena cursed at the burning pain, and caught another brutal kick to the head that splashed her extra-hot blood across Sonya Blade. Cage blocked her return flurry, and then swept her off her feet with another kick. He tried to block out the obvious lust in Sonya's sudden appreciative cry; she sounded like she was going to climax right then. He jumped over the rising Mileena, and gave her a similar flurry of punches to the head as she'd given him in the first round. The last of them glanced off her cheek, and tore the purple mask away from her face. It hung loosely off, and revealed her true mouth. Her long tongue flopped between bloodied teeth before she pulled it back in.

"I hope for Liu's sake that Kitana doesn't look like that," he muttered. Cage had recognised the spark between Princess and champion on their meeting the day before.

Mileena's howl of rage silenced the cheering crowd. She was even angrier than she'd been with Hornbuckle. She tore her sais from her belt, and thrust them for Cage's throat. Though they had succeeded in countless murders, she hit only air. Cage had dropped into the splits, legs spread wide in the dirt. The punch he threw into Mileena's crotch made even the hardened Outworld crowd groan in unison. The assassin's most sensitive, tender, flesh was ground between her pelvic bone and Cage's fist. She bent almost double, with an agonised keening cry, as the blades dropped helplessly from her hands.

It was over. There was no fight left in her.

"Finish her!"

Kahn didn't take kindly to failure. Cage felt the magic of the place around him; he knew that he could lift the woman from her feet, tear her torso like paper, and feel her intestines uncoil about him as the life fled her body. Perhaps it would be a good thing; she was evil as fuck. There was also all the anger he felt at Sonya's imprisonment, her apparent treatment, and at the Outworld assholes trying to take over Earth. He could use that anger. Teach them a lesson. He smiled thinly; Star Wars wasn't his kind of movie. The dark side could go fuck itself. He'd show them human mercy. He reached into his pocket, past his shades, and pulled out a signed photo. He tossed it at Mileena even as she collapsed into the dirt.

"Sonya! We'll get you out of here, don't worry! They can't fool us! Earthrealm's got your back!"

Sonya shook her head at Johnny as he put his shades back on. Though she'd been looking forward to sharing Mileena with Sheeva - and, yes, she really did want to try that tongue - she'd been powerfully disappointed that Cage hadn't ended the fight with a fatality. She thought that the violent death might have tipped her over the edge, and given her the climax she wanted. In truth, she'd still have needed direct stimulation. She throbbed from her bloody breasts to her dripping pussy. What he viewed as a demonstration of noble humanity, she saw as a weakness. Mercy wouldn't frighten Kahn. Didn't Cage understand why Raiden had killed his own foes in the last tournament? She could just imagine Sheeva felt the same way. Why do half a job? If someone had whupped the Shokan as bad as Mileena had Johnny in the first round, Sonya figured she'd leave nothing but a bloody smear of them.

Kahn's guards ran in; charged wooden staffs ready in case Cage came any closer. She could see a shimmer in the air; they were generating some kind of barrier. He looked like he might try and bust through anyway, and risk forfeiting the tournament. Suddenly, two of Sheeva's hands were at her wrists, uncuffing her. She'd not waited for the distracted guards to lead Sonya away from Kahn's throne. The Shokan's other two were around her body, at her sticky breasts. She moaned, feeling the extra sensitivity of her piercings under strong fingers.

"I'm very proud of you Sonya Blade," Sheeva told her, "and I've arranged a special surprise for you back in my chambers! A present for a good pet."

Cage saw the female Goro grab hold of Sonya's breasts. She was the biggest woman he'd seen outside of a WNBA match. He lunged towards the energy barrier, but felt it push him back. He was close enough to hear Sheeva'a promise and shouted in reply,

"Get your hands off her! You fucking pervert! I'll kick your monster ass too!"

He could only imagine the worst, most degrading torment in store for Sonya Blade. He simply couldn't accept that she was there willingly. Technically, of course, she wasn't. Sheeva had messed with her mind. Cage didn't know that, though, he just knew he wanted to save the girl. That's what heroes did, right? Electricity sparked beside him, and suddenly Raiden was there.

"We must leave. Now," he told Cage sternly, "By your actions you're threatening all Earthrealm. If we forfeit the tournament, Kahn wins instantly."

"But they've got Sonya, Raiden! Look over there! That big bitch leading her off has her hands all over her ass. She was molesting the shit out of her right there in front of everyone!"

Raiden was sympathetic to Johnny's anger, but he had to see the bigger picture,

"Sonya Blade is one woman. There are billions on Earth. Come away. Now," he instructed the mortal.

At the sound of Kahn's amused laughter, Sonya looked back once. She saw Cage dragged away by Raiden; the guards followed them at a distance. She turned away. He'd be alright. Raiden would make him understand. She turned her head back. Though her interest was piqued by Sheeva's surprise, she needed something even more urgently,

"Please, Ma'am," she begged, "let me come? I need it so bad."

Sheeva didn't reply; two long strides later and they were through the entrance into the staging area. She spun Sonya against the wall, and yanked her skirt down. They weren't alone in the room. Servants stood around, preparing to go out and collect Mileena. Sonya didn't care. She spread her legs as Sheeva squatted gracefully before her. She reached one hand out, caught the edge of the doorway for support, and reached for her left breast with the other. She ached for Sheeva's touch like nothing else before. When the Shokan softly blew cool air across her shaved pussy she jolted as if she'd been shocked. She was in a state of total arousal, her pussy engorged with blood that spread her labia and poked her clit out. She screamed like she'd been shot when Sheeva thrust two fingers together up inside her. Each thick Shokan digit pressed her pussy walls out from within, more fulfilling than any cock. The Earthrealm woman bit her lip as she watched the dark skin disappear between her swollen lips, then re-appear wet, teasing a moment before disappearing deeply inside again. Sheeva didn't merely thrust, she wiggled and stroked within as she moved her hand in swift, skilled motions. Sonya felt as if every nerve ending within her pussy was hyper-alive to the friction of the Shokan's skin moving within.

"Thank you, Ma'am! I want it so bad!"

"Then come for me, my pet."

Sheeva had smelt the Earthrealm woman's need even before she crouched before her pussy. She took a firm grip on her pet's ass with her two upper hands, and pushed a lower hand down to her own pussy. Having frigged herself throughout the fight, she was easily as wet as Sonya. She worked a finger inside her own body even as she eased her other lower hand up inside her shaking pet. As it pressed in past the wrist she distinctly heard one of the servants mutter in surprise at the sight. She fingered herself briskly, matching the fast rhythm she used for fisting Sonya. Penetrating her pet with her fingers and forearm turned an action of violence into one of lust for Sheeva. The heat of the pussy wrapped around her limb, the wetness that eased her movement, told the Shokan that her pet's lust burned like an inferno. It was even more erotic to her than claiming Sonya's mouth with her tongue, or even twisting the new piercings. Sheeva twisted her hand lightly on an inward thrust, and felt Sonya's pussy grip like a vice. The Earthrealm woman was already on edge, and it took only a few deep quick upward pushes before she went over it. Sheeva clamped her lips to Sonya's splayed-pussy, licking and teasing, around the corded muscles of her tensed forearm as her pet peaked.

Sonya wiped congealing blood from her breasts and suckled down on her fingers as she came, a deep vaginal orgasm that rocked her body like an earthquake. Her shaking chest rocked the piercings to new sensations beyond all expectation. Her nipples were almost too sensitive. Her orgasm nearly knocked her down; only Sheeva's hands held her up, as she spasmed hotly around the Shokan's arm. Two fingers stroking deep inside her pussy triggered a further series of small explosions, like pleasure shells bursting within. She was close to total collapse, though from a rather different kind of fisting to Mileena's.

Sheeva didn't get herself off; she was pretty sure at least one of the servants had over the display, but while she fingered herself close to climax, she wanted to hold off. She wanted to make sure she was ready for Sonya's surprise. She gently tugged her hand from Sonya's sopping pussy, and planted a kiss on her pet's intimate lips. Earthrealm women tasted pretty damn good. As she stood, Sonya fell into her arms, and she helped her pet to walk. The ribbons could wait for another time, but Sheeva did take a moment to help her pet step back into the skirt, and fastened it around her waist again.

"We'll take the short path back, I think."

Concluded in Part 9

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