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Description: Languishing in Kahn's dungeon after the first Mortal Kombat, Sonya is given to Sheeva, but the Shokan warrior would rather have a trained pet than a troublesome prisoner.

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Mortal Kombat 2: Shokan Lust Part 1 - Cell
by JD ([email protected])

There were parts of Kahn's palace that inspired awe, architectural wonders to rival anything in the Earthrealm. The dungeons beneath the palace were not amongst them. They held those few who had acted against the Emperor and had some use that saved their lives, and separately rather more of the common criminals rotting away for minor crimes. As a chosen warrior of Raiden, whose own efforts had aided Liu Kang's victory in the tournament, Sonya fell firmly into the first category. Shivering through the cold Outworld nights with only filthy rotting straw and a cold stone bench for bedding, she found scant consolation that her arch foe, Kano, suffered through the same conditions. He would shout down the corridors, taunting her, whipping up the common scum of the prisoners into shouting along. She didn't respond. Waste of energy. Though envisioning Kano's neck between her legs as the light left his mismatched eyes took no energy at all.

She was determined to keep in good physical condition through the weeks of her imprisonment. The walls of the dungeon were several feet thick around the solitary cells, but Sonya had managed to work loose one heavy stone block from the rotten mortar. During the dull days of semi-darkness, she raised it and lowered it through cycles of repetitions. Standing atop it, she jumped for the bars of a high ceiling grate, and pulled up, letting her eyes use as much of the light seeping through as possible, and then drop again. At other times she practiced using the Outworld magics, making a pink glow to see by as the rings exploded into wet stone. When food came, she ate, though the quality was poor. There would be a time when she was either rescued, or would escape, and that time would not find her withered and crippled, starting back from the light like the Outworld rats and other vermin that infested the dungeons.

It wasn't entirely dull. Even in Kahn's dungeons there were those who could bribe a guard. After two weeks in the cell, being fed and watered through a small grate in the door, Sonya was awakened from troubled sleep by the door creaking open. Three big convicts pushed in together, filling up the small room. They looked human enough, though little features showed they were from Outworld or environs. One's eyes glowed like a big cats, and he growled much the same, another had a long tongue, flicking like a snake's. The third softly murmured of the things he would do to the Earthrealm female in a voice like an unturned violin. They were hardened criminals, the masters of the dark hole beneath the palace, and they foolishly had no fear of a Kombat veteran.

Sonya killed the biggest first. He dropped clutching at his crushed throat, struggling for breath that could not come. The snake tongued man was faster, with his block up high. Sonya's first boot separated his knee cap from his leg, and continued up into his groin. He dropped to the filth, nursing his agony. The third, his unmusical voice turned to fear and pleading, tried to run. She flipped, catching her legs around his throat, and quieted his cries before the cracking of his neck silenced them completely. Standing again, Sonya started to the cell door, only to find the corridor beyond well guarded; energy staffs that could not be avoided in such a narrow space. Though bribed to allow Sonya's assault, the guards hadn't dared the Emperor's wrath should she escape.

In the minute since her cell door had opened, Sonya had spoken not a word. Nor did she then. She spat once, in the dirt, and turned back into the cell. The only survivor had managed to pull himself up onto his knee. He started to beg for his life, and might have kept it if he hadn't also been surreptitiously sliding a blade from his ragged sleeve. Sonya Blade had no mercy for men who would prey on a 'helpless' woman, and hated even more those who begged while preparing a weapon. Raising her hand to her mouth, she blew him a fiery kiss. She hoped the guards saw her power, and were afraid. Though the third convict died on the floor, the magical flame did not ignite the rotting straw. Sonya was forced to stand against the far wall, feeling the rot seep deep into her clothing and her hair while the guards removed the corpses.

Though exhaustion brought troubled rest, Sonya never slept properly in the dungeon. The underground cell grew slightly warmer during the day, but it was always cold at night. There was no comfort at all, and the small drain that passed for sanitary relief stank less than the rotting straw and poorly ventilated air. She would toss and turn on the cold stone, occasionally managing stress dreams that turned nightmarish. In one, she saw her closest comrades led by Jax and an agency spook, violating her in the back of a truck. She awoke, sickened, and tried to determine if the dream came from the convicts' attack, or from her own increasing horniness.

Before Sonya's capture her work had kept her from the sex life she wanted; there was always something more pressing to deal with. Even Johnny Cage hadn't got more than a kiss during their brief growing relationship. There had always been masturbation at least, though she wouldn't allow herself to do so in the cell, even to fill the long, lonely, dungeon days. More than once, she awoke with her filthy hand at her groin, and cursed her unconscious weakness. She was a soldier. She would not give in to Outworld. Still, she thought that as soon as she was home she would rub herself raw.

After several days more a message came with her morning food, whispered by the guard. A new tournament had been announced. Sonya Blade would be taken in all her filth and chained before the crowds as a symbol of the Emperor's success in Earthrealm. That Liu Kang had won the last tournament, and Kahn's Shokan champion and his sorcerer had been defeated were simply ignored in the imperial propaganda. The claim was that the new tournament was simply to cement his warriors' superiority over the Earthrealm after some base trick of Raiden's. Finally, Sonya had the reason for why her life had been spared.

She was a trophy.

At least being on display would be a break from the loathed cell.

* * *

Kahn's Arena was full to capacity, every seat filled and still more Outworlders stood lining the great stone walkways that centred on the small Kombat zone before Kahn's Arena throne. The Emperor himself took his seat; those called to enjoy the circus of gladiatorial Kombat offered their fear and respect in equal measure. On either side of the throne two platforms were raised, shuddering with the grinding of hidden gears. On each were chained one of two Earthrealm warriors who'd fought in the previous tournament and been captured by Kahn's forces shortly afterwards.

To Kahn's right was the brute Kano, said to have personally angered the Emperor by his failure. The same was true of the first kombatant to step out into the Arena; the sorcerer Shang Tsung. Smarter than Kano, Tsung had weaselled his way into retaining his position. The sorcerer was not only alive after failure, but rejuvenated. He seemingly had the body of a 19 year old, and more than a few in that packed crowd found him not a little pleasing to their sight. Others, yet, looked upon the prisoner chained to the left of Khan's throne. A human female, Lt. Sonya Blade, stood silently, testing the chain on each wrist for weakness with a tug of the arm and a flick of the head, but otherwise still.

Shang Tsung was to battle Kintaro, the tiger-like lower caste Shokan in celebration of the announcement of the new Outworld tournament for which they would be comrades. Amongst the crowd was one who knew both kombatants, and would have bet on the sorcerer against her lower-caste Shokan compatriot. Stood amongst the crowd above and away from the Kombat zone, she towered at least a head's height over the fight fans in rows before her. She knew Kintaro had been chosen to replace Goro because he lacked Goro's philosopher warrior spirit. Kintaro was a brute, mindless and deadly, and Shang Tsung would easily outmanoeuvre him and establish his dominance over the Shokan before Shao Kahn and Outworld. Already sure of the outcome, Sheeva's attention stayed entirely on the human female.

While Kano had swore, and raged, and shouted abuse at the crowd from the moment he was raised into view, Lt. Blade had retained her dignity, and refused to waste energy she might need to fight, to escape. Sheeva admired the sculpted muscles of the blonde warrior, visible even beneath the thick grime obtained in the dungeon. She had obviously been using whatever she could of her cell as a makeshift gym. Sheeva's pussy tingled as she thought of Sonya in the twilight darkness beneath the earth, raising a sweat with push ups, sit ups, pulling up on a ceiling grate.

Twin red eyes blazed as she looked out from the crowd, and for a moment it seemed as if Sonya looked back directly at her with cold defiance. Just an illusion; Sonya's eyes had taken time to re-adjust to the light above ground, even beneath the thick cloud hanging over the Arena. Sheeva knew then that she wanted Lt. Sonya Blade for her own.

"I will break you," Sheeva whispered, though the noise of the crowd would have drowned out her words anyway, "and make you mine."

The Shokan's outfit consisted of a thin red strip across her crotch, joined beneath a belt at her waist and then up, over her nipples and around her neck. She knew well that fully exposed nudity was less tantalizing than artfully hidden flesh. Even so, thinking about possessing Sonya had her pushing aside the fabric at her groin despite the crowd all around. Though it was rare for one of the Shokan to act as she did there, Sheeva wasn't the first to find arousal at Kahn's Arena; prostitutes did a good trade amongst the crowd. As Sheeva lazily slid a finger of her bottom left hand against her smooth labia she caught sight of a brave man slipping money to a Tarkatan whore, and motioning for oral pleasure. Truly, there was arousal to be had in mortal danger.

She re-focussed on Sonya, looking at the tensing in the human's forearm as she tested the chains anew. Sheeva bit her black lip, and imagined having the pale skinned muscle, cleansed of dungeon dirt, spreading her pussy wide. The human would be so pale against her mottled brown skin. Her Shokan musk cut through the sweaty heat of those around her. Eyes turned in her direction, then away, then sneaked back. Nobody wanted to risk the wrath of a Shokan warrior, even as she wantonly masturbated amongst them. Sheeva didn't give a damn. She had her eyes fixed only on Sonya as she slid a long finger inside. She elaborated her fantasy, thinking of Sonya's tongue serving her, and slid another beside it. Legs apart, she thumbed her large Shokan clit, swollen further with arousal.

Sonya's eyes were down again, testing her chains. The wrist cuffs looked to be biting in, but Sonya hadn't allowed discomfort to show on her face. Sheeva's upper hands reached for her breasts, tugging aside the upper straps of her outfit to find her large black nipples. Sheeva bit her lip, rubbed faster, plunging her fingers deep inside as her hard thighs glistened damply. Several of the crowd were openly watching her by then, fear and lust on their faces.

Sonya looked up again, noticing for the first time that a section of the crowd was paying more attention to a tall Shokan amongst them, than the fight before them. Sheeva locked eyes with Sonya, and in a brief moment knew that she was genuinely looking back. The Shokan brought herself off with an animal cry, squeezing her fingers in the heat and warmth of her crotch. She barely stayed standing, humping against her fingers desperately as the fight below reached a climax of its own.

* * *

When Sheeva had first been summoned from her home amongst the Shokan to Kahn's palace, she had assumed she had been selected as a replacement champion in place of Goro. With Kintaro's announcement in the role, she waited to hear of the true purpose. Though Goro's apparent death in the emperor's service had caused considerable disquiet amongst her fellows, they had yet nothing else to dent their loyalty to his command. She was summoned to Kahn an hour after Tsung's victory, just as she finished eating her noon meal. She went with full intention of using the opportunity to gain possession of the Earthrealm female.

Kahn came quickly to the point.

"The chosen warriors of Earthrealm won the last tournament. I would not have ruled these many centuries if I did not entertain the possibility that they will win here, in my own lands. Should they do so, there is another option for which you must be prepared."

Sheeva kept her head bowed. She listened as he continued,

"My... beloved... Queen, Sindel of Edenia, may be resurrected within the Earthrealm. She will need a bodyguard there. This will be your role, Sheeva, to keep from Sindel those who would harm her, or try to confuse her mind. My scribes will provide you with the information gathered of the threats that may await Sindel."You will not fail me, I trust?"

She hadn't anticipated that there would be such an obvious opportunity. Sheeva's black lips formed a thin smile before she spoke,

"I have never failed you in any task, and I will serve as loyally now, Emperor," Sheeva replied, "and while I am sure the scribes have much of use, I believe I could gain far more from one of Earthrealm's own people, suitably interrogated. Please grant me possession of the prisoner Sonya Blade that I might use her for my duties."

Kahn was no fool, and Sheeva's proclivities were no secret to him. His skull mask concealed a rare smile as he considered the likely results of granting his minion's request. So long as he could continue to display the human as a trophy when occasion demanded, or until it bored him, he saw no disadvantages to granting Sheeva's desire.

"I will have her brought to your guest chambers in the palace. Be warned; If she is killed, or escapes, I will find another to guard my Queen and you will take her place in my dungeon. Briefly."

"Thank you Emperor."

"Go, now. The Outworld tournament begins in a week, and I have much to prepare."

Sheeva bowed her head again, and backed out from the Emperor's presence. With a wave of his hand, he summoned a servant, who approached as Sheeva departed.

"The prisoner Sonya Blade is to be taken to Sheeva's rooms. The prisoner Kano shall be sent to Motaro at the Centaurian camp. They also have much to learn of the Earthrealm."

Kahn's laughter echoed throughout the palace, spreading fear wherever it was heard.

* * *

Sonya didn't expect to see the Arena again until the first of the tournament battles, but already she had formulated a possible plan of escape. She was mildly irritated to hear the cell door unlocked again, distracting her from her scheming and weight training. She slid the block back into the wall, and stood beside stone bench that made such an uncomfortable bed. The soldier unconsciously adopted her fighting stance, though the guards were extremely careful not to give her any opportunity to use her skills. Those in the corridor had more of the energy staffs that could stun her into unconsciousness, and absolutely no qualms about harming any of their colleagues in the way. Life was cheap in Outworld, and living shields virtually worthless. She allowed the first into the cell to shackle her wrists and let them lead her from the cell.

Just beyond the dank doorway, a type of hood was slipped over Sonya's head. She tensed, forcing herself not to strike out. Even shackled, she could have done some damage before the stun staffs stopped her, but not enough to earn her freedom, not then. The hood fit snugly over her eyes, and ears, but left her mouth and nose free. As it immediately blocked out all light and sound, it was apparently enchanted. Sonya could operate in darkness, but being so completely cut off from the world around her was disorienting. Hands gripped her tensed biceps, and marched her along. On her previous trip to the Arena, the route had remained within the dungeon to the raising platform. She could only speculate that they meant to take her through more private areas of the Palace.

Continued in part 2

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