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Description: Languishing in Kahn's dungeon after the first Mortal Kombat, Sonya is given to Sheeva, but the Shokan warrior would rather have a trained pet than a troublesome prisoner.

Additional Credit: This story was written based on a request from Melora84, and I am grateful for their exceptionally well thought out comments and constructive criticism, including to the worst of the grammar, throughout.

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Shokan Lust Part 6: Pierced
by JD ([email protected])

There hadn't been anywhere near as many servants visiting Sheeva's chambers on the previous mornings. As more than a dozen traipsed through, Sonya formed the opinion that her Shokan captor had arranged for them all to bring their messages and make extra deliveries or collections. She'd done it knowing that Sonya would be left alone while the Shokan reported to Kahn. The chamber door was not only left unlocked, but, more often open than closed. Sonya had been left off to the side so that every servant walking to and from the table came close to her, close enough that she could smell their various scents over her own sweat. As she considered Sheeva's intentions, another Outworld messenger entered clutching a small scroll, eyes down, and apparently ignored completely Sonya's involuntary moaning.

The Earthrealm soldier knelt with a leather strap buckled around her thighs, biting deliciously into the bare skin. Her pussy was not on display; the enchanted panties that Sheeva had dressed her in were similar to the clothing she had been tricked into previously. They slickly massaged her, responded almost-intelligently to her body's reactions, and drove her to orgasms. The slick teasing sped up, the fabric even sliding inside, slightly, to stimulate fully her blood engorged labia. Her arms were held behind her back, wrist to wrist, in cuffs of decorative enchanted leather that allowed no freedom.

Sonya was no longer ashamed. She had blushed to begin with, especially as her first orgasm had been triggered minutes after Sheeva left, just as the door opened to admit a handsome Outworlder with a bulging package to deliver. Eyes wide, Sonya had squealed through the elaborate spider gag strapped into her mouth. Drool ran down her chin, slick against her breasts. She wished Sheeva had allowed her the enchanted top, also, as her stiff nipples ached for touch. She wanted to feel the Shokan's huge fingers, tenderly manipulating her body with a skill that could truly be called inhuman.

It seemed pleasurable ages since Sheeva had left, saying she would not be long. Sonya Blade had come three times, her arousal moistening the enchanted fabric until it almost dripped, since the Shokan had departed. When it came to sexual binding, Sheeva had shown no concern for safety or obtaining consent, while sanity was necessarily measured in different terms for the Shokan. In fact, in certain circumstances the magic reading her body's reactions would automatically release her. Sonya didn't know that. All she knew was that she was coming repeatedly, while servants did their best not to see or hear her. Nobody sensible wanted to be on Sheeva's bad side or consider that she might've wanted them to stop and stare at the athletic blonde with her head held high, to further erode Sonya's Earthrealm inhibitions about nudity and public sexuality.

Coming down from another climax, Sonya panted raggedly through the metal spider legs that kept her mouth wide. She recalled the night before. Hornbuckle's blood had dried quickly in the cool Outworld wind as Sheeva led Sonya back into the palace. Black and flaking, it had come away behind them in a dusty trail. Sonya had been the most heavily drenched, her orgasm finally granted as the blood of a dead man splashed over her body. She had wanted a bath, after that, but Sheeva didn't allow her one for hours. Firstly, she had Sonya lick her to an orgasm, then fingers only, and then three further climaxes as a mixture of both. By the time Sheeva returned the pleasure in the hot, herb-sprinkled, bathing pool, Sonya had spent hours with her face coated in the Shokan's deeply arousing musk.

The same musk had drenched her face that morning; Sheeva had claimed to be in a hurry for her appointment with the emperor, but had taken the time to squat against Sonya's face. Stroking her pet's blonde hair, she had urged Sonya to lick her again. When she had finally left, the thin red strip at her crotch had been sopping wet, and Sonya's mind had been aflame with new lust. Hurry back, she would have pleaded, if she could form more than vowels. Would Kahn notice that Sheeva arrived smelling strongly of sex? Would he care?

And then... and then another servant entered. Sonya noticed the differences straight away. He was scruffier, dirtier, and smellier. Where the others had scents, he had odours. He smelled of rotting food, as if he was there to check for a blockage in the drains. The other servants clearly spent a lot of their days amongst the important visitors to the palace. Hell, they'd probably seen stranger things than a bound and climaxing blonde every day. Unlike them, he made no secret of noticing her immediately. He looked her right in the eyes, and didn't look away. Whatever his actual task was, he quickly forgot it. The man's smell intensified as he strode right over, looking hungrily down at Sonya's glistening breasts. She wrinkled her nose in disgust, almost forgetting the panties' sensual massage against her pussy.

She stared back, angry that his attitude and stench interfered with her pleasure. Even bound up, she thought a death stare should scare him off. Instead, to her shock, he reached down and mauled roughly at her breasts. He was neither gentle, nor skilled, and he groped her like an inexperienced farmhand's first cow milking. How dare he! Sonya anger exploded within. She struggled against her bindings. Her thighs bulged, the largest muscles in her body worked against high quality leather.

"Stop at once! Sheeva won't allow it!" came out as "Oh ah uhh! Eee-ah oh aa-oww ih!"

"What's that?" he hissed, overcome by cruel lust, and then mocked her protest, "You-ah want-ah more-ah?"

Sonya's anger went nuclear as the groping servant reached one hand to the rough belt of his ill-fashioned pants, and tugged them down. The cock that sprang up demonstrated the same lack of attention to personal hygiene as the rest of him, and it was pointed directly between Sonya's lips. A snarl of rage burst between the spider gag as Sonya's rage-fuelled strength snapped the leather around her thighs. There was a noise like a whip cracking against skin before she swirled her legs out from beneath her ass. The muscles protested from thigh to foot at the sudden movement, but she worked through it, and kicked out scientifically at where vile servant's kneecap out to be. Though his anatomy was not human, the blow landed with a deeply satisfying crack that made him screech, and took him from his feet. He landed heavily, screeching again as the base of his spine took his weight.

The enchanted panties misread Sonya's body, and reacted as if she was eagerly chasing an orgasm. That, and her bound arms, made the fight far more challenging. He was fast, too, faster than a human labourer would have been. He pulled himself up on Sheeva's table, and knocked the half-full jug of breakfast juice across the floor. Though one of his legs was near crippled, he managed to throw himself upon Sonya's chest. She went down against the juice-sticky floor, and felt her bound wrists crushed beneath her back beneath their combined weight. Sonya She looked up to catch a spume of spit between the eyes, and tried to spit right back. Too damn hard with the gag.

Sonya had rarely ever been as angry as she was right then. In moments she had gone from annoyed, to enraged, and finally to wanting to something akin to every thermonuclear device in the world going off at once. Even Kano, who she had good reason to hate, hadn't got her as angry as this rapist piece of shit. Despite the all-consuming rage, she also felt a little unfamiliar fear. This man, this scum, he could succeed in raping her. She wouldn't lie passively; she'd fight every inch of the way. The idea of fucking this stinking servant utterly repelled her. It never once occurred to her to view Sheeva's violations of her body and mind in the same way.

He could tell she was angry. It seemed to excite him further. He shifted his position, moved forward to sit on Sonya's chest even as she tried to twist and buck, and force him off. He was heavy, far heavier than a human of the same build. She thought there was something moving beneath his dirt-encrusted skin as he wrenched her head painfully towards his bloated spiked crown. The slit in the tip seemed to wink at her, and oozed a yellow precum that looked venomous. Three inches, two inches, one...

Sheeva's shout was heard throughout the entire wing of the palace. The noise sent a flock of carrion birds into flight from the roof above. She had returned happy; the emperor had confirmed that Sonya would be hers to keep after the tournament. He grew easily bored of his trophies. She had turned into the room and cried out immediately. Her long legs crossed the floor before he could react. One large hand was all it took, a grip on the servant's skull that turned her dark knuckles almost white, and then he was wrenched painfully away from Sonya. Sheeva smashed another fist into the side of his head. The bones around his eye shattered under the force, sounding like crisps crushed in a bag. She retained her grip on his fractured skull, and used it to pull the momentarily stunned man to his knees. Perfect.

Blurred with the magic, Sheeva took advantage of the extra force of a teleport stomp, appearing against the ceiling high above and dropping down with both feet onto his swaying shoulders. The bones cracked audibly under her weight, one bursting through the skin of his upper arm. Fresh blood splashed Sonya's upturned face, and she ran her tongue hungrily around her mouth. Sonya would have smiled if the spider-gag wasn't in place; his suffering pleased her. Riding the exhilaration of Sheeva's arrival, her anger had been replaced by pleasure. It wasn't enough to watch. She wanted to take personal bloody vengeance. She tried to get to her feet despite her cuffed arms, but the spilled fruit juice had left the floor slippery. Even so, she managed to get onto one unsteady knee. With another push she could rise to her feet.

Half kneeling, Sonya paused at the sight of Sheeva in full, brutal, beauty. She moaned open mouthed as the Shokan sat heavily down on the fallen man's chest, and pushed the thumbs of her upper to hands into his eye sockets. One went in easier than the other, thanks to the fractured bone. Sonya saw those thick fingers force their way behind the man's agony-glazed eyes, and then pop them out. At the same time, with glorious synchronicity, Sheeva reached her lower hands back, behind, and found his wilting cock with one, and his hairy scrotum with the other. Each hand filled, Sheeva squeezed. Blood, skin, humours and other tissue squirted between the Shokan's fingers like overripe melon. He screamed loudly, his voice high pitched and broken, louder than Sheeva's snarling and Sonya's moaning.

Her Fingers dripped with gore as Sheeva gripped his arms in all four of her hands. Her grunt of exertion harmonised with Sonya's cry of pleasure as she tore the servant's arms off, and flailed down upon him with them. Blood sprayed from the stumps, and from the new wounds, as she beat the man to an agonised death with his own severed limbs. It was too much for Sonya; she lost her balance, and fell back onto her cuffed arms. Screaming with pleasure as the servant died, she came again as the spurting blood splashed over her crotch.

The Shokan's white hot rage died down as the makeshift clubs she used broke apart. There was no head left to look down upon. As dense as the Outworld servant's body had been, it had taken very little effort for a Shokan warrior to beat him into a pulp. That he had dared... that he had sought to touch her property... It mattered not that he probably was too illiterate to read the inked warning on Sonya's back, nor that her pet had looked near irresistibly sexy to Sheeva herself when bound and climaxing. She resolved to have the corpse, severed limbs and all, displayed prominently within the servants' quarters. This outrage would not happen again. Turning away, she saw Sonya's crimson drenched body shuddering gently on the cold floor. Her heart wrenched as she realised the Earthrealm woman's head could've cracked against the floor.

Quickly, she dropped the bloody stumps, and reached for Sonya's sticky enchanted panties. Tugging them down, she tossed them side; in other circumstances the wet splatting noise they made would have aroused her. Similarly fast, she released Sonya's hands, and detached the spider-gag from her face. With four hands and skilled fingers that didn't slip in the gore, Sonya was unbound in less than five seconds. The Shokan pulled Sonya into her four strong arms, skin to bloody skin, and murmured a phrase that she almost never meant,

"I am sorry."

Sonya shuddered, and nuzzled her head against Sheeva's breasts. Coming down from her enchanted orgasm, the fear of the servant's assault succeeding had returned. She wrapped her arms around Sheeva's torso, and fought back a tear. She was damned if she was going to cry for what that piece of shit tried to do. If Sheeva hadn't returned... She felt Sheeva's black lips kissing the top of her head, nuzzling her hair, and the gratitude welled up within her. That Sheeva had actually raped and sexually assaulted her still didn't register. It never would. There was only the utter thankfulness that the Shokan had saved her from the vile smelling man's abuse.

"I would have liked to kill him myself," Sonya whispered, "I would have made him suffer!"

Sheeva ran her lower hands down to Sonya's thighs, to where the strong muscles had broken the binding leather strap, and gently caressed the skin. Her pet had not been harmed. Good.

"You would have done, my dear pet. You would have broken his neck with these legs."

Sonya looked up, and kissed Sheeva. There was still a taste of blood in her mouth, just as there was more shining on Sheeva's brown skin. She was shivering slightly, adrenaline draining back out of her system, as Sheeva's presence soothed her down.

"You're a good pet."

"Thank you, Ma'am."

"I thought that nobody would dare to interfere with you in my chambers. It was exciting to me, to know that servants would come in, and see you, and know of your pleasure, but not touch while I reported to the Emperor. I didn't foresee putting you in danger of them. I would make it up to you,"

Sheeva paused, ordered her words carefully,

"If you wish... the door is open. Simply walk to the staircase at the end of the corridor, go down two flights and along the corridor five doors, there is the guest chamber of Raiden, and his Kombatants of Earthrealm. They arrived this morning for the Tournament. The Thunder God would be able to keep you safe. He's cunning and..."


Sonya's reply was loud, and clear, and spoken with a force that surprised and pleased Sheeva,

"I don't want to go back there. I belong here, in Outworld, with you Ma'am. I couldn't go back to my unit now. You call me your pet? Well a pet is for life."

The Shokan reached her upper hands up, and brushed Sonya's hair away from her face. She looked straight into eyes as determined as her own, and rejoiced. She had her pet. Sonya Blade was undisputedly her property.

Sonya waited for a reply, scared that Sheeva might order her to go. She couldn't return to her old life. She had changed too much. If her arousal as Mileena had slaughtered Hornbuckle hadn't been sign enough, then the fact she'd had her most powerful orgasm of the day as Sheeva mutilated and butchered, and covered her in blood, was the last straw. She wanted to stay in Outworld, where enjoying violence in that way was not only permitted, but encouraged. Even if she did go back, the other thing Sonya had learned about herself would end her Special Forces career; she'd had better sex with Sheeva than with any man; she might still enjoy cock, but she loved Sheeva's body more. No way was she going back to the recently announced "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" bullshit. Sheeva was her owner now, but she no longer minded.

"Very well, Sonya Blade. I won't send you away. You are my property. I will not trade you away, nor give you away, nor allow anyone else to steal you from me. This I swear."

They kissed again, tongues wrestling with harsh lust. Sonya felt as if she had agreed to marriage, 'to honor and obey' as the old service had it, a feeling that intensified with Sheeva's next words after the kiss,

"I commissioned rings, had them carved with my name, and enchanted that I might always find you no matter where you might be. They will show this world, all the worlds, that you are indisputably mine!"

Sheeva climbed to her feet, pulled Sonya with her. She slurped her fingers clean, as if she'd been kneading dough rather than flesh. Sonya flexed her own fingers; imagining diamonds set in gold bands, and saw instead the rings were of a different nature as Sheeva opened the small case. She passed them over, let Sonya feel the weight of the cool metal, and gently finger the needle studs that flattened one edge of the large silver-alloy circles. Sheeva reached for Sonya's breasts, squeezed her nipples, and left her with no doubt as to their intended destination. Her ears had been pierced for years, but she was a little concerned at having the same done to her nipples. It had been painful enough in less sensitive flesh and yet... Sheeva's fingers felt good on her, and she had heard that nipple piercings made the nerves even more responsive to pleasure. She was being offered a choice, but with a final pang of worry she said,

"Yes, I will wear them. They're pretty."

"Good girl."

Sheeva nodded, and with a last tweak, turned away to the box she had brought the rings from. She lifted out a small jar, and a wad similar to cotton wool. She poured the jar's thin, sharp-smelling, fluid onto the wad and smeared it thoroughly around and over each of Sonya's nipples. There was a tingling, numbing, sensation, though Sonya didn't know that the mixture's primary purpose was to eradicate infection and generate a far-faster healing process; moments, rather than months. Next from the box came a long needle, wickedly sharp. Sheeva cleaned it with the same wad, and then took Sonya's left nipple between her fingers. The Shokan didn't bother with clamping. Gripping the flesh firmly, Sheeva pressed the needle horizontally into Sonya's skin with constant, firm, pressure until it emerged from the far side. Sonya looked down with interest at the needle balanced through her nipple, and saw the skin healing immediately around it.

"The needle doesn't really hurt at all."

"No. I could send for some salt if you're disappointed," Sheeva teased.

The Shokan's pussy had grown wet as she worked the first needle into Sonya; she had wanted rings hanging from her pet's breasts since almost the moment she saw them. She took up and wiped the second needle, and gripped Sonya's right breast behind the nipple. Two fingers from one hand making their own clamp at the base while her upper right hand held the needle. She lined it up, pressed, and speared through the sensitive nub until the needles matched. She left them in place, letting the fluid heal up the piercings, and then took the rings back from Sonya's hand with a lingering squeeze of the fingers.

Sonya chewed on her lip as the Shokan slid out first one needle, then the other. The healing ointment had worked around the metal, leaving two perfect little holes. Sheeva gently attached the new rings in their places. Though she had held the rings in her hands, the weight on her nipples was unexpected. The gentle tugging of gravity seemed to emphasise the sensitivity of the flesh. Sheeva reached for them, and teasingly pulled forwards. Sonya moaned, and then the Shokan took it further, leaning down to suckle on Sonya's nipple. She tugged gently on the ring with her teeth, and then flicked around it with her tongue. Such play wouldn't have been feasible for weeks without the Outworld mixture, but with it Sonya felt almost as aroused as if the four-armed woman's black lips were suckling around her clit.

"That's good, Ma'am! It feels better than before."

When Sheeva pulled her mouth away, Sonya reached up herself and tugged gently on her nipple rings. She looked on with building anticipation as the Shokan slid out of her skimpy outfit, to stand equally naked before Sonya. The stench of blood and death had filled the air with the servant's killing, but with Sheeva stood close before her it seemed to fade away, replaced by the strong arousing scent of the Shokan's sex. She looked wet; Sonya recognised the arousal in the slightly open labia, the stiff clitoris.

Sonya's own nipples were stiff; they felt as if changed forever. She gazed down at herself; bloody, naked, and with two shining rings hanging lightly against the smooth pale skin. She twisted her torso slightly, shook her breasts from side to side to feel the weight swing. Simple movement thrilled her; she assumed that the sensitivity would fade a little with time. She turned back to Sheeva, and even there, the unfamiliar weight made her more aware of her breasts.

"Thank you," she said, simply.

She didn't resist as Sheeva took her forearms, and pulled her down to the blood drenched floor. It was congealing at room temperature as Sonya's ass dropped into it. Expecting sometime like what she'd already done with the Shokan, she was surprised to find Sheeva taking a different position. She allowed her captor to spread her legs and scoot forward between them. Sonya had so little experience of what women could do together, that she had no idea what was intended as Sheeva's legs went around her, one under and one over. It was almost like an attempt at a wrestler's scissors lock.

Sheeva's four arms gave her as much advantage in fucking as fighting. She leant back on two hands, and pushed herself forward until her pussy slid against Sonya's. At the same time, she used her other two hands to caress Sonya's toned thighs, and stop her pet from being pushed back. As she pressed her crotch into Sonya's, it almost felt like electricity sparked from her pussy up through her belly. She wiggled her hips, and groaned, as her large clitoris pressed side-to-side in Sonya's folds, while Sonya's own rubbed back into Sheeva's darker skin. She smiled as Sonya's expression of mild confusion changed to understanding,

"Oh, wow." Sonya's appreciation was almost silent.

The blonde was a fast learner. She lay back further, moved her weight from palms to elbows, so that she could get more leverage against Sheeva. The sensations were thrilling her body, heightened by her being able to look Sheeva in the eyes. The desire she saw mirrored her own, reflected back from the bright red orbs. Moans, gasps and sighs, and gentle wet slapping as their bodies moved perfectly together. Why had nobody ever told her about this pleasure? You sure didn't see it in Hollywood movies! She went back further, submissive of pose but pressing back forcefully against Sheeva, moving faster.

Tribbing didn't always work. Even Sheeva, who knew more about female bodies than most, had had her failures of connection. With Sonya Blade it was different, hitting the sweet spot first time, a sign that her pet was meant for her. The smoothly shaved folds provided just enough friction against her own naturally smooth Shokan pussy. Each engorged with the blood of arousal, their nerve endings alive to each sliding, pressing, slickly hip-thrust contact. She adjusted her own position on her lower arms, sitting further forward as Sonya went back, until she could slide her big fingers up the human woman's toned torso from her thighs to her new piercings.

Never had Sonya's nipples been so sensitive, so responsive to touch. As Sheeva tugged gently on her new rings, she wailed appreciatively, tried to arch her breasts forward but couldn't manage to do it and keep her crotch mashed against Sheeva's. As hot as she found the eye contact, she had to break it. Head back, blonde hair swishing around like a halo, Sonya stiffened and ground her pussy hard into Sheeva's. She felt the Shokan grind back, hips moving faster and faster, as they both sought to scale the same peak, to climax again.

Sonya's hands slipped, her back went down, and she drenched her sweat-damp hair in the bloody mess on the floor. She groaned with frustration as Sheeva's hands slid away from her piercings. She replaced the Shokan's fingers with her own, twisted the piercings, pulled, felt as if her nipples were truly electric. Every thrust seemed to bounce the rings against her, she could pull, push, press, lightly twist. The rings seemed to supercharge her nerve endings; was it some enchantment? Or had she been missing out for years on something Earthrealm could have provided? Sonya found quickly how rough was too rough; a gentle tugging brought the greatest pleasure to her, almost enough to compete with the hot friction against her groin.

She couldn't keep her grinding rhythm going; she was too close to paradise with her legs around Sheeva's body, the Shokan's legs about her. Sheeva's hands felt strong, confident against her hips. Sonya was held in place, heart hammering in her chest, as the building pleasure exploded throughout her being.

Pussy to pussy their co-mingled screams of passion scared off the returning carrion birds above, and sent message-carrying servants scurrying from the doorway. Sheeva's clit pushed into Sonya's folds like the tip of her tongue, brought her off at the same moment as her pet. Her cries were loud and throaty, dominant over Sonya's higher pitched ragged cries. Together! In body, in twisted intent, with the mirrored desires of possessor and possessed, the two women came. There they lay, prostrate in the blood, until Sheeva twisted her crotch away from Sonya's. The air, warm as it was in the room, felt cool against her folds as she pulled away from her pet's heat.

"My pet. Was that new for you?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"You've still so much to learn, but continue to do I command and all I know of pleasure shall be yours."

"I know how to follow orders!"

Sheeva had achieved her aim; she'd made Sonya a truly obedient pet. She stood barefooted in the cold blood, and looked on as Sonya reached up for her new rings, and gently played with them.

"Come. Let us bathe while this filth is cleared away."

Later, after considerable mutual cleaning, Sheeva sat comfortably in the hot water of the sunken bathing pool. Sonya sat behind her on the pool's edge, brushing Sheeva's black hair with a large, smooth handled brush. Her legs dangled in the hot water, wrapped half around the Shokan's muscular torso. Sheeva's lower hands were crossed over her stomach; each gently caressed one of Sonya's calves, from ankle to knee.

"There's something you should know, Sonya Blade. Jackson Briggs is with Raiden. He identified himself as your commander and demanded of the Emperor's servants to see you. Cage made similar demands, though the Emperor's spies say the Thunder God counselled both of them to caution and patience. He said they should wait until the tournament was won for Earthrealm before seeking your release."

"What was the reply?"

"They can see you tomorrow, at the arena, along with everyone else."

Sonya thought Jax wouldn't be foolish enough to try something with the Outworld guards lined up, in thick ranks. He shouldn't have to try anything at all.

"Could I send them a message? Tell them that I choose to be here? I have code words Jax will recognise, that will tell him I'm here by choice. Tell them to forget about me. I'm not going back to Earthrealm. Their time and energy needs to be focussed on winning the tournament for Earthrealm! My life is nothing, not compared to everybody on Earth."

The Shokan loved what that statement said about her pet. Sonya Blade had become property, willing to follow her captor's orders, but she still had her pride in Earthrealm. She was still the strong warrior who had survived a Mortal Kombat tournament, who had stood stoically before jeering crowds as Kahn's trophy. Sheeva wouldn't have it any other way. She stroked a finger idly down Sonya's left foot, tracing the curve to her toes before replying,

"Yes. Later, you can take pen and paper, and send a message with a servant."

"Thank you, Ma'am."

Sonya bit her lip as she considered Jax. She could only hope that he would take her seriously. She didn't want him to die for her. Tomorrow, then, he would see what she had become, here in Outworld. That would surely be convincing enough.

Wouldn't it?

To be continued in part 7

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